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I Wub Fan Mail – Feminine Hygiene Practices

Yay, I love receiving fan mail…. or well, maybe questions 😛 I should let everyone know, I’m actually doing an “interview” for Glockoma Blog (By: Mary Shaw) pertaining to my interest in menstruation and why it’s important for men to understand menstruation – but that’s slowly crawling along because I have too much to say (and too little time to say it all, lol). However, I’m 4 out of 6 questions done! Suffice to say, I’m not ignoring those questions and will get them to her soon. In the meantime, I received some shorter questions from someone by email which I’d like to respond to 😀

The email was signed “M.T” so given the initials, so I’m not going to risk saying “he” or “she”… but they were good questions that I’d like to answer here! Weehh…

1.How much feminine hygiene supplies do you keep in your house?

It’s hard to say, it depends on if they have been on sale or whether I’m just in the mood to experiment. Right now, I have a couple UbK Overnights left (which I’m giving to a girl-friend when she comes back from Costa Rica), some Whisper and Saba pads which I’m practically treasuring due to their rarity, and a package of Stayfree Secure which I recently bought. I do also have a pack of Kotex Overnights, Always Classic and only about 2 Incognito Overnights left at an undisclosed location 😛 I have to keep them hidden because my mom likes going through my stuff, lol. I do not actually keep a lot around, albeit what you see on my blog! I would say at most in my house ever, I’ve had two packages/boxes – discounting ones that I actually buy for my girls and haven’t given it to them yet. My mom has a bunch too, but it’s pretty obvious when things go missing from there, so I don’t bother. Also, it is my mom, which rather has an “ewww” factor 😛

2. How much a year do you spend on buying these products?

About $30 CAD – it is all about finding good deals. I’m a bargain hunter and I know the prices of feminine hygiene products well, lol. Once in a while, I might treat one of my girls to a pack or something, especially if they’ve done some favours for me 😛 (non-sexual favours!!!) or if I really catch an amazing deal. I’m sure this will go up as my girlfriend and I become steady and I start shopping more with her and when I get married 😀 That’s if she lets me buy her stuff though 😦 Haha. I’ll have to “create reasons” for it I suppose, lol. Even so, I could probably even help her cut her yearly costs by snatching good deals when they present themselves. Coupons + good deals have actually resulted in free items for me before!

3. How often do you buy your supplies?

It really depends on how often I’m experimenting and how big the packages I bought were before. Sometimes small packs are on sale, sometimes jumbo packs and there is no consistent rate-of-usage, so it’s hard for me to give any sort of estimation. The two things I do base my purchases on though is, 1) when I’m out or 2) when there is an unpassable sale. Other than that, it’s not like I can say “every month” or “every 3 months” because then I’d just be lying 😀

4. How many girls do you have working for you?

This was a cute question, thanks for making me smile 😛 None of my girls work for me. Also, someone asked me when I say “my girls” whether they are my daughters  – no, most of my girls consist of close girl-friends, ones I’ve grown up with or get along with very well, or some of my ex’s that I keep in touch with. Also, they’re the ones who may be particularly open with menstruation and willingly to share information with me. Suffice to say, there are some girls I’m close to, but who don’t feel comfortable sharing that type of information with me – so that is fine too. I don’t define my friends based on whether they are comfortable talking about their periods with me, lol. Whatever info they provide or how far they are willing to help me out is totally optional.

Try not to imagine me with these girls lined up and me grilling them, because that’s not how it is, haha. It’s just mostly casual conversations that come up on MSN, phone, text or in person and I assure you probably 20% of the conversations I do carry out are on this topic. I have many other things I talk about them with as well 😛 Just think of two (or a few) friends having a conversation together, that’s all it is and the topic is irrelevant – then it’ll put things into perspective for you! I never pressure my girls to give me more info than they’re willing and they can opt out anytime, it isn’t some kind of binding contract! I rarely had any of my girls ever decline answering or participating before though because I guess I could say I’m a decent person and I know how to stay inside each girl’s comfort-zone. Once you get to know a person well enough, you will know their limits – as some, will refuse to use tampons no matter how many times I ask – so I don’t and respect their decisions as such.

This blog and my girls’ participation is all done on a free and voluntary basis. Their reward is knowing that I appreciate their help and that I never reference their names on here (or at most, their alias) unless they explicitly say I can – such as Amy for example. I do not generate revenue off this website and it’s for my own interest and interest of my community members – which suffice to say, I love all my readers 🙂

5. How do you test your products? Do you participate in it too?

Ah yes, the question which quite a few people have asked. Yes, I do participate in the experimentation and such, but the way I test them are completely a secret 😀 Can’t tell everyone everything now, can we? However, most of my girls can give me some good feedback after a month or two of trying a product. Some only try it once, some like to do it over-time to get more accurate results. There is no “form” they will out to give their feedback and again, it’s just a casual conversation. Heck, I don’t even record the things they tell me officially or anything, I just keep it in my head as I read it. I see most of my girls anyways, so they’ll just share their information with me then.

The best is when they share it with me when they’re on their period though 😆 WOO! I must say, a few of them particularly like hanging around me during their period (because I’m one of the few who can deal with it, lol) and because they know I like to baby them once in a while. I’m not a manwhore though, I baby my girls a lot different than I’d baby my girlfriend 😛 No jealousy required! Treating them to a bubble tea or warming the tub for them while they’re sprawled on the couch in pain is the least I can do for how gracious I am for their involvement 🙂 It is quite possible for me to be friends with girls (or the opposite gender) platonically, whether we have been in a relationship or not. My eyes and heart are only reserved for one girl only anyways 😀 Having girls who will satisfy my curiosity will alleviate my girlfriend from having to answer them, because she doesn’t like telling me these things anyways, haha.

6. Does your interest in menstruation interfere with your life?

Nope, why should it? It’s an interest and hobby, just like any other. Some guys like to fix cars, some guys like to go to the strip club, and I like to learn about the female body. The female body is wonderful and it isn’t just about menstruation, it is about them as a whole. I’m sure my knowledge about the female body will come very useful one day 😛 Many of my closest friends don’t know about this interest of mine, so it doesn’t affect my lifestyle off of my blog.

The main reason why I have not posted a picture of myself is for that reason, not be be personally identifiable and especially because there are times I talk about work (negatively) on here. Although many people reading this could figure out who I am, or even if my workplace viewed it, could “make the connection” – but without a picture or 2identifiable information to prove it, they have nothing on me 😆 I think pictures of authors are important, as it helps readers connect with the writer – but in my case, it is dangerous for me to do so! If my blog was just about menstruation, I wouldn’t mind having my picture up, because the worst that could happen is that someone who knows me finds it and they get a laugh about it. I think I am reputable enough to my friends and community that being identified as having an interest in menstruation will not exactly ruin my life.

7. Do you not find periods gross or the blood from it?

No, I don’t find periods gross, if I did, this definitely would not be my blog. Blood is something that everyone has (or they’d be dead) and the only difference with period blood is that it’s menstrual flow (containing more-than-just blood). I actually dislike seeing myself bleed, because for a guy to bleed, that means he’s hurt. I hate getting nosebleeds and got quite a bit when I was younger – especially after eating fries or fried-foods. When I see someone I care about bleed, I become worried, not because I’m afraid of blood, but because I’m afraid of why they’re bleeding. My dad used to work in a hospital and sometimes I’d go there with him to see him work or my mom would take me there to pick him up. I’ve seen people come through the E.R. doors, limbs hanging, blood-smeared, disfigured, etc. but that doesn’t scare me. I have a high tolerance for “gross stuff” – and blood is the least of it.

On the other hand, menstrual blood is a normal bodily function and for a girl to menstruate is a positive sign of health. I am not a big fan of seeing menstrual blood, but it certainly doesn’t make me puke or anything. I have several guy friends who (luckily) got to roomie up with a bunch of girls. When you hang out at his house long enough, you’re bound to see piles of used pads/tampons in the trash or an accidentally-unflushed tampon. It happens, it’s not a big deal, and no one is going to die from it. The smell is worse than the sight – especially once menstrual blood contacts with air, the odour begins to emit.

Suffice to say, I find pooping to be a much more “disgusting” thing than menstruation/menstrual hygiene. Although I understand defecation is ALSO a normal bodily process, I have my limits too, lol. I’ve been in the same room/washroom of girls changing their pads/tampons or even going pee, but I have never been in one while they’re taking a crap – because honestly, I don’t want to be 😆

8. Do you regularly have sex with your girlfriend while she’s on her period?

While I’m happy to post some things on my blog about dates bebe and I go on and stuff, I would never comment on my/our sexual habits. These things are private between couples, you know? 🙂 I hope you understand, I’m just not one of those guys who will go blabbing to his friends about having sex with so-and-so and what we’ve done. To me, sex is an extremely loving and intimate activity, and it’s not something to be shared. If you’re looking for my opinion on period-sex though, it’s totally ok as long as you know you are with a healthy partner (menstrual-blood carries a huge risk of STD’s) and as long as you both consent to such activities. I actually have plans in the future (on my “to-write-about” list) on this particular topic, so stay tuned for it 😀

I love getting fan-mail (or whatever you want to call it… not sure if I actually have fans) 😆 Time to eat my lunch! Toodles.

Emoness Strikes Again!

Ah, today’s just one-of-those days. It’s just 8ish right now and I’m already laid down in my bed and rolling around. The weather has been great today and right now, it’s a beautiful scenery out my window. I stepped outside, just to capture a few great shots. Other than being head-over-heels for my girlfriend, the next thing I’m in love with is my new camera. Yes, I’m hardly adept at taking great photos, but sometimes I see photography like art. As long as I’m happy with the shots taken and they’re expressive of my own feelings, then it doesn’t really matter if it’s praised to appreciated by others. I guess I’m rolling around because I’m feeling kinda down today. I haven’t checked the calendar, has it been a month since I’ve been emo? LOL.

Every once in a while, I’m just hit with this pang of sadness. It never was like this for the few months that bebe and I had regular contact. I feel so lost in this world without her, like I’m wandering aimlessly until she’s ready to pick me up again. It’s like this thick fog that sometimes clears up but at times thickens so much that you just want to scream but no one will hear you or see you. You wish that others could help you, but when you’re lost in fog, there is little that anyone else can do for you. You can wander and wander, only hoping that you will make it to the end alive.

I know this is quite unhealthy, no one should be subjected to pains from relationships like this, but that’s a moot point. Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship before, will know how I feel. There is a saying that a person who falls and gets up is not a fool, but one who falls and stays down is a fool for life. I believe in that, I believe that only someone who has no goal, no direction and no willpower in life can never achieve success. I am heartfelt that I can achieve this goal, not only to fall in love, but to cause someone to fall in love with me. I admit that there are times when I have thought of things, things that maybe dark and sinister to think and do – things that I dare not admit to anyone. I know the games she tries to play, but yet, I refuse to let these games push me over the edge. I vent them here, because it is an output for it, because I’m not going to let her get to me that easily, even if she does all these destructive things to my mind, heart and soul. She wants me to crack, she wants to prove to herself that I am ‘not worthy’ – but I will climb this hill, and prove to her I am worth it – because we both know better.

Albeit my nasty thoughts when I’m feeling angry, I think clearly, there is a Chinese saying that, “You may be able to stay a person’s heart, but cannot stay their body” and it is true – and I would not consider doing anything dramatic or over-the-top because I want not only want her to stay with me, but have her heart stay with me as well. What if I do something, that forces her to be here, but when her heart is elsewhere or is against her will? Logically, the only right way to win love, is to win the person as a whole. Sometimes I am a foolish little boy, I will think of things to do, perhaps very nasty things, that may in the end, have results – but not the correct results. That, I certainly want to avoid. There is a side of me that thinks with logical, a side of me that thinks with emotions and another side of me that thinks with anger/vengeance. I hope to god, I never need to tap into the latter, because it is fearful side of me that even scares myself. The only person that has ever seen the latter side of me, is my ex-ex girlfriend, which I admit, was a very unfortunate case and I never want to repeat and draw that side out of me. The more I let her actions get to me, the sadder I feel. I must be positive, towards myself and towards her… because if I’m upset and angry with what she’s doing – OR – speculating negatively about things, it only hurts me. It was about a week ago, that I became to do positive speculations for things she does, because whether they are true or not, they sure as hell make me feel a lot better. In turn, this positivity transcends itself through my actions and feelings towards her. I hum to myself, “I can do it”, “We can do it”, “We will succeed” and “Patience, experience, wisdom and compassion” – if it was not for faith, hope and loyalty – I know I would’ve fallen. Yet today, I stand firm on the ground with my feet and say, “I know I can!”

But onto happier note rather than being all melancholic, is that next Tuesday, my ex-ex and I will be meeting up together. We did get into a little tuffle with each other, because we wanted to meet up for dinner and I didn’t “appear” to be too excited (and in all reality, I was, lol… and still am). We were at each others throat for almost 1/2 hour before we finally realized that things were a misunderstanding on our parts (lol – doesn’t life suck when that happens?).

It has been quite a few years since we’ve seen each other, and it’ll be great to catch up on things and more important – see how much we have changed since our last meet and since we have been together (which goes even farther back, haha – we’re old :lol:). We were together too young and logically, we have went through many changes in our life – which has redefined the people we once were (and are today), resulting in our breakup. As people grow up, focuses shift and things that were important/unimportant to us changes as well. With that said, we are the person we are today as a result of each other – for better, or worse 😀 She is a great girl and I suppose it’s a bit weird for many who generally don’t have much positive things to say about ex’s – but with all but one, I have nothing but great things to say about them.

For years, I used to spend a lot of time “comparing” girls… and truly, it was unfair. My ex-ex girlfriend was the one that really “set the bar” for all other girls. If they “weren’t as good as her, they weren’t worth chasing” – and honestly, there’s not all too many girls in this world who are as awesome as her XD – but she thinks otherwise, lol. Nevertheless, this was really poorly judgement (not of her!!!) on my part, by comparing one girl to another. One cannot have expectations of one girlfriend to another, expecting them to do the same things, act the same way, have the same expectations, or fall for the same romance. Every person is an individual and blindly, it took me a while to see that. I took my ex-ex as a “baseline requirement” for all future girlfriends, except for my current. The reality is our emotions and chemistry is what connects one person to another and sometimes, these expectations, wants and needs are all irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. We think we may not fall for someone, only to find ourselves neck-deep-in-the-water. The ways that humans interact and connect on a non-verbal and psychological level boggles the mind and I’m not even going to get into that – lol – I could probably write a 10 page essay on it. I still hang out with most of my ex’s and it’s cool that way. I certainly can’t see my girlfriend being the jealous type (and plus, she’s playing cold shoulders anyways, so I couldn’t talk to her if I wanted to), so I never have to “clear” with her the fact I’m hanging out with them. I draw very clear lines about how I treat my ex’s … and I’ll definitely be nice and gentlemanly to them, but would definitely not go beyond what I’d do/how I’d treat my bebe (after all, she’s my most important girl :D)!

Oh god, I digress (all the time) – we’re going to meet up in Toronto and go have dinner. We haven’t picked a place, but I have to take the train. You cannot imagine, because I’m sure most people who read my blog already have this preconception of me that I’m the “big tough guy” (minus the whole interest in menstruation thing, hahaha) – but I’m soooo chicken when it comes to taking public transportation – especially when it’s outside of my town/city. For some odd reason, I don’t have this same fear/discomfort when I have to take the MTR/KCR (subway/train) in Hong Kong. So I swallowed my pride and saliva a bit and told her I’d take the train out and also, told her how much of a pussy I am (LOL) and if she could pick me up from the main station, haha. To be honest, I hate driving into Toronto because of their traffic and lack-of-parking space. I also know myself well enough that I don’t want to contend with the shitty/overly aggressive drivers there either. I have a temper when it comes to dealing with stupid-people on the road, and I’m sure I’d pull someone out of their car and beat them or shoot them through the windshield – so let’s not do that!

I’m so excited and we haven’t seen each other in ages. Our last meet up a few years ago was… err, let’s just say – a bit weird, because I was still in that phase of “trying to get her back” and I ashamedly say I caused some awkward situations (although she was very understanding about it – and was still ladylike!!), so this one will be more smooth now that I’m already committed to a very special girl, she won’t have to worry about me getting all flirty with her 😀 We’ve grown up so much, that we’re very different and our life has changed tremendously. I hope connecting in person will also help us understand one another more, given that we still get into disagreements sometimes because we just don’t see each others angles. Can you tell I’m really excited? 🙂

Anyways… going to leave it at this, I suppose I’ll go talk to some friends on Skype – they tend to cheer me up or get my mind away from bebe once in a while. I have this really long and boring meeting that I’m not looking forward to tomorrow – so I want to be mentally ready and stable, haha, rather than being grumpy with how I’m being treated right now (for the second time) … even Poh Ching was like, “Wait, she’s doing that to you AGAIN? WTF!” (or “WTFish” – since she doesn’t like to swear), hehe.. what a cutie.

Night night.. and OH – the pictures…

No, it's not the old Windows wallpaper... that really IS the sky today here!

My lovely tree!

My backyard - although the grass was not freshly cut for the picture, too bad.

My neighbours roses... oh how many times my family and I have got thorned by it, haha.

It's a really nice neighbourhood around here! Very tranquil.

Michael Wong (光良) – Fairytale 童話 Youtube MV

Can’t think of anything to post today other than this… it’s a really sweet song and does have English subtitles for those who don’t understand Mandarin (not that I claim to understand it well either, har-har). I cried my eyes out the first time I saw this MV … ya ya, pussy – I know. It’s not a new song and many would already consider this a “classic” (but not like Mozart, lol) and many of you from Asian-regions or background have likely already heard (about) it before, but without further ado….

Artist: 王光良 Michael Wong

Title: 童話 Fairytale

Language: Mandarin with Chinese/English Sub

It’s a really touching song. The first time I ever heard this song, I did not see the music video with it and even I felt how sweet it was, the power and commitment of love. After seeing the MV, my definition and ideal of what love is all about was never the same again.

The following translation is slightly different than the one in the video, but conveys the actual Chinese lyrics very well:

I’ve forgotten how long it’s been
Since I last heard you
Tell me your favourite fairytale
I’ve thought for a very long time
I’m starting to get worried
Have I done something wrong again?

You told me with tears in your eyes
That fairytales are all lies
There’s no way I can be your prince charming
Perhaps you don’t understand
Since you said you loved me
The stars in my sky started to twinkle

I’m willing to be
The angel you love in the fairytale
I’ll open my arms wide
And turn them into wings to protect you
You must believe
Believe that we will be like the fairytale
With happy ever after as the ending

Together we’ll write our own ending

I cannot even recall how many times I’ve listened to this song and mulled over the words. They’re so beautiful… it’s very rare and few that music touches me, so it’s amazing when I can find one that I really tune-into. This is one of the few Mandarin songs that I can sing (properly) from listening to it so many times and asking my aunt to help me with words that I couldn’t pronounce properly.

Hope you all enjoy until my next “on topic” posting! If it makes you cry, rest assured, you are not the only one because I’ve spoken to lots of people (guys AND girls) who have shared the same sentiment about this song/video.

The funny part I did notice in the mv (although probably was not intention on the producer’s part… or maybe it was) – was when Michael stares at the girls’ boobs… not once, but TWICE, lol.. very obviously too.. So ham sup (perv) 😆 The girl even catches him looking and he still continues… HAH! I’m sure if I ever stared at my girlfriend’s boobs like that (current or ex), I’d be slapped 😀

Are You a Whipped Man for Taking Care of Your Wife?

Awww... aren't those plush tampons cute? I gotta get some!

While reading another blog on the topic of guys (mainly, husbands) buying his wife’s feminine hygiene needs, I was met with this interesting comment:

Grown man? Your homework is teetering dangerously between grown man and whipped man. :-P For example, I don’t mind going out to shop for my wife’s feminine needs, but tell me why most people in the store, including women, look at me like I’m whipped. I think one guy even made the Chandler Bing “Whoopa” sound.

On this note, I think gender rights activists are going to be fuming, because the above is exactly the reason why even in today’s world there are some topics, such as menstruation, that cannot come out into the ‘open’ – because it is so attached to a specific gender. Yes, those born with female-sexual organs and reproductive systems will be the only ones who go through menstruation, but it does NOT mean that men should not partake in understanding and management of it.

Yes... these are REAL.. but no, I do not own a pair. (REAL MEN BUY TAMPONS) - and that they do!

Why is it that a man who does something graciously for his wife… screw it, it doesn’t even matter if it’s his wife – for any guy to do this for a LADY friend or family member is chastised or viewed in such a way that he appears whipped. What happened to being a gentleman? Perhaps the person above who I quoted was at a location with all single and childless men and women, I cannot see any reason why a man cannot buy his wife’s needs without being classified as “whipped.”What happened to it be a duty of a man (within a relationship) to take care of his significant other? Yes, perhaps I’m old fashion or maybe those who are more akin to a religious background are few who still follow such things (and not meant to be degrading as if girls can’t take care of themselves), but my mom and ex’s have purchased my undergarments before, so why is it that men/women find it “acceptable” for women to buy male-items but not for a male to buy female items?

I’m just thinking off the top of my head that at least the 11 different stores I have ever bought pads/tampons from, at different locations, different times and even across-town, I have never ran into a situation where I was faced with someone who made it blatently clear that they were giving me “a look” or made rude comment/gestures. In fact, if anything, when I run into another guy in that aisle, we both give each other reassuring male-looks, as we are proud and inquisitive. Likewise, when I’m met with women in that aisle, they give me a comforting smile to let me know that I’m “just as welcome here” as a woman would be and perhaps even in the back of their mind, might be thinking that they wish their dad/brother/boyfriend/husband or guy-friend would do the same thing for them.

People are in relationships, because they have built a love and a degree of dependance on each other. Why else would you be in one if you cannot love one another and depend on each other? Yes, I can foresee in my future that my wife will not be the type to regularly let me buy her feminine needs, but I would not hesitate if she asked me and I sure as hell would not feel like I’m whipped (even if she had me do it EVERY time). I’m a man who cares/loves his girlfriend/wife enough, that I will buy even her most intimate needs – Pregnancy tests, yeast infection kits, maxi pads, tampons, vaginal wipes – the aisle is mine to conquer, so rather than perhaps seeing the next guy buying these things, you should think about how responsible, unselfish and masculine he is, not him being submissive to his female partner. Our world is full of double standards because after quickly asking some of my sexually-active girl-friends, none of the 8 I asked have said they ever got weird looks or mocks for buying condoms and are (regular) condoms not strictly for male-use?

Girl buying male-condom

Buying these products are like buying anything else so why must we “label” these things? People often create grocery lists and then give them to their significant others for purchase. Hrm.. apples, crackers, noodles, rice, milk, eggs, bread, maxi pads… wait what, maxi pads? Why is it that we cannot see it just like the items previously listed – is it because there’s a GENDER assigned to the damn product? Is this world going to start being like, “beef is a male meat” and “chicken is a female meat” and then when I go to buy chicken, people are going to give me funny looks?

Maybe it’s just luck-of-the-draw or horribly uneducated people in the shop that this fellow happened to be in that would draw such gestures, mockery and criticism. I for one, even without a female-friend with me, have purchased feminine hygiene products without such encounters. Maybe you could call me lucky, but I think there’s a major issue when people think being a selfless man is considered being whipped. When your wife tells you to sit and you sit, to bark and you bark, and to pee and you pee… THAT’S when you’re whipped, not because you’re a man for loving her and fulfilling her menstrual needs.

To end this on a slightly amusing note…. Chinese guys should NEVER hit women 😛 (or well, any guy for that matter…) – there IS a moral to this video.. listen for the part where he describes “a real man” 😀 :

I am not endorsing the activity shown in the above video. Furthermore, this is not a representation of the type of person I am. This video has been posted strictly for laughs. You are not obligated to watch this movie if you are easily offended.

*A man should never hit a woman!*

My love/hate relationship with my “Period” (via Confession of May Suvimol Sittikraisorn)

Wooo, my first time using the “re-post” feature for this wonderful entry written by the author about how she has learned to get-along with her menstrual cycle! Cheers.

My love/hate relationship with my "Period" “A period is like your family. You love to see them sometimes until they start to annoy you and be such a pain in the arse. When they’re going away for too long, you wish they would come back soon or else you’d start to get so worried why they’re not back yet” – May S. Sittikraisorn And thats exactly how I’ve alwats felt about my period =P I still remember the first time I “met” my period. I think I was 11 which was quite early for a girl to have … Read More

via Confession of May Suvimol Sittikraisorn

Addenum to PMS/Menstruation Differences Post

I decided to plop some pictures into my previous post regarding PMS and Menstruation, added a bit more content and a bit of humour! As promised, the picture of what 9 tablespoons of menstrual flow looks like (lol, don’t worry – it’s just water) has been added. I’ve also had a spark of ingenuitiy (which rarely happens) to calculate how many tampons it would actually take to absorb one period worth of fluid! Cheers. (Updated Jun 4/10 @ 5:46PM EST)

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Be Informed: Know the Difference! PMS and Period/Menstruation

Hi Everyone,

Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to demystify the difference between PMS and menstruation. Often, both males and females use these two terms interchangeably, but not knowing that they mean a completely different thing. Rather than throw medical terminology or a dictionary definition to you, let me convey to you my understanding of PMS and menstruation, from a lay-person’s perspective. PMS is said to affect approx. 30% of menstruating women.

PMS 24/7!

PMS, or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome covers a large scope of physical or emotional disturbances in a female before the arrival of menses. Symptoms of PMS include, but aren’t limited to, depression, irritability, crying, oversensitivity, and mood swings.Insomnia, fatigue, aches, breast tenderness, bloating, cramps, constipation and headaches are common physical conditions which PMS-affected females may undergo. It should be known that not all women are affected by PMS. I should highlight that the “P” in “PMS” being pre means that these symptoms happen before menstruation, so therefore, the terms PMS and menstruation should not be used interchangeably.

PMS generally occurs after a female ovulates and ends either shortly before or when menstrual flow begins. More specifically, PMS symptoms are attributed to large fluctuations of hormones, most notably, progesterone released during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. As this phase comes to end, progesterone drops-off and the menstrual cycle comes to an end, resulting in menstruation (us flow-lover’s favourite time!!!) where endometrial blood is expelled from the body via the vagina. There is a more severe form of PMS called Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD, affecting approx. 3-8% of women. In general, both PMS and PMDD affect a woman’s quality-of-life, however, certain nutrition consumptions, stress-levels and predisposed factors may make PMS/PMDD more severe from one woman to another.

Menstruation is used to describe the beginning of a new menstrual cycle and usually lasts from 3 to 5 days. Menstruation is considered to fall under the “normal” range anywhere from 2 to 7 days. The uterine lining is formed upon every menstrual cycle and needs to be expelled from the body when conception has not occurred. At the start of every menstrual cycle, the uterine lining and decomposed egg exits the cervix, into the vagina and out of the female body. The flow which comes out of the body is often in the visible form of blood and/or clots (may or may not indicate health-issues). The amount of menstrual flow throughout actively menstruating days vary from woman-to-woman although the average loss of blood per period is only 3 tablespoons with an average fluid loss of 6-9 tablespoons since tissue and mucus from the endometrium also comes out with menstrual blood.

This is 9 tbsp or ~133mL of liquid looks like - the "upper end" of what the average menstrual flow of one period consists

Let’s do some quick math! According to the FDA, tampons fall under 5 classifications based on absorbency. “Ultra” tampons are rated for 15-18 grams of menstrual flow. (Note: Mind you, these are VERY rough calculations since conversions between volume/weight is always a nasty thing to do, but it will give you a light concept.) 5 grams is approximately 1 teaspoon. 3 teaspoons is equivalent to 1 tablespoon. Assuming we use the “lowest end” of an Ultra-absorbency tampon absorbing 15 grams of flow, that is 3 teaspoons which is equivalent to 1 tablespoon. If the average menstrual fluid loss per period on the highest end is 9 tablespoons, 9 Ultra-absorbency tampons are enough to absorb all of your period. Please take due caution as I am not recommending this as tampons should be used according to the instructions in the leaflet as well as hygienic practices. Unfortunately, I don’t have an Ultra O.B. tampon so I can’t display the size of it, so the box will have to suffice (as shown below). Maybe I can borrow one from my ex next time I see her… HAH… hope it make her happy that I didn’t post another brand instead 😛

O.B. Tampons Ultra

Menstrual flow is not only expelled by force of gravity, but also the contraction of the uterus which helps force decomposed waste/menstrual flow out the body and thus, may results in abdominal discomfort in menstruating women commonly referred to as cramps. The menstrual cycle may not be very accurate for women who have recently reached sexual maturation, the age of menarche. Usually it takes 1-3 years before a woman reaches the stage where the menstrual cycle becomes regular. It is not unusual even for women who have had their menstrual cycle for many years who are not regular or may fall outside of their regular schedule.

I certainly hope in the future this is not the way I find out my wife is pregnant. There are much better ways of congratulations... LOL.

Most notably, sexually-active women may fear pregnancy (unless they want a child) when their period is late or perhaps may signal underlying health issues. Nevertheless, periods are rarely 100% accurate and flow will vary even from one menstrual cycle to another.

As you can see guys (and girls I suppose), PMS and menstruation are two different things and although both are “related” since PMS happens prior to menstruation, menstruation CAN exist without PMS-related symptopms. So the next time, when someone talks to you about PMS and menstruation, make sure they are using the right term to describe the right thing! Don’t you think you’d impress your significant other more when you use the right word to describe what she’s going through? I think so 😀 Hopefully this will also provide you with a working-knowledge of PMS and menstruation and to demystify misinformation that often gets injected into male minds about what-is-what!

Cheers. 🙂

[This post will be checked by one of my ex’s due to her medical expertise for accuracy :P]

Kotex Overnight and Pad Pictures

You know, I was just looking at my list of “blog topics” to write about and there’s 25 (twenty-five) of them of which 20 are period-related. However, can you imagine I still cannot bring myself to choose one to write about because I have so many “little thoughts” here and there that I want to write about all in a single post (and that’s just not plausible)! I suppose all this stuff in my head might be attributed to the craziness over the past 2 days as I’ve been sitting in my office all (work)day listening to staff bitch and moan about problems and RE-teach them small things that they should know already. Normally I’d just grab some work to do out of the office so I can sneak out, but since they’re out doing project implementation, I have to be at my desk to monitor every little thing that happens and manage the process. So…. who said an office job was good? 😆

I had taken some pictures a while ago when I found some Kotex Overnight Maxis on sale… and I didn’t know why I took them, lol… I’m sure it was to post up on here, but I don’t remember if I had an “objective” for them (i.e as part of a proper blog entry). But… since I can’t figure out if they “belong” to anything, I’ll just post them here for the flow-lovers to browse through 😛

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hey… maybe this was all an excuse for me to use the slideshow feature for once, haha.

And apparently I found this funny picture on my phone…

Was just walking by to leave my uncle's house when this box TOTALLY caught my eye... like seriously, I'm not sure why he'd even have a box like this. He should pick boxes more carefully... probably from Food Basics or something - LOL!

And the last picture I found on my phone (no idea where I got it from…) but very kawaii:

Awww... Kotex HelloKitty Pantiliners!! Aren't they shooooo cute? 😛

I wonder if they’re “really” branded properly 😀 Maybe one of those fake Chinese-ripoff brands… haha.

That’s all the menstrual or pad pictures I have today… if things free up a bit at work tomorrow, I’ll endeavour to get that new section up OR write a proper blog entry.

Toodles, night night 🙂

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