Happy Canada Day!

That’s right, it’s damn late and I already enjoyed my day off – lol. However, I just wanted to hope all of you in Canada (and Canadians abroad) had a great day!

The only thing that bugged me today is my inability (maybe my own stupidity, lol) of finding a suitable free placed to upload/generate embeddable videos for my personal blog. What a pain! I went and did some shooting today and wanted to recap some of the disagreements I had with a friend about whether I prefer using the regular sights on my gun or using green-dot optics. GAH! I proved him wrong anyways 😛 … or at least in my case.

Guess I’ll have to find some other way of getting my videos onto MSN Spaces. Yes yes, MSN Spaces suck – we all know, but at least it’s free and is bound to my email account I’ve had since Hotmail was created 😆

Happy Canada Day! (2010)

Happy Canada Day! (2010)

Minus the outrageous taxes, this country is pretty damn awesome to live in 😀

Even if you’re not Canadian or don’t celebrate today – I hope you’ve had a great Thursday and look on the bright side, tomorrow is FRIDAY and here comes the end of the week and today is our first step into July!


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  1. Hello. I do hope you approve comments before they are posted!!!! I am new to the whole WordPress.com and uncertain of how to post you a comment personally. SO I figured with my blog it appears in my email in box to approve before it is seen, I do hope yours are the same!!!

    From what I have read here so far, it seems you are interested in a woman’s period. Which s putting it lightly I assume. Due to some unexpected feedback by private email, the site I belong too (www.just-kinky.com), they created a Forum Thread specific for menstruation and the funny, silly, serious, thoughts and discussions about it. I thought you might be interested in it (here is the direct link for the page; http://www.just-kinky.com/apps/forums/topics/show/2928235-embrace-the-hormones?page=last).

    Thank-you very much for your post on my blog post; “I am a Slave and Proud of It” today. I was actually surprised to get someone whom I do not know posting a thought.

    Well, I write erotic fiction as a hobby, it is a force of habit!!! LOL!!

    Take care, and again, thank-you

    • Thank you for your reply to my reply! LOL.

      Your hobby is definitely an interesting one 😛 If I could write like you, perhaps I could give up my day job, haha 😆 I did certainly read the part where you thought it was only those who knew you who read your blog, but I assure you that your blog has touched the lives of many readers! Some choose to keep quiet, but I always like to comment on peoples blog to let them know their readers appreciate their entries!

      I read the thread you linked to, it was an excellent read and I’ll make a comment when I get a chance! It definitely had a variety of “opinions” and that’s what sharing is all about – thoughts from everyone expressed openly with each other! There is much to learn from others and many more things about menstruation that one can only hope to know everything about it!

  2. Happy Canada Day too! I definitely miss being there 😦 Feels so long since I’ve put my foot on Canadian soil – I guess I should soon!… that is, if I ever find time away frum work!

  3. I normally don’t submit in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

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