My First Experience with Acupuncture

Today was my first experience with acupuncture and in fact, totally unexpected. I met up with a friend in Mississauga today as he has been suffering a weird rash on his hands. It’s a mixture of itchy, painful and downright ugly (even he recognizes that). It isn’t like a rash you think of like red blotches – it is this weird black-splotches that look like flesh-eating disease (but not) and the western doctors have tested his body inside-out with no avail of diagnosing what it is. Obviously being Asian, our first bet was to consult a Chinese herbal doctor (specializing in TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine). Over a month his hand has healed tremendously, more so than any of these “creams” and “pills” that conventional medicine has fed/smeared on him. Suffice to say, this post is by no means denouncing western medical expertise, it is just something they have yet to be able to provide a “clear answer” as to what it is. Also, my friend will be leaving Canada to accomplish his MBA in the US, therefore it is imperative that his health be in tip-top condition and also having a hand that looks like it’s rotting isn’t very aesthetically appealing.

TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine

We accompanied him because my mom went with him last time just to simply maintain her health. Since it was confirmed that without any major health issues, my mom is simply issued some herbal powder (which you add hot-water) to regulate her existing good health and improve in any areas she’s lacking. Having heard so many great things about this doctor (from more than one source), I decided to give it a shot. For those who know, I have been battling with a minor hair-thinning issue. My western doctor suggested “Rogaine” since he determined it was a hereditary cause from hormones. The TCM disagrees, indicating I have a lot of toxicity built up in my body. This toxicity affects my ability to regulate bodily functions (we’re not talking about that type of bodily function a la peeing and pooping) and thus, hair naturally becomes more brittle and is not as thick as it used to be. Although few people who read this blog know me in person, I was one of those people with this amazing thick and long set of hair. My haircuts used to be monthly. After some tests administered by the TCM doctor, she (yes, SHE) gave me good news that it is not the hereditary factor as we were told, but because my naturally oily (caused indirectly by the crap built-up) body clogged up my hair follicles.

Acupuncture - This is not "new" as it has been part of Chinese medical intervention eras ago

Acupuncture - This is not "new" as it has been part of Chinese medical intervention eras ago

Immediately, she told me that if I wanted, I could undergo an acupuncture treatment as she wanted me to flush all those toxins out immediately. Toxicity can be built up from anywhere from the air we breathe to the foods we eat. I’ll have to admit, I’m not the “healthiest” eater and I did not always lead a great lifestyle, so hearing this was no shock and plus, I’ve always wanted to do a body cleanse anyways. To my surprize, she recommended to put me on a body-cleansing treatment along with acupuncture. This involves a weekly acupuncture session (where the frequency is later reduced/unnecessary) to help stimulate proper blood circulation in my body, to detoxify my body and to reduce hair-loss. I was going to take some time to think it over, but before I knew it, I was on the bed already 😆 She obviously made the decision for me seeing as that she was concerned enough about how much crap over the years I’ve built-up. Ever since I heard about the great benefits of detoxifying my body via a colon cleanse from my coworker, I had always wanted to try it but always “delayed delayed” — I guess this time, it was pretty much instilled upon me 😛

My arms and legs were rendered useless under the effects of paralysis

My arms and legs were rendered useless under the effects of paralysis

With my shirt off (pants on, haha) I first laid face up. She inserted 2 needles in each arm, 2 in my head, 2 in each leg and 2 in my hands (this hurt the most). None of these were “intense pain” but upon insertion, it felt sore and then paralysis began to set in at most of these locations. My body was completely in a state of weakness as my pressure points were all numb. Some of the insertions in places were worse than others, probably due to sensitivity of certain regions. I laid there for about 20 minutes staring at the ceiling, although there were sometimes “twinges” of pain here and there. All of a sudden, I realized my entire body felt like I was a pig in an oven! Even worse were my hands were it felt like someone just stuck it in boiling-hot water if not more. I have never felt so much heat intesify inside my body. I asked my mom (who had to translate for me as the TCM doctor spoke Mandarin) whether I was bleeding (my friend told me he had a bit from the needles) because I felt a lot of wetness. My mom told me that I was all sweaty so sure enough, this “heat” I was feeling wasn’t a figment of my imagination.

The doctor came in and I thought this terror was over – partially from the searing heat/pain and because lying still for 20 minutes is quite boring. Nope, she asked me to turn around which I complied hesitantly, face-first on the bed. She then proceeded to put 3 needles in my neck, 2 in each arm, 2 in each leg and 2 in my back. After the entire treatment was over, I had 23 “freshly created holes” in my body! The removal of the needles were not overly painful as one would assume and the removal of them provided a sort of “relief” as I could resume my body’s motor-functions. I think overall, there was only one poorly placed needle as I felt it painfully going into my back on every “buzz” the electro-thingie made. I could hardly give a technical answer to this, but when I was face-down, she also employed this electric-buzzer thing that would zap… yes ZAP my back every second. Unfortunately I think one of the needles was too close to this and every zap of the thingie dug the needle deeper into my back. After 6 hours, this is the only needle-hole which I still feel and is actually “hurting” (preventing me from sitting properly).

Nevertheless, this was a pretty interesting experience. I have to go again this come Saturday and also to get more herbs. Oh right – herbs! So after the acupuncture, she also gave me this really nice massage! Although horridly painful at first when you have someone pushing every section of your spine and back up n’ down, once she finished, any tense muscles were immediately relaxed. Although I’m not keen in being poked with needles because it fucking hurts – I want to ensure I do this for the good of my health! My health is not only important to me, but also to those around me. Being healthy allows me to take care of my family and friends, most importantly, my bebe and also our future family 😛 People worry less about you when you are in good health and of course best of all, you feel great! Now, regarding the herbs, as I mentioned, the TCM doctor’s goal was to flush my body of all this toxic-crap. She gave me a weeks worth of herbal powder to be consumed twice a day. She warned me that I will be “washroom-prone” – LOL! She used the Mandarin expression 拉肚子 which my mom had to translate to pretty much diarrhea… urg 😦 But she said the whole purpose is to get the toxic crap out and to allow my body to properly regulate itself. On a happy note, she also said this will help me lose weight since all this junk has been built up in my colon and intestines. She explained that the “fat” I see coming out from my stomach is not actually “fat” – but all the garbage one accumulates over time that the body cannot rid through normal defecation and urination.

Depends for Men

Depends for Men

I guess now would be a good time for me to start taking any diaper or adult incontinence donations, LOL. Apparently I’m going to be shitting myself crazy! 😀 The bad thing is that I’m volunteering at a golf tournament this week, so looks like I’m going to have to switch roles to somewhere closer to the washroom. I just downed my medicine tonight and I haven’t felt any “crazy effects” yet – but let’s not speak too soon because Chinese herbal medicine have amazing quick results which means tonight may be fairly sleepless 😆 Well that wraps up my Saturday of Canada Day Weekend… what a great way eh, taking lots of shits and having to drink really bitter herbal mixtures 😛 Come to think of it, I’m rather glad bebe is busy with school right now. How embarrassing is it to have to tell your girl on a date that, “Sorry honey, can you excuse me for an hour? I need to go to the washroom.” – LOL!

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  1. Wow, I’ve never actually tried TCM before other than the occasional visit for spraining my legs lol! Needless to say, I didn’t know acupuncture actually hurts so much! I think I’ve always thought it would just kinda sting a lil bit.

    It is scary in a way that you’re lying there completely helpless with your whole body weakened. Imagine if you’re all alone. xD No mom to translate Mandarin (I didn’t know you couldn’t understand Mandarin!) and a scary lady poking shit loads of needles in you.

    With that being said though, I’m kinda interested in the herbal concoction that supposedly drains you off all the accumulated shit inside. I think that would help you lose at least a couple of pounds! *envious* LOL!

    • Are you thinking more of the 跌打 side rather than herbal doctor for sprained legs? 😛 Ok well I don’t think acupuncture hurt that much as in I was screaming or anything, but certain points where she inserted it, I grunted a bit and winched. The lady next door, holy fuck, she was screaming bloody-murder – I was scared before they even started on me. I SMS’ed my friend (when I was just sitting there) and asked if the lady was like, giving birth in the room next door 😆 It’s the insertion then may about 1-2 minute afterward where you can feel the pain, then you only feel it there if you pay attention to it, otherwise, you don’t even feel it. I told my friend it was like, “inserting a tampon – you can feel it there initially and then you can’t feel it unless you pay really close attention” – HAHAHAH.

      It isn’t so much that you can’t move if you wanted to, just that movement is slow and very restrictive. Like normally, if I “want” to move my fingers, the transmission from my brain to actual movement is near-immediate. When you’re paralyzed, it is like this really slo-mo action like in the matrix or something 😀 I told my friggin fingers to move and it was like “wait, let me think about it” – lol. I think they do it to reduce your movement ranges so you don’t accidentally move the spot of one of the needles. I was all alone afterward, my mom got bored and left me to go talk to her friends!!! She stayed for like the first 5 minutes and she was like, “I’m bored, I’m going outside.” – haha.. thanks mom 😦 I understanding Cantonese fluently and a bit of Mandarin – but definitely not technical or bodily terms. Mandarin term uses 拉肚子 while in Cantonese, we use slang like 肚屙 or 肚瀉. Mandarin is too “proper” for me 😆 The lady wasn’t scary, she has a very gentle demeanour, it was just the poking of needles that was painful 😛 She looks like one of my aunts and I told my mom that, haha.

      Why do you need to be envious of my rapid toilet trips and constantly trying to stay clean? LOL… go do that when you’re on your period or something if you want to, lol. I don’t think you are one of those people with a weight-problem where you need to be losing weight… if you lose anymore, you’ll be think as a stick. Are there even fat people in Malaysia with the sweat-inducing-heat? 😀 I lost weight when I was in HK just from the amount of walking and hotness. I sweat more in one day than I do a year in Canada! But if you’re interesting in ridding body toxin, definitely give it a shot. The DR should be able to 把脈 and tell you, since you’re not supposed to attempt a cleansing unless you really DO have a lot built up. After all, every body has a degree of it, just more or less for some people. I used to work in a computer lab with like 200 computers and all that shit that spews out from the monitors and towers is probably what built up all this toxicity. My eating habits aren’t horrible – just not “the best” either. The computer I use in my own room and office always have ventilation which airs out most of the poison in the air. I’m not sure about where you are, but they have colon-cleansing mixtures in packaged form right in the supermarkets, so just got buy a 3-day or 7-day treatment off the shelf if you want to save on the doctor diagnosis! 😛

  2. Best and luck and slim down fast…. XD

    • LOL, I’m more concerned about getting the shit out of my body 😛 The weight-loss comes second. I started doing 2KM runs with my coworkers and we’re adding 0.5KM every few weeks until I’m doing 6KM a day. The exercise will help with the weight loss and toning, I just don’t want my body full of toxins 😛 You can wish me more luck and pray for me to help my girlfriend fall in love with me though… XD

      • 2km as a start… Not that bad.. But, I think I am better than you….. Anyways, I just couldnt slim down thou….. Must be too much toxins in my body also…… XD
        Your gf not in love with you meh? Still need to pray….. OTL

        • LOL, almost anyone is better than me. I did 1.2km around my neighbourhood the other day and when I got home, I thought I was ready to pass-out 😛 I’m totally out of shape, and it’s going to take a lot of work to get back into things. Honestly, I can’t even get enough oxygen in my bloodstream to keep my legs from cramping up. My coworker is like a personal trainer, haha… he said he’ll have me do suicide-runs if I can’t even do 2km’s with him 😛

          Girls don’t need to be super-thin, they need meat or else looks gross. One of my ex’s was super thin – I worried that if I rolled over on her, I would kill her 😛 Even when I hug her, I’m really careful so I don’t turn her into a pancake XD How embarrassing would be for me to tell her parents, “Uhh… uncle, auntie, I’m sorry to tell you but I smushed your daughter” LOL. When I hold my girls, I want to feel her plushiness, not sticks and bones… makes me want to barf 😛

          Keep praying for me la, I’m trying to recruit enough people to pray for us maybe the gods will feel bad for me and make my wish come true 😆 It’s been so long since I’ve been able to find a girl I truly care about and one that we both do like each other. Sure, we get in tuffles sometimes, but what’s different than any other couple? 😛 Poh Ching always says that there are so many easy Malaysian girls, lol… how come mine not easy wor? 😀 I always have to make my own life hard – HAHAHA.

          Yes, lots of OTL la… my face keeps smacking the ground, lol. Are you back at home for the summer or you staying in Kota Kinabalu?

  3. Pokkie yur tummiez!!!

    LOL – u dun rly have a big one as much as u think. As long as it’s not “showing through clothes” – it is ok la xDD U used to show through it like a few years ago, but it’s ok now! Dun forget that it’s a matter of being healthy, not just being slim. U know how gross super-thin boys r? They’re like twigs n will snap if we go to hug them or sumthing, that’s gross! I want my boy to have some MEAT so I can actually put my arms around him. If he’s smaller than me, then that’s just 😯

    Oh… I wuz reading an article u might like:

    Like yur coworker said though, don’t be too concerned abt losing weight, bcoz yur not actually overweight, lol, u just think that or u try to compare yurself with the teensie Asian ppl u see in HK xDD That doesn’t count – becoz u didn’t grow up in the same environment they did, eating the same foods and doing the same thing! U r Canadian and thus, yur size will show that. If u even drop like 20 lbs… omfg, I’ll be drooling over u… not that I don’t 😆 Shhhh… I’ll say it quietly so bebe doesn’t hear 😛

    So, it has already been a day – what is yur results so far?

    • Haha, you always make me feel so good XD Like I’m actually “worth” something, lol. Ya, I don’t think B&B quite recognized me this time when we met up at the train station, lol… it’s a huge difference from last she saw me. At least I’m not 3x her size anymore… just twice… lolololol. Haha, ya lor – guys and girls need a bit of meat… I saw a few mins of a drama my mom was watching made in like 1980 and saw some of the movie stars (who are still around now) and looked at how THIN they were… it wasn’t just a “nice thin” it was a “ewww how can someone be so thin-thin?” Glad they don’t look like that anymore, lol.

      I read the article, very interesting… I was reading one a few weeks ago too on almost same topic, about being healthy at any weight – because weight does not always define good/bad health.

      Haha, you’re the only one crazy enough to drool over me. If you could “infect” bebe to drool over me, that would be good too XD 20lbs is pretty much what my PT said too… he said I shouldn’t lose a lot of weight because that’ll make my body look really gross. I have a big frame and what happens if I lose too much weight, all my meat will hang off me 😆 If I want to actually get abs, I not only have to tone, but will have to STARVE myself which is obviously very unhealthy and no PT would actually recommend that.

      Not sure about results… I can’t see anything visibly, not like I can see SEE the toxins I’m shitting out, it’s not radioactive or glows, lol. I’m not really going to the washroom as much as she made it sound, only like 4-5 a day… I normally go like 2-3 times a day anyways 😛 My mom says my tummy definitely looks smaller though, I don’t see a difference… LOL .. maybe ‘cuz I’m looking at it from top-down 😀 I just have to get stabbed again in 5 days, lol.

      Least I don’t have to go though cramps and pregnancy – lol.. I’m just teasing ya 😛

  4. Hahahaha…… You made my day started with all the ‘jokes’ from your reply…..
    Malaysian gals are unique.. This is all I can tell… hehe…..
    Erm…. I got no SUMMER holiday as I said earlier… 😛
    How do you trace my location…. wow…. Haha.. You got something on your weblog that tell you so? hehe…..
    Anyways, I am not skinny… AND I dun think I am the skinny type and will never be skinny….. hahaha…..

    • Haha good la… my blog not only about periods, but to give me a place to be me without consequences 😛 Laughing is one of the things I enjoy doing most – because it makes me feel happy. Unfortunately one cannot always be happy in life 😀

      Malaysian girls rock XD The more I get to know more, the more I regret wasting all my time on HK girls…. oops 😆 I know yur location because it says so on your Facebook…. LOL, sor mui. If I trace where you are, then why would I ask – I would know… HAHA.

      There’s a benefit to not be skinny, you don’t have to worry about being fat, LOL. I was very skinny growing up, so people “saw the difference”… if a person is always the same, it is not as noticeable 😆 Better that way!

      • HKies are more … erm.. realistic?? 😛
        Malaysian gals are more like dreaming all the while? haha… I also dunno… No idea on that….. Maybe you can see and find the ‘true’ self in Malaysian gals that you cannot find in others nations gua… XD
        (I am pushing up Malaysian gals market…. lolx… )
        O…. You saw my FB a… hehe..

        • Yes, too realistic is the problem… because it makes sense to live a reality, but when it goes too far, then life just becomes moot. I know Malaysian girls can be pretty realistic too, but if they can also appreciate dreaming through it as well, that’s a much better mixture! Life is better when it’s full of dreams and sometimes we can achieve them in way we could not imagine. I guess being too realistic also means the potential for hurt is much greater because they’re a lot more stiff and upfront about things – I can relate to that.

          But at the very least, Malaysian girls are really sweet and I enjoy that. They’re pretty attuned to people’s feelings and make for great friends who know when you’re feeling down and will lift you up! I like the fact that lots of Malaysian girls are gamers XD They used to play some majorly hardcore games with me, lol.. ones you would “not expect a girl to play” – haha. Although this may not be true for all Malaysian girls, I find they tend to be very reserved even if they know they are hot/pretty. They won’t go out of their way to “show-off” or being really egoistic about it. It’s really nice to have a down-to-earth girl while maintaining a bit of dreaminess 😛 All I need my bebe to do is to “dream all the while” with me, haha… maybe in her eyes, I appear perfect 😆 then that’s all that matters, haha.

          You don’t need to push Malaysian girl market, we all know they rock anyways 😛 What crazy guy wouldn’t want a Malaysian girl? Or well, maybe the type of guy who’s only after one thing of course – ‘cuz Malaysian girls take way too long to crack 😛

          I seen your FB a long time ago. That picture of the bridge is amazing.

  5. lolz….. Take way too long to crack….. Guys are not patient enough sometimes….. 😛
    What bridge??? You are really testing my memory…… zzzz……

    • Che, don’t forget that just ‘cuz we’re guys, doesn’t mean we don’t want to be loved and cared for too!! It’s nice when we feel we’re appreciated, just ‘cuz we’re a “man” doesn’t mean we don’t need those things 😛 Can you tell I’m patient? HAHA…

      This pic, very nice!

      • K k k…. Everyone needs care and love… hehe….
        Erm…. I dunno whether you are patient enough o not lo…. Got to consult your bebe….. 😛

        That photo a.. Was long long time ago… Penang bridge and was from someone… Not mine…. 🙂

        • LOL, you’re not from Penang are you? Like every Malaysian-girl blogger who visits here is from Penang -__-” you guys have like a blog-stalking community or something from your hometown? HAHA.

          I’m so patient that it makes her even more annoyed, hahahaha… Maybe she’ll be happy over this patience one day soon 😛 Poh Ching thinks I’m crazy for being able to put up with it for so long 😆 It’s funny ‘cuz she calls me flower heart sometimes, but she knows that I’m not like that – so then I call her bad names in return 😀 Speaking of which, where the hell is she – ugh, so bored at work, she should be online talking to me XD

  6. I am not Penangites la…. Dun ‘one stick make the boat fall’… lol…. hahahaha……
    Swt…. Concentrate on your work la… So boring meh??? 😛

    • Haha, ok, well as long as there’s not a Penang-blog-community-stalking or something going on 😆

      But I like to use one stick… saves me from having to use many sticks 😀

      Work is kind of slow during the summer and we get reduced work hours… so ya, it’s kinda boring. There’s no big projects coming up, so I’m pretty much sitting around. You can really only do “project management” only when there are projects to be managed, haha. I’ll play some games and watch some TVB dramas, but those get boring too after a while so I rather have people to talk to! I usually walk around during coffee break and chat with staff, but lots of people are also on vacation meaning the office is pretty empty. All the other people are “field” staff – so they’re out in facilities doing stuff. Pretty much the only people who are left in the buildings are the PM’s, supervisors and manager.

      We’re all on “lazy mode” right now.

      • HOw nice to have a lazy mode in the office…..
        What are you working as?
        I get bored easily with only TVB dramas and games too…. Real life talking is much much much better in times…. hehe…. XD

        • Lazy in the summer, people go on vacation and no one really wants to work. Also, here we have been hit by a “heat wave” for the past few days.. it’s constantly 30+ degrees Celsius and it’s making everyone just lazy.

          I do project management in a government institution, so if there are no projects, nothing for me to do. If there are projects, then I’m working my ass off, haha.

          I enjoy socializing a lot more than I like watching things and playing games. If I have a choice, rather be talking to people – but of course THEY also have a job to do too, so I can’t be constantly talking to them, lol. I sit on MSN and Skype when I’m at work so I can chit-chat with those who are not in school right now or people from other timezones who are not schooling/working. That’s why I like talking to people from SG/MY/HK ‘cuz their timezones work out well! I’m also accustomed to talking to them because a lot of the people I gamed with when I was younger are Malaysian, Singaporean or HK-Chinese… a few Taiwanese, but they tend to “stick to their own” since they speak TW/Mandarin.

          I prefer face-to-face interaction or at least over the phone… but then distance limits me from doing face-to-face with people who aren’t local – LOL – so the internet will have to do!

  7. This is wut I get for wrking so hard…. I cm bk after not checking for a few days and then I have so much to catch up on xDD Seems like I need to quit my job just to keep up, lol.

  8. 30+ is really suffering…. ALthough it’s kind of normal in Malaysia, I still cant stand it sometimes….. YOu guys lagi beh tahan…. 😛
    INternet connection is really helping a lot….. lolx….
    Diff time zone with diff living style (kind of) only can meet to chat… If not, you wil be sleeping when others get online vice versa….
    Chatting thru net and to real ppl is totally diff and I love both…. Both have their advantages… 🙂

    • You know the crazy thing is that I have a huge list of Singlish, Hokkien and Malay terms bookmarked on my “primary bar” that I had to click on and look up that term? LOL… Some of my iFriends get a huge kick out of it when they speak Bahasa Malaysia because it takes me time to look up things and figure out what they’re talking about. I slowly catch on to keywords that they use and don’t have to look it up anymore XD I try to annoy them when I speak back to them using their own terms 😆

      I dunno about the time zone thing… because I have seen ESPECIALLY Korea and Malaysian game-players go nuts when they log-in, regardless of hour! I have gamed from 1PM (my time) to 8PM before which means they were up from 1AM-8AM!!! There are many hardcore Malaysian and Korean players 😛 I don’t bother assuming they won’t be up at certain times, lol. If you notice a lot of post times of some of the girls here from M’sia, they SHOULD BE SLEEPING at those hours – lol, like Cherrie for instance XD I’ve seen Twitter updates from her at like 4-5AM (your time) before X__x

      There are some people who I prefer to talk to more in-person than online and vice versa… but yes, I guess the internet has helped connect people in ways we were never able to connect before. It’s kinda a cool feeling to attune to someone who you’ve never met in person. There are times I feel more comfortable confiding certain things to people who I totally don’t know, rather than people who I do know.

      • Juz admit la… u dun care that much abt understanding those languages… u juz want to learn more about bebe, LOL… don’t lie xDD When u lie, u lose yur front teeth rmbr? kakakkaa…

        • Perhaps in a way, yes… when you care about someone, you care about them fully – in that you want to understand their culture, background, upbringing and environment. It’s true I’ll never “be Malaysian” but of course I’d want to invest time into learning about what makes bebe the wonderful person she is by at least being familiar with her prior surroundings.

          It’s not like I’ll suddenly know everything there is to know about lifestyles and stuff, but getting to know people from there helps me understand mentality and cultural attitudes. I think it’s important that if there’s someone you want to be with, that you have to consider everything that has helped compose him/her and try to understand it 😛 By far learning a couple words and her culture may not impress her – but it’s something cool to learn and perhaps for just personal understanding as well!

  9. hahahahahaha….. ‘lagi’ is a common word and I think you can understand it without searching it, right? I was thinking bout that too when I type it on….. lolzzz…..
    Dont you think it’s weird when you have talk so much to that person and when time comes, you meet them up him/her in person….. Feel a bit diff huh…. 😛

    • Ya, but I didn’t understand the beh tahan part… now I do 😛 Maybe I should start using some French words to confuse you? LOL…

      Does it? Maybe… guess depends on the individual. Bebe and I talked a lot over MSN and perhaps that’s why sometimes she finds it “too much” or frustrating that when we go out that she has nothing to say, lol. I honestly think she’s just shy XD not so much that we’ve “out-talked” everything because there’s tons to talk about, haha. It is kind of nice to “leave something for face-to-face” for sure though. Maybe I’m a big talker, so to me, I can never become bored of talking or have trouble finding a topic unless it’s a really awkward situation 😀

      I’ve met quite a few people on-line in person at some point and really, I think it helps bring us even closer together. I’m hoping a couple of people who I’ve been gaming with for 5 years will come from the U.S. and meet another friend and I in Canada 😛 We’ve talked for ages over Skype, game together almost daily and we’ve shared everything from life secrets to the everyday convos… we’ve even webcammed before, BUT, I highly dislike camming with guys, LOL… actually I don’t like it even with girls because I think I look terrible on cam… although girls who want to cam with me but don’t care about seeing me I have no probs with XD I don’t cam with girls much except for ones I know well anyways or like one of my god-sis’

      As far as I recall, most people that I’ve actually met in person from offline are exactly “who they say they are”… It’s not common that I’ve been in a situation where the person was totally different than they represented themselves. It has only been once last year actually where I met someone I knew off the internet and they were a “totally different person” and I don’t mean like gender/age, LOL – I mean like their “personality” didn’t match how they expressed themselves over the internet… it was rather a shame. I enjoy meeting different people on and offline because it helps build character and you get to know people outside of your own environment/culture!

  10. French… I can always google it k… 😛
    I learn some basic of it and quite shameful to say that I am still at the ABC level and I stopped… I am not good in language…..

    True true true…. Totally agree to your thoughts…
    You dun talk and sound like your age…
    Mature thinking that lacks in most of the guys nowadays??? 😛

    • LOL, only a bit you can google. Sometimes complex phrases you can’t and it won’t come out. Like if you try using Chinese translator for slang or common-writing styles, it will all come out wrong 😆 or at least not the “real” meaning. Aren’t girls supposed to be awesome at languages meh? 😛

      Pft, lol… I just don’t “talk and sound […] age” when I’m on this blog sometimes, haha.. I want to give people a more “professional image” of me 😀 In person, I’m the guy in the group making the jokes, sometimes dirty-talking girls (in a classy manner though :P) and doing typical guy things!

      Mature thinking lacks in both guys and girls… don’t get too excited about females not being immature either, LOL… stop trying to make “your kind” (females) sound like they’re not guilty either, haha.

  11. Aren’t girls supposed to be awesome at languages meh?

    Dun use your long bamboo stick again la….. 😛
    I am not good in language…..
    So, you are kind of 2 headed snake that act differently in real life and in the cyber world? 😛

    • Chiu, I make jokes on here all the time… or times you don’t even know I’m usually grinning or snickering when I type my responses. I try not to let this blog get too serious… and for the most part, I am “myself” here!

      I have a very long bamboo stick 😉 It has many uses other than going to the washroom, LOL. Tsk tsk… see, look what you’re doing – you’re making me say bad things! Well don’t you know like 3-4 languages? LOL…

      “Appearance” and changing ones “perception” towards my professionalism is my goal, not about being 2-headed snake. If I write an article with too many jokes, then it no longer becomes informative/somewhat authoritative on the matter. That would be like a lawyer issuing a demand-notice but have no seriousness in it, haha. Then again, everything else I lay-back and talk very openly/easily. I don’t usually dirty-talk girls online because they can’t see my facial expression. It can lead to bad things because it may be hard to tell when someone is joking or is only doing it as a harmless-flirtation thingie. In person, I can get away with it more because they can see my reaction and I can gauge their reaction to see whether they may be offended or flattered by it. Then again, I really don’t do as much flirting anymore only because I feel I need to keep distance with girls out of respect to bebe. I can’t be “messing around” like I did before and getting girls all riled up – though I admit I am still a guy and I still have “flaws” and it does slip once in a while – but I am quick to ensure it goes no further.

      • swt…. I din use a gun to point to your side to force you to come out with dirty jokes k… 😛
        I forced to learn more languages in Malaysia… This is due to the environment…. Surroundings… Learning a totally new language is diff and I am lazy on learning new things…. (Diff saying if I have lots of interest on it… )

        Lucky bebe…. Hope she know what you did for her… lolz…. ^^

        • LOL… really hard wor, trying to control the male-instinct within us is hard, HAHA.

          Yesterday I was doing a golf charity and I had to spend 11 hours with my MANAGER’S daughter because this was her “first time” helping out and I have been doing this for several years already. Also, we got paired up because we were the ones “closest in age” so it would be less boring for us since we’d have more topics in common to talk about. She was the very free-spirited girl type and it was definitely fun having someone near your age to talk to rather than everyone else who’s at least 15+ years older.

          But she was a bit TOO free-spirited for me, lol, she really tried to lure the man-inside of me out XD The heat was really bad yesterday so we were both trying to stay cool and out of the sun. We managed to borrow some UV lotion from one of the other girls who was there (and consequently, I smelt like girly coconut all day), and I put it on myself and then she said there were places on her back and neck she couldn’t reach and asked me to put it on for her 😕 I was like, “uhh.. what if your dad sees me doing this? I don’t think he’d be very happy…” and she was like, “Nah, he wouldn’t care, his friends have all said/done worse things to me.” … jeebus, lol. My manager’s friends would be like his age probably, like 50-60 year olds, gah, LOL – talking about his daughter like that. I guess my manager is one of those “new age parents” – but still!

          So here I am, the manager’s daughters asks me to do something like that and I really want to say no, but that’d be so rude to her and if her dad finds out I refused (and she gets a sunburn), I might be out of a job, lol. So I did it anyway, with absolutely minimal skin-touching – lol… the only person I feel comfortable ever touching is the girl I’m with, not some random girl I just met an hour ago! X.x Ok so I got over it and told myself I’m only doing this as a favour and own welfare (to keep my job)!!

          So in our conversations, she somehow managed to twist something I said into a conversation about boobs!! And then she was like, “[My name], what do you think about my boobs? How much do you think they weigh?” and I’m like !!!!! WTF!!!!! Then she goes on and tells a story about how one of her friends had to get a boob-reduction because they were giving her back-problems and she felt too heavy to walk around with and they STILL “grew back” afterward. Talking about breasts is such a weird conversation with a girl! I know that it’s like any guy’s dream but I feel like I’m in such an awkward position! So I try to change the subject and she’s TOTALLY trying to get me to let my “manliness” come out because all the time I’ve been trying to be a gentleman and not talk/do guy things 😛

          So at the END of the day before we’re cleaning the place up, the sun was still beating down on us as we’re setting up the tent/tables for dinner and she saw there were some bags of ice so she ripped one open and slipped one down my back and crushed a bunch and sprinkled it on herself. Obviously she didn’t guide the ice well enough and it ended up going down the FRONT of her shirt instead of back (well of course, she’s a blonde… haha :lol:) and she yelped because it like froze her nipples… then she’s like, “Hrm… wet t-shirt contest?” and I’m like 😐 Blah. She kept on squeezing her boobs together to try to warm them up and I’m totally looking the other way but she keeps on talking to me so I don’t want to look away because it’s rude when you don’t face someone who’s talking to you! GAH.

          She definitely challenged me to keep my male-thoughts and actions intact, LOL. Talk about trying to provoke me, haha. She kept on looking at me during dinner (‘cuz she was arranged to sit at another table) and grinning T_T … then she accidentally spilled a drop of ice cream on her pants (top of her thighs near her crotch… omfg) and asked me if I would help her clean it off, but then I had to be tactful and told her I’d escort her to the washroom but I would not help her clean it up – blah. Why could bebe provoke me like this? XD LOLOLOLOL.

          But god damn, girls these days.. lol, it’s like she wants me to get frisky with her… but… I can’t, my heart is already someone else’s 😛 Too bad!

  12. AIIIYYOO…. she did that much to call u on and u still didn’t have sex w/ her meh? =O OMG, clearly she wanted other activities to make her hot – not juz the weather xDD If she squeezing her boobs in front of u, obviously she’s making a statement LOLOLOL…. Aii… yur so cute, u prob blush too? HAHA.

    How cm didn’t help her clean up, u could touchy-touchy and ‘accidentally slip’ your hand/finger 😛 Am I making u go red right now or really regret it? 😆 U didn’t even take advantage a LLLIITTTLLLEE bit?!!

    • AMY!! You bad girl, what the hell, lol. No, this didn’t make me turn red at all, blah – the only girl I turn red around is bebe, haha! Not many girls have an effect on me anymore 😕 I’m either turning gay or the petals on my flower heart is all falling off except for one left 😆 Before bebe, Claudia was the last girl to even make me swoon but that was a very short-lived feeling 😛

      I don’t really regret it.. you have to think, things you do in life have consequences that you could not even imagine. Let’s just say out of argument that I did have sex with her. What then? She’s leaving to Korea in 2 weeks to teach English and won’t be back for 2 years. When we were talking, she clearly said, “I’m not ready to settle down,” so you know she’s not the type of girl I’m into (not that I would be unless I was single ANYWAYS). So would it just be a one-day stand? lol. I was just teasing my cousin about the “great one night stands” she’s been having with boys a few weeks ago and now you tease me about it? Talk about coincidence 😆 I know it’s very common for “casual relationships” but I really don’t want to be in one, even if she is really damn good (lol, from the things she’s told me about her sex-life, it sounds like she’s very “experienced”). What happens if my manager finds out? That’s just an awkward situation. Even so, haven’t you seen enough TVB dramas to know that doing (whether dating or casual sex) with your boss’ daughter is never a good idea – lol.

      I honestly think I would regret it more had I done something with her and then sour the relationship between bebe and I. Yes, I’m sure if I never told her, she’d never find out – but that’s not the point, the point is, deep-inside, you KNOW you did something with another girl other than the girl you’re with – and to me, that’s cheating. Maybe you could claim because our relationship is not “in the open” yet that it doesn’t count as a stable relationship, but from day one I commit myself to someone, that gives them the right to my heart, body and soul.

      Ask me that a year ago and there’d be no hesitation, LOL. Blue eyes, blond hair, beautiful body and just downright HORNY – any guy would want a girl like that and if she was that interested, her dad wouldn’t be able to find us for the whole day 😀 But… I dunno, things just aren’t the same anymore. I don’t get turned on easily by other girls, no matter how pretty they are or how attractive they WOULD’VE been to me. Russell Peters was right when he said disease you catch when you fall for one girl, haha.

      The boob-squeezing was awkward, it really was… I wouldn’t even define it as “hot” – it was more gaam gai than anything… like I just can’t imagine a girl doing that so openly in public X.x I know the ice probably made her boobs cold, but she should’ve went to the washroom to warm them up instead of in front of me!! It wasn’t like I was going to help or anything, ugh. Geezz, girls these days, LOL, so chui been. Why are there always extremes? LOL… either girls who are “too open” and girls who are “too conservative”… why no in between? XD

      I did not take advantage at all because I know better. Bebe told me very firmly that if I do anything with another girl, it’s over, and I’ve always kept that in my mind. Even if I know I can do something without her finding out about it (not telling a single person to writing it down anywhere), you never know what happens and that’s why they say 天網灰灰,疏而不漏. Even when I made her coffee and she took it from my hands (and purposely put her hand around mine to get it), I pulled my hand back safely and as fast as I could – because I haven’t touched another girls hand like that since the last time I held bebe’s hands. I just don’t feel comfortable like I did as when I was holding bebe.

      I would not want to touchy-touchy or “accidentally slip” my hands or fingers to touch her T_T Zzzz… lol, is that what girls think of guys, that we just want to take advantage of girls? BLAH! I had a chance to “touchy-touchy” bebe last time when I was helping her get something on her leg, but I refused to do something like that because I’d probably get slapped in the face and she’d hate me forever. It’s inappropriate la – or at least right now it is. Did I want to hold her and touch her, yes, but I didn’t because she’s not ready for that type of contact. She can’t even do the hand-holding yet, let alone have me touch her thighs or something 😦 …. come to think about it, I think she was so excited to play with my holster and getting the straps on that she didn’t even realize how close I was to her legs and uhh… other parts of her body X.x Well I guess that shows she has a bit of comfort with me if she’s willing to let me get that close to her… wow, that actually made me smile 🙂 Aww.. I feel warm now.

      I’m still waiting for my one-true-girl to fall into my arms and no other 😛 I always thought it was just bebe testing me and now even the gods are playing me!!! Trying to throw a girl at me and make me do something bad with her – BLAH. Is this some kind of divine test or something?!!? I refuse to commit and error…. 衝鋒!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • lol – all good things cm from hard work. Wait… hrm.. mayb I take it too easy on Josh n’ let him have me too easily xDD I should try to make him make-up for all the things he gets away with, kakaka…. make him “work his way up” again 😆

        I bet bebe loves watching u in pain that u dun want to take advantage of another girl but u can’t have her just yet either … we girls r so cruel aren’t we? 😀

        U shld hv “accidentally” touched bebe n see her reaction… remember, it’s BY ACCIDENT – not on purpose, lol… ai… wut happen to my aggressive boy who’d always “push the limits” huh huh? U got so close to her anyways, mind as well try it 😉 She let u by her legs wor, yur making progress, haha…

        Ooohh… yeshh… I’m saying lots of bad things coz my period is almost here n’ u know I get super-horny right b4… is it even on-time, check yur calendar lah for me… 😕 Send me some U by Kotex, I want to try-try!! 😀

  13. wow wow wow…… what a 艳遇 you experienced…. are you that sharp??? lolx…..
    anyways, gentleman huh… hahahaha….

    • LOL, I would not call it “romantic”… haha.. that’s not my type of romance, that sounds more like a one-day stand XD

      I am a guy that takes a certain type of girl to appreciate. I am not one of the guys lucky enough to “look good in the eye of every girl”. The girl is a few years older than me, so her mentality is a bit different and she likes the “manly” guys – rather than the boyish guys that younger girls like. I have certain types of girls that my looks cater to and there are girls who love the way I look because I appear older than I really am. It gives older women that ‘secure’ feeling that they want from a man. Younger girls don’t want that type of stability yet, LOL.

      I am not always confident on the way I look, but where I AM confident is my ability to flirt with girls, lol… even without my looks 😛 I enjoy making them feel good about themselves and it doesn’t hurt me in any way to be nice to them and make them feel “of worth”… I know that complimenting a girl that she’s “beautiful” will make most girls smile and feel happy for the day already… and it doesn’t cost me anything other than my 口水 right? Plus, I’m one of those ppl who look nice and approachable (not my words)… you have no idea how many times people out of a group of people will come to me to ask for directions or help or something because I have more of the “softer” look and don’t look mean (although I can be if you piss me off, lol).

      I try to be a gentleman… can’t always be though 😛 Sometimes you have to put your foot down on things, haha.

      • good good good…… 越来越欣赏你。。。。 XD

        • LOL – I guess you know how to make a guy smile/happy too? 😆

          Is that supposed to mean you hated me before?!! HAHAHA

          Btw, join Poh Ching and I… we’re going to play Starcraft Brood Wars 😛 I’m teaching her how to set it up… apparently she doesn’t know too much about computers to make it easy on me, lol… so hard to teach her how XD

        • xDD Took u that long? Wah… Malaysian gurloz are slow to admire…. 😆 He’s such a good little boy 😛

  14. Prexus…. I din mean that k… hahaha…. Just that I am getting more and more…. means from level one to level 2 k….. lolz… hahahaa……
    Starcraft Brood War??? Online game??
    Give some patientsssssssss………………. XD

    Amy….. 越来越 k… 😛
    Anyways, I dunno him long….. 🙂

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