Tiredness and Upcoming Topic

Oh how I wanted to write on a really cool (ok well, cool to ME) topic today, but I’m so tired right now. I’ve been yawning for the past half hour, yet, I’m not actually tired enough to go to sleep, yet tired enough to not want to do much else! I dislike leaving my blog stale for too long and I also want to let people know I’m still alive 😆

So… for those who want to know what the next topic is, it’s a topic that “hits close to home for me” and something that I truly feel passionate about. Knowingly, there is much resistance when it comes to guys wanting knowledge and information about menstruation. The less they know, the better… but what about guys who are into menstruation, what should be said about those males?

Suffice to say, I used to be ashamed of my interest, my knowledge and my thoughts about menstruation. As short as a year ago, I could not imagine myself owning a blog like this, because being involved in menstruation so much for a male just seemed downright embarrassing. Although I still have very little personally identifiable information on here, the point is, I did not even think of the fact I would express so openly about my experiences and inner-thoughts about periods. I am very happy I took that step and to a degree, this blog is dedicated and inspired by my girlfriend.

Leading on, she was the first girl I’ve been with who have been lightly resistant and hesitant towards my interest in menstruation. I became really worried and I had to receive reassurance from her whether my interest in periods affected her opinion of me. I was worried that if it negatively impacted us enough, I would give up my interest in it – yes – just for her! However, I recall that she told me that had it been a huge issue for her, she would’ve already dumped my ass… so clearly if she’s still around and talking to me, she can slowly accept it. LOL. For most of the girls I’ve ever been with, they have been quite encouraging (and I definitely count my blessings for that) about my positive attitude and knowledge about menstruation. They saw it as an advantage for them!

So what happens to a guy when he has such interest and passion towards menstruation when he encounters a girl who just can’t stand having a guy with such an interest! Yes, it’s definitely going to hurt and one of the sides will have to change or at least meet a middle-ground. So, this leads me onto the next topic I want to write about (either tomorrow or over the weekend whenever my “inspiration” hits) – how girls can appreciate and learn to love a guy who is interested in menstruation. Yes, I’m sure there’s a bit of “weirdness” initially, but think about the world-of-wonders that a guy who is interested in menstruation bring to your love life? You know have a companion, a partner – someone to walk with you (hopefully) for the rest of your life who truly has a keen interest in your beautiful female anatomy and understands your menstrual cycle! There’s no better way to make your menstrual-interested-man feel great about himself by letting him know that you truly appreciate the time he’s taken to learn about the beauties of your body and he’s willing to go “above and beyond” what typical males would do to ensure he knows how to treat-you-right when your period comes around the corner. I know our society is far from being accepting of certain interests, lifestyles and fetishes – but there’s so much having a boyfriend, husband or significant other with this knowledge that you should feel blessed.

Anyways, I don’t want to lead off too much into the topic! Now you know what I have planned. 🙂 If you have any input, please, I’d love to hear it – whether by email, twitter or comment-post. If you have or happen to know a guy who’s interested in periods – let me know your honest thoughts of him! Even if you don’t, think about how you would react if you knew someone who was interested. Would you share your knowledge/experience? I’m glad I know a lot of girls who have no problem sharing info freely with me and being actively involved in my strive to learn about menstruation. I know not every guy is lucky enough to know girls as accepting and keen. I have bit myself before thinking whether it was right to tell my bebe such thoughts in my head, but given I truly want to be with her, it’s not something I want to have to hide from her forever. Lies and misleading someone only causes more problems – why not give her a chance to get used to my interest and perhaps even find ways that she can take advantage of it, right?!

Toodles for now, gonna watch a drama series and probably go Zzzz… I think yesterday was so exhausting and taxing on my body that I’m still trying to recover from it!

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  2. Fantastic site I enjoyed reading your information

  3. I honestly think if your girlfriend has a guy like you who’s interested in learning about her body, her period, menstruation in general and about the female body, she should be more than happy to offer you that information! Not every guy in the world cares about their girlfriend/wife’s period, so for the women like your girlfriend who are lucky enough to have an genuinely interested boyfriend such as yourself should consider themselves blessed!

    Cheers to men and menstruation!

    I love your blog, your personality and that you stand up for us women.

    • Hi JuanPE,

      I think that’s a great way for her to look at it as well! I love the beauty of the female body and of course, particularly hers 😛 Beyond the physical attraction of her body is that I love her very much and thus, I feel even more attuned to her body than that of other women. It may not be the best and perfect body, but it is HER body, someone I care deeply about, and thus it doesn’t really matter which part of it is ‘perfect’ and which part may have ‘flaws’. Her period is an important part of her, because a girl’s period can tell so much about her current and upcoming health, so it’s important to keep a close-eye on it. To me, a female body and menstruation is attraction-less for me, but it’s the fact I’m attracted to her which makes it extra special for me!

      • Wow, bebe hv big boobs meh? Oh… I think I ask b4 n u not answer… haha. She must hv a vry beautiful body then! I was looking through yur pic but I guess none of them were really ‘full body, close up’ shots so I could not tell abt her body. U two hv vry matching heights n’ “couples” look tho xDD I kno tht yur family does not like it when the height diff is too much or too awkward, kakaka.

        So r u sayin’ u do not like body other then bebe’s now? Guess I do not need to point out my cute girl-friends to u nemore then lor.. too bad! I hope bebe shares more abt her period w/ u so u dun alwayz hv to guess/wonder ^__^

        • LOL, why are you like Poh Ching? The other day she suddenly brought up the topic of bebe’s boobs. Why she was talking about my baby’s boobs is beyond me! She can keep her hands/eyes off them 😛 Neither of you two are lez and you have your OWN boobs, why all the interest in hers? 😆 and ya, I don’t really comment on bebe’s body much because well, it’s just a body – I don’t love her body, I love HER. I just learn to appreciate her body ^_^ She doesn’t complain about mine, why should I complain about hers? I’m more likely to be more open talking about another girl’s body than bebe’s, LOL. At least if I comment on another girl, that girl might just not like it and I wouldn’t give a shit. If I comment on bebe’s body and she finds out, I’ll get in so much shit, she’ll hate me forever and my life will be OVER then. Some random girl, meh, don’t care about the consequences 😛 Nevertheless, I seldom check out girls now anyways, lost that interest.

          We do look cute together don’t we? Haha… after I decorated my office with new pics, everyone likes to look at them and comment how cute and fitting that bebe and I look! Like Poh Ching said, couples who look like that ‘match’ are usually long-term and great together. I think so too, hehe… because H and I didn’t really ‘match’ that much in terms of looks and really, it was an “explosive” relationship, literally, LOL! Bebe comes well past my shoulders, so it’s ok. She’s met my family’s “minimum height requirement” haha. I never really took full-body shots of bebe, that’s just bad, haha… and if I did, I sure as hell wouldn’t be posting them up or talking about it XD – those would be my “treasure”.. HAHAHA.

          It’s not that I can not appreciate another girl’s beautiful body, but I’m not as attuned to other girl’s bodies now. Certainly, I can see one and say, “Oh, she has a very nice figure, whoever her boyfriend/husband/future partner is, they are lucky” – but I’m neither jealous nor excited, because I have bebe and to me, that’s all that matters. Bebe is a wonderful girl and has a body that I love, so it doesn’t matter what other girls have. Bebe has something that no other girl has… my heart 😀 – and that’s worth more than any other body in the world! You can decide whether you want to point out your cute friends or not, there’s no gain or loss 😛

          Yes, I hope bebe will be more open about herself first, then we’ll worry about being open about her period! Take tiny steps towards glory, lol.

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