Learning About My Own Body Through Acupuncture

Waking up this morning was dreadful in a way, knowing I had to go to acupuncture agian, lol. Yes yes, why bitch about something I chose to do, but the reality is sometimes you need to do things you ought to do even if it’s not exactly what you want. My acupuncture treatment and body-cleaner has been going well and results are no-less-than astonishing. The TCM doctor told me that after 3 days of taking her herbs, my hair strands will have had time to strength and already have a noticeably less fall-out rate. By the morning of day 4 of my treatment, looking at my pillow I already noticed! Isn’t that crazy? I suppose although acupuncture wasn’t an “experience of a lifetime” for me, it sure as hell shows results when paired with herbal concoctions.

I have been accusomted to TCM practices since I was young, so the smell and bitterness does not bother me at all. If there are things that I see results, I’m immediately given the motivation to follow-through. That’s my problem, I’m one of those people who make and expect quick decisions/results. Why do many of my work-out plans fail over? Because I don’t see results. Yes, this is foolish indeed, but sometimes by seeing results, that is where the motivation comes from. Likewise, this week, other than shitting myself crazy, I feel great, so I have the willpower to continue enduring the smelly drinks and needles jabbed in me.

Through recommendation of my TCM Doctor (henceforth denoted as TCMDR) I had my hair cut short so that way she could visibly see where I have less hair to figure out where the problem lies. Speaking of haircut, I woke up 2 hours early just to get out to Mississauga in time to go to this new stylist I’ve never been to. It’s in a small mall and we’ve often passed it when I go buy computer parts, but have never got my hair done there. For the past 6 years I have gone to a single stylist but unfortunately, she has gone to China for this month. I had to wake-up early so I could “beat the rush” since that place is apparently very popular. When we got there, it was 10:10AM and the place opens at 10:00AM. There were already 6 people in front of us – holy! Also, I live a considerable distance, about a 35-minute drive to Mississauga, so I had to get up and leave my house early.

This is one of those places most people would consider a “high-class stylist shop” – more so than the $6 cuts in Chinatown Toronto and $10 in Koreatown. When I walked in, my first look was obviously the price-list. Holy crap was all I had to say, lol… but I already committed myself to getting my hair done there, so the price was a moot point. From the moment I sat down, there was definitely a feeling of “you get what you pay for.” The seats were comfortable, the decor was great, the relaxing ambient helped me feel at-ease and the stylists were clearly the-best-of-the-best at their job. I remember one time, my girl-friend mentioned that when she got her hair done at a really nice place, the scalp massage and hair-wash was amazing. Just the way she had her hair-stroked and rubbed totally turned her on and she could feel herself “getting wet” (down there). I mocked her at how someone could be turned on by a haircut – but no doubt, as the girl ran her hands through my hair, washed it (5 times… yes, FIVE) and massaged my scalp, I swear I was in a hair-cut-bliss. Although I didn’t quite get turned on like my friend did, I could certainly see why a girl may have such a reaction! If I had imagined and dreamed that it was bebe running her cute fingers through my hair, maybe I would’ve been more excited, LOL.

At first, I was very skeptical to get a short cut due to my lack-of-hair (so I thought, but clearly I have lots of hair it appears, LOL). She said that it would be very hard for me to keep my hair long because I don’t have “manageable hair” and would look terrible on me. She said however given I’m the customer, my wish is her command. I told her that I trusted her expert-opinion and to style my hair in a way that fits my (fat) face. I have this habit of closing my eyes while (any) stylist cuts my hair so I can “surprize myself” when I open my eyes. I could feel the hair falling off my head, it made me grimace at how short she’s going to cut it. When she told me she was done, I opened my eyes and wow… there I was – a new man staring back at myself. I was so happy, because it really did make me look (limited, lol) handsome and manly. I commented on how happy I was with what she chose and just as the stylist promised, wouldn’t even show my “lack of hair” one bit!

When we paid, I left her a nice tip because of how wonderful she made me felt. Yes, at first I was already staring at the prices which made me puke, but now it was all worth it – you do get what you pay for! Before meeting up with some friends for lunch to celebrate an ‘uncles’ birthday, I went to buy some Chinese food from the nearby supermarket. Lunch was great but we had to leave early to get out to North York to where the TCMDR was located. While it’s a long drive from my house, it’s a much shorter drive from Mississauga. There were massive traffic jams on one of the highways, so knowing some alternate routes, we bypassed probably a large majority of the traffic and arrived much earlier than anticipated, only taking 32 minutes to get there! Luckily there were vacancies, so my treatment began. This time I received 16 needles on the back-side and 9 on the front. It was less painful this time because the needles weren’t inserted into places that were as sensitive and I had her “realign” one of the ones that I felt discomfort on this time. It was quite comfortable this time as I had practicality fallen asleep, lol. No doubt, the needles going in hurt as usual and immediately rendered a numbing sensation, but being more relaxed and knowing what to expect this time helped my muscles loosen up.

At the end of the treatment, it is followed by a very tough massage session. When I say tough, it means that she squeezes me with so much power that I actually scream and yelp. I guess not a lot of my readers know me in person, but I do have quite the tolerance for pain. When Iwas young, my parents used to discipline me using “Chinese methods” such as belts, bamboo sticks, rulers and wood planks, so I am quite resistant to pain. I have been kicked in the nose, hit in the nuts (glad I can still have kids, haha), fallen on a steel chain, etc. and have little verbal reaction… yet when she did this “massage”, I couldn’t help but grunt on the pain and breathe in and out heavily trying to resist hitting her back (haha – natural body reaction when someone hurts you). As soon as it started, it ended and my body muscles relaxed after such excruciating pain.

I was given a plethora of natural remedies this time, without the regular Chinese herbal medicine. I knew this was definitely going to cost me, but she was very honest and said this is only meant to be a once-a-year once-every-other-year treatment! It’s a colon and liver cleansing solution, meant to detoxify your body and primary organs. She assured me it’s not going to be something you do regularly (and at such a high-cost). I have seen my dad do naturopathic treatments before and I know it is expensive as shit – but I really want to get my act together and commit myself to being healthy for once. At the end of the day, the bill came to $300 (~ 930rm conversion for my Malaysian readers :P) and we’ll see whether it is worth it! I know that many might think of this as being ripped off or taken advantage of, but I’ll tell you this – when you can FEEL and KNOW something is working well for you, then it’s all worth it. If I had felt no response to her treatments, I obviously would not accept. Also, she is a practical doctor and honest and has mentioned that after 2-3 months, I will no longer need to see her on a regular basis again. If 2-3 months of treatment will buy me good health – so be it. My health is important to me because I have a responsibility to take care of my mom and family. My health is important to me because I care about bebe and want to be strong, healthy and live-long to take care of her. I care about her with all my heart and if my health were to fail, it would affect her tremendously. To maintain your health is not only for yourself, but for everyone around you!

I am now “enrolled” in a 7-day clensing treatment which involves in a regiment of supplements each day, along with a piss-load (literally) of water to drink. Also, for seven days I should not be consuming any meat, fish, dairy product or eggs. I am a meat lover and to consider not having that for a week, I mind as well shoot myself. Ah yes, I just clean out my gun the other day – I guess I can put it to good use now 😐 However, I’m driving myself to stick with it, it’s only SEVEN days of 365 days in a year! I have a week of alternatives lined-up already, so I’ll survive. Each time I feel stupid or angry about how I could let myself get into a situation where I’m restricted what I’m allowed to eat, I remind myself I’m doing this for bebe. She gives me the power to be strong to stay healthy and fit. She gives me the power to do what I could never thought was possible. She gives me the reason to make sure I have the ability to take care of her, her family and our family!

I learned a lot about myself through this TCMDR because she takes time to teach her patients and answers inquiries. The reason why I have such a huge requirement for meat is because my body is so full of toxins and toxins thrive on meat to give us a false-sense of satisfaction. I feel bloated even when I eat small amounts of food or drink a bit of water because the toxin is affecting my digestive system’s ability to recognize hungry/full. The toxins cripple my ability to stay hydrated even when I actually consume enough water. My hair is dry, brittle and falls out easily because the toxins live off of the liver and kidney, both which regulate scalp regularity. By cleaning out these toxins from my liver and colon, I am helping them stay healthy, resume regular operations and my entire body as a whole benefits.

I will feel less desire to consume large portions of meat since the regular human body can survive off of fruits and vegetables. My appetite will reduce to normality since the toxins aren’t acting against my feeling of being full/hungry. I will thin down because my body will start to burn fat and metabolize matter properly. All these things are so important to day-to-day health which we ignore, either out of ignorance or lack-of-knowledge. She applauded me because I’m one of these feel ‘youngens’ who take time to appreciate our health which so many young people take for granted. She gives me hope that through my decisive action to go through this that I will reap the rewards of good health. It is of course any “business person” would say to make you feel good – but the reality is I can feel the difference it has made already for the ONE WEEK I’ve experienced this and no one can tell me that it’s “just a gimmick.”

So I returned home for the night because it’s an exhausting drive. As usual, the highway was packed with cars but luckily I know enough of the roads in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, North York and Mississauga to duck through the jams and make my way home in about a bit over an hour. My mom decided not to cook and gave me “one last meal with meat” (lol) by ordering pizza. I just took my first drink of the detox liquids tonight and it definitely tasted good 😛 It’s a kiwi flavour, lol. For some odd reason, the stuff burns my throat as it went down, guess it is indicative of the effect it has once it reaches my intestines.

Anyways, we’ll know more after a week of doing this and hopefully I’ll survive for 7 days. I wanna get this done-and-over-with before the “core” of the summer hits. I want to go to the nice Italian restaurant in the hotel @ Niagara-on-the-Lake with bebe so I want to have the “full accessibility” of what to eat rather than losing like 75% of my food options, lol. Speaking of which, as of July, I have already spent a shitload of money. Of course just the TCM alone cost quite a bit, but also this morning I also bought a new mattress. Mine’s getting old and it’s about time for a replacement. Not sure why whenever I have to “spend money” it is all at once, lol.

I’m getting tired but I’m going to go join Ally on BlogTV for a bit 😛 It’ll be my first time and I refuse to go on cam, haha… but I’ll happily talk 😀 Going to sleep after this then!

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  1. ^^
    300 and 930 is diff k…. you are earning canadian dollar…..
    if you are earning malaysian ringgit and spending nearly 1k is diff le…… XD

    • haha, ok, that’s true enough… I guess it’s kinda like people in HK even though they earn less, they always seem to buy more than Canadians because their money is more “fulfilling” and “worth” something… here in Canada, you go through money faster than you change underwear, LOL.

      Poh Ching was telling me about how hard many adults have to work double-jobs in m’sia… geezz, that totally sucks. How do you get time to SPEND the money you earn if you’re working so often? X.x Of course this is not the case for everyone, obviously there’s lots of rich people to probably, but if that’s the “average” or “typical standard” then ouchies.

      To put $300 into perspective, as of 2008 according to Statistics Canada, the average single Canadian makes $36,800. That’ll help you consider how much $300 is to us 😛 Don’t forget we have a hurtful tax rate here, which means making $36K doesn’t mean you actually GET that amount to spend.

      • I know….. 36800 annually? if so, malaysians will be earning less… 🙂
        i know you guys have to pay a large sum of tax compared to malaysia….

        • Ya living here is a very costly thing, lol.. no wonder Canadians are always in-debt, we can’t pay shit off if all our money goes to the government, psh..

          Federal tax rates for 2010 are:

          * 15% on the first $40,970 of taxable income, +
          * 22% on the next $40,971 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $40,970 and $81,941), +
          * 26% on the next $45,080 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $81,941 and $127,021), +
          * 29% of taxable income over $127,021.

          And then in my province…

          5.05% on the first $37,106 of taxable income, +
          9.15% on the next $37,108, +
          11.16% on the amount over $74,214

          I’ve read many Malaysia-food blogs before and from the looks of it, food is a lot cheaper there, so if on average everything is to the same standard-of-costs, then earning less is no different than here because things cost less 😛 Ugh… talking about money makes me feel poor now 😦

  2. wow, that was quite long indeedy!
    and i was mentioned at the bottom! hahahaha
    it was fun and i’m glad you enjoyed the gay banter near the end of the it. -.-;;
    it’s only a bit past midnight here.

    and you have a nice voice, you krazy!

    • I like your parallels post the most… this is nothing compare to that 😛

      Haha yep, you were definitely mentioned 😀 It has been a while since I’ve stayed up that late chatting. Usuaully when I talk to people from other time zones, I tend to do it in my mornings/afternoons versus up at night. A lot of people are nightowls, I’m not one of them but I still managed to stay awake. I wish we had more broadcasters though to give us topics to talk about! I think there is quite a bit of delay when we’re talking though… we ended up talking over each other even though it was clearly something I said a while ago and then you started replying – urg. Oh well, at least it works! You should’ve recorded it though 😀

      It was definitely fun, haha.. can’t wait ’til you’re in NYC and be in the same time zone. I won’t be half-fallen asleep at 2AM while you’re still wide-awake. We can BOTH be half-asleep XD The gay banter didn’t bother me, I don’t have a problem with your friends with whatever lifestyle and orientation they choose 🙂 I’m not gay (because I love women too much :lol:) but I have friends who are and I’m cool with that. The rather racist comments and slurs were more disturbing than their active displays of homosexuality. I don’t think your boytoy was too happy about me holding you up all night though 😛 He kept on sitting in the chatroom waiting to take over XD

      By the time you wrote this message, I was already Zzzz’ing, haha… my snoring probably already began, lol. I like… dropped dead on my bed after I put down my headset. Aww… ❤ I like your voice too, especially your laugh! Girl laughs rock anyways 😛 I didn't know your Canto was so proficient, lol – I thought you were Taiwanese XD haha. I actually think my voice sucks T_T I can't tell if you're being sarcastic with the "nice voice" comment, lol, but it made me feel good for the day already 😆 Maybe it's the way people perceive their own voices, but when I hear myself on playback I'm like "ewwww"

    • He DOES have a dreamy voice doesn’t he?!! So… man – I can listen to him all day xDD

      • Oh my god… lol – too much attention on my voice, haha.

        • Haha, so… your voice has fans already~
          You’re SOOOOO DREAMY. not. 😛

          But yeah, talking in the same timezone will definitely be easier! On weekends, I think less people are on cuz they’re out. Thursdays are usually the best.

          The beauty of not recording = keeping it in your memory! ^__^

          And he’s not my boy toyyy, he’s my friend! Jeebus, how about I just call all your female friends girl toys? And he wasn’t talking cuz he couldn’t hear you! He was probably playing Maplestory (yeah, loser).

          TAIWANESE, WHATTT?!??!! :O
          I’ve never heard that in my life!! And I’m completely serious about your voice. Uh huh!

      • Amy 😦 I’m having another one of those breathless days, bleh… feels like someone is strangling me. On the way drive to work I got so sad and angry today about bebe… I ask myself why is she doing this? What did I have I done to hurt her where I deserve to be hurt like this? I feel like I want to make her pay for what she has done, but my heart knows better than this!! If I have hurt her before, then I expect her to do the same back to me – but I have not done anything to hurt her, maybe annoyed at most by spending “too much” time together, bleh. (Funny she mentions too much time ‘cuz she spends so much time with her friends X.x lies.. blah)

        Is once a week to spend together so much time? A few hours a day during the week? Geezz… mom is probably laughing right now because she used to say, “You’re such a naughty kid and you always complain about your mother pestering you – I hope you find a girlfriend/wife who will gik sei lei” – OMG, lol.. damn it. It’s amazing how mom and bebe can be the queens and princess of excuses… haha… I’m so frustrated right now I want to blow up and I’m not sure why I suddenly got angry/stressed out in the middle of driving. Maybe it’s because on the way to work is when my mind really has time to think about everything that’s happening. I can feel my aggression building up… ALTHOUGH, I think I know why I suddenly started this thought now.

        I suppose part of why I feel so angry and upset is also because of my bodies imbalance… was reading this:

        LIVER QI STAGNATION (gan qi yu jue): primary symptoms are tendency to get depressed; frequent sighing; impatient disposition and temper outbreaks; sensations of stuffiness; fullness or congestion in the chest, intercostal, or subcostal regions.

        Hopefully as the acupuncture and liver/colon detox begins to work, I feel much happier as a person. I found out that liver qi stagnation is often caused by repeated unhappiness and constant worry. I don’t understand why bebe feels the right to hurt someone like this or that her actions are justified. To want some “space” to oneself is acceptable, but to harm another person’s health is another… that’s why sometimes I get this mixed feeling of wanting to hold her tight and wanting to get revenge for such hurt >_< I suppose that's why they always say, "Revenge is bittersweet." because it truly doesn't accomplish anything because it has not changed the hurt, only increased it for everyone. Oh right… have to start concentrating on my zen practices – if there is an unhappy situation, rather only have one person hurt than make two people unhappy… I just have to breathe in hard to keep my thoughts rationale sometimes. But that's the problem with rational, because I can't see why/how she's justifying her actions to me. It's like the more she hides to me, the more distrust it builds and there are times when I get so fed up that I just want to call Eric (did you know he works as a 私家偵探 now? I could not imagine!!!) and ask him for favours -_-" We really need to start rallying our trust for each other together. The funny thing is she almost seems to continue her happy lifestyle while ignoring me… meanwhile I'm here suffocating and on-the-edge daily thinking about.. oh what if she goes work somewhere else and finds another guy (that guy must be really down on luck if he tries to take bebe away from me, LOL.. you know the saying 唔見棺材唔流眼淚? HAHA), and really, a lot of things she does like wanting to move away, getting her license and thus being able to drive, etc. all really scare me because of the potential to hurt our relationship even more.

        Let's face it, same thing happened to B&B when she went off to university and bebe will be getting into the workforce soon. Now on one good note, maybe that will help her realize maturity in our relationship which would be great for us – but can also be problematic. Call me selfish, but I really do wish she would stay local and although I was encouraging of her to get her license (when she would let me see/talk to her -__-) , now that she's not, I'm not so reassured anymore. Hai.. I dunno, on one hand I don't want her to feel constricted, but I don't want her to end up with another guy (yaya, I say she can "explore" other relationships – but what kind of guy who cares about a girl can really let that happen right?).. no duh, no I can't stop her with the choices she makes (or can I? LOL…let's not go there, haha) – I just want us to be a normal couple again like in April and May, life was so beautiful, my health was at its best because I wasn’t constantly bombarded with nasty/negative thoughts. I know doing so is totally the opposite of the whole idea of detox’ing my body from years of garbage and unhappy moods. I remember how happy I was, smile on my face everyday and even the worst of situations didn’t bother me when bebe was with me. Now, even the smallest things makes me want to shoot someone or bash someone’s skull open.

        Come online and talk to me, I need someone to moan and groan too before I go into fury. Good thing I’m going out to lunch to relax with a coworker today – gotta get rid of these “hidden stresses”… I just don’t understand her sometimes… more like I don’t understand why life can suck so much when just 2 months ago I felt like I was in heaven. Life is too pristine for her, maybe she needs something bad to happen in her life before she realizes that I want to be and can be an important part in her life… sigh.

  3. wow wow wow…… malaysia is still a not that bad country…. 😛

    • Not at all… honestly, I did think that before I met bebe, I had a very different perception about her country. Now that I’ve taken the time to learn about it (even if it’s just a bit), it’s a really nice place. I definitely want to visit it in the future, although I’ll have to wear a full-body mosquito suit, haha. I smell and taste too good, don’t want to become their breakfast, lunch and dinner 😛

      Malaysia produces some amazing girls too 😉 Just look at bebe, how can a country have such great girls but stay all in their own country? They should go to other countries to spread their awesome genes 😆 It’s too selfish of Malaysia to keep all their great women in their own country, haha.

      • SWt….. Keeping OUR genes….. hahahaha…. Come on….. You guys should come over to Malaysia and seek for the ‘genes’ and not waiting the ‘genes’ to flow out of the country…. 😛
        Anyways, what’s your perception before and after you met your bebe?? 🙂

        • I saw it very much as a 3rd world country – kinda of like villages in China, lol. You know just like any other country, whenever news show places of countries, it is always in the “dumpier” areas… where people are laying on the streets, sleeping in cardboard boxes or everyone is in huts. As my ideas developed and I talked to more Malaysian people, my idea of their “wealth” increased and I thought it was very similar to HK where people live in flats and owning a car was a rarity. Apparently the living quarters for the more affluent people in Malaysia is very similar to here – live in houses, driving car is necessary outside of urban-cores. In fact, PC had some pictures of her friend’s house and I was quite impressed with how big the average house is and that it doesn’t look like it’s “falling apart.”

          In terms of girls… I always saw Malaysian girls to be very… uhh.. ‘open’ and of course every country and culture has girls that are like that – just it was a common association. Many Malaysian girls that I knew online were not the conservative-type and I know they often did sex shows and cam-shows to earn money. Obviously it is not fair to make such generalized assumptions just because a few girls do it, but that was my personal exposure to that culture. Just like lots of people implicitly associate “guns and weapons” with black people – unfortunately as wrong as it is, there are reasons why such generalizations exist. Many of these Malaysian girls I knew worked in indecent jobs too. Often these girls also wanted to just “get out of the country”… they’d ask me if I had white friends who were looking for a girl – as long as it gets them out of Malaysia. Through that, it almost seems as if they want to “escape”.

          Now, I see Malaysia as a great place to be as long as you have a decent amount of money. Things are relatively cheap there, although money is also hard to come by unless you’re a business-person or something. I learned a lot from bebe about Malaysian culture too – I did not know it was so strict, especially in terms of what they air on TV. Although I’m not going to claim I know everything there is to know, at least I have a more accurate understanding of her culture and country. I think other than work though, the lifestyle there is very relaxed and people seem to be happy over small things.

          What is more astonishing is the variety of beautiful scenery. I was looking at some pictures of UTAR and having a lake and forest in such close-proximity would make going to school feel like heaven there. The garden pathways were beautifully designed to enhance the natural beauty of the environment. Not every country is so blessed to have natural scenery like that. I’m quite surprized at the modernity too of the country, although just like any other country there are still “old-style” areas.

          Through bebe, I started to feel more akin to Malaysia and I started to have a good perception of it much like my beloved home in HK. You can easily go from urban city to suburbia right to islands/country-side to enjoy a nature or be immersed in the hustle-and-bustle of city-life. HK is very much like that too, people drown in the city but get the opportunity to visit islands and the “country-side” on the weekends to get away from the stress of city-life.

          Just looked up some population stats for Malaysia… the male:female ratio is quite balanced… hopefully not all those guys will want to marry girls so that there’s some great Malaysian girls to spare the rest of the world XD LOL. The only thing I still personally believe is that it seems that in Canada, there seems to be more opportunity for “better” jobs compared to Malaysia – and likewise that’s also the main reason why I haven’t left Canada to go back to HK. I hope bebe stays here because I really want us to start a life together here. Of course that doesn’t guarantee we’ll be together forever even if she does stay. I know she probably wants to move closer to her friends, but even if she does, I’ll still stay with her 😛 Distance as long as it isn’t ridiculous (like a country-away or something) is ok for me. Although I wishes she stays in the same city as me, I don’t blame her for wanting to be closer to her friends. I hope we can come up with a compromise in the future, I want her to be happy of course while maintaining a degree of close-contact between us!! Regular dates are hard if it takes me an hour to get to her, haha. She’ll probably move just to spite me and hope that I’ll give up – but not so easy… XD HAHAHA.

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  5. alysonman says:
    July 11, 2010 at 11:21 PM (Edit)

    Haha, so… your voice has fans already~
    You’re SOOOOO DREAMY. not. 😛

    But yeah, talking in the same timezone will definitely be easier! On weekends, I think less people are on cuz they’re out. Thursdays are usually the best.

    The beauty of not recording = keeping it in your memory! ^__^

    And he’s not my boy toyyy, he’s my friend! Jeebus, how about I just call all your female friends girl toys? And he wasn’t talking cuz he couldn’t hear you! He was probably playing Maplestory (yeah, loser).

    I’ve never heard that in my life!! And I’m completely serious about your voice. Uh huh!

    LOL, that thread ran out of reply-space so I had to use a blockquote, haha. Ya, my voice has fans and apparently I’m supposed to have a good singing voice too, lol. I think I sing Chinese songs way better than English songs… OHHH RIGHT, you totall did not sing, you were supposed to sing a Chinese song, lol.. then we somehow switched conversations when someone new came in the room XD Now you owe me a serenade, haha.

    I’m totally not dreamy, lol… and I don’t believe you actually showed your mom what I wrote… EEEeeee!! And I don’t believe your mom’s reply too – LOL, I guess like-mother-like-daughter eh? If I were dreamy, bebe would be all over me already but that’s not the case 😦 She can make me feel so self-confident at times and make me feel like I’m worthless all the other. I guess it’s the way how girls secretly “whip” their man, but keeping them under their shoes, lol… If my voice is that awesome, then I guess I’ll just blindfold her so she can’t see me but can hear my voice, haha… or I’ll steal her glasses or something XD

    Well I wanted it to recorded because it was my “first time” (lololololol)… first time using BlogTV that is, haha… and I wanted to be able to post it on my blog… bleh, now I can’t 😦 since you didn’t record it. And plus, “boytoy” sounds so much better than “girltoy” – just say it, you can HEAR the difference! So much smoother, boytoy 😛 Just a friend eh? Sounds like FWB to me… lol, you can’t call my girls my girl-toys because I don’t get frisky with them… unlike you 😉 lol… that guy is ALL I see on your Btv, haha. Who’s the fizzle guy? I want to see him court you, it’ll be so cute 😀

    Playing Maplestory… lol, what is he, 5 years old? 😆 You look Taiwanese, yes, good thing I didn’t try to use my very shitty Mandarin on you, lol.

    • ohhh dannggg, now i have to think of a chinese song that i can sing…

      EEEeee?! what the heck, you make those kinds of sounds? :O
      and your ‘bebe’ is totally playing hard to get and it’s WORKING SO WELL ON YOU!!! puhahahaha!!!!!!!!!

      …’first time’, huhhh?? you WOULD make turn it sexual.. -.-;; i thought you wouldn’t engage in any more ‘crude conversations’ with me?

      i don’t get frisky with guys. how could you say that?! 😦
      the fizzle guy hasn’t talked to me in a while, but when he did…. it was so embarrassing!! D:

      yes, he is five years old. and i get a lot of really weird guesses on my ethnicity.
      -hawaiian + japanese

      • LOL, I make tons of weird noises… when I’m on skype with my friends, I make them laugh ’til their stomach hurts. Most of the time if I know someone (who I’m close to) calling me, I’ll usually answer with like, “meow” or “ruff ruff” or “moo” 😆 No kidding eh, somehow it makes me wonder whether she’s like an expert-heart-player or something, haha… I’m starting to be suspicious of her claims of innocence XD

        Hey WTF, how else can I describe something other than first time? Initial time? That sounds so dumb, psh… and where do you get I’m making this sexual?!! Stop trying to ruin my image and reputation, pft. I’m NOT engaging in crude conversations with you – you like to assume things, pft… horny women these days – sheesh! 🙄 What do you mean by “any more”? Are you implying I even had ONE crude conversation with you? Blah, lies… I can SMELL the bullshit all the way from Kanada – moo.

        I’ll decline to answer on your friskiness with guys XD Fizzle sounds very nice, I hope he joins one time when I’m there! I totally want to see him sweet-talk you and stuff and be able to add commentary like, “Awww.. that’s so cute..” and stuff like that.. 😀

        I can imagine Hawaiian + Japanese… but can’t see the Korean or Filipino in you. I actually thought you might’ve had that mix too because of your darker skin colour (Hawaiian) and the look/love of the language (Japanese). Either way, it’s way better that you’re Chinese though 😀 haha…. I was listening on the Chinese radio today though that many cultures admit Taiwanese girls are much more 溫柔 than most of the Asian groups, lol. Btw, what program does your mom use to watch her shows and stuff? I can recommend a couple of good programs to use.

        • hm, you’re already pretty weird to me. bahaha
          i dunno, in one of our other convos (where you made it less tasteful haha) you said something like, “i should stop making crude conversation with you”. the thought escapes me. but your reputation is already tarnished with your 粗口! haha, take that! chinese words!!

          your babeh is a man-killah! i’m definitely not. i’ve actually never kissed anyone before. yeah, 18 and NOTHING. lol i admit, it’s hard to believe and you probably won’t, knowing your skepticism… -.-;; and i think you smell the bullshit that’s steaming outside your house. definitely no farmland that close to where i live. more like 20 minutes away.

          i was flattered by fizzle, but it was damn uncomfortable! hahaha. OH DANG. i just remembered that he’s in KANADA TOO!!! and he’s going to afghanistan pretty soon. i think…

          yes, my chinese is really bad, old man.

  6. alysonman says:
    July 12, 2010 at 11:32 PM (Edit)

    hm, you’re already pretty weird to me. bahaha
    i dunno, in one of our other convos (where you made it less tasteful haha) you said something like, “i should stop making crude conversation with you”. the thought escapes me. but your reputation is already tarnished with your 粗口! haha, take that! chinese words!!

    your babeh is a man-killah! i’m definitely not. i’ve actually never kissed anyone before. yeah, 18 and NOTHING. lol i admit, it’s hard to believe and you probably won’t, knowing your skepticism… -.-;; and i think you smell the bullshit that’s steaming outside your house. definitely no farmland that close to where i live. more like 20 minutes away.

    i was flattered by fizzle, but it was damn uncomfortable! hahaha. OH DANG. i just remembered that he’s in KANADA TOO!!! and he’s going to afghanistan pretty soon. i think…

    yes, my chinese is really bad, old man.

    That’s a lie, your Chinese isn’t bad at all… I could totally understand things you say – and the plus side with your super cute voice eh? 😀 LOL, the idea of “weird” is to each their own… I’m weird to you because you don’t know me in person and I seem “flamboyant” on the internet probably XD If you didn’t know anything about my blog and met me through a friend-of-a-friend, you would know none-the-better 😛 Just you and your damn prejudice, haha.

    I made a less tasteful conversation? Psh… PLEASE LOL. Ever heard the expression, “It takes two to tango”? it would’ve taken more than just me to run that conversation awry, lol. And ya, she’s a man-killah… not men – just man.. me.. she likes to kill me, haha. It’s ok being 18 without a serious kiss. Kissing is not a matter of putting two mouths together, it’s about showing someone you care and love that you want them in your life. You can’t simply “kiss for the sake of kissing” — maybe I’m a traditionalist, but intimate things you do out of expression, not “just because.” Before bebe came around and since my last relationship, I have not held another girls hand in ages…. well if you count me grabbing my god-sister’s hand because she wasn’t paying attention to a car, but it wasn’t a “loving hand-hold” – more like a “get the F outta the way-hold” haha.

    I have more positive image of you than you think. I just like to tease you about things 😛 You can tell a lot about the person by reading about their blogs and talking to someone. It doesn’t mean I have magical powers, but I do tend to surround myself in good company and I have made few mistakes when it comes to knowing who to befriend. If I truly had a bad image of you, I wouldn’t talk to you at all, LOL. I keep my associates and friends in a hugely separate category. I’m very “stable” when it comes to relationships, so I wouldn’t be shocked or anything to find out that you’re the same and don’t want to jump into relationships. I don’t think it’s your inability to get guys, I think it’s the guys inability to get you because you clearly don’t seem to like any of the guys (boyfriend quality) around you 😆

    The closest bullshit to me is at least 15 minutes East or 20 minutes South of me, haha… this USED to be farmland and all got converted into “cityscape” except for the rare patches of farm land here and there.

    “You think” he is going? haha.. that’s so nice of you to know what your friends are up to 😛

    P.S. my “babies” as my god-sisters or girls… my bebe is the one and only in my heart… don’t get them confused and the terminology mixed up, LOL. I get to call them my babies because my god-sisters are considerably younger than me and all of my girls are younger than me too… hope I don’t get any that are older XD That’d suck, I’d have to change their names, haha.

  7. heeyzzz… did u go again this wkend? How’d it go?

  8. Ok, so it was GOD DAMN PAINFUL this time – not the acupuncture part, but she even did 刮沙 and it hurt like a bitch. I was grunting hard and trying to catch my breath. She was like, I know it hurts, you can scream if you want – because she could see me twitching. Whenever I managed to talk, I told her word-by-word that it wasn’t a matter of me controlling the pain since my tolerance is pretty high and I didn’t need to scream, but I was resisting the temptation to hit her. I was explaining that I would “never let someone cause this much pain to me without me fighting back” – lol, and I had my fists clenched and the nurse had to hold down my arms in case I really tried to punch her (not that you’d think they’d be able to stop me :lol:)

    For most people, while it “hurts” it would not be classified as “immense pain” – for me, it was horrid. She did it from my neck all the way down to lower-back and the neck and shoulders hurt the most since they’re “plushy parts” as it stands. However, it’s an effective way of forcing poison out of the body. For most people, it someone scratches you, your skin turns red as blood flows to the surface of your skin. Mine was all purple that flowed up, the poison escaping from my body. It was pretty gross because my mom was all sad. She kept on holding my hands (as if I were giving birth or something), but it’s because she felt so 心悒 seeing her son in pain like that. I mean, I get cuts, bruises and stuff all the time, but that’s the small stuff – this was like a constant 10 minutes of wracking pain. The doctor didn’t even use something small, she used a shark-fin shaped object and holy crap was that painful. This was the first time I was in so much pain where I couldn’t even breathe and by the end, I was short of breath and could barely stand up because when I tried, I could feel my legs not cooperating. I had to get some more oxygen in me until I could stand up without passing-out. Sigh… all this pain and money for the sake of health.

    The funny part was when she asked me about my overall health. I totally could not expect a TCM doctor asking me this, especially because that’s not what I was there to tackle. So my mom left to go to the washroom and the doctor was asking me about how I felt lately. Obviously my terrible command of mandarin didn’t allow me to deal with “medical terminology” well. Luckily, the doctor’s daughter who speaks Mandarin and English well had to do a bit of translating after a complete misunderstanding between us, LOL. The doctor asked me some general questions like how me pee and poop were, whether it’s soft, hard, length, whether I struggle, etc. So I answered her and then she moved on to another question, but I had no idea, so I thought we were still on the same topic. She kept on using her hands to gesture something “long” and “hard” and I kept on thinking why she was so obsessed with my poop. I already answered her that it “it’s a lot better than before when it was soft since it wouldn’t go hard for a week” but she looked very worried.

    Finally she called her daughter in who just blurted out-of-the-blue, “she’s asking you whether you are getting proper erections and that they’re hard enough.” and I’m like OMFG. What the hell does that have to do with me ridding my body of toxins?!! So finally it kicked in why she looked so worry when I told her it was “soft before and couldn’t get hard” – because the herbs she gave is used to increase blood circulation and she wants to know whether I’m having problems maintaining an erection in case it’s having an adverse effect. So I told her, “No, I don’t and never have had problems staying hard, LOL”… very awkward question I’ve been asked by a doctor before, especially ‘cuz it isn’t like I went there to “target” any dick issues 😀 Having her daughter ask me that was a very awkward situation…. she seemed so nonchalant about it!

    This time we spent even more money than the last, although the stuff I’m taking now will last 3 months, so then in essence, it’s “cheaper” than before since it was $300 something for a week, meanwhile this time it was $500 something for 3 months and I wouldn’t have to take anything more with it. I should mention I took the Isotonix this morning and I do feel my digestion a lot better already! It also tastes good, just like cherry soda 😛 It even fizzes just like pop!! Once the 3 months is over, I won’t need to see her for another year (or get poked, haha) again, yay! And she’s recommending 30 minutes of running every day… so I’m working on that as well.

    You can pinch my bum all you want. I’m not property-of-bebe anymore, so do as you please 😀 You can get smacked by Josh if you do that, not my problem, haha. I was just walking around the house the other day in my boxers and my mom was like, “Aww… how come your Dad didn’t have a nice bum like you did? It was so flat!” – hahaha.. oh mom, she’s so funny.

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