The Platters – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

I coincidentally heard this song in a TVB drama I’m watching today… talk about fucking bad timing. Either way, the lyrics are true… the emotions are true.. and yes, the blindness is true as well. Love can be great or love can suck just as much. Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep and perhaps hope I don’t wake up tomorrow morning. If you think that I’m any less of a man right now for being hurt by love, please feel free to suck my left nut because you’re not good enough for my right.

They asked me how I knew
My true love was true
Oh, I of course replied
Something here inside cannot be denied

They said someday you’ll find
All who love are blind
Oh, when your heart’s on fire
You must realize
Smoke gets in your eyes

So I chaffed them and I gaily laughed
To think they could doubt my love
Yet today my love has flown away
I am without my love

Now laughing friends deride
Tears I can not hide
Oh, so I smile and say
When a lovely flame dies
Smoke gets in your eyes
Smoke gets in your eyes

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  1. I guess the difference of your frds n’ u in this song is the fact that none of yur frds doubted yur relationship with bebe… and most of all, none of yur frds now are laughing at all now. We r all concerned abt u and we rly care. We all know what it feels like to lose someone who u imagined a great future with – but if u rly r a dreamer like u say u r, then think about that maybe take-two will work out for u or that u’ll end up with a girl who loves u just as much if not more. There r always two sides to one blade. Bebe doesn’t understand how it feels like not to be loved in return, mayb it is always the guys who care abt her but she’s never had a guy do this to her b4 where she knows the feeling of it. Mayb in time if she will learn the feeling of being hurt by another guy. I know u get angry when ppl say bad things abt her, so I’m not gonna do that… but there’s no excuse to hurt another human-being emotionally like that.

    B4 she can love u and get to know u… I think she needs to sort herself out first… then mayb she will be rdy for smthg serious. To date a girl who’s still walking her OWN foggy path is like following someone down a well.

    Smile – ‘cuz yur a lot cuter like that!

    • Ya that’s true… I think it was more of the general sentiment of the song rather than the lyrics. I know all my friends are very supportive and they’re great… but when it comes down to things like relationship problems, there’s only two people who really know what is happening – and they are the two involved. I understand many of my friends are concerned for me and it’s a great feeling… unfortunately they can’t help me overcome this – I have to get over it myself. Every time I think about getting revenge, I bite myself to wake myself up, haha.

      Probably – I don’t know the extent of her previous relationships, but it’s highly likely she’s never been hurt by a guy via not returning her love back. Maybe she’ll have to like a guy so much who doesn’t like her before she knows how I feel. We don’t understand these things ’til we feel it and I don’t blame her – the situation just hasn’t happened yet. Unfortunately I’ve been on both the “rejected” and “rejecting” party and neither is a particularly loving feeling and by knowing how it feels to be rejected, I can handle the rejecting a lot better.

      Yep, it’s true… I don’t really like it when people breakup with their gf or bf and then go saying bad things behind their back just because it’s “over” … to me, that just shows you’re cheap. If anything, I’ll continue saying all the great things about her – because she’s still a great girl to me. Only people who sink to a new low go and badmouth their ex’s just because it didn’t work out, unless the situation warrants it (like infidelity or something).

      Smile? LOL… ya right… I guess the only time I smiled today was when Erin jumped on my back when she saw my new haircut. She was practicality groping me and smacking my butt because I’m “such a sexy beast” with my new look.. . I 🙄 — if bebe thought this way about me, I wouldn’t be in such a sour mood, would I? HAR….

  2. Dont fall in love…. Fall off a bridge… It hurts less…

    Can I like this statement.. ^^
    TOo bad…. This is wp and not fb…. 😛

    • Actually, WP has a “Like” function now… check the top of your WP-bar, lol.

      Hope you learned a lesson from this. Actually wait, go be a lesbian, lol… that’d be fun 😛

      • swt….
        Be gay and shift to Argentina?? lolz…
        I love that feature… BUt, like the blog and not that particular sentence….. no good no good… i dun wan.. 😉

        • Diu,

          What does that have to do with Argentina? LOL… yes, I tried to get you to like my blog just to get higher rating. My attempt to lie to you has failed, HAHAHA. Lesbians are awesome… I love them 😀 Or maybe just the idea of girl + girl (or girl + girlS) is the best thing ever, haha.

          I remember one of my girl-friends asked me before, “Why do guys like seeing girls with another girl?” and I had no answer for her… we just do, LOL.

  3. Argentina has appoved on homomarriage ma…. Recently… 🙂
    Are you serious…. I beh tahan seeing guys with guys…. However, gals with gals are much a better scene to be seen…. 😛

    • Really? Cool!

      Yes, guys on guys is not my thing, but girls on girls is awesome, lol. It’s funny because even my mom agrees that she’d rather see two girls kissing than two guys kissing. Even a lot of my girls admit that seeing two girls is “softer” and better than seeing two guys. I just think two girls together is like every (straight) guy’s dream 😆 I always imagine bebe with another girl… just the thought of it is so hot, HAHAHAHA. Oh guys…. we’re so bad.

  4. Hahaha… yur so funny…. back to being u la? No more “restriction” on wut u can and cannot say now meh? Being u is so much better no? U were too docile b4 leh, thought u were not man anymore when u didn’t make anymore ham sup jokes xDD She really had a leash on u bad.. u were too afraid to say anything bad then 😕

    • Ya, pretty much, lol… I dunno, maybe “restriction” is a harsh word to use – but I mean, I did try to be on my “best behaviour” while I was with her. She asked me to be a certain way, so I did… I mean I can understand a girl being gan cheung about the way I act and obviously not be so “dirty” with other girls – so that makes sense… yet she didn’t consider me a boyfriend… so she wanted to “have a say” to what I do – yet not treat me like one.. lol, but yes, I still did it nevertheless to make her happy – because that’s what I feel like doing, making her happy!

      It wasn’t a matter of me being happy or not, because I was “happy” when I was with her, even if I had to curb my natural male tendencies to crack a dirty joke or be playful with her. I was still being me, I was just being a more “respectful me” – ‘cuz you know I like to play around and all. I respected her and cared for her, that’s why when she didn’t like the fact I put up girl pics, said dirty things over MSN or flirted with her (messed eh?) I stopped doing so out of my own will.

      I’m still the same person as before her, during her and after her… it’s just that I have to be more respectful of her feelings. Obviously no girl wants her boy to go still be talking about other girls and putting up pics of other girls. 😛 I guess you can say she had me on a leash, but I dunno, it was just a weird feeling to be “controlled” yet not-cared-for.. I mean if she controlled me but cared for me, it’d be a whole other feeling… a very sweet-sweet feeling you know? I like a girl to care about me and want to be jealous over me 😀 Makes me feel good about myself because it means she doesn’t want me to be taken by anyone else or have thoughts for any girl other than her!

      And I won’t say that I was “afraid” to say anything bad then… and to quote something that Ip Man said, he said, “No man is scared of his wife – only a man who RESPECTS his wife.” and although bebe and I weren’t married, but the point being that I wasn’t afraid of her, I did it out of respect of her wishes. Obviously that didn’t get me very far though 🙄

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