Post-Pregnancy Information for Men

Hi Again,

Time again for another round of period-related information… or maybe rather, it’s not exactly menstruation, but you may call it a “related-topic.” Today’s topic is on post-pregnancy. This is probably one of the topics that I do not have a large knowledge-base on, however, I always try to do research before making a post, so I hope this information will be accurate and informative. As usual, if there are any mistakes or considerations you would like me to make for this post, please let me know!

After child-birth, it is especially important for men to become involved in your partner’s health. After all, pregnancy is a very body-intensive process and therefore, you should definitely be a man and spoil your girl as if there’s no tomorrow. After all, the creation of this baby should be a testament to your loving relationship and your child is a production of your commitment to each other for life. Holy, do I sound like an old fart with an old mentality or what?! Of course for us flow-lovers, what joy is there to hope that your partner’s period returns soon as we’ve been missing the fun of it for 9 months already! (Although I doubt your partner misses it, lol) – Following pregnancy, resuming regular periods are a mystery for every woman.

It’s important for men to understand that after a normal delivery of a child, your partner will go through post-natal bleeding (or discharge) known as Lochia. Lochia generally lasts for 3 to 6 weeks and contains mucus, blood and placental tissue. There are 3 stages of lochia, each respective stage with a corresponding medical-name. Following 3 to 5 days after childbirth, your partner will go through Lochia rubra (cruenta) typically red to brownish-red due to the large amount of blood being expelled (expect heavy-flow) and contains a “fleshy odour.” After lochia rubra has taken place and up to approximately the 10th day post-delivery, she will undergo Lochia serosa where thinning of lochia occurs and where it usually becomes brownish or pink and is lochia flow is lessened compared to before. Finally for the remainder of discharge turns to a whitish or yellow-white colour lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks post-delivery referred to as Lochia alba (purulenta).

During this time, it is advisable to use maternity pads to deal with lochia as post-natal bleeding is generally a lot more than your average menstrual period. The first 6 to 12 hours after delivery is generally when most women expect the heaviest lochia discharge but it’s hard to say how often a woman will need to change her pad as the lochia flow is change based on the “phase” it is at, physical movement/position and bodily changes. At first, most women should expect to change their pad at least once every 1-2 hours and later, every 3-4 hours as lochia lessens – similar to managing ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ flow days of her regular period. In general, maternity pads are longer, softer, thicker and thus, more absorbent than the common maxi pad. Most maxi pads will not stand up well against lochia flow, therefore it is suggested that you purchase (or expect to purchase) 2-3 packs of “12’s” which should last for the duration of the heavier lochia discharge days.

In general, lochia should have the same odour as regular menstrual flow. If there is a foul or offensive smell from the lochia, the best practice would be to contact your medical professional as it may indicate a vaginal contamination. This contamination by organisms (thus the smell) may result in lochioschesis (spelled lochiostasis by some) which is the retention of lochia that should normally be expelled from the body.

Picture of a maternity pad

For convenience, you may also want to buy disposable panties for the first 2 weeks post-pregnancy as leaks may occur frequently and certainly you would not want to stain both of your favourite panties! Using well-fitting underwear is important as maternity pads require a large area on the crotch to support it. It is horribly uncomfortable and embarrassing to wear small, tight panties while harbouring a gigantic pad underneath! This is especially important if your partner has required stitches or undergone bruising to use comfortable-fitting underwear. By the end of the first and second week, it is likely your partner will be able to return using common maxi pads so maternity pads are no longer required.

As you may have noticed (sorry to the guys n’ girls who love them :|) that I have made no mention of tampons for lochia. Most medical practiontioners recommend that women do not use tampons while lochia is still present or flowing. As I’ve mentioned over and over again, the female anatomy is a beautiful and wonderful thing (much more exciting than us guy’s, har har). After pregnancy, the female body goes into a state of of involution where the uterus attempts to return to its pre-pregnancy size and condition. This process is to ensure that (under normal circumstances) allow pregnancy to occur again and thus an intricate process occurs which results in the above mentioned, lochia. During the first 6-8 weeks after delivery, consider the uterus as a recovering wound and therefore using tampons may introduce foreign bacteria into the reproductive system, heightening the risk of infection. It is suggested that resuming tampon use not be done until a postnatal check-up is performed and receiving the OK from your medical practitioner – after all, they are the experts and will know whether your body is prepared to have a tampon inserted.

It is normal for your partner to not have irregular or absent menstrual periods for a while after pregnancy. Other than your partner’s body to return regular menstrual activities, carrying out breastfeeding may interrupt the menstrual-cycle to return to normal. Breastfeeding may interfere with the ovulation process, thereby causing periods to be irregular or completely missing. Even for women who resume their normal menstrual cycle will experience more unusual period patterns which is pretty typical and there should be an expectation of heavier flow, more pain/discomfort and more lethargic than usual. Now’s the time to show some love to your woman who have spent 9 months bearing your beautiful child (or children)!!!

As a general guideline, your partner should expect to resume her regular menstrual-cycle within 9 months post-delivery. Many women do not go through regular menstruation until they cease to breastfeed. Apparently this is your body’s attempt to disallow conception of another child while your just-born child is still in his/her infancy – however, this is not to say that this is the case for ALL women. In fact, I must make a note that it does not mean your partner cannot get pregnant soon post-delivery! A lot of people make the assumption that if their partner does not show signs of menstruation that equates to a period (haha, what a great pun) of infertility. Oddly enough, your partner may actually be even more fertile than when she becomes “regular” again. You and your partner should both be aware that unprotected sex may lead to another pregnancy (if that’s not your plan). Necessary precautions should be taken if pregnancy is not your intent and the use of a condom with spermicide is recommended. Birth control or other hormonal-altering drug should not be used at this time, unless specifically authorized by a health professional. On that note, my Dad and his younger brother is only apart by 9 months and few days – so it’s quite possible to get pregnancy VERY SOON after delivery!

Here are some cases where you should contact your medical practitioner or emergency assistance immediately if your partner experiences:

  • lochia has an unpleasant smell
  • fever and/or chills
  • bleeding stays heavy and bright red after the first week
  • feel faint or dizzy
  • heartbeat starts to race or become irregular
  • soaking through a pad more than once per hour
  • large clots (> 28mm)
  • tummy feels tender low down on one or both sides

So there you guys go, hopefully this will give you some menstrual facts post-pregnancy! It’s such an exciting time so enjoy it. Think about how great it is to see your partner have to put on a pad or tampon again 😛 Hrm… maybe I’m having that flow-loving side in me kick in again! If you’re reading this for your partner, then I want to congratulate you on the new life you’ve brought to this world! I’m sure he/she really appreciates it 🙂

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  1. Wah… u hv so much information on this even though u’ve never been a daddy b4 xDD I juz think yur learning so that when it happens to bebe, u dun have to worry and know what to do, LOL….. awww… so cutesie..

    That is a really really big pad… I dun even know how a girl who’s not very big can wear that O_o I might just fit me BARELY… Will I really bleed that much?!! Oh gosh… dun even want to think abt it…

    • Haha.. internet has so much information wor – not like I “came up” with these facts, just learned them through research… ya it takes a bit of time but it’s also for personal-growth. Knowledge isn’t all about knowing only “what you need” but about opening your mind to things that may or may not be of use. I hope bebe and I will have this chance, let alone worrying about whether either of us will know how to handle the situation, haha.

      Yes, it’s large and I’ve only ever seen one up-close. If I ever do get the chance again, I’ll snap more shots. Yes, maternity pads are huge on small girls and even on larger girls they’re still massive. It’s necessary though because of the amount of flow. Keep thinking about it, I’m sure you’ll get pregger soon enough… LOL!!!

      • Me preg? Nooooo… haha… then won’t u miss me having my period? 😛 A WHOLE 9 months… if not MORE since it doesn’t cm bk rite away…. u will be so sad wor.

        It’s 3AM and I can’t fall aslp… want to come on Skype ma?

        • Haha ya I would, but as long as not ALL my girls are pregnant all at the same time, I’ll be ok XD I’ll still get to hear about discharge and flow when yur pregnant though, haha… there’s still some here n’ there. Your boobies will bloat like no tomorrow 😆

          Bought a bunch of cool things from the US, hopefully it’ll arrive soon so I can blog on it 😀

  2. OMG OMG… is it wut I think it is? Does it have wings n’ fly? xDD Wait… 4 wings izzit not?!! It must be, u would not order anything else frum there!! If it is, how much it cost to ship or did u send it to a friend’s house and have it forwarded to u? Wah, must be so expensive… Why suddenly get la? Good mood or smthg? kekeke. Can’t wait to see yur review on it… can u bring a few bk for me? I want to try.

    I dunno if I can find time to talk to u after today for a bit.. I think we might be going on another business-trip… mmm.. Shanghai I think… dunno, we’ll see 😀

    • HAH… maybe… am I really that predictable though? I guess so, lol.. guess I wouldn’t really have much else crossing the border anyways. The shipping was actually “on discount” and that’s the reason why I bothered. It was 9.99 flate rate and still, that’s damn pricey. Let’s not even mention how much I spent, LOL… I really really thought it over before clicking “buy” even though I had it queued there for like 3 days… but given the shipping was cheaper AND I also managed to get $1 off coupon and also a $4 off promotion, I figured this is about as cheap as it gets… well, cheaper would be NOT buying it, lol, but oh well… gotta spoil myself sometimes right?

      I bought it ‘cuz god-sis #… um… #… shit, lol, I think (always forget which is which) #3 has been asking me for a while about them ‘cuz I was saying how cool they looked, how comfortable they seemed, how much they could probably absorb and how HUGE they were (yes, F’ing huge… wait ’til you see them) that she said to me, “Prove it.” LOL… and sure enough, I was stuck in a bind XD They were actually cheaper than the Asian ones in T&T… Let’s just say I’m not proud of my splurging, BUT, it does make me rather happy so I guess sometimes you just gotta use the money. I was joking with Aly last night that I was gonna ship it to her house and have her forward it to me, but it’d actually be going in the opposite direction since she’s in Seattle and the store is in New York. I don’t think it’d be cheaper than $9.99 anyways for her to send it to ON. Also, the good thing was the duties, tax and customs fee was ALL INCLUDED so what I paid was the exact amount.. unlike a lot of the other stuff where you “still may need to pay extra.”

      It’s not actually 4 wings even though it looks like it.. it’s still only two, but hey, I don’t want to ruin the surprize… you’ll find out when it gets here and I test it out and write up the review on it 😛 I’m sure it’ll get lots of hits, especially because it isn’t offered in Canada and people might have particular interest!! God damn, these companies should be paying me promotion fees 😆 I was talking to IL anyways before I ordered it and she kept on saying, “pppuhhlease leaseleaselease” and you know I can’t turn her cuteness down so I guess I’ll give her a pack or something. Maybe I’ll even save one for bebe… hahahaha 😀 Sure, I’ll have quite a few, so I’ll shove them inconspicuously in my laptop bag when I fly over XD

      – “Umm.. sir, why do you have maxi pads in your laptop bag?”
      – “Uhh… ya, my girlfriend left them there…”


      And suffice to say in fact, yes I am quite in a cheery mood lately! I got a message from bebe on Sunday and it really made me happy.. I don’t know what about it that made me feel so relaxed, but it did. Rather, some important things she said in there made me smile and suddenly things didn’t feel so bad. I’m glad we can still communicate with each other respectfully and acknowledging each other. Since Sunday, I’ve been back to my normal cheery self.

      😦 about you not being around… I’m sure you’ll find a chance 😉 Hrm.. Shanghai, maybe I outta visit there sometime. I heard Shanghainese girls are.. RAWR 😆 but meh… whatever, bebe and Malaysian girls all the way! HAHA. Hrm.. I just checked my calendar, I hope you’re back before your period starts ^__^ Let me know what the plan is ar!

  3. Oh so cute, you treat yur lil’girls so nicely xDD Why didn’t I stay in Canada? harhar…

    $9.99 ok la… not too bad, rmbr it costs quite a bit just to send stuff local, let alone from south of the border. Also, how long does it take to deliver? Is it express or smthg? Sending it to someone’s house and having them forward doesn’t work well unless they can get even better deal or u pick it up… but obviously u aren’t driving to yur frd’s house in Seattle, LOL.

    Kekeke… yur always so funneh. I will make sure I have sm stuff for u too when u get back jeh… it will make you 🙂 for sure! You shld consider talking to sm of these companies and ask them to provide you with sponsor fee and get paid to promote their product, hah.

    I’m glad u n’ bebe r still talking to each other … u know even though she is so rough on u, deep down she cares n’ I know u think so too! The other day at work, I had to pay my frd bk coz I owed him lunch money… went to pull out my wallet and all my pads fell out, LOLOLOL… so embarrassing la… was guy too, he turned so red… Oh.. n’ I saw commercial for Anina the other day… might try it, any thoughts?

    Ya lor.. I will find time, dun worry… Hope u can get the pkg soon so u can try n’ review! Dun use them/give them all away n’ forget about me wor… haha.

    • Haha, ‘cuz you were a bitch and moved XD lol… hehe. Also, I dunno, if you were here then Josh would spoil you right, not me? LOL.

      Yes, 9.99 is ok and I should tell you how excited I am. The lady from our mail department told me it arrived on Friday morning already OMG! It only took 3 days in-transit and I didn’t get express shipping. Ya, I had it sent to work since I know they won’t open my package… but you know how nosey my mom is and she’d probably open the box 🙄

      It said 7-11 days for standard shipping but it already arrived! I’m so excited that I’ll have it for Monday ‘cuz I’m driving all the way downtown just to pick it up. I can’t wait to do the review on it and get a chance to take some pics. Gotta wait ’til mom goes out or something or I’ll have to arrange some activity for her like swimming or dance lessons 😆

      Yes, I am happy with the current situation, that’s why I’m in a good mood and all. If you were here, I’d definitely buy you a present – haha. My friend is coming back from Costa Rica at the start of the month too so that’ll be awesome. She told me that she’d bring some Saba pads for me again so that made me happy too! I’m so cheery lately that I told her I’d treat her to a make-up of her choice… haha. That poor guy, lol… I thought you kept your pads in the back zipper? How the hell did it fall out? XD Oh… I’ve seen commercial for Anina too but I haven’t tried it yet so dunno.

      So are you going/at Shanghai already?

  4. Stumbled across you on FF101 while poking about for new questions worth answering. “A het man writing about periods? Intriguing.” Here I am. As a diehard militant radical feminist, I can’t decide yet whether to award an honorable mention for least harmful imperfectly executed good intentions, or unleash. I’m wavering toward the honorable mention, so here are a couple of items I noticed in this post that are, well, wrong.

    You have no way of empathizing with what I’m about to say, but I’ve done this myself more than once, so follow along.

    Pushing out a baby requires your cervix dilate enough that the baby’s skull and shoulders can pass through. Labor has two stages. During the first stage, your labor slowly opens the cervix til you can pass the baby’s skull. Uterine contractions thin and relax and widen the cervix; pain falls between “extreme” and “excruciating” but this varies by woman and what manner of patriarchal womb-envy barbarism she is subjected to / avoids. Once your cervix is open far enough that the baby’s skull can pass (called crowning, cervical dilation at 10cm), the second stage of labor begins (called hard labor.) Depending again on what degree of barbarism you experience, vaginal delivery without complication ranges between absolutely the most uncomfortable sensation in human history and excruciating^10. Having a baby’s noggin slide over the bones of your pelvic floor and lower spine, crushing all your soft insides between its skull and your skeleton, is kind of like being trampled from the inside out, in slow motion. Once the baby’s passed, you have to labor the placenta, which is more pushing right when you thought you could just lay down and die. Passing the placenta is like your insides scouring themselves out, which is exactly what they are doing.

    The wound your uterus endures is about the size of a softball and the only thing keeping you from bleeding to death for the first week or so is the ability of your uterus to clamp down on it and hold.

    Uterine cramps slowly close the cervix. After birth, the cervix remains dilated, and closes slowly over the healing period. Your hormones will shift dramatically, and most mammals (including humans) ovulate very soon after giving birth as a result. Combined with your still-open cervix, the risk you’ll become pregnant again during Lochia is extremely high and the very worst thing for your body (pregnancies too closely spaced can kill a you, or damage your health beyond repair.)

    Once your milk starts to flow, your hormones shift to maintain nursing and are very similar to the hormone levels you maintained during your pregnancy. They usually prevent you from ovulating again until you wean; this is your body’s natural protection shielding you against getting pregnant too soon (but it pays to be careful.) Since you’re not ovulating, you probably won’t have periods while you’re nursing.


    • Thank you for the information which you have provided. I have left the original post intact so it may “make sense” to other readers about you pointing out the mistaken information in your comment. The information provided above was all research done prior to the writing of this entry was from reputable online medical sites. Not having gone through pregnancy, I can only rely on the information provided to me based on such information, so it’s great to have an anecdotal point-of-view from a reader.

      As you noted, experience from women-to-women differ. Hearing my mom retell my pregnancy, she stated it was very easy and painless. Likewise, the females of our family also report very easy pregnancies and even described it as not very painful, so suffice to say, not all women feels it as immense pain – and likewise, not all women have menstrual discomforts and pains that some women say as well. You could say it’s in the bloodline or just pure luck, but listening to blood-related aunts in our family and even preceding generations towards that, there have been minimal complaints about the excruciating pain… needless to say, it could also be because they have a higher tolerance to what they consider painful.

  5. Located your webblog via live search the other day and absolutely liked it so much. Keep up the great work.

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