Always Maxi Pads Overnight Extra Heavy Flow Review (20ea)

*our best all night protection*
*notre meilleure protection pour toute la nuit*

“unique heavy nights design
conception unique pour les nuits de flux abondant

“Our Longest Pad (15 inches)”
“Notre serviette la plus longue (38 centimètres)”

“Raised core helps fit your body
“Le centre surélevé s’ajuste mieux à votre corps

Extra Wide Back for Night Protection”
Très grande couvrance à l’arrière pour une protection de nuit”

Holy, that’s one hell of a title eh (Ended up shortening it, full name below)? So here you have it folks, finally the long-awaited (or well I hope long-awaited) review of the Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads with Flexi Wings (Name officially defined by P&G)! I should mention upfront to my Canadian readers that I have yet to find a local retailer who stocks this product, so you will have to import it from the U.S. just as I have. Even looking on the Always Canada site, you will not find this product mentioned as the highest absorbency which Always makes in Canada is the “Maximum Protection” (red wrapper) ones. I have always found the Maximum Protection one already quite amazing with the coverage area and absorbency rate, but could not fathom them making anything even thicker and longer. Suffice to say, I’ve only seen pads made in Asia have such excess length – guess Proctor & Gamble finally caught up with the times!

Of course you can’t hear it in my voice, but I’m absolutely ecstatic to have opened my package today (which arrived Friday and picked up yesterday) to find the entire order fulfilled properly and clearing customs with no extra changes as promised by the company/courier. What’s more amazing is the site of these packages that I’ve been researching for ages now since they hit-the-shelves in the U.S. but have never had the opportunity to explore beyond what I find on the internet 😦 Well, I can finally turn that frown upside-down into a 🙂 now!

As excited I am about these pads, they did come with a hefty price tag (or am I just a typical cheap-Asian?). For a pack of 20, these cost me (not including shipping/taxes) $7.45CAD each. The reason why I make note of the currency of CAD is that these products are originally in USD. Henceforth, all dollar values should be considered as CAD unless otherwise stated. For those who follow my blog, you will know that I consider it absolutely ridiculous to pay $7.45 for pads, especially when there are only 20 of them per pack. However, what kind of menstrual blogger would I be if I didn’t man-up sometimes and just bite-the-bullet and buy something expensive for the sake of my readers?

I bought 4 of them and you might ask me why I would waste more money than I already have. First, the shipping is a flat-rate, therefore whether I buy one pack or four, it costs the same amount. Second, I like to share pads/tampons I get with some of my girls so they can help me test them out and just to spoil them every once in a while with “something new.” Third, there was a $4 off coupon for a purchase of 4 or more Always products! I also got lucky and managed to find there was also an additional $1 off coupon for select Always products and this happened to be one of them! For the sake of calculation however, let’s disregard these coupons and do it at face-value. I understand this will be cheaper for those who reside in the U.S. (because of cheaper taxes, shipping and currency), especially if they buy it in-bulk and in local retailers versus us having to order internationally. Each package contains 20 pads and at the rate of $7.45 a package, each pad is 37 cents each. On one of my prior reviews on the U by Kotex – Overnight Pads “All Nighter” I already complained at the fact that they were 32 cents each, so you can imagine how long I contemplated before clicking on the [Confirm Order] button!

All the pictures in this post also link to the “full sized” version, although I took them at 12MP quality I scaled it down so that way it wouldn’t eat up my site’s space allocation or people’s bandwidth. The pictures have been scaled to an “acceptable” but “high quality” resolution for your viewing pleasure!

Packing List - Contains 4 packages of "Always Maxi Pads, Overnight with Flexwings, Heavy"

This box was shipped to my workplace, so you can imagine me rolling my eyes when I noticed the words “Flexiwings, Heavy” hanging visibly off the side of the packing slip. One would imagine they’d take a bit more care to ensure privacy of their customers – but obviously not. Either the mail-room lady didn’t notice or didn’t care, but luckily beforehand I did a bit of lying and told her I “have a shipment coming for my cousin” – LOL.. it’s a good thing I think ahead eh? I thought at least if my box ever had to be opened to be checked, at least it’d be a good alibi, harhar. Actually I don’t think it was a big deal only because the lady at work sees enough packages going through her she doesn’t even care. Some people might wonder why I’d send it to work given the “risk” – but it’s because there’s not someone home all the time to receive (while there is at work 24/7) and because having it delivered to my work is actually safer than to my own house. My mom has this habit of going through my stuff and being nosy, so I’m sure if I had to shipped to my house, she would have opened it 🙄

*Not an advertisement* This is where I got it from for guys n' girls who might be interested (

And then finally, after a long awaited weekend + 1 day, I finally got to open my box of treasures:

4 Packs of Always Extra Heavy Overnight pads arriving safe & sound

I think that package has a pretty nice design and suffice to say, it’s a very “feminine” type look – reminding women that purple is supposed to be a “girly” colour. Given that this particular package was targeted for the U.S., they writing appeared in English, French and Spanish. I must say that this is one of the nicer colours used by Always as it’s a nice cross of purple and lavender.

For vertical placement on shelving units

For vertical placement on shelving units

For horizontal placement on shelving units

For horizontal placement on shelving units

I must say the design of the package is pretty cool as it can be placed vertically and horizontally on shelves while maintaining a visible presence on the shelves. The above pictures aren’t a play-on-images but in fact, the pad package is designed for fittings of both arrangements which is fairly ingenious. Both methods of shelving placement allows the same information to be displayed towards the customer.

The picture starting from the left is the top-view of the pad package which displays some features of the pad along with a catchy slogan. On the side is a “plastic window” which allows you to see the contents of the package along with contact information and their self-promotion about their Protecting Futures campaign in Africa. On the opposite side there’s more information pertaining to the a “meter” of different absorbency, instructions on how to apply/dispose the product, manufacturer date and as well as the fact it’s “Made in Taiwan” (which is interesting). I should mention while almost all convention pads should not be flushed (obviously as indicated by the instructions), these pads are larger than normal ones so you’re almost setting yourself up to get a clog! The last picture is just the UPC code and branding.

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad in full wrapper format

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad in wrapper tab-side

This has been one of the smoothest wrappers that Always has made (that I have laid my hands on) and very similar to the Whisper ones I have found in Hong Kong. While it looks like the typical ones made by Always for the regular, super, overnight, it actually has more of a soft, powdery-type feel to it. When the pad is enclosed in the wrapper, it measures 10cm x 15cm and quite thick, although easily concealable within a bag/purse/pocket.

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad half opened Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad fully opened

Most of the Always pads in the self-peeling wrappers take about 2 pulls to open with 3 folds total. However, with the Always Extra Heavy Overnight pad, it actually requires 3 pulls with 4 folds total, one tucked underneath the 3rd-fold. For some, it may be cumbersome to open, but the packaging method allows it to retain the same “form” as the pads in the same line of products and is what most women who use Always are familiar with. Furthermore, the thickness is not tremendously affected by the additional length and the extra fold and is a great way not to have to generate any additional waste to compensate for the greater length of the pad. The pad itself is a lengthy 38cm or 15 inches long!

The above pictures depict the wings of the pad being revealed by gently removing the top-side adhesive strip either towards the back or front of the pad (bi-directional removal). While I mentioned that it is possible for the removal of the strip in both directions, it’s naturally designed for removal from the “front-to-back” as shown in the left-hand picture. The second picture is simply a close-up of the wings revealed as a result of the removal of adhesive strip. The top-side adhesive strip when removed is 25cm long and 7cm wide.

In order to display the wings in a fully-extended fashion, I had to let the adhesive come in contact with the wrapper. Let’s just say the wings are great because it’ll adhere well to fabric! Removing the wings off the wrapper afterward was a pain, which means you can rest assured that the wings will help keep the pad secured to prevent bunching or shifting. The wings are a great size as well, plenty to wrap around the crotch of conventional panties or undergarment. The coverage area from the tip of one wing to another is 16.5cm and considered the “middle” of the pad (where the vaginal opening would be directly above if placed well). The raised core also helps conform to the shape of your body and reduce the gap between the pad and your body, thus, the flow will be intercepted quicker and prevent back-flow or side leaks (unless completely saturated). The design of the pad based on the channels are to prevent the bulk of the absorption in the middle (thickest area), with side-walls prevent leaks off the edges and to channel anything the middle can’t catch towards the back. I take it that the minute holes distributed also helps with absorption speed versus amount which the material underneath takes care of and allows a degree of air-flow for comfort.

What I also noticed was that it tackle odour excellently! Even upon great saturation the pad did not emit its own smell (the material) nor did it emit any other foul odour which may emanate from the pad. This is a big surprize as one would think a pad designed for such heavy flow would undoubtedly be unable to contain the smell – however, this was not the case! This is a big advantage for women who not only have heavy flows, but also flows that you rather not have everyone around you smelling. What added to my surprize over the odour-control was the fact the pad is unscented – so obviously the designers did a great job in that respects.

This is the front portion of the Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pad. The front at its greatest width measure 12cm. Having listened to some feedback, I have heard that given the entire size of the pad, the narrowness of the front was not tremendously accommodating, however, it does provide sufficient coverage, especially because menstrual flow tends to travel backwards (towards the butt) so large coverage area towards the front may not be as heavily required. However, this irked some people since the whole point of this pad was to be the “ultimate overnight protection.” Suffice to say, with the pad placed properly – aligning the winged/centre area directly underneath the vaginal opening will allow speedy and maximum absorption for menstrual flow. I found that flow when directly expelled on the raised-core area was absorbed extremely fast and kept the top of the pad dry. The wings were not a hindrance to the pad’s ability to keep the flow locked in the centre of the core.

To the right of this paragraph is the rear portion of the pad which boasts a one-of-a-kind flanged back coverage, which looks winged-like. The “rear wings” do have some capacity for adhesives and it’s necessary for them to be placed properly on panties/undergarment for maximum effect. I have mixed reviews about these rear wings because they may act as an irritant and also hard to get one, although once aligned and placed, it acts to further ensure the pad does not shift or bunch and will conform to body movement, particularly during night time. The widest part of the rear measures a hefty 17cm!

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad Thickness ~1cm

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad Thickness ~1cm

Given the thickness of the pad at approximately 1cm, it would be assumed that the pad is utterly uncomfortable. While the pad itself would not be considered “thin” by any means, I can certainly say that for such a high thickness level, it is not very noticeable. The picture itself does no justice since it doesn’t really represent it well, but serves only as an FYI or to satisfy an inquisitive mind as to how thick the pad really is and how could a review be complete without such information anyways? The sides of the pad are stitched well and I did not find any great flaws which may indicate poor quality or a potential leak hazard.

Always Extra Heavy Overnight remainder of the pad wrapper

Here lies the remainder of the pad wrapper, measuring a length of 44cm!! I must say, the overall review of this pad is fantastic, everything from the comfort to the protection it provides. Although the absorbency is comparable to that of the Always Infinity line, the texture of this pad is better than the Infinity. Where the Infinity had a paper-thin and Infinicel lock-in gel, this pad has a larger coverage area in-mind. Although I been accustomed to seeing the “cottony cover” design by Always (although it always feels plasticky), this pad had a very gracious feel against skin whether dry or wet. The absorbency was incredible as well for a “classic” pad line (non-Infinity) and would leave the top-cover dry almost immediately while providing comfortable air-flow. Furthermore, odour was contained well in the pad.

The length of this pad may be of concern for women (or flow-lovers) of smaller stature – however, it’s undoubtedly the leading pad in North/South America in terms of length and thickness (feel free to let me know if you find others) available. This pad other than for general overnight use is great for post-maternity. I can say I’m completely satisfied with my purchase, even though it came with a price tag that’d hurt most people’s wallet (or well, my credit card for the time being). The rear of this pad can be a bit of a bother if it’s not fully adhered to panties/ungarment as they tend to come up and may scratch against your bottom. Also, the pad takes a bit of getting used to since most people aren’t use to have something wrap all the way up (or at least half-way up) their butts either, unless you’re a frequent user of Sofy or Elis pads that go that far. Simply said for larger-sized women and those who experience tremendous amounts of flow during the night or day, this is a great product to try! If you’re looking for thin and discrete comfort, this is definitely not your pad – but if you’re looking for reliable and long-lasting protection, this is it!

The amount this pad is capable of absorbing before it even begins to show visible signs of saturation is huge. Even when saturated, it holds fluid in very well and keeps the top-cover cool and comfortable. At “later stages” of over-saturation though, my only concern would be the fact the material within the pad at the rear seems to move forward (towards the stomach) a bit, leaving the rear of the pad a bit dangly. This only happened under intense movement such as sports, rapid leg movements (fast-walk) and lots of sitting/standing. Nevertheless, even with all these movements pitted against the pad, there were not even signs of leaks. You don’t see many pads available which offer the rear flared protection like this pad does! Wetness barely even came above the surface under this instance, leaving a very positive overall impression.

The comfort level, albeit the length and thickness, is pristine and there is no abrasion caused by the top-cover of the pad. Like most pads, there are potentially people who may be allergic to the material and composition, but have not seem any cases at-large or experienced any rashing/itchiness through my experimentation. The weight of the pad is questionable for comfort, although if you look at the pad and actually pick it up to feel the weight, it’s considerably less than one might assume. For the size of the pad, I would definitely consider this “lightweight material” which is quite impressive. The wings easily said (both middle and rear) helps keep the pad in place and moves along with your body comfortably.

I can only smile and give me thumbs-up in approval of the Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads with Flexi Wings. Don’t count on your boyfriend not being able to see that you’re having your period, but you can bet it’ll keep you safe throughout the night or on those really heavy days as I’ve seen reports of some women and even a woman I know who uses these regularly throughout her period. Obviously for some, practicality rules over the comfort of thin pads – but you can bet this one provides you with a sense of security, not only because of the thought itself, but the feeling of physical security knowing that something is there to catch almost anything you can throw at it! This is a great replacement pad as well for women who need to use multiple pads (at a time) during their period to get enough coverage or those who resorted to using incontinence pads large enough to absorb their flow. I understand many women going through menopause also suffer from sporadically heavy flows which this pad may alleviate the stress you endure from worries about leakage.

I hope potential users of this product (or maybe even current ones) have found this review to be useful and will help you make a well-informed decision on whether you want to try or continue using this product! Once again, this is a review for the Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads with Flexi Wings purchased at shipped to Canada, getting the thumbs up from your friends & authors @ MEN in Menstruation!

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  1. WOW. That sure is long. O.o The Sofy ones are only 35cm and already I feel like I’m wearing diapers at times. This one is 38 freaking cm! I never really did like maxi pads as they’re usually too thick for my taste. I find my movements restricted somehow lol!

    Oh well, but I’d still have to wear those out of necessity. It drives me crazy when those “night use” pads are not long enough to prevent leakage especially towards the rear area. -_- With that being said, I don’t think I’d use this one. I don’t even think I have panties that long! LOL.

    p.s. Sometimes your dedication to pads and periods amazes me. I’ve used these things for years and years and I’ve never actually taken measurements or take note of the stickiness (or the lack of it) of the pad and such. ._.

    • CHERRIE!!! 😀 😀

      Sofy has longer ones like 38 and 40+ cm ones don’t they? I recall seeing them unless they aren’t available in M’asia. There’s a 41 and 42cm napkin which are nice n’ long and still comfortable. Yes, this one is like 38.1 cm or so to be exact, lol. What do you mean by you don’t like maxi pads though? I thought you don’t use tampons, so I guess you really can’t “not like” it, LOL. Or do you mean that you prefer using thins? Your movement is restricted only ‘cuz you’re a girl of smaller stature (uber kawaii) and the pad probably is as big as you are, haha. I suppose for activities it might be a pain, but if you’re just walking around, sitting/stand or sleeping, shouldn’t be too restrictive of movements.

      Night use pads are usually pretty good with rear absorption since they put the most thought and material towards the back. Very few women leak in the front anyways unless they flow so much where the back can’t take anymore and the channels begin to push the flow upwards. Like you said though, with so many night-use pads designed for overnight body movements and duration, there are not many who do a super job. I think I mentioned to you last time about one of my other M’asian girls who had the same problem you talk about, so try one of the maxi versions of Stayfree – I can get the specifics for you or you can look it up. She pasted me the full name on an MSN chat somewhere. I heard it’s a lot cheaper than Kotex too and other “larger” brands. Also, she was very happy with her experience (my fav moments) as it stopped the rear-leakages she had while sleeping as she bleeds fast and heavy.

      I think you’d really like this one though, that’s just my opinion even if you might not “want” to use it – it does its job for sure! It’s quite thick and long, and obviously not as comfortable as a thin, but comfortable given the size of it. I think the flared “butt” wings are great, especially for those prone to rear leakages while sleeping or moving around. The pad itself is pretty much designed for coverage from the stomach all the way up your butt, so unless you wear like size 0 panties, I’m sure it’d fit – because it is not meant to fit “just at the crotch” like regular-sized pads. It literally provides “front to back” protection.

      I think menstruation and feminine hygiene is a very nice thing – more so menstruation. It’s such a beautiful and healthy bodily process and while it comes with pain and inconvenience, it’s meant to bring a new life into this world. I only take measurements for the intent of making reviews, I do not do it regularly for other pads/tampons during my experimentation – but I need to ensure there is good detail when I’m writing a review. The stickiness is noticeable because it determines how well the pad will stay in place and also whether it is TOO sticky where it damages panty-fabric. Also, when it gets stuck to parts of your body or hair, it is not a pretty moment – so it’s important to understand where the adhesive strength comes into play.

      Sofy rules, you’re so lucky you have access to them there 😦

  2. I wubwubwub it!!! Pweasy make sure u bring some bk.. wait not some, LOTS back! How do u think the thickness of this compare to yur favs? Did u hv probs opening the pkg coz it’s diff than what yur used to? I think the purple looks very good too la 🙂 Very cute, I kno — u like cutie xDD

    The middle looks so comfy n’ soft… Does it rly cm up like it says it does? Something abt a “raised core” or is it kinda flat? I dun think I want u to bring U by Kotex nemore.. just bring this 😀 I will trade u for yur favs, kekekeke. How cm yur frd PC didn’t comment, she not likey?

    • Haha, I wub it too 🙂

      I’ll bring some back, lol… don’t worry, but you’ll definitely owe me stuff in return 😉 Maybe I should start going onto the Wellcome, Watsons and ParknShop site to start finding stuff I want and send to you? LOL. I think to North American standards for this pad it definitely lived-up to expectations I had for it. However, I still think it could use some refinement on the skin-comfort, body contours and saturated dryness compared to my favs. I didn’t really have problems opening the wrapper, it was just unexpected I had to “pull one more time” because I didn’t realize the 4th fold. It was more of an inconvenience than a problem – but that’s just ‘cuz I haven’t gotten used to this one yet. I think the purple looks nice – it’s soothing, haha. It’s very cutie indeed 😀

      The middle is quite nice, similar to the Laurier Superguard… except without the side-barriers – although the incorporated the side-barriers in the design stitching instead of a separate component. The center is extremely comfortable and does conform to the body pretty well – although it encouraged the rear material of the pad to push forth as well, leaving the back of the pad a bit “weak” which may be an issue. The middle is raised above the surface of the pad to keep it closer to the body and it’s not bulky/sticks out uncomfortably. It’s by no means FLAT – it’s actually pretty bumpy here and there, haha. Ok, I won’t get any UbK then 😛 It’ll give me more space for this XD I only have 2 UbK left and those are going to Sonia anyways. You know I’m not a big fan of thins anyways 😆

      P.C read this review and she commented, just over chat and didn’t post here. She said she liked it and I think it’d be great for her too. Maybe if I ever visit her in M’asia I’ll bring her some 😛

      • I’m so glad to see yur so heppi with yur purchase…. see, sometimes money doesn’t matter xDD U can send me wut u like n’ I can start looking la.. coz if there are sales, I can buy now and have them as yur welcome-home gift, kakakaka. U shld try to get Canada distributor to import more pads/tampons from Asia, lol… maybe u can be a “middleman” and make money off it, haha… or even become a distributor yourself 😀

        The pad for sure sounds very good… I kno u really like the side-gatherers on Laurier and other pads… wut abt that one.. uhh… Incognito that u got from that small store, it had side-gatherers didn’t it or smthg like that? Keekek, I kno u dun like thins, but most of yur girls do don’t they? U hv to cater to them 😆

        Mayb yur friend shld post her thoughts here so I can read… or can u send to me? Make sure she’s ok with it first la…

        • Hehe, ya, being happy is good right? 😛 I know, after I did this and tested it – I’m like wow, it’s so worth the money! My credit card statement came and I was like “Oh well, well spent!” .. and although I know it is technically a waste since I don’t menstruate and all, it’s all in good knowledge and education about it! Exposure to “new things” is always good 😀 Haha… now I’m just making up excuses for myself lor XD Yur not the first nor the last to ask me to consider taking up a career in feminine hygiene, whether selling, making or sitting on a design team 😛 Damn you people for wanting me to switch careers, haha.

          I love rear/flanged wings and Always Extra Heavy Overnights are the only ones I have seen in the “big brand names” that offer this in Canada/U.S. Only the Incognito Overnight pad that has side-gatherers here – none of the other smaller sizes offer it. I got Incognito from Giant Tiger and haven’t seen them on-sale in ages, although I suppose 2.99 isn’t too bad – but just I know I can get ones like Stayfree, Carefree or O.B. cheaper – I’m waiting for my coupon to come. When Shoppers has those 5.99 for 2 sales, I can use the coupon which is $5 off for 2 items, meaning I pay 99-cents + PST portion, haha… for TWO packs of whatever. Not all my girls like thins actually, you’d be surprized. Thins don’t work well for those with heavy or fast-rushing flow.

          I dunno, I haven’t seen PC online in 2-3 days… she’s spending all her time playing SC, Pokemon or watching stupid Youtube videos, lol.

  3. I wish I could wear Always again. I started getting a allergic reaction from them. I struggle with a weird flow and no pad helps me like Always, but due to the allergic reaction I cannot use them any more. I wish I could be a genii pig for you to test them on me. Hope your new Maxi pad is very successful as all the previous. They are the best. Good luck

    • That’s too bad, have you tried exploring organic pads made by companies like Natracare or 7th Generation? Those pads offer a variety of large pads, for overnight and even maternity-sized pads that might help with your awkward and large flow. I have cousins who are allergic to Whisper (an Asian brand of Always, made by same company) so it’s probably a similar reaction. They end up having to use Kotex because they get irritated otherwise.

      I’ve seen some “new generation” pads that offer anti-allergic properties such as Love Moon, Color and Asana – but I think for the most part, you can only find these online. I think Love Moon is distributed worldwide, but I last saw that Color was only distributed in Malaysia and you might problems having it imported (unless you live there). Asana is available in North America and in Pharmasave stores.

      I wish I could have an extra person to help test my products with, but if you’re allergic to it then of course all for your benefit and good health to avoid that! These pads were definitely a success and thank you for your input. If you’re ever interested in reviewing a pad or wanting some suggestions on ones, please feel free to drop by 😀

  4. NotSoGenericGirl

    O_O You reviews are magic!

    I could go on and on about how much more useful your reviews are than other (nonexistant) reviews, but I’m sure you’ve heard it all before and by the end of that long page of text my words would probably just be reduce to a pile of “iluiluiluiluthnxsomuch”.

    But I did notice that you mention in some/most reviews price per pad. D: I think you should defiantly do one post with just popular pads listed by price and “Bad,Good,Great” for people who are just looking to see if a pad is worth it. But that is time consuming and rl(+ Your other super blog posts) may or maynot make such a post too time consuming to make.

    But nomatter, Thnx again for the fantabulous posts!~ 8D

    • Actually I rarely get compliments about my reviews – lol, only a few as I can recall. Given the number of readers for my blogs and the number of compliments I actually get – it’d be like 0.5% which are quite failuretastic numbers, haha.

      Given me very shitty mood and all lately with my bebe being gone for 6 months, you can only imagine how happy I am (and for making my day) to hear someone give such praise to this review! Without sounding egoistic, I do put a lot of work into my blog and certainly, it is very satisfying to have people provide positive feedback and acknowledging that they feel the blog has helped them – so thank you for your great words!

      You are welcome to come around and give me an ego-booster any time 😆 I need those sometimes just because I tend to get down easily when my baby-girl isn’t around to make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy!

      I’d be happy to make a chart like that – in fact, never thought of it! Sometihng like that might definitely take more than a few days to compile, but I can definitely put that on my to-do list and start gathering cost averages and stuff! This is an excellent idea, will happily work on it. The blog is very time consuming itself, but that’s because of CONTENT! It’s great you’ve given me a thought for a future entry and that hopefully this will benefit those who drop by and want simply a “down to the facts” table of pads/tampons. It’ll definitely save time compared to writing full-out reviews!

      Thanks again for coming by, hope you drop by more often and become an active member here 😀 It’s great to go to sleep knowing someone found the review great!

      • That chart will be so big lor… LOL – hope u only do ones local or else u’ll have lots of research to do for ones in other countries! I wanna see the chart b4 u post it up xDD

  5. Awesome review! I had some fun the other day. I bought 8 different overnight types to have my own comparison. I tried a generic overnight maxi, Always Extra Heavy Flow, Always Maximum Protection, Always Overnight, Kotex Overnight + Wings, Kotex Overnight, Stayfree Overnight, and Stayfree Overnight Maximum Protection.

    They were all mostly comparable in length with the only exceptions being the generic one was just a tad shorter than the rest and the Extra Heavy Overnight was of course longer. The main difference between them was mostly width. The regular Stayfree overnight had wings and a larger end while the Overnight Maximum Protection ones were wider and didn’t have wings or different width ends. The Kotex brand was basically the same but had wings or not. The Always Maximum Protection was wider than the overnight ones but smaller than the Extra Heavy Flow.

    My favorites were the Kotex overnight pads, Always Maximum Protection Pads, and Stayfree Overnight maximum protection. I enjoyed how the Extra Heavy Flow pads felt, but I had just as much fun with the normal overnight length pads. The other pads were okay but I enjoyed the width on the other ones more. The generic one felt cheap and I suppose are good on a budget.

    Those are my picks if you just like wearing pads. =)

    • Holy 8! That’s more types of pads I’ve ever had in my house (or any place) at one time, haha. Unfortunately I wouldn’t have any place to hide or store them 😛 Always Maximum Protection for a while was only the largest one available in Canadian market. It wasn’t until recently I heard that the Extra Heavy Overnights were available in select stores only. Stayfree Overnight Maximum Protection I want to try, but again, I’d have to import that from the US because we don’t have access to it either. Stayfree Overnights are the longest ones available and only in the thin version. The maxi version only has supers for Stayfree – ugh!

      Whenever I buy pads with my girls, I always try to wait until there are sales available. Pads/tampons can get pretty pricey, so unless it’s really in a pinch, we sale hunt. Locally, we usually have about 5-6 franchise stores that will rotate on sales for certain brands. Unfortunately it seems like they all sync and only 1 brand/type of pad/tampon will be on sale at any given week, so it’d take several weeks, if not months, to hunt for sales for all the different brands and types. Of course if you just buy them at regular price, they’re always available. I like waiting for coupons too because if you pair them with a weekly deal, you’re getting a pack or box at rock-bottom prices!

      Generic pads are not as bad as most people make them out to be, but they won’t be the greatest-quality is all. I made a post about it in the past before. Thanks for sharing your review and collection! I doubt any of my girls would want to wear a pad whenever they don’t need to, LOL. I’m sure it’s their wish not to have to wear them at all – haha.

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  9. Jane Tiroyamodimo

    Could you please quote for me on the maxi always femenine pads with flexi wings.
    Quantity – 500

    • Hi Jane,

      I’m not a reseller of the said product unfortunately. However, you can use online retailers if you’re looking for a quote. Also, with such a large quantity, you may even be eligible for buying in-bulk products from warehouse or direct distributors. Best of luck!

  10. I was so happy to find your web site. Over the last year I have be come allergic to a couple of things like tape and adhesive( I discovered this after 2 back surgeries) but now it has started with my pads. There is nothing in the world like wanting to scratch it off. I am now searching for something to use when I need it next. I don’t exactly know what I am allergic to but whatever part of the pad touches my skin is now on fire. I am going to search for seventh generation products but if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them. Thank you for what you are doing to help women out.

    • Hi Treena,

      Thank you for your comments and letting me know of your appreciation for this blog.. it truly makes my writings feel rewarding and self-satisfying!

      Given how many different components and materials are in a single pad, it’ll take a bit of trial-and-error to find out what seems to be the issue. 7th generation pads will be a good start and also there’s another “organic” pad named Natracare. Once you determine whether it is the adhesives or top-layer that is giving you reactions, then it will be much easier to determine which pads/brands you can use. I suppose tampons would be another choice if you use internal menstrual products. If you are allergic to the adhesive though, that might limit or make your choices of disposable products much harder. Two other names that come to mind would be Anion Love Moon products or Asana products – although I cannot attest to either of those two products.

      Now this may seem far out of an idea, but there ARE still women out there who used “what our mothers used to use” – which are belted sanitary napkins. It seems old fashion, but at least that would help you avoid adhesives if that is truly what you are allergic to. I guess I’m too “modern” to have ever seen a belted pad, but I sure know about them 😀

      Alternately, if you are comfortable with doing so, you could try reusable products such as the Divacup, Softcup, Lunapads, Sea sponges, etc – the list goes on forever, in fact, you can even make your OWN cloth pads if you are interested. I know that some people however are resistant to using products they have to wash/reuse, so to each their own.

      Please come back often, let us know how you’re doing and I wish you all the best!

  11. I think my comment got erased! What was I going to say? Oh yes. Have you reviewed reusable menstrual cups now, yet? Did ya did ya? Curious! You said you didn’t have any girl-friends using menstrual cups. I would also call my fascination with my period a borderline-fetish. I’d volunteer to tell you about my experience with my new miacup?

    • I just checked my spam box and didn’t indicate any of your messages got caught up in it, so it might’ve just “poofed” rather than being deleted.

      I’ve never done a full-blown review myself due to my lack of a vagina (as much as it’d be cool to have one, LOL…) and unlike pads and tampons, it’s not something I can test with as much accuracy with my methods. I did however have a female write one up for me and I appended some of my own research/opinions of it. It’s definitely not as long as my reviews for disposable products (I know I know, disposable.. bleh.. feel guilty for destroying the world :|), but she’s always said she’s willing to answer questions about them if my readers were interested in contacting her directly.

      You can take a look at it here:

      I’d absolutely love to hear about your miacup experience, whether you’d like to post a comment here about it, do it by mail/chat or whether you’d actually like to make a full review here which I’d be happy to put into an entry for you! Fortunately for you, being a female, you having a borderline-fetish for periods isn’t as unusual 😆

  12. Stumbled across the blog doing some googling… love it! Great review, have you considered reviewing and rating some of the generics that are out there as well?
    Like Jolandy, I am HORRIBLY allergic to these things. I think that Always may have changed something recently, because I’ve used their brand for years without a problem, and now all of their products that contain that weird mesh stuff on top give me a rash with welts (not pleasant at all). The Always Infinity does not, however, so Jolandy might want to check it out.
    I grabbed 2 bags of these things when prepping for the birth of my son. I had heard some horror stories about the postpartum bleeding, so I wanted to be prepared. Meh, is all I can say. At the hospital, you bleed like crazy, and for the first few days, you just get to go commando and lay on these big things that reminded me of puppy training pads. After that, they give you these awesome pads that cover you from back to belly button and are super soft, almost like cotton balls. You get to wear them with these very interesting post-surgery-type mesh undies. My advice to all expecting mommies out there: ask for extras. After I broke out in the rash from these pads, I had my boyfriend go back to the hospital maternity suite and ask for more. Soooo much comfier!

    • I have actually reviewed several generics before. I’ve tested some which I’ve never posted, but I’m almost certain I have posted a few of them. Let’s see…

      I swear I have more, but can’t seem to locate them on my own blog, LOL! I think I bought too many bags of these out of impulse and also because I wanted to make the “shipping worthwhile” – after lots of experimentation and stuff with them, it almost seems like they’re getting rougher-and-rougher on the top sheet, lol – it no longer presented the comfort that was once experienced, haha. The top-layer seems icky and almost like sandpaper at times when it has hit a certain degree of absorbency. Always used to have an excellent top-layer until they changed to this so called “cottony cover” and that it “feels just like cotton” – because cotton is a LOT softer than that top-layer of theirs 😛

      I haven’t tested an Always pad in quite a while since this posting, but I still have almost 2 bags of these left – looks like I’ll have to slowly work on attrition’ing them, haha. I even gave one to my girlfriend who was like, “OMG, that’s so huge, I don’t think I’ll use that…” 😆 She IS a pretty small girl and I think a pad of this size would make my crack up if it was on her. Who knows, maybe after childbirth she’ll like these or on a REALLY heavy day 😀

      No kidding, I heard those maternity pads are amazingly comfortable and absorbent. I had an opportunity this time when I was on vacation to test some Kotex Maternity pads, but there was just so many choices in so little time! I will endeavour to experiment with those either by buying the Natracare ones in Canada or waiting until next year when I go “home” again!

      So now that you don’t use Always now, what are your current products-of-choice? Any recommendations that I haven’t covered?

      Thanks for commenting, love getting comments I can reply to 😛

      • elocinintherain

        Registered to make this easier to keep track of. 🙂 Still me though.
        I emailed P&G to see what is in those Always pads that I might be allergic to. It only seems to happen with the ones with the new “weave” cover, or whatever it is called.
        I am not sure what I’ll use now. The Always Infinity is wonderful, but a bit pricey. It is one of the few Always pads that doesn’t cause the allergic reaction. It’s crazy absorbent too. If you haven’t checked that one out, you might want to. (I searched the site, but didn’t see a review of it.)
        I also have a bag of Covidien Peri-Pads in the Regular size that the hospital gave me. It’s an almost full bag, so I’ll probably attempt to use it first before forking over the money for new pads. I am not sure how they will do. I only used them for my c-section incision when I came home, and not for the bleeding. They don’t have wings, so I’ll probably have to use them as daywear. They seem pretty silky, though, probably made so that they don’t stick to stitches and wounds in that area.
        Other than that, I may have to start trying store brands. I have a coupon for Walgreens ultra-thins or maxis, so I may purchase some of those.

        • Oh cool, a new user, hiho 😀

          Have you ever considered the Stayfree line? I haven’t heard of any of my girls having any reaction to their pads. So far, I get a lot of complaints about Always and Kotex (regional) pads causing irritation or even infections, but haven’t gotten a complain about Stayfree. Of course, this doesn’t mean there AREN’T women who don’t have issues with Stayfree, I just haven’t heard about them, lol. I agree that Always Infinity are pretty amazing and the lightness of the pad even AFTER being saturated is like picking up a piece of paper. They are on sale this week at Shoppers Drug Mart 😀 I had thought about getting these when I was shopping with bebe yesterday, but honestly, they are pricey as you mentioned. The “large” size of a box of Infinity are sitting at around $9 and after tax, you’re only looking at a bit of change from a $10 bill, hah.

          I have a small overview of the pad, but no full-out review:

          I gave it to one of my girls to try and she said it was “scary” at the thought of ‘not being able to feel something there’ and thought she forgot to put something on and that she’d leak all over the place. When she went to the washroom to check, she had remembered she put on the Infinity I gave to her and was surprized at how thin/light it is that she almost forgot she was wearing it.

          Have you tried any of those “organic” pads like Natracare and 7th Generation? Apparently women who are allergic to conventional “big brand” pads opt to use those… not only are they non-allergenic, but apparently good for the environment (since it’s all natural and biodegradable material). I do have a reader, Andie, who didn’t have the greatest opinion of it, but then again, she also doesn’t like Maxi’s at all… lol.

          Although I don’t live in the US, I have heard about some women who do rave about the Walgreen pads as being “comparable” – I’ve never tried, so wouldn’t know. However, if you live in the States, there’s a couple of sites that sell imported pads from Asia which you might be interested in, since the materials they use to make pads there are different. If you’re interested, I can find them in my bookmarks for you. I hope that when they bring “Target” here to take over Zellers, that they will be allowed to start stocking some currently-US-available pads only. For instance, Stayfree only sells their regular line here in Canada, but in the US, they’ve been selling the Stayfree ThermoControl for a while already. There’s also some variations of pads/tampons sold in the US that’s not available here, BLEH!

          So are you still waiting for your post-pregnancy period to return?

        • No, I have not tried the stayfree products, or any of the natural products. The natural products are really difficult to find where I live, although if I go up to the city, I’d be able to find a much larger selection of both natural products and generics. I might have to check out the stores when I go up there next. While I’m up there, I’ll check out a couple of the Asian import stores for those pads, since there’s some groceries I need to pick up anyways.
          Targets are great! They have a lot of variety, and I used to do most of my shopping at the Super Target before we had to move to this town.
          Nope, I am not waiting on my post-pregnancy periods to return. After the birth, I bled for about 2.5 weeks, and then on the 22nd of this month, at about 6 week post-partum, I got my regular period. If you can call it regular, it was pretty much a horror show. For the first 3 days, I soaked clear through one of the Always Overnight Extra Heavy Duty pads every hour, and had to sleep on a towel because I was terrified of leaking through. I even made sure that my boyfriend/fiance was paying attention to me and the number of pads I was going through, in case I was bleeding too heavily and needed to go to the hospital. It was pretty crazy and uncomfortable. Thankfully that only lasted those few days, and then it returned to a more normal flow and tapered off.

        • Oh, too bad, you should give Stayfree a shot ^__^ I can’t decide whether I like the scent or not – because it’s great to “cover up the smell” but at the same time, I also find that the scenting they use also is strong enough to stick everywhere, whether it be on underwear fabric or even on my hands after I test the product. Even after soaped-hand washing, sometimes I can still smell it… either that, or I just “think” I smell it or have a sensitive nose, haha. Stayfree is one of the few brands that I like both their maxi and ultra-thin products.

          If you can’t find something from the Asian stores that interest you when you go into town, I have 2-3 US-based sites (which only ship to the US) which import a very large variety of Asian pads, all my favourites which I can’t get (arg, lol). The prices are actually reasonable and even the shipping within the continental states are good! I always wonder why we don’t have a site like this in Canada, since surely there must be SOMEONE in Canada who would set up a Canadian-based store to sell these products and other import products! After all, it’s money and I would’ve thought someone would have taken advantage of a money-making opportunity like this, haha.

          I did hear post-partum periods can be crazy and then there were also some women who went “back to normal” literally, as if the pregnancy didn’t make any affect on their menstrual flow. You’re right in having your boyfriend/fiance watch over the amount of flow which came out because that’s what they suggest, if it’s too heavy to immediate get in touch with a OBGYN or ER. They did set some “standards” as to not exceeding X-number of pads within a certain time-frame. I also heard that the first few post-partum periods are more icky (other than just increased flow) than normally since there’s a lot more that’s “being flushed out” than uterine lining. The Always EHO’s weren’t designed for post-pregnancy in mind I think, those were just for women who normally have a huge flow or need an extra layer of security if they can’t change often enough. I have not heard of too many of my girls who can tell me they can’t soak through one of those unless they keep it on for the whole day – and even then, lol. I think it’s necessary to stick to maternity pads for the first bit since they provide that comfort which the Always EHO don’t.

          So I’m not sure if you knew or not, but I don’t want to misrepresent myself, but just to let you know I’m male (biologically and lifestyle wise, HAHA) and not female 😆 I just wouldn’t want anyone to think I’ve menstruated before, LOL. It’s interesting to have such a in-depth conversation with a guy about periods and feminine hygiene eh? heh. Love this great conversation, please feel free to comment more and give any recommendations you may have for me to test if I can get a hold of them here!!

        • *GASP*
          Ha, just kidding… I knew that you were a male. I didn’t think that you were menstruating yourself. It doesn’t bother me.
          I was able to get a hold of Always customer service and tell them about my problem. Evidently, the soft weave cover is made of Polyethylene, a common plastic. I am guessing it’s either that that is causing the allergic reaction, or it is the type of adhesive that they are using. Their product team wants me to keep the package and remaining product in case they need it, and they are sending me a coupon for a free package of my choice of Always product. 🙂
          I will pick up a small package of the stayfree and the walgreens brand my next shopping trip and see how those work. Hopefully I can find an unscented one for stayfree, as I have a very sensitive nose.

        • Man, I’ve been terrible on the replies lately, had to catch up on some work I’ve been delaying… procrastination is never good, haha. Sounds like they’re being pretty reasonable with your inquiry/complaint! I’m glad they’re going to reimburse you and give you another shot at one of their other products which will hopefully no longer trigger any allergic reactions to their products.

          Speaking of which, I just thought that since you’re from the US and that their Stayfree has already switched to their Thermocontrol type, that you will not find the scent as heavy compared to their original non-Thermocontrol line. I had only kept in-mind that the ones they’re still selling in Canada AREN’T Thermocontrol and they rely heavily on the scent to mask odour – but now the new ones with the new technology don’t incorporate such a heavy scent anymore. I think I have a sensitive nose as well, or maybe just sensitive towards the Stayfree pad smell, LOL – but they don’t offer unscented ones here 😦

          The US Stayfree division has a larger assortment of ultra thins and maxi type products with variety of lengths as well in the US, so darn are you ever lucky!!

  13. U r even more knowlegeable abt menstruation n’ feminine hygiene than most girls r… it’s vry obvious tht u wuld be an excellent authority on this stuff, even if u r a guy 😀 Almost like how even a guy can b a OBGYN w/o hv’ing a vagina n’ a woman can be a penis-doctor w/o hv’ing one themselves 😛 kakaka.

    • Hah, I think I’d much rather have a vagina… think about it, at least when someone kicks it, it doesn’t hurt as much XD … and probably a lot more exciting than what I have 😆

      • Of coz u think u want vagina la… coz u like girls, lol… I think u enjoy them more when it is nt urs 😉 If it wuz bebe then.. HOHOHO… 😆 can’t control urself, kekeke. U dun need to hv vagina to play w/ it urself, u can always play with bebe’s, WEEHEHEHEHE.. oh so bad leh… dun get too excited! 😀 Urs is exciting u, u just dun kno it.. bebe will hv lots of fun w/ ur thingie too!!

        Even tho we mite nt hurt as much getting kicked there, rmbr tht most of us r much more “fragile” as a WHOLE than guys, so we r still at disadvantage… tht y bebe needs u, big, strong n’ secure to protect her 😛 Ur SUPPOSED to baby us n’ spoil us n’ there can nvr b “too much” of it!!

        • OMG, don’t talk about hers… I think I’ll go crazy thinking about it, lol. I have enough problems keeping her off my mind and not staring at her body, now you’re injecting even more thoughts into my head, GAH! lol.

  14. Thank you thank you thank you…I have been waiting forever for something like this to hit the market. I found them at Walmart in Hamilton Ontario Canada a few days ago. I am pre menopausal and am facing a hystorectomy so I don’t have to explain much about why this is sooooooooo needed!!!!!!!! I could kiss whom ever invented these! Thanks for saving me the stress and embarassment of the months to come before surgery!

    • Yep, other than this one, you may also want to consider Always Maximum Protection Maxi’s or I wonder whether Always Infinity Heavy’s would be enough to hold you through your pre-menopausal and hysterectomy bleeding. My mom recently went through menopause too and listening to one of her older friends talked about it, whenever her (friend’s) period came, she’d have to stay at home because she flowed so heavy where she’d have to change every hour or two that wherever she went, it had to be short-distance and close enough to a washroom.

      Other suggestions for you would be to use incontinence pads or diapers if your flow is much more than what regular menstrual pads are capable of holding. One last thought is to find specific “Maternity Pads” which are specifically for heavy bleeding after pregnancy. I’m sure after your hysterectomy, your medical practitioner will ask you to stay away from tampons (if you even use them) for a while for health reasons.

      I hope your hysterectomy goes smoothly and that you can pass through menopause without any excessive nuisances. 🙂 Thanks for your comment and hope you come back to read often!

      Since my original posting, these pads are now available almost everywhere, Superstores, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall’s, etc. – however, they don’t stock them at Costco oddly enough.

      • Thanks for the tips, I will look for those pads! Today is my 3rd day home from work this week for the same reason as your mom. People have no understanding that it’s literally seconds you have with all maxium protection included to still run to the bathroom. I can’t take that risk at work. Luckily after mid January I will no longer have to worry about this…I can’t wait!!!!!

  15. extreme-bleeder

    I just found this blog Easter Day. I picked up a generic brand, Equate, from Walmart. I went to the store to get my favorite pads ever, Always Infinity, but they didn’t have the size I needed. In fact the shelving where the pads are stocked were practically bare. I thought, “what? Is everyone on their period right now?” So, I noticed that Walmart had the Overnight Extremely Heavy Flow compare to *Always Brand. So, because I had never seen these before, I looked for the Always brand and they were all sold out. Shoot! I was forced to get the Equate version. Regarding the Walmart brand… Rough! Feels like paper! And not to mention they don’t keep you dry at all! So, I am anxious to head back to the store and hopefully what I want will be gracing their shelves!

    Thanks for your post! I love it!

    I will definitely be checking back for updates!

    Happy Easter Sunday 🙂

    • Hi extreme-bleeder,

      Thanks for taking the time to post and your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated! If I had caught this post sooner, I would’ve been able to wish you a Happy Easter too, but alas, I failed at that 😆

      Just this past week, I noticed a new Always Infinity series which they’ve labelled as the “Radiant” line of pads. Though I’ve talked to most of my girls and they’ve said that it seems to only be prettier packaging (go figure, no actual enhancement of the product), I definitely plan on picking the new ones up. Lucky me that they’re on sale this week at Walmart, so if I go home early tonight, I’m hitting up Walmart and grabbing a box of these Radiant Infinities!

      I suppose it’s extra scary when there are sales. I usually try to pick up a few packs of Stayfree for Bebe whenever they’re on sale, just to keep our supplies in-stock, but when they’re on sale at places like Walmart or SDM, the shelves get ransacked by crazy women (or the few crazy guys like me). It’s as if tornados tore the feminine hygiene aisle apart and there are gaping holes at where the Stayfree packages normally sit, lol.

      Ya, unfortunately store brands haven’t been known to be the best. Maybe in a pinch or really, to save money – I’d usually not recommend them. Though I have written “slightly positive” reviews about store-brand pads, there hasn’t been many I’d suggest over a true branded one. I mean, I suppose there’s a reason why they’re cheaper to buy – since there’s also less technology/care into making the product.

      You’ll be happy when you get back in stores to buy the Infinity’s are the new ones they’ve released are superb!

      I hope you do come back often and though I don’t update as regularly, would love to get your feedback on stuff (post, comments, products) whenever you get a chance!

  16. extreme-bleeder

    I also wanted to say… At night, I don’t bleed out. I know, sounds weird. But all of the flow just sits in my vagina. When I stand up it all gushes out and no pad can hoold that. So, I am hoping that this pad can stand up to the challenge! What I usually do is wear a tampon at night and a pad. Why? A tampon absorbs, but when it is full the flow channels down the string and gets absorbed into the pad without any of that crazy gushing upon standing or any leaking or butt-blood (hate that)! So, maybe you girls want to give that a try. For me tampons don’t absorb that much. A super plus tampon only lasts me 15 -30 minutes. Ultra absorbency only last 30-45 minutes.

    Just thought I would add that 🙂

    Thanks again!!

    • Well, it’s definitely not weird since I know many girls who usually don’t have issues until they do that “morning get up” and it all gushes out. I suppose gravity has a big part to play in this and although the body does naturally let the flow leak out of the vagina, when you’re parallel to the ground it probably isn’t all that easy for it to happen. I have a friend who has overnight issues when she gets up because the gush follows the bum crack instead of getting onto the pad and being absorbed. Though she’s not extremely heavy, it IS after all a whole night collecting waiting for gravity to do its’ trick! The second she gets up, she has to boot it to the washroom, lol. The pad is there almost as deterrence more than it being able to do much, hah.

      You sure named yourself correctly being an extreme bleeder! I’d say most super-plus tampons would serve even a girl I’d consider “heavy” at least 3 hours. Have you ever considered menstrual cups? They’re known to stand up to quite a bit of flow, possibly almost the absorbency of 2 best absorbing tampons – and without the risk of TSS and all that vaginal drying, irritation and sometimes infection. Though I’ve been with “heavy” flow girls before, nothing seems to sound as challenging as your flow! Since I’d often have to go to her closet to get her supplies, I knew how often/the types she changed, so at the thought of how fast you need to change your products that my face would go pale on your behalf, lol.

  17. i use these. they are the only kind I CAN use. I’m one of those girls that have a heavy period the whole time, and its aggravating to try and find a pad that doesnt work right. i’ve tried tampons, too. these are the ONLY things that wont allow leakage. life sucks without them!

  18. tony chatfield

    be good to chat jenn at some stage pls

  19. This pad was gigantic in length and width! But in thickness they was not so thick. I can’t use these pads 😦
    I’m looking for a pad thats not so wide, not so long but THICKER, anyone who can help me?

    • tony chatfield

      i may be able to help you Anna yes , do you want to swap e mail addresses

    • Hi Anna,

      Your next bet would probably be something like maternity pads. But depending on your country of residence, there may be other products available to you. If you require more information, you’re welcome to email me where I would be able to find products to meet your needs for your specific country!

      • tony chatfield

        i am surprised to see maternity size as being offered as an option . here in uk most maternity size on sale are as big and wide for obvious reasons as this always pad , in fact some maternity size are even bigger and thicker

        • Hi Tony,

          From what I understand, they were pretty much trying to target this pad towards the post-partum individuals – I have known a few of my friends who did use these after childbirth and also to manage their first few periods when it went crazy! Maternity pads are quite hard to find in your average store here in Canada, you will only be able to find them at specialty stores/medical stores, so this was a nice move by them to introduce something purchasable at regular retail locations!

        • tony chatfield

          begs the question though as to why suppliers of maternity size pads on sell in that type of store . what brands of maternity pad are available in Canada? here in UK although there are a couple of brands supplied on in the hospitals most brands are avialable in supermarkets and normal chemist shops as generic brands. given i am sure canadian ladies get pregnant just as other nationalities do i am surprised there are made so hard to obtain

  20. hi!,I like your writing so a lot! percentage we communicate more
    about your article on AOL? I require a specialist in this space to
    unravel my problem. Maybe that is you! Taking a look forward to look you.

  21. Love the length but hate that the adhesive isnt more centered.i need protection on both front & rear and the tab placement forces me to choose which end I want the majority of the pad to cover! For me it depends on my activity.when standing/working I need more frontal coverage. When I’m sitting/driving I need more rear pad coverage…it’s weird but at least their max protection (peach wrapping) pad had the adhesive in the center so the pad was more centered.i still had coverage problems but it seemed more manageable. This overnight frustrates me bc the absorption is excellent.the length is perfect…it’s the adhesive tab placement I absolutely hate!

  22. I love these pads, best protection hands down!

  23. i am 39 year old south african coloured woman.i have tried so many superplus pads an they dont hold my flow i had to change them 4 times in a day.they are always an expensive for only 9 in a pack.i was embarrised at da church service to find my chair all soiled esp men come an clean our hall the saturday before church every week.were do i get these long pads in south africa

  24. Cest super

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