Always Maxi Overnight Extra Heavy Flow with Wings Review is a Success!

For those who keep up with my blog and have recently read the recent review of Always Maxi Pads Overnight Extra Heavy Flow Review (yes, I’m aware my title above says the name differently – for a reason), I would like to thank you for your support and all the heartwarming feedback I have received. Several of my regular readers and even one-stop-shop ones have expressed to me that I should “consider doing more reviews” and have even taken  note that they find how accurate/detailed the reviews are, even for a non-menstruating male reviewing feminine hygiene. Seeing emails like this is what gives me the drive to continue my dedication towards my blog and readers!

For those who regularly post here, please continue to do so! For those who have not, you’re welcome to contribute at any time whether by post or by email as I’m always checking it (in fact, my emails all forward to my iPhone – yes, including MiM ones). I love keeping in touch with my readers, because they are really who inspire me with topics, opinions and make this community possible. Looking at my site statistics, I’m pleased with the hits received for the review and I’m even surprized to see I’m regularly getting hits for the one I did for U by Kotex All Nighter still with a regular influx of traffic. I think to myself all the revenue I could be generating by moving my site off from here onto my own servers where I can use things like AdSense and other money-generating schemes with all my readers – but oh well! Maybe I’ll create enough hype where Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark might want to start advertising their products on my site XD haha… ah dreams!

I just wanted to take this chance to read all my readers, whether you’re a first-timer or my regular group – your support is greatly appreciated and that the blog would not be a success without your visits! Cheers to all the individuals and groups who work to help shed positivity upon menstruation.

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  1. Silly pig! I dun use Twitter so can’t reply to u on it n dun wanna put on Facebook..

    Dun be unhappy la thinking about bebe – be HAPPY! Think of all the great things n’ dream about it. She’s not out of yur life forever, just temporarily busy – kekeke. Go slp la, late anyways… juz think that when u wake up, u r 1 day closer to finding her love xDD

    Evry day shld be a heppi one. Joh tau lor…

    • I dunno, it was just like a momenetary hit in the face… I’m usually pretty happy when I think of her and I start to day-dream, lol… but something unusual that made me really melancholic for like an hour or so when I thought of her… kind like sum ap ap feeling, not totally sure why. I didn’t even know you bothered reading my twitter on the side, haha. Ya, I went to sleep after and felt better when I woke up – we went to the temple again so I could just pray for our future… you know sometimes when there’s nothing humans can do anymore, all you can believe in is faith will carry us through.

  2. Sum ching m ho ar? Y not? U sound down…

    • Every long weekend I kind of get sad ‘cuz bebe goes to her friend’s house usually for long weekends… and kinda ditch me behind. It isn’t that I don’t value the idea of having friends (lol – of course I do), it’s just that I see her being so carefree and smiley with her friends, but with me she can’t be the same it makes me feel like I’m a failure. That’s why whenever we have long weekends, by Thurs/Fri – I usually deflate like a balloon losing air.. maybe it’s an ego thing, kind of like, her friends can make her happy, but I can’t. Nevertheless, the long weekend is almost over now so I don’t have to think about it, LOL. It just sucks that when long weekends come around, she’s not spending it with me instead =\

  3. Hey, I enjoy reading your reviews and just wanted to let you know that I found some Overnight Extra Heavy Flow at Shopper’s Drug Mart today! I also live in Canada and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. They’re going for $5.99 a pack.

    • ZOMG!!! That’s awesome, I’m going to have to scour some of my SDM’s around here… although if you live in an area closer to the U.S. maybe that’s why they have them available – unless they’re finally bringing it to Canada! If they really do start selling them here, Always was really smart with being able to win me over for sure 😆 haha.

      5.99 is damn cheap, similar to regular-priced mid-sized overnights or maximum protection packages, so that’s great and we’re only paying the PST portion of HST on it! (unless you live in a province that’s still doing GST/PST) – I’m excited to hear this news as a potential shift in bringing this product in Ontario and furthermore, something like this may be able to win back any ex-Always customers or enhance the existing user’s image towards P&G products.

      Thank you for posting and letting me know this incredible detail! I live about an hour and a bit away from a U.S border, so maybe these pads will start “seeping” over the boarder and slowly moving in-land within Canada. I have talked to one of my cousins in B.C. and she says she has not seen them at any of the London Drugs yet, which is too bad, because LD can ship to Ontario a lot cheaper than I can get them from in the states – and I don’t have to clear customs/tariffs with it.

      I was waiting on my Stayfree coupons to come in and hop on a sale at SDM, but while I’m there, I’ll definitely scour the section and see if there’s some nice purple packages waiting for me 😀

      • Yea, I live in BC and am less than an hour from the border. The SDM that I found these at wasn’t even a big one either. It was sort of a smaller, out-of-the-way one, with two much larger and more prominent ones within 1km of it. I haven’t checked to see if the other ones have them, but will let you know if I happen to visit them soon. I hope you get them near you soon so you don’t have to import them anymore! 😀

        • Well, at most I was only going to import them once a year, if that. It’s quite costly and it’s not something I like to overindulge in, lol. Unfortunately I wish I had better access to better stuff from here and the only place I can think of with access to pads/tampons from Asia is at the T&T Supermarkets in/near Toronto. Also, they’re pushing it pretty expensive, $8-10/pack which is probably indicative of the import fees they have to front up and stuff.

          I know the pads themselves are cheap, just from comparing prices from regions like Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Philippines – the prices make a joke out of ours – and most of those countries already have their taxes built in to the product. I’m sure if you live near any urban or suburban areas of BC, you’ll have access to some T&T supermarkets, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on some Sofy or Laurier pads, those are the place. At the very least, you don’t have to pay shipping separately.

          I live in a smaller city in Ontario, so perhaps I might have to check out a few of the SDM’s around here. Just within a 3km radius, I have like 5-6 SDM’s, haha. I’m not sure how much you stay current with information from the official Always site, so if you have any findings on that they’re introducing it into Canada, do let me know and I’ll do the same for you 😀

          I’m also waiting to see what happens with the new Stayfree Thermo Control… I got a few messages from the female readers of my site and they’ve been telling me they weren’t all-too-pleased with it. Apparently it smells badly and hasn’t made any massive improvements. I guess it might be kinda similar to the UbK pads, just some small design changes with a new name. I can’t imagine why in an area where there is a significant Asian population that they aren’t making more pad options available, particularly those who move from Asian countries who prefer to use what they have used ‘back at home’.

      • OMG K, yur dream cm true ^___^ cannot wait to see yur smiley face when u find out u can buy here, lol! 😀

        • I know eh – I never thought it’d get any attention, but clearly it seems like some of my readers and really helpful and have a great eye for these things. Moments like these, it makes my blog feel really useful 😛

  4. I just saw them ay SDM in Mississauga for 5.99 on sale from 10.69 (around there)
    They only had them at a display at the front of the store and not in their usual aisle.

    • Hi Andie,

      That’s great news from somewhere close! I wouldn’t mind popping out to Mississauga and buying them since I’m there either once or twice a week. Hell, it beats importing them from USA, haha. I just can’t see the reason why it’s “distributed in Canada” but can’t be bought here before, LOL… seems to ruin logic that I had to buy it back from a different country 😆

      I have seen while doing my web-jumping that these are fairly pricey pads when they’re not on sale and range from $7-10 which is just “ugh” so at 5.99 that’s a bargain! I can’t wait to hit up SDM and check it out. Is the universal across SDM’s in ‘sauga or is it only specific ones? I might need to find out which one from you if I can’t spot any 😛 Thanks for being the bearer of great news!!

  5. I haven’t recently shopped at any other SDM’s, (oh the prices hurt ) but the one I went to was in Streetsille.
    Queen St south just after Tannery going north. It’s where Tim’s and the Streetsville public library is.
    It might have been the last day of the sale…the check out girl mentioned that it was the last day for the breyers icecream I had bought. (fingers crossed)

    • oops I ment going south on Queen st south. Going the other way is Mississauga road.

      • Oh, that’s on the “other side” of Mississauga that I’m not normally near, although I wouldn’t mind going there anyways. I’m usually towards the Square One side and south of the 403. Nevertheless, one of my god-sis’ is by SQ1 and the other is by the Erin Mills Town Centre, so when I go visit my younger one, I can just shoot a few streets up to check it out.

        I have some Always coupons and I wonder if they apply to the purchase of the Overnight Extra Heavy’s because they didn’t specify whether it is only applicable when purchasing maxi or ultra thins, bleh – guess I’ll have to risk it and see if they’ll accept them anyways. Yes, I don’t think I’d be buying these regularly, especially when they’re not on-sale… in fact, since I don’t “need” them, I try to always wait and hunt for a deal. Most of the time, I just like to spread them around with my girls and listen to their feedback on them!

        How did you notice the sale of these pads? Were the shelves wiped or where they still highly stocked? I guess it’s hard to tell since they might re-shelf once it gets low, but sometimes you can tell whether things sell well or not based on if there are “holes” on the shelves where certain products sit. Reading a lot of the American sites, I do find these Extra Heavy ones seem to have a lot of fans who experience above-average flows during their period and even those for post-postpartum uses. Did you ever bother trying these or did you simply notice them on sale?

        • Sorry about getting back to you so late, but the other two SDM’s in my area do not carry these. However, I was just at the Safeway today, and they have them there too! They’re also selling them at $5.99. You should check them out and see if they have any in your area.

  6. I haven’t tried them, I never usually look at Always and maxi pads in general. I’m a kotex ultra thin, no wings girl.

    (oh and I tried a sample U by Kotex regular with wings, and was not very impressed. It however was drier and much cooler then the regualr ultra thin. What made me frustrated was that it spread the moisture around and onto the wings, which rubbed onto my thighs. So not impressed at all)

    They were placed on a front facing shelf and was with other maxi (thick) pads. I noticed there were only 6 and I walked down to the feminine aisle and there was no spot for them there.

    I was debating buying them for my friend, who is about to give birth, but she didn’t seem excited about them. She said she’d let me know if her other pads weren’t cutting it. I was tempted to buy them anyways, but what actually swayed me was that I didn’t have room for them in my bag. (the package is large and heavy!)

    • Ya, Kotex… used to love them, but I dunno why recently I feel as if they’ve been a let down. I had a complaint from one of my girls that she’s been getting more consistent leaks – albiet her flow really hasn’t changed much (but hard to say) off the rear of the pad onto her panties. She’s always worn white panties throughout her period too without issues and she refuses to give in and wear period-panties or black ones to prevent stains from being visible. She blames the pad, although she’s pretty stubborn for not wanting to wear less light-coloured panties, LOL.

      One of my regular posters here has gotten me to question whether wings or no wings is truly better and whether wings really do fulfill their claims of helping to catch side leaks. I haven’t taken too much time lately to investigate into this, but wings have always been a pain for chaffing the sides of the legs nevertheless.

      Ya, the UbK pads were indeed cooler and drier, but there was this really awkward plasticky smell which worried me as to what the composition of the pad was and also, the pad adhesive was intensely sticky, which means if it gets in contact with any.. uhh.. hair.. OWIE’s are bound to happen. Looks like you’re completely anti-wings 😛

      I suppose they’re still testing-the-waters when it comes to the Extra Heavy Overnights.. they ARE pretty pricey after all and would only cater to those who really have absorbency issues or are really lazy to change their pads regularly, lol, which is pretty unhygienic to say the least. The Extra Heavy Overnights for the butt portion can be very uncanny for those who are not used to pads that have a flanged rear, so regular maternity pads might be more useful in her case if she didn’t appear to be a big fan of it. Most maternity pads are just thick and big, but don’t have a large rear to it. When sitting, the flanged rear seems to bother some people and makes the pad even MORE noticeable beyond it’s “maxi-ness” as it stands. The packages are indeed heavier and larger than the other ones, but quite obviously so because of the size. Even a singular pad itself is pretty heavy and wouldn’t be counted as being “concealable” by any means.

  7. Wings just hold the pad to your underwear firmly, especially if it’s a maxi pad. I find it stops the pad from conforming to your body. (not like always which forms up your buttcrack) More like horizontal , like an accordian a bit. (follows your undies and doesn’t stay bunched)(kotex)
    Never was impressed with always. The pad always bunched up and stayed like that.

    On the other hand, I am trying out the new infinity line. (I was tempted with a coupon) Not sure if I’ll be impressed , hoping the wings don’t draw the fluid down into them like the U b K. (there were none that didn’t have wings. Weird)

    Kotex does tend to leak at the rear if your are lounging or sleeping but I just buy the longer version which is still undetectable through your clothes.(or shift it further back if your know your having a lazy day) Otherwise I usually just add on a panty liner before I got to bed. (I’ve a light flow in general)

    Oh and just tell your friend to soak her undies with detergent mixed with baking soda right on the stain and soak it in cold water. Comes out everytime for me.

    Yes the U by K were very sticky. Stretched out a nice pair of underwear. (disapointing)

    • I agree, wings simply work to hold the pad to the crotch of the panties, although it was supposed to be a “leak absorbing barrier” that prevents side-leakage – although it seriously seems all they do is encourage side leaks to happen more because it channels the flow TOWARDS the edges rather than away. Ugh, Always pads riding up in all the wrong places is definitely something you are correct about – I find it doesn’t happen with Stayfree. I find Always pads seem to keep-shape well when it’s not saturated, but once it’s soiled, they seem prone to bunching at the rear. Not sure how much experience you’ve had with Stayfree, but they conform well with body movement and this is true for both wings and wing-less version of their pads. I have a major gripe about the deodorant they use on Stayfree pads though, it really bothers me and wonders what kind of health effects it may have with something that strong. I’m all for understanding covering up menstrual flow smell, but it makes me question the need for such a pungent aroma.

      The Always Infinity are indeed very nice, conforms well, VERY lightweight and thin and has shocking absorbency. The infinicel does do some amazing work – I think I had a “small” review on the Always Infinity. I just can’t imagine a pad being so light, yet so absorbent and ya, I did the same thing and only bought them as a result of a $1-off coupon and then a $2-off one I later found in stores! If you try the RCSS, sometimes they have “door” coupons too. The wings are very unique compared to their own regular line and other brands and according to them, boast “revolutionary wings” which help conform to the body and reduce leakage. Suffice to say, I do happen to be able to verify that it does do that to an acceptable degree and they’re not just saying it for marketing purposes! This is the first of its kind (in North American markets) to have two-flaps on one wing although the adhesive is still one-unit. The lock-in pores are amazing, absorb quickly and keeps the surface dry – I’m sure girls love that 😀 I suppose Infinity has to have the wings or else it wouldn’t be infinity! The wings on the Infinity are quite nice I must admit.

      Oh.. I found it:

      Not a full-out review, but gives you a bit of info!

      I can’t say much for the Kotex thins only because most of my experiences are with their maxis, lol – guess you can tell reading my other entries that I’m just not a big fan of thin pads 😛 The Kotex overnights are superb with their length (and thickness for the maxis) and do hug to the body well.

      I will definitely let her know that – just not sure why she won’t consider other protection to fix her problem rather than washing it out every time, lol… damn hard-headedness! Her stains tend not to be complete overflows, usually just a dot-or-two, so we managed to get it out using just cold water and bleach… I suppose bleach works well given they’re white. I just dislike using bleach unless I have to, but hey, they’re her panties not mine LOL!

      I guess the good thing about thins is they tend to be more compact and thus, the garbage doesn’t get stacked with these huge thick maxi pads and don’t stick out like a sore-eye in bins, nevertheless, I suppose most girls tend to empty their trash more often when they have festering pads or tampons in there anyways!

      I have a reader on here who’s been asking about the U by Kotex “Barely There” pantiliners, so if you know anything about them, lemme know so I can contact her! 😛

  8. I actually just got a sample of stayfree last month and liked the well enough to continue using the package. I did indeed like the scent….it’s like lemon cookies to me, but wary that it was so close to a delicate area. They definitely didn’t bunch but had a slightly more plasticy top then kotex regular. (don’t like always for that reason too) The wings didn’t bug me with stayfree, except it really kept it in place so there was no conforming to your undies. (which made me notice it a bit walking around)

    I did get U b kotex sample purse with had tampons, the barely there liner and the regular with wings.

    Not impressed with the barely there…lol it did nothing for me. Didn’t absorb much moisture then it sorta was just there. It did stay very well though. The absorbent part is an elgonated diamond and the rest of this really see through sticky tape that can fit a thong of narrow undies. (conforms to any shape) It’s ridiculously thin.

    I love the U by kotex curves liners, and have bought 2 boxes already. (I refuse to be without)

    oh ..

    The tampon aplicators suck. They didn’t elongate on the first try and I actually pulled it and broke it. Then it was way too short to get the job done once I put it back together.

    • Sorry for the late reply – been trying to juggle answering some old emails, new posts and getting a new entry up!

      I’m glad to hear about your positive experience with Stayfree… I’ve had a long history, being a fan of Stayfree, then Always, Kotex, Always, Stayfree, Kotex, back to Always and now finally Stayfree again. My jumps in those were usually attributed to “changes” these companies made to their pads which are supposed to make them better, but seems to always make them worse. I enjoyed the old Kotex that came in the pink plastic packages and they they changed the entire design, comfort and packaging of it! Some of the old Kotex even had Velcro wings which were a lot better for keeping the pad still compared to the adhesive ones now. I know there are still some of these on the market, but are a lot harder to find.

      Yes, the plasticky feeling on the Always pads suck, although you mentioned that Stayfree seemed to have the same feeling which I’m not quite sure about. I know for sure Kotex has a complete-cotton feel though which I agree with. I never found the Stayfree ones to be plasticky, although I assume you were using the thins? If so, then yes, the Stayfree thins, especially the DryMax ones do have a plasticky feel but the maxi versions do not. I guess being a bit thicker, they can use more cottony-type material which tends to be more comfortable. This is also one of the reasons why I enjoyed the Extra Heavy Overnights I reviewed because they did not include the usual Always plasticky top-covers!

      Thanks for the info on the UbK barely there – I couldn’t justify buying a box just for the sake of testing and I know many of my girls don’t really use pantiliners either, so I have no one to give them to! I suppose they were much more interested in keeping the product thin and usable for multiple underwear-type rather than the absorbency of it! The only time I usually recommend my girls use pantiliners is for spotting, rather than for discharge or vaginal secretions since those all come out in the wash anyways and won’t stain. For 5-6 days out of a month, they already have a tampon or pad on, so the crotch area deserves some breathing time and shouldn’t be stuffed up with something that’s not air-permeable! On your recommendation, I’ll have to suggest that reader try out the curves then!

      You’re not the first I’ve heard about how much the tampons suck. One of my girls has bought the UbK tampons and has been sitting in her cupboard for months now. I know being a regular Tampax user herself is hard to try something else, but she bought them out of hype but has yet to try them… maybe she’s heard the same thing from one of her friends or something. I recommend most of my girls use applicatorless tampons a la O.B. anyways because they’re not that hard to insert even without the applicator and is much more discrete (size-wise) and more environmentally friendly sans applicator! Either way, to hear about an applicator breaking off or not long enough is definitely a thumbs down.

  9. O…. wut happen with yur comment posts n’ stuff? I read yur announcements… smthg wrong? =O When gonna be fix wor?

    • haha… good timing lor… am am fix jor la…

      Should be ok — was something weird going on, not sure. Had to play around with some settings. Going to be changing themes soon anyways, so we’ll see how it goes! My comments should show up properly now! YAY 😀

  10. Stayfree did work nicely. When I saw them I thought it was a cheaper version of always. I realized quickly that it didn’t bunch and clump together. (like the filling was compact)
    I don’t know if i would buy them again…they didn’t wow me. Not special enough? I don’t know. The scent is something to think about too.

    I remember the old Kotex and I even tried the one with the velcro tabs. The velcro ended up wearing a sore into the top of my thighs. It hurt for a while, and I never looked back.

    The newer kotex have a smoother surface right?(and some fancy blue lines and creases) I can’t quite remember what they changed from the plastic wrapper version.

    I haven’t been able to find their compact version for a while now. It did have a few less pads, but it was folded an additional time. It was definitely more convenient because I could fit it in my wallet. (I just had to unroll it and crease it lengthwise and good to go)

    I’ve just tried the Always infinity, regular. It doesn’t seem more lightweight and invisible then my kotex ultra thins so far. It does have a rather alarming rubber smell when wet. |We’ll see how it goes.

    • I think in time, I’ll get over the whole scent thing… I just think it’s very sketchy when I can hold on a Stayfree pad for just a short moment of time and not have the scent get off my hands even after washing it. A couple of my girls have told me that their panties after using them still has the smell in it even after they do the laundry. To me – that’s just a bit too strong. The price-point on Stayfree’s pretty awesome though… and sales and GENERALLY plentiful (they’re never on sale when I feel like buying them, haha..) and they offer a $2 off coupon on their site and I get this awesome $5 off of 2 packs coupon which you can request ever 30 days or something. The quilted feeling of the top cover on Stayfree won me over.

      Weird, I guess every persons leg is different and may chaff some while being a god-send to others. I just find the Velcro Kotex held VERY well and was adaptable to more types of underwear than just typical granny-panties that you have to use for placing pads in during period.

      Yes, the new Kotex has a smoother surface, but I find the packing of the material of the new Kotex aren’t as tight, so it feels very flimsy and the security on it doesn’t feel like it’s there (even if it is.. sometimes it’s a feeling thing rather than always practical, LOL). The new ones are indeed white top with blue lines and absorbency channels. I couldn’t care less about colours on a pad though, lol – colours don’t generally add to the usefulness, haha. Although the old Kotex by LOOKS didn’t seem as comfortable, the new ones aren’t any better off with their flimsiness. Not sure why they changed it, guess it’s a marketing thing.

      The old Kotex looked like this:

      Old Kotex Classic (Pink)

      The only place I could find the compact folded Kotex were in one of my girls’ cupboards because she likes to buy lots at one time and many different ones, so she still hasn’t exhausted those supplies yet. I yoinked a few from her 😛

      I know what you mean about that plastic smell upon saturation (Always Infinity)… it’s even worse once you sweat on it – urg 😐 I guess we won’t know which one is lighter ’til we weigh them, lol… but I haven’t bought Infinity for a while because of the price, so oh well XD

  11. DC says:
    August 14, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    Sorry about getting back to you so late, but the other two SDM’s in my area do not carry these. However, I was just at the Safeway today, and they have them there too! They’re also selling them at $5.99. You should check them out and see if they have any in your area.

    Unfortunately we don’t have Safeway here in Ontario… or at least I don’t know about it, lol… I wish we had more choices around here, but when it comes to stores like those, all we have is Shoppers Drug Mart and the Rexall chain of pharmacies. Apparently we aren’t a very competitive province 😛

    I’ll be sure to check them out when I travel to visit my cousin at some point! 😀

    Thanks for the info. I tried looking it up, but it doesn’t seem like Safeway sells online and delivers outside of local provinces, but if you find out they do, send a word my-way 😛 5.99 is a good price indeed.

  12. I’ve decided I like the always infinity. They feel lighter and you don’t notice wearing them. I find the wings a pain though. So much fuss for it to do nothing. The pad it’s self is is very sticky(good). At least the wings are thin and not absorbent.
    They do feel less damp well still does, but there is less blood on yourself. (pretty cool actually)

    Not sure i’d wear them exclusively though. Depends on type of underwear(flimsy=infinity or sturdier=kotex)
    Kotex is still a great option for me.

    I do remember the old kotex now! The new ones do seem flimsy, but they work just the same. ( I remember thinking the same thing acutually.) I do really like the slight grooves imprinted in the sides as channels. They actually work, and it’s where they flex for me(perfect fit)

    I used to buy the compact size exclusively at shoppers ,but I now shop only at walmart. (5.99 for kotex…I don’t think so! 2.99 is more like it) Walmart doesn’t have everything 😦

  13. fyi I found the Extra Heavy Overnight at Walmart in Calgary. so check out walmart there

    • Thanks Derek… I doubt that’s anywhere within drivable distance for me, as I live in Ontario, but that’s still useful information if I can get it imported! I’ll have to take a look into Walmart whether they have cross-province delivery or not, although given all the feedback I have from other readers, it would appear a couple of SDM’s in the surrounding cities stock it so I’ll start scouting!

  14. Elizabeth Farmer

    I love them!!!! I have irregular periods and EXTREMELY heavy ones as well and they last me through the night! I love Always! It’s very comfortable and you (well I can) barely feel I’m wearing pads!

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