Friday Fun and Moping

Looks like another Friday has dawned upon us, crazy! Today was pretty relaxing – left work at about 1PM only to arrive at a site to be told, “Oh… by the way, I should’ve called you to tell you our problem was fixed – sorry for wasting your time coming all the way out here.” I sure as hell was glad it wasn’t out-of-the-way and was on the way home anyways. Looked at my phone and it was only 1:30… surely I cannot leave work that early, can I? Being the good employee I am, I decided to stay at the site and survey the area for work that needs to be done. Talked with the contacts in the building and was only 1:45. Well screw it, I’m going home early today, the boss’ car was gone anyways when I left, so he won’t be around to check on us anyways!

Got home at 2PM and didn’t want to cut the grass that early. The sun was shining hardcore and although the breeze was very nice, under the sun for about 5 minutes and you could feel your skin burning already. I know the UV rating wasn’t very high today, but I dislike heat as it causes discomfort for me. My cell rang, crap – oh wait, good, it’s not work! Turns out got a call from one of my girls asking me if I wanted to catch an early dinner with them because they were doing a “girls night out” and were going to the movies afterward. I told them I could go with them, so I rushed to mow the lawn before my mom came home and would complain about how ugly the grass looked. My lawnmower is self-propelled but moves at a fairly slow pace so I pretty much had to push it along to reduce the time it took to finish.

I took a short shower, got dressed in something more casual and met the girls for dinner. Obviously we all paid for ourselves 😛 I had a kicker because they always want to have a reason to get together, not “just because.” As we were sitting in the restaurant, we couldn’t figure out something to cheers/toast to. I jokingly said, “Hey, ____ you’re on your period right? How about we give a toast, to the beginning of your period!” and I laughed jokingly. All the girls faces lit up and they all accepted and we had a reason to celebrate, because one of the girls period started 😆 – guess that’s as good of a reason as any other! They had to finish dinner quick and split after a few hours and I went home to watch some series.

Got a call from my friend as I just stepped through the door. He asked me if I was home all excited about something. I said I just got back and he said he was coming by. That is unusual because most people ask if they can drop by (other than girls – they’re always welcome at my house, LOLOLOL) rather than “telling” me he’s coming by. Sure enough even before I get to the door, he’s pulled in the driveway and I finally saw why – he got a nice, new car! His 5-minute car-showoff turned into a 2 hour impromptu conversation on my driveway. He did ask if I wanted to go for dinner, but I had ate with the girls earlier already so I wasn’t feeling hungry.

During a TVB drama, I saw one of my favourite male actors/singers, Raymond Lam! I love his songs and can sing most of them and even more so, his acting is starting to improve. I really like how Raymond looks, a mix of the typical masculinity yet with boyish good looks. I said if I were wanted to get plastic surgery, I would definitely get something done to look like him. I commented to my mom that I thought Raymond looked very leng jai in this series and my mom had a grave and concerned look on her face and said, “Do you find yourself attracted to men often?” For god sake, I said he looked handsome not that I said I was crazy and madly in love with him. Can a man not make an appreciative statement of another male without automatically being thought of as gay?

Speaking of cars, today, I found out bebe got her driver’s license on the first try – I am so proud of her! You know, when you’re an Asian girl trying to get a drivers license, you know luck and stereotypes is already against you. But hot damn, that’s my bebe, confident, strong and smart (yes, I bolded it, because smart girl are sexy girls :lol:)! In a way, I felt kind of at peace because honestly, if her intentions wasn’t to bother to come back to Canada, why would she even get a Canadian license? I can’t say there isn’t a bit of selfishness in my thoughts behind it, but hey, I’m entitled to nomnomnom over her right? 😛 Ok, so that might not be completely true, but I like to pretend what I think is right, haha – it makes me feel better. I guess that means I no longer have to drive her, she can drive herself now XD On the other hand, it might also means she spends and exorbitant amount of time with her friends and totally forgets about spending time with me. Outrageous 😕 LOL. Guess I can sleep in the car while she ports us around now, hah.

Suffice to say, I’m very proud of bebe today, not that I’m regularly not, just that today she added one more reason for me to be proud of her. God, why do I feel so cheerful and vibrant for her accomplishments? I was extra happy she bothered replying to me on FB when I commented. In the past, I tend to get ignored by her and such when I comment which I’ve found kind of rude, hurtful and spiteful, so it made me extra happy today 😀 I’m in a good mood! I didn’t try to kill the loser who cut in front of me today, lucky bastard that bebe put me into a happy-mode today!

Tomorrow going out for acupuncture, perhaps meet with some friends and get groceries. Have to wake up early and check if god-sis is free and if she is, maybe find something to do with her since I’m out there anyways. Poh Ching just asked me saying I should’ve spent all this week and next week with bebe before she leaves so we can enjoy each others company =_= Obviously you haven’t been KEEPING UP WITH THE STORY Poh Ching, lol. If I could, I would’ve spent all 14 days before her departure with her, haha… stoopppodd 😛 Now I have to get all melacholic about her leaving in a few days and not even being able to see her. I’m a bit emo right now, ya? Girls sure know how to hit you where it hurts.

I’m sure a lot of people reading this won’t believe me… or at least those who don’t know me well. Next week I will probably take Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off… or at the very least Tuesday. On Tuesday, I will be at home crying, puking and probably trying to smash my head against the wall until my head bleeds because bebe is going to Malaysia for 6 months. Yes yes, I talk about that a lot, I know… trust me, I’ll be talking about it more on my personal blog when she does leave – I’ll probably go into some mad frenzy (sucks to be the people who get in my way or piss me off). One may think what’s the big deal? If you say so, then you have never loved before. The gut-puking feeling of someone you care about being 15,000KM’s away from you for HALF A YEAR is wrenching. I’ll be at home mopping about, suffering from massive depression attacks and staring at my gun. At least if I take a day off, I know I can just crawl in my bed and put the blanket over my head and pretend the world doesn’t exist and that I don’t love her. Yes, pretend, because we know that’s the exact opposite. Nothing changes the hurt, especially of being ignored.

Thought I’d leave you guys with something to laugh about… or perhaps I need a laugh too:

Big Bang Theory – Tampon Talk on Youtube

And you thought I was the only one to consider something like this eh? HAHA. I win 😀 Apparently buying feminine hygiene in bulk is not so much of a crazy idea!

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  1. I never thought of buying in bulk. I guess it makes sense since you need them for about 30+ years or so . . .

    • Well I think the reality is that even buying in bulk for a year at a time is already a decent method. I mean, surely, unless you had a lot of free space, it’d be hard to store 30 years worth of pads or tampons. I would also wager that over time, women experience “changing needs” so it’d not be a great idea to buy too far ahead into the future. I know for sure that many of my girls have modify theirs brands or absorbency of pads or tampons as they aged due to changes in their menstrual flow and their suitability of a particular pad/tampon.

      Suffice to say, there are considerable savings for buying in bulk, obviously the more, the cheaper per unit. However, as mentioned above, should these pads/tampons no longer be of use because of changing needs, one could then argue that’d be a waste of money – unless there are others you could donate to, but then it wouldn’t be used by oneself.

      Even without looking at the big picture, just thinking about savings from buying pads/tampons at regular sizes in pharmacies is a big difference per-unit cost buying jumbo or bulk-sized packages at places like Costco or Sam’s Warehouse.

    • LOL, when that thing was first created, there was an outburst from many men (obviously) about it… and it caught my attention.

      Unfortunately, you just can’t replicate menstruation – it doesn’t seem possible at the moment at the very least. Maybe in the future when they can start extracting sexual organs and implant them will a man ever be able to feel what having a vagina feels like and what a penis feels like to a woman. Menstruation is a beauty thing that I don’t think it’s necessary to try to recreate something artificial 😛 It’s either something you have, or don’t have!

      And suffice to say, there’s a LOT missing when it comes to the feeling of a female menstrual cycle with a machine like that, haha.

  2. I thought it was pretty cool idea though. A guy should get his innards shocked to try and simmulate cramps. Snort* I’m thinking a labour simulator would be more useful. Maybe even a new form of birth control!

    Oh btw! My friend gave birth, and she love Loved the always overnight heavy. She liked how soft it was on her stiches(30! ouch!) and the flared butt saved her sanity. ( no leaks)
    I ended up grabbing her a pack before I went to see her at the hospital . (What the heck, can’t have too many pads)

    • The concept is great, I just think it doesn’t encapsulate all possible ranges of the menstrual cycle is all 😛 The worst cramps I ever had was from food poisoning which required antibiotics to kill off the bacteria because it isn’t one the body is capable of removing on its own. I just remember being clenched over the toilet and sweating even though I was freezing cold.

      Congrats to your friend 😀 I love kids, hehe – can’t wait to have them myself! The pad was indeed very soft, loved the top-cover and support it gave. The flared butt is a bit less padded but provides great “last chance” at absorbing before it leaks 😆 Oddly enough, I think most people’s first experience with it is discomfort because most pads don’t ride back to the bum, but later on, you get used to it and almost provides a sense of security. Also, it isn’t uncomfortable, it is just “there”…

      And I agree, one can never have too many pads… well, unless menopause hits, LOL. XD What a great friend, there to watch out for her interests!

  3. Ya know, I heard that there’s a term for looooooong post such as this, verbal diarrhea. xD How can you manage to write such long posts every single time? Amazes me, really. Hahaha. Don’t get so upset, you can still see bebe online right? Skype’s an option if you miss her too much. ;p

    I don’t think I can bulk those stuff in bulk. Like you said, women experience changing needs. Plus, I always need more reason to go shopping!

    • I don’t update several days at a time, so I save up things to say. I’m very expressive guy too, I don’t like to keep things inside unless it’s something I really can’t say (I’m sure that’s quite obvious). I just enjoy talking about a variety of topics and interestingly enough, I can get into conversations with people of all ages. It’s just something I’ve picked up while growing up and working in an environment where most the people I work with aren’t my age. It’s great to learn how to strike up a conversation and small-talk your way into things.

      Dunno la, bebe playing ignoring game meh. Won’t even say anything to me on MSN, let alone Skype 😐 Maybe she will when she gets back, can pray, that’s about it, haha… you know, stubborn Malaysian girl like you XD The more I meet and get to know Malaysian girls and their environmental cultures, the more I see sometimes where she gets those things from, LOL. Malaysian girls so self-confident they like to kick guys around… haiyo, haha.

      I will miss her greatly… she is leaving tomorrow and I’ve already booked a sick day off because I know I’ll be all depressed and barfing from the feeling. I’m already starting to get that gut-rot feeling today and wanting to pass out. Can’t wait to get home from work and sleep.

      LOL, that’s why I don’t buy in bulk either even when I know it’s cheaper XD I just enjoy the shopping, lol. Too bad you don’t live here, we could go shopping. Good thing you remind me about shopping, almost forgot to pick up my sis’ pads and tampons today, blah, she would’ve been pissed… haha, better load it on my calendar now that I remember. It’s fun to wander down the aisle to see what sales are on anyways 😛 Your body is still stable now, not sure if you’ll experience changing needs, LOL… unless you’re hinting that you’re pregnant, experiencing LBL or going into menopause… 😆 The most I’ve ever bought with one of my girls is 6 months because she was going away on vacation. Funny thing is when she got to HK (I told her and she wouldn’t believe me), she ended up using all the awesome pads there and ignoring all the ones she brought with her from Canada… she fell in love with Whisper when she was there, haha. Silly girl, I already told her the stuff there better than what we have to offer!! And she ported ALL her pads back to Canada when she came back, lol.

  4. Hello, nomnomnom is my term, you thief! 😛 Daylight robbery! 😛

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