Approaching Women About “Female Topics”

I wanted to take this opportunity to write in reply to one of my reader’s suggestion for feedback on a question he posed to me a while ago. I know I have been lacking on doing period posts and have done a lot of moping over bebe. Suffice to say, it’ll be a long 6 months for me and I wonder if she even thinks about me and has me in her heart at all while she’s away. She has yet to reply to me since she got home and has yet to talk to me over MSN (sad meh Poh Ching?). Nevertheless, enough thinking of that and I want to address a really fantastic topic brought up to me:

Shuamayal says:
August 3, 2010 at 3:02 AM

– I would request you to write on how a typical women would react if asked about menstruation, bra and stuff, & if you have screwed up a female friend by asking such, how to make up for

it or the proper convenient way to ask so the other person does not feel offended or “exposed” & “embarrassed” as i was told once 😦

It took me a while to approach this subject because it really made me think. I’m going to try to methodically write this towards 3 different “types” of girls, relationship status wise, on how I have experienced female topics with them, 1) girls I don’t know well, 2) girls I know well, and 3) girlfriend/partner. Suffice to say, there are girls who might fall under category one, but who are open to talking about female topics even with a stranger, but girls who fall under category 2 where even after knowing them for years are still shy or reluctant to talk about it. There’s no “catch-all” to my experiences because as we all know, everyone is different.

Before I start typing the core of this response, I’d like to make note that things expressed herein are strictly my own experiences and opinions and may not be of general consensus or even truth, if you read it, it is your choice whether you wish to validate or deny my judgment.

To address the first part of this reader’s question, I think that a typical woman would find it inappropriate to discuss menstruation, bra, panties and stuff if you don’t know her well. Also, I believe that discussions on such topics are better left to more private areas. Obviously a woman would be more likely to oppose talking about her period at say, by the office cooler, rather than in the comfort of her own phone or a private place. I think this is a pretty usual reaction thinking even upon my own reactions to being asked a private question. Given how open-minded of a guy I am (or at least I think I am), I’ve had many girls ask me private questions before and naturally, I’d be more reluctant about answering them in a quiet mall where everyone can hear everything as opposed to if I was sitting at her house or something. I remember one time when my one of my god-sis asked me something super private in the middle of a mall food court and I was like, “There’s no way I’m answering that question until we get home.” I think we all have an expectation of privacy and certainly, I’m sure other people around wouldn’t want to hear the conversation anyways. Therefore out of respect for others and myself, I would say that we should respect the feelings and privacy of a woman when it comes to asking such questions, especially when it is not someone you know well. I would wager that when you ask a woman who you don’t know well about female topics, their thoughts would be, “Why do you need to know?” – and the likelihood is you probably don’t other than out of perversion or immense curiosity.

In a way, when it comes to women you know well, approaching such subjects come with greater danger because as said, it may end up damaging a relationship (whether romantic or just friends) that is already formed. I think that women can also be pretty understanding in that if you’re in at least “good standing” with them, that it won’t ruin a relationship unless you make the situation really awkward where they can no longer continue a friendship with you. I must say most of the girls I’m close with have all been very open about female topics with me and perhaps they find solace and comfort in confiding in me about personal topics that they can rarely talk to other guys about, even their own boyfriends. I guess naturally I’m also more inclined to make friends with those who are equally, if not more, open-minded so I suppose that may slightly skew the numbers and statistics. Nevertheless, I do believe that when I approach my girl-friends about such subjects, they’re pretty good about it. If they feel they don’t want to answer it, they’ll say so softly but without hard feelings. There are girls like Poh Ching who I’ve known for only months and even when we first started talking, we hit it off immediately and we talked about things as if we were “best friends” without barriers. I think we’ve exchanged more information with each other because of our openness, than we have with our own boyfriends and girlfriends before. There are girls like Sophia who won’t tell me anything as well 😛 LOL!

I think part of what made women this way were the way society has brought all of us up. Menstruation is a particularly taboo subject and even amongst women themselves are often discussed hush-hush. I’m glad to see that many of the girls of my generation are beginning to be more comfortable approaching such subjects because it’s becoming a more “acceptable” thing (not that it shouldn’t have been acceptable in the first place). As much as I’ve often asked girls about things like menstruation, oddly enough, I rarely approach my girls about subjects of their panties, bra size, weight and especially not their sizes. With as much experience as I had with my ex’s panties and bras, I’ve never noted her size or anything (did that make me a bad boyfriend? LOL), because it’s not something I’m just all that interested in. I think most guys love to gloat about their girlfriend’s breasts and stuff, but for as huge as my ex’s boobs were, I’ve never actually asked her for any of her sizes. So to answer the question, I don’t have much experience when it comes to asking girls about female articles of clothing. I shall put it quite frankly that I think most girls don’t find it acceptable for you to know about her sizes unless you are dating or married to her. If anything, most of my girls I do happen to know their sizes or weight only because they have told me without me inquiring. Also, it’s very natural for me to know about it because I shop with my girls a lot, so when they ask me to pick out certain sizes for them, it makes it pretty obvious as they try things on – I’m not blind you know 😀 But rest assured, I don’t really get all that hyped about that stuff. If a girl tells me her bra size, I wouldn’t be as excited as if she told me she was on her period or something, HAHAHA.

So the third type of women, one you are dating or married to then I think there needs to be mutual openness here. After all, if you’re dating and ESPECIALLY if you’re married, things like these should not need to remain a secret. Your girlfriend/wife (probably) menstruates, wears a bra, wears panties, etc. so it’s not like that is some worldwide secret or anything. If you’re in a relationship and you can’t even share simple matters like these, I don’t see any reason why the relationship should have progressed in the first place. With all my girlfriends, I have always “tested the waters” with their acceptance towards my interest/fetish by slowly introducing the topic in. You can tell whether they are open to talking about it or that they’re very shy. I know you guys listen to me bitch a lot, but honestly, bebe used to tell me a lot more about her period than she does now or within the past while. Like one of my readers said, it’s definitely a spiteful thing to do, especially she knows I enjoy knowing and what harm will it do to her? I can understand if I used her menstrual knowledge “against” her, like using it to time when she will PMS so I can mock and bother her, but no, I use that information with all the best intentions and so I can be around to be extra comforting for her. I cannot understand what logical girl would not love something like that, but hey, we’re all different. Sometimes trying to read into her makes my head explode, haha. When it comes to all the other girlfriends I’ve had, I could see they were open about sharing female topics and having even a relationship-building effect because it’s a special and meaningful way we can connect talking about female topics and I can get to know their bodies/feelings better! Topics like weight and sizes tend to be a pretty touchy subject for women, even beyond relationship and marriage, so really, it’s up to you whether you want to delve in such information. I think it’s pretty usual for a guy to know a girl’s sizes once they begin to share closet space anyways!

I only know of one girl who I’ve probably pushed away as a result of talking to her about periods. The odd thing was she was the one who approached me about the topic, which is really what pissed me off even more. I can see a girl being upset with me if I approached her about a sensitive topic, but if she was the one to begin the discussion, then that makes her retarded for playing “shy” after the fact. She began to talk about how great she thought using the Divacup was and permanently gave up using pads and tampons and then we had a very brief discussion on it. Heck, I didn’t even tell her anything about my “interest” – but just expressed I was glad she found something that she felt comfortable with and was being environmentally-conscious. She became all quiet about it and eventually stopped talking to me. I think I’d be unhappy if it was something “I did” to cause it, but she was the one who opened up to me about something as intimate as her use of menstrual cup, why the hell would you do that if you were going to be offended by it? Suffice to say, her and I are no longer friends and I have no want of “making up for it” because how can I be friends with someone who will open a topic for discussion and then become all sensitive about it when the other person begins to speak on that subject? The only other girl I can think of that I had to “make up” for it is bebe, because that is the whole reason why you are reading this blog – it is her inspiration and my way of expressing my commitment to her. When I told bebe about my interests, like most girls, she was like “wow” (in shocked way), but slowly accepted it within me. However, I needed to reassure her that knowledge of menstruation in a guy is nothing to be ashamed for her, doesn’t harm her in any way and in fact, helps her feel comfortable with communicating with me about anything, even personal bodily issues and female matters. This blog is dedicated to her because it was a way to ease her into the idea that men should know about menstruation and that it is an ADVANTAGE, not a disadvantage to have a boyfriend who appreciates it. Those are the only two scenarios where I’ve had happen to me where I felt I needed to “make up” for my actions.

I think the easiest way to approach women when it comes to these matters are through tact, exploration and to know your limits. Some women are insanely shy about it while others are open even to a total stranger. Some will only discuss it with their own gender while some will be more than happy to share their experiences with the opposite gender. I try to conjure up a conversation related to periods and see if she’ll continue in that direction. If she does, it’s likely she doesn’t feel too shy about it but if she steers away, it is likely she’s either 1) oblivious, or 2) doesn’t feel comfortable with the subject. A big factor besides knowing a person’s personality is also how close you are with the girl in question. Most of my girls I can be very blunt to, especially my god-sis’ I can just ask, “Hey, I forgot when your period is coming…” or “Do you have any pads/tampons left that I can have?” … while there are girls I would dare not be so blunt and I’d have to “work my way in” to a conversation like that. I could also say I know the girls around me well enough to know who you can approach female topics with and those who you can’t and it’s best to choose your targets correctly as it may result in dire consequences. Obviously asking a female coworker who you don’t know well about her bra size, period or weight is asking to get a lawsuit in your face. For women who are resistant to the subject, then the best thing to do is either CREATE that comfort-zone with them where they’re willing to share or simply don’t even bother. Women are entitled to their privacy, especially if you’re not in a particular relationship with them when it comes to their periods and other female topics. Choose your environment well, don’t pick places where a woman might feel exposed, embarrassed or offended where they feel at least they can be open with you about the subject-matter and try to avoid approaching the subject when she’s surrounded by others. After all, I may be comfortable sharing information with person X but not when person Y is present. Your tone and demeanour plays an important part, if you look like you want the information for perverted gains rather than for personal growth and knowledge, you are more likely to be declined an answer by the girl.

To sum it up, you simply have to know the person you are approaching about sensitive female matters. I understand no matter how well you know a girl, she may still reject or make a judgment mistake and end up damaging things, so it’s up to your discretion and choice whether you want to strike up such a conversation. Within a relationship, I believe learning about each others bodily experience helps connect partners and builds character and the relationship itself because after all, isn’t it a bond with each other that is a foundation of a good relationship? There is no right way of asking a question, only a way and how you do it will determine whether she smiles and answers your question or is a tick away from being slapped in the face 😆 There are then of course girls who I know won’t tell me but I bug them about it, but that is usually in jest and just to poke at them 😛

As people say, “Know your friends, know your enemies.”

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  1. SIGH! You could at leas hyperlink my blog to my name when you type it 😛 I know I’m one of the authors of this blog but still …. XD

    • Psh, your comment quality is degrading – all you care about is getting free publicity, LOL. I should get free publicity on your blog too then! HRMF.

      I don’t like your little girl pic, I want your cute ice cream pic back .. wahhhh!! 😦

  2. worldfromthisangle

    I bow down to your wisdom!

    Your approach to menstruation is exactly what I think society is lacking. I cannot honestly say that I have ever met a guy (and rarely met a girl) who is so respectful and open about talking about menstruation in general. Usually they whisper it or tactfully avoid the word altogether. So thank you for your respect and honesty! The taboo will only be able to change because people like you fight against it.

    In response to your “approaches”, I agree that it depends on who you are talking with. For me, I am comfortable with anyone talking to me about menstruation, but that is because I do not think it is taboo and instead, it is just a natural part of life. In fact, I am impressed when someone I don’t know initiates a conversation about it, while doing it in a respectful fashion of course (I’m not really patient with those who just giggle and turn spastic over the word). But I realize that not every woman is in the same place as me, and so I really appreciate the compassion and understanding that you describe.

    • Hi Caszie,

      Thanks for coming by! I’m glad to see that there are women like you who’ve taken the time to reach out to guys like me who are appreciative of menstruation without giving us sick looks of disgust. Your agreeance (according to this is actually a word, LOL) with my point-of-view when it comes to menstruation and kind words about my ideals brings joy to my heart. I wish more men took the time to learn about the beauty of menstruation and that it’s so much more than just a bleeding vagina every month. I can understand that menstrual flow doesn’t make for a good dinner-table conversation, but it should be understood by men and especially women who will/have begun menstruating. It’s so hard to comprehend women who don’t even understand their own menstrual cycle and acknowledge is as a part of life to be appreciated.

      I’ve been blessed with knowing many girls who can be so frank with me about menstruation. I would not say I “dislike” girls who don’t share menstrual knowledge with their partners, but I definitely find it awkward for two people to be together and yet steers clear of such a normal monthly topic. I’ve read about couples together for 10-20 years who would never shop with their husband/wife/significant other to make menstrual purchases – to me, this is a disturbing sign of whether they should really be together. I think to some it seems like a small thing, but if you cannot even share such lightly intimate knowledge of your wife’s menstrual cycle, that relationship raises some eyebrows.

      It’s also ladies such as yourself that help us guys expand our knowledge about menstruation. There are times when I feel women view the topic of men and menstruation in such a way that it’s a double-sided sword. Guys who are keen on learning about menstruation are chastised by women, labeled as sick, gross or perverted – yet women also complain about guys being insensitive towards the matter of periods or having no knowledge of it. Clearly, it is through education of females where males will learn the most, not simply through formal education. If women expect men to have an understanding, they really have to be the opens to open up the corridors for professional dialogue and discussion.

      I’m always open for discussion about menstruation, so if you ever want a male ear to listen, you know where to find me! 😀 Thanks again for coming by and taking the time to make me feel warm tonight. It’s so nice that despite all my daily grumbles about life and missing my lover while she’s away, that visitors on such a worldwide insignificant blog can touch me in ways beyond imagination.

  3. Kekeke… so long ago since I found out abt yur ‘interest’… didn’t even kno how the topic came up n’ that I was ok with sharing… guess it felt so natural for me to feel it was not embarassing for me to tell u things! U r like a “girls best friend” and we can share the ewwww-details with u n u juz smile!

    I miss being able to cm to u with all my problems but I kno u will always find time for me. I dun even hv to rmbr my own period coz u do it for me xDD

    U kno that u r realli ‘expert’ on this when even girls listen to u and that yur girls will even change brands on YOUR recommedation ,weeehhh!

    P.S. I just sent u link to my Italy pix!

  4. Hey, I just did a little testing on the three brands I have right now. Kotex ultra thin , long, always infinity regular flow, and stayfree ultra thin, regular with wings,(new ultra soft cottony dry cover. )

    I tested the kotex and stayfree side-by side. I was shocked to realize my favorite kotex was wet, and the moisture came back to the surface when you touched it. (even with the kotex being longer…it didn’t absorb more!

    I became curious when the stayfree thicker and I cut it open to see what was happening in there. There’s gel! Who knew? I thought no one used gel anymore after Always used it,and then took it off the market.

    I then cut open the kotex which(by the way when squeezed…the moisture pours right out. )only had a tiny tiny amount of this gel and two layers of gauze.

    I was totally weirded out with how much the stayfree absorbed, and wanted to see how the infinity pad stacked up.

    Both side by side, same moisture. Both did well. (I heard a crackling noise and the moisture was sucked down in the infinity. Pretty cool.)

    I did a second round and the infinity just couldn’t keep up. Leaked and squished out badly. Stayfree was dry, but had more then doubled in size. When picked up and squeezed, nothing came out. I am amazed. It’s squishy from the gel but no moisture came out. (a bit misshapen though. )

    I guess I just never realized the differences between brands. I have such a light flow that I pretty much never use a pad to full capacity. Kotex is good enough for a light flow, but if I ever go off birth control I’d be using Stayfree for sure. (I have a really heavy flow when not.)

    • Ohhh… that’s a nice little review and thanks for throwing it on my reviews section too, very smart! I think you’re right about having a light flow because that’s always easy to deal with. One of my god-sis has a really light flow and even on her “heavy” days, day 2-3, she’s only using about 2-3 pads or tampons a day. I cannot even fathom that a period can be that light and so easy to manage. She’s one of those girls who doesn’t get moody, have cramps or discomfort, so I can’t even coddle her, although I still spoil her nonetheless XD I’m not sure if it’s because she’s still young now or whether it’ll get heavier as she ages, but I guess we’ll find out! However, we don’t get to do much pad/tampon shopping because she uses so little 😦 Even if I buy her what most of my girls would use for a period or two, it lasts her half a year!

      Yep, the thin Stayfree’s, particularly the DryMax versions have gel in them and they didn’t publicize it like Always did. Like you found out, the gel does help absorb flow but I had heard from a few people they were deemed to be questionable and potentially unhealthy and that’s why I’ve always told my girls they should avoid using gel-pads, although of course the chemical composition may be how Stayfree managed to get them on the market without being pulled off the shelf. Either way, I’m just skeptical whenever it comes to gel in pads because so many other brands have proven it’s possible to make a good pad without it. I recommend the maxi-sized Stayfree’s usually.

      I know Kotex has a really flimsy absorption once it reaches saturation and doesn’t deal with leakage well. Most of the leaks I know of for my girls have always been Kotex and although I very much love Kotex Whites and other branches of Kotex line in Asia – I find the North American ones are very disappointing. I cannot wait ’til the end of the year when I go on vacation in Hong Kong and Taiwan to be reunited with them 😛 I’m not sure why companies aren’t opting to take the “best of the best” pads from around the world and combine it to make one superior one. If it’s a pad from the same company, like P&G or Kimberley-Clark, it’s not like they would have to pay royalties or anything – just choose the best pads from each country, sell it world-wide rather than regionalized and continue improving that one. I still don’t understand why some countries have access to certain pads under the same brand – but then again, I’m not a lawyer.

      There are many differences between brands and particular ‘lines’ of brands and I’ve had several girls comment to me before that I seem to know more about them than they do, even though they are the ones using it. Although I will admit this is not one of those “highly sought after” hobbies that most guys would choose, I do. I love women (lol, if you can’t tell already), so why not be interested in something that makes them feel comfortable, at-ease and is with them for a week every month? This is my special little way of loving girls 😀 And plus, it makes for a great conversation in private because I think most girls feel it’s impossible to ever share menstrual-related things with a guy, and I want to be one where any topic is an acceptable topic with me!

      There was a Stayfree sale last week when I bought them, so hope you took advantage of it! I see you’re becoming quite a regular on my site and thanks for your contributions. Heck, you may see me shopping for pads at a local SDM one day and not even know it’s me XD

  5. I actually didn’t mean to post it twice. I copy and pasted it into the reviews section and went to delete it from This section but I couldn’t figure out how to. Lol.

    I didn’t take advantage of it. I don’t have a rexall anywhere nearby. ( At least that I know of)I have three 3 packages kicking around now, and I probably won’t finish them for another 2 periods at least. (they are all small packages too)

    When I was at my part time job( cashier) I swear I thought it was you once. He was calling his bebe (his words) and she picked up while he was leaving a voicemail, and just wanted to say hi. I thought it was cute.

    Maxi pads…I just don’t like them. I’m so biased. I think they are so outdated the’re ridiculous. Like get with the times ladies! I definitely judge when ladies check out with them. (I know, tsk tsk) Although, after seeing the gel in the stayfree I am kind of alarmed, so I see the benefit with no gel…but then you get a buldge in your underwear. (boy I bet you have to wear sturdy non stretchy underwear to keep it in place. I know when I wear stretchy modal undies the pads can dip the front down. unsexy)

    I know with you the pads don’t have to be practical, so it’s okay to love ’em. 😉
    I also know there is a place for them…and I’d say for postnatal uses. Cushioning and less potential for irriation (no gel, with some brands anyways)

    Maybe I’ll change my tune when I go off birth control. The one time I went off for a month I leaked through and soaked my kotex in one hour at work.(and I was standing! Not like it was from sitting oddly) Boy was I ever freaked out, I’d forgotten how heavy it was. I was wearing black pants so it was invisible but still, I definitely didn’t sit on the subway ride home.

    • Haha, you can’t delete stuff once you’ve posted it, or modify it for that matter unless you have access to the admin panel. I prefer something like “forums” where people can edit their post during X amount of time after posting to fix mistakes or make additions and to delete their own post, but alas, WP does not offer this (or at least not for this skin). I rather like it in the review section so I’m going to keep it there too 😀

      Wow no kidding – I didn’t realize there weren’t many Rexall’s or their chains available in your area. You know, that’s an interesting point, I spend a lot of time in the city you live in and now I think about it, it’s only SDMs I see! I just did a lookup on google maps and only found like 2-3 at the “edges” of the city. In my city, we have like 1 on every few street corner, haha. I have a like 4 Rexall’s in a 2km radius, lol.

      OH! That story sounds really cute, but alas, that was not me. If I’m in ‘sauga, I’m usually with my girls or one of god-sis’ so you would’ve saw them with me! Bebe and I don’t talk on the phone (even though she will with her girl-friends, hrmf, lol). Also, she’s far far away for now and she probably wouldn’t want to spend the long-distance cost on me 😛 If you ever see a guy buying pads/tampons and not burying it under useless purchases or sneaking-about with it, then it’s probably me, LOL. Out of all the guy-friends I know, I don’t think any of them would dare buy it and if they did, it’d be a very shameful process for them, haha.

      Not all the Stayfree’s have gels in them, so don’t be too worried 😛 Ya, it kinda sucks that we as humans judge others, but it’s in our nature I guess for that to happen. Just like in the back of my head, sometimes I think, “That girl’s a tampon user” or “That girl’s a pad user” just based on looking at them or what “type” of girl they are and I know it’s highly inaccurate, it’s more of a thing that runs through my head, haha. Ain’t my problem what they use anyways, but I think we all have thoughts about person X even if we don’t know anything about them or based on very little we know about them – like their choice of protection they bring to the checkout counter in your case.

      Belted sanitary napkins are outdated, pads aren’t that bad are they? 😆 Most of my ex’s used thins, so I haven’t experienced many of them who had pad bulges. I only had one ex who used maxis consistently and didn’t rely on thins. Also, the resulting bulges also rely on how much hair down there, LOL. If there’s a lot of hair, even a thin pad would look “bulky” and a thicker pad with no/less hair would look more close-to-the-body. I think most of my girls wear regular “granny panties” when they’re on their periods, just for the sake of being able to put their pads in place. I can never grasp the concepts of all the different types of female underwear, why can’t it be simple like guys? hah. I’m not sure about the stretchy or non-stretchy part, I never usually go and snap my girl’s underwear (lol, that’s just so wrong…) so I wouldn’t know how stretchy their panties are when they’re on their period. A few use tampons so they don’t have to choose panties accordingly. I’ve seen my fair share of pad-in-undies when my ex’s have changed and I happened to be in their room, I didn’t really think of it as being unsexy – it’s just a form of feminine protection they need to stay clean, wasn’t meant to be a aphrodisiac or something, haha.

      What makes you think that pads don’t have to be practical for me? HAHA. I like to learn about them that helps me relay good information to my girls so they can make well-informed choices! Just as I would with food, drinks and clothing, I would recommend one that works well to them and point out the cons about a brand/type of pad that I wouldn’t think would suit them. I have some really close girl-friends that we can exchange conversations about them and I can learn a lot from them talking about their periods and what they experienced when I give them certain ones to test and try. Since I don’t menstruate, I unfortunately (or fortunately? :P) can’t make my own “valid” judgment without their help. I spoil them because it’s like being compensated at work for their efforts XD It’s nice to have girl-friends, but not have to “fall in love with them” because I think a lot of people seem to have a very same-gendered friendships. I like to have a nice mix of guy friends and girl friends.

      I do hope I get to hear about your experiences when you go off the pill (if you want to share of course)! One of my friends who went off the pill found her period lighter than before she went on/off it, so she was quite happy. Then again, seems like the general consensus is though that it becomes even heavier than when they didn’t go on it in the first place. The first 3-4 months off it seems to be either “nothing or sporadic periods” to “super heavy Niagara Falls gushing flow” so I guess it’s a roll of the dice! I can imagine that if you only went off it for a month that you’d have extra heavy period since your body is now going back to its “natural” form. Also, maybe it was just because you haven’t experienced a heavy flow for so long that you think it’s a lot? An hour does seem a bit crazy, but if it doesn’t continue like that for more than 2 days, should be ok. Obviously if that happens over a long period of time, then a visit to the docs in order!

      I’ll answer your acupuncture comment when I get a chance, I better get back to work 😛

      P.S. do you get discounts on supplies where you work as a cashier? That’s considerable savings and convenience for you! HAHAHA.

  6. Oh and I am definitely curious as to how your acupuncture appointments are going! I find it fascinating. My mom had gone as a last resort when her frozen shoulder wasn’t responding to any other treatments…2 cortisone shots, therapy, She was one happy camper. I’m trying to get my hubby to go for his back/neck. He’s always in pain from slipped discs and degeneration in his neck and i’m pretty sure he’s got a pinched sciatic nerve .(lol does that make him sound old? lol he isn’t) He went faithfully to a chiropractor but they never fixed it….just temporary relief. So he’s given up.

    I ‘m imagining needles getting down to my knots in my neck/shoulder and it sounds like heaven to me. Warm goodness. Now that my fulltime job has set up benefits I’m looking to fix myself up. (dentist, done!, Glasses, Rx done!, )

    • They’re going great – minus the pain, LOL. I’ve done my acupuncture portion and I’m just going the herbal medicine now. After enduring 2 months of pain, I just didn’t want to suffer anymore because as much as there are comfortable parts, the pain made weekends unbearable. I mean for the most of us, we look forward to the weekend and 2 days off. For me, thinking about being poked every weekend almost made me NOT want the weekends to come. I asked the doctor and she did say that it’s “appropriate” to stop now since she’s done the bulk of the treatment and doesn’t “require” acupuncture anymore.

      Acupuncture does really resolve things that modern “Western” medicine can’t tackle. Obviously everyone has their own opinion – some say it’s rubbish and doesn’t help them with their problem while others swear by it. My appointments are out in North York which is 1h10m drive, so it’s a nice lil’road-trip every weekend for me. I go early Saturday morning to prevent dealing with traffic.

      If your hubby is suffering from “incurable” pains from typical medical point-of-views, then this is definitely worth investing a bit of money into. Needles inserted in the right places DO feel very relaxing, even if the initial breaking of the skin hurts a bit. However, places whre the insert the needles to tackle certain ailments will hurt a LOT. Certain meridians in the body render a lot of pain if it covers an affected area you have a “weakness” in. Just be aware most medical coverages do not count naturopathic or holistic treatment as insurable, so you’ll have to pay it out of your own pockets. Then again, if it makes considerable difference to your quality-of-life, it just might be worth paying for yourself!!

  7. I never gave a second thought that pubic hair would add to the bulge! My family really doesn’t have a lot of hair. (eyebrows, arm) So even when I was younger I didn’t have to worry about having a bathing suit bulge, lol!

    When I was younger I lived in Always thin orange packages. I remember when my friends used to borrow one they’d be like wtf is this?lol I never used to get cramps for many years and I had a really heavy flow. Now I do(from age or B.C.?) and it’s lighter. I’ve heard for post postpartum cramps are important because it stops you from bleeding to death(same concept?)
    I then started using tampons because they were more reliable and better in hot weather. ( who wants to ride a bike in sweltering weather with a pad on? yuck)

    When I went on the pill and changed a few times I found the right one for me. It ended up giving me lighter periods which made me pretty much unable to use tampons. (it’s so hard to find light tampons. SDM has them but i’m not spending 5.99 for 20 of them. hmmph)

    I do get a discount! Honestly it’s the reason I still have the job. (ok ok and I like my coworkers too) I have another job and starting late Sept/ Oct both jobs get so busy I work 12-14 hour days. Christmas is a nightmare…you can just imagine the crusty customers. ( I’ve already worked 8 hours and commuted 2 hours to get there. Don’t piss me off. People grumble the lines are long….it’s the customers!)
    Bonus is I get paid every Friday from either job.

    Belted sanitary napkins? I haven’t even seen one in person before! How old do you think I am? lol! I’m in my early 20’s.

    • Hah, lucky you – I guess most of my ex’s have had their fair share down there or even the girls I happen to know if I’ve ever seen them in a bathing suit. I know some get really antsy about keeping it clean down there, especially for summer-time water fun. One girl refused to come with us to the beach one time because she “didn’t have time to shave”. Having a bush just adds to the injury of a pad bulge 😛

      I know Always went through quite a few changes to their symbols and colouring scheme. Right now, the orange ones would be the overnights – don’t tell me you had to use overnights even for day time 😕 I guess it brings an air of convenience not to have to change often, but then that’s a damn heavy flow! If you had such a heavy flow, did you bother with trying maxi-sized or did you always want the thins for comfort and just change more often? Cramps have a lot to do with lifestyle as well, so it’s not just a matter of aging, but rather, a combination of factors linked to each other. Perhaps less exercise or eating unhealthier foods would contribute to more painful or frequent cramps.

      I can understand your want of switching to tampons, but I’m not sure about the reliability of things when it comes to feminine hygiene. The product itself is only as reliable as the person who’s using it. Don’t kid yourself, an overly saturated tampon and a resulting leak is just as messy as an overflowing pad – LOL. I’ve also heard about vaginal formations which don’t allow for optimal “seal” creation which poses leak issues for some women where the tampon doesn’t create enough of a plug and the flow still manages to get out. I know these are rare cases, but I like to imagine that both pads, tampons and alternative protection all have their own strengths and weaknesses. I won’t disagree with you saying that a tampon provides a much more comfortable form of protection when it comes to hot weather! A damp pad + sweat is no laughing matter 😐

      I’m not sure what’s up with our stores and not stocking “light” products. I remember we had to do some major scrounging until I could find a decent-sized/priced box of Tampax Pearl Lites for my one of my sis’. We finally gave up on the search and then I bought her some O.B. tampons junior/lite ones because it’s rare to find those separate in Square One SDM. As far as I know, Canada only sells the regular-absorbency ones and those she has always complained about it being too large and unnecessary since she has a light flow. I think if it wasn’t for the fact of TSS, she could leave an ultra in her for like her entire period at how light it is, haha. She did have some issues at first getting a non-applicator tampon in and she wasted two before getting it in. It was hard for me to talk her through it through the bathroom door but there was no way I was going to help her with it 😆 Tampons are pricey, make sure you get lots of coupons off the web and flyers!

      That’s good that you get discounts, haha, it was always my dream to work at a computer store so I could get rock-bottom prices XD Of course I never did since I find there’s only so much you can buy before computer part becomes obsolete the next day anyways. I wouldn’t mind doubling working for one of the pad/tampon companies though 😀 haha… maybe they could persuade me with some free samples and stuff 😛 Oh well – always a dream! 12-14 hour days are nuts, I could not pull that off. Even 8 hours and I’m already like “ugh”. I would find a 2 hour commute to be a waste of time, although when you enjoy your job or the money is good, you grudge along anyways. It takes me 25 minutes to get to work driving each day and I swear I zone out on the drive there because it’s so mundane.

      You should really go to the T&T Asian supermarket, pick up a few packs there and let me know how it works out for you 😀 haha!

      LOL, don’t think you’re old at all – just that I happened to read on a community forum where there’s a lot of guys who enjoyed the belted pads and found it “sexier” than modern stuff… I can’t grasp that,but then again, I wasn’t born in that era so maybe that’s why I don’t find it as cool or exciting. It was just what came to my mind when you mentioned out-of-date and isn’t a representation of your age XD

      By the time I was born, it was already the end of belted napkins and had already moved on to adhesives. However back then, I recall the strips were quite shitty and I even found myself some Always Classics at the dollar store and the adhesives made me worry that any girl who would use that and did track-and-field or something can expect her pad to slip out in the middle of a run or something… 😆

      Alas, the only sanitary napkin with belt I’ve ever seen was only through pictures and not in-person… I wonder if I’ll ever find the real-deal. One of my readers Cherrie did link me to a Malaysian forum written totally in Chinese (which is a pain in the ass for me to read compared to English) about a belted-sanitary napkin being sold in Malaysia and Singapore with some pictures and stuff on models and the packages. It was like a 30-page thread so I didn’t have the patience to go through it 😛 Apparently they still exist and there are still “modern women” using them! CRAZY.

  8. Such a big convo going X_x … I dun chk for a while and like an essay written on yur blog, LOL… so popular la. I juz remembered why we started a convo abt this one day… when I uhh.. dropped my pad between yur couch coz it was in my bk pocket? KAKAKAKKA. Den… also dropped my tampon when I started using them later on 😆

  9. Canada does sell light aborbancy tampons…but only at select stores. I used to buy tampax cardboard lites at a SDM when I used to live in Toronto. I recently saw tampax pearl lites at walmart . I just don’t have the urge to get them anymore, lol.

    Tampons are reliable as in I could feel them creeping lower and feel dampness and know I needed to change it NOW.

    Blah half of my note got eaten and posted before I was done. I’m done for the night.

    • What do you mean don’t have the urge? HAHA. Ya, I’ve seen a few places stock lites and stuff, just not on-mass like the “regular” products. My friend gets them too and I think she gets them from one of the SDM’s on Dundas. The only “problem” I’ve seen with the lites is that they’re generally the same price, for the same number of them and it almost seems like it’s a joke.

      The other time I was looking at Playtex Sports Supers with one of my girls and they were the same quantity and price as her Regulars so our thought was … why buy regulars for the same price/number when the supers would last longer? Now of course I understand the reduced risk of TSS by using the lowest absorbency tampon possible, but I just find it amusing that’s how they’re playing with their customers. At least with something like pads, usually the lower absorbency ones will be either cheaper or have more quantity for the same price.

      I think tampons require some major getting-used to and really it’s much more of a psychological hurdle more than anything. I remember when I persuaded my ex to try a tampon once and she still ended up using a pad as a backup. For her, it was the feeling of “not knowing when to change” and after a few hours when I told her it was probably time for her to change it (didn’t leak on to her pad), she was like, “Wow, there’s so much on it I didn’t expect.” She went on back using pads anyways, but I think the feeling of “not feeling something there” and “not being able to SEE how full” was a big fear for her. I asked her what she thought and she did admit to it being comfortable, but having been years of being a pad-user, I can understand that not being able to visually gauge saturation and the the feeling of dampness doesn’t go well. I think as girls use it more, they become much more attuned to it.

      Ever have any experience with applicator-less tampons before?

  10. I did use the overnights in high school. I just couldn’t take the chance. I changed them at least twice during the school day.
    I’d never really given maxis a try. Only a few times where I’d gotten stuck in a public bathroom and those were so awful. Just like those discount ones you’d bought…like a wad of paper, lol.

    I am probably going to try out some of the ones at t&t. I hope I can figure out the packaging! I’ve got about a week to get them, and figure out how to get there.
    I actually really also want to try natural/organic ones. I found some tampons and pads in my local holistic store.(not light tampons…argh) I also couldn’t quite tell if they were thins or maxi’s. I’ll have to go back and ask the woman who works there. (the guy was unhelpful with other inquiries do I didn’t bother)

    Oh…good news/bad news. Always overnight heavy is now at walmart. Limited time for 8.87. (cents might be off)

    • I think it’s pretty common for high-school girls to do over-kill on pads, because they worry they won’t be able to change it in time. I know when most of my girls were in HS, they did say too that they “used more than they needed to” – either higher absorbency ones or they’d change unnecessarily (even if it wasn’t highly saturated) just out of fear of leaks. I think over time, girls become more aware of their flows and can tailor their needs closer to what they require. I think other than being out in the wilderness, there’s always accessibility to change their protection anyways, so over-kill may give a sense of comfort, but a waste of it.

      Where I work, they leave the boxes of those crappy Gards pads they load into the vending machines. Luckily I’m in the admin building, so they provide them for free, but out at other sites, they have to pay for them. At all the admin sites, they leaved them stashed on a shelf in the girls washroom (was told this by my friend who visited me one time, I dare not go in myself… HAHA) , so I guess it’s nice for the female workers to know if they ever got caught off-guard, products are readily available to them. The good thing is they at least don’t vend out shitty tampons, they’re the actual Tampax Regulars, but in vending-machine container. I heard some nicer places similar to where I work vend out Stayfree or Always pads – but that’s very rare – usually it’s always these “generic pads.”

      The most impressive “free offer” pad I’ve ever seen was actually on the Cathay Pacific planes. The washrooms actually had branded Kotex pads and were even the Kotex 2-in-1 dual cover ones offered in Hong Kong. I suppose they must’ve restocked these at the HK airport between trips from Pearson, but it’s just so nice for a woman who’s surprized by her period not to be subjected to shitty pads for a long-haul flight!

      I’m so glad to hear you’re willing to give thins a shot 😛 – I suppose calling you open-minded would be an understatement since you’re having an extended conversation with a guy about menstruation, haha. I must say, I do enjoy your readership and contributions to my site 😀 I hope these conversations don’t wear you down and you become repulsed towards periods 😆 They are indeed a fact of life and it’s better to love it than hate it! The packaging all have English on them (if you’ve checked out the pictures) on my other post. The “info” on it may be in another language, but it’s not like you need instructions on how to apply the pad, LOL!

      If you’re willing to be adventerous, please do give the Elis DX360 a shot – they’re maxi-sized and generally for overnight use, but is quite comfortable and will give you side protection beyond standard Canadian pads. Of course if you’re still impartial to maxis, you could do the Laurier thins. I can’t say much about the SaraSara ones because none of my girls have ever tested it and I haven’t even seen it outside of the package before. I assume you aren’t Asian, so you may feel a bit intimated going in, heh, but oddly enough, I find there are many non-Asian shoppers there because of the selection and low prices. I’ve taken a lot of my white friends to T&T before and now they even go on their own without me 😆 Use Google maps or a GPS if you need to find out how to get there – it’s really easy anyways!

      715 Central Parkway West Mississauga On L5B 4L1

      I’ve heard some great things about organic pads/tampons, although I find them to be quite expensive. I have yet to test them, so of course I can’t attest to it other than hearsay. I’ve seen a new brand called Asana and then the other two well-known ones are Natracare and 7th Generation. They sell mostly thins, but I think Natracare does have a maxi-sized maternity one. I think it’s hard for a guy to answer questions about pad/tampons unless he’s like me, LOL – poor guy. If you have good experiences with them, I wouldn’t mind getting some and sharing amongst my girls to see what they think too!

      8.87 is nuts and I think I’m trying to avoid spending more in the future on the Always Extra Heavy Overnights… lol – if I’m spending those prices, mind as well get the ones from T&T and at least I can justify the cost of them shipping it from Japan and Hong Kong, HAHA!

  11. It’s definitely something to look into. Hopefully something closing to home. I doubt my hubby would spend and hour or so on a day off to go and get poked. lol.( he doesn’t have many days off )
    My insurance covers massage and chiropractic but i’ll double check with them to see if they might. It can’t hurt to ask.

    I’m glad your painful weekends are now over, heh.

    I’m not comfortable with using an non applicator tampon. Mostly because in a public bathroom, even though you wash your hands before you go in it’s still dirty. Touching the door/lock which other people have…after doing their business and then touching your crotch? Naw uh. I also don’t like the idea of getting blood under my nail and having the scrub it at the communal sink. lol.

    I don’t have the urge I makes me too dry sometimes and uncomfortable…why bother I figure.

    I’m not getting bored or repulsed. I love checking in to see what’s been going on.
    I think this month I’m going to try the natracare pads. (they have no plastic on the bottom so we’ll see how it goes!) The one in my local store looked like an older product. Not individually folded nor did it say ultra or maxi to distinguish it. (i’m assuming maxi) I’m going to try and find the right fit and give ’em a try.

    I have such a light period I don’t need any overnight protection usually. If I buy a longer pad I use one a month. (not even usually needed) When I’m feeling cheap I just add on a panty liner to line up with my butt crack. (sorry to be crass)

    When I go to t&t(because I know I will be tempted to buy some goodies) I will try the Sarasara because it’s the unknown and a snappy name! lol

    I will keep you posted as to what I pick up

  12. Damn late reply, I’m yawning right now but I should answer your comments since I haven’t for 2 days now!

    To your first post, I can understand that he may not get a lot of days off – but all I have to say is, “for the benefit of his OWN health!” I’ve spent a lot of money just in the past 3 months of seeing this doctor, but there are visible improvements. We’re still at this young age where we are decently strong against ailments and stuff, but now’s the time to fortify our body for future deterioration (since that’s a reality of aging). All I think is that by being healthy, I’m giving the 99% most important thing that I could give to bebe, because without good health, I will have no capacity to take care of our family! Some places that do acupuncture also have a massage license, so you could claim it against that if they’re willing to write it was massage service 😛

    Ah yes, that’s true about non-applicator tampons. However, with proper insertion techniques, blood should not get clogged in your fingernails 😀 Might want to work on that, LOL! I can definitely understand your concerns over germs and bacteria though. However, some women handle applicators poorly as well, essentially contaminating it just as they would with a non-applicator one, so meh! But of course, to each their own – I just think it’s so much faster and environmentally-friendlier. Are you talking about tampons in general making you dry or just the Tampax ones?

    I have yet to test Natracare ones or any of my girls have either. I think for them, the price is rather steep. A lot of my girls are either in university or just recently graduated, so wherever they can save money, you bet they’ll take advantage of it! Even I’m a little cheapo sometimes and I look at the price differences between conventional and organic pads/tampons, it’s definitely noticeable! I suppose it’s hard for you to understand the need for various brands/absorbency/lengths when you don’t have a heavy flow 😛 You probably understood at one point before you went on BC, but now you’ve forgotten those days, haven’t you? haha. I find pantiliners would be freaky to use as a tampon backup… perhaps maybe an Always Slender/Teen or something.

    LOL, replace the word “some” goodies or “lots of” goodies 😀 Have you been to this franchise before (even if not the one local)? I’ll have to give you the thumbs up if you are really that adventurous in trying the SaraSara 😛 I doubt you’ll be anything less than surprized by it because Center-In is a well-known Japanese brand. If you know anything about Japanese culture is that they strive for perfection at all costs, LOL. The first time I saw that name, I was like, “Damn, when did pad names become so cool?” 😆 T&T’s pad aisle is the first actual “aisle” (that’s actually enclosed by two shelving units) in the back.. it’ll be noticeable because I’ve provided a picture and you’re in the right aisle when you see some kitchen stuff and toiletries!

    I hope we never bump into each other in that aisle… might be some awkwardness 😀 HAHAHAHA.

    P.S – merging some posts and such, I’m a neat freak, can you tell? 😛

  13. I definitely do think non applicators are environmentally friendly. They just aren’t the fastest/convenient thing for me. (sorry mother nature) When wear tampons for a few days it just dries the whole area out and itching results. (even diff brands but haven’t tried organic) So I don’t use them very often anymore. I love pantyliners!. I wear them all the time. It’s fantastic for the hot weather. (my underoos are the type that are non absorbent they don’t absorb moisture at all. )
    When you use them for tampon back up you only need them for the stuff that leaks from the string. If you feel wetness at all you get your butt to the bathroom. That how you know, lol. Wearing a pad and a tampon would just be overkill. Uncomfortable x’s 2.

    Good idea with claiming acupuncture=massage.

    I have gotten my friends to shop there for me.(they go there regularly anyways. )They get my coconut vinegar and special soy sauce to make philipino adobo.mmm They also pick up me up savory meat buns.

    I picked up natracare organic cotton curved liners. (3.75 and 30 in a box) I like ’em. A tad too wide in some undies but they’re nice and soft and don’t fall apart. They have different sizes so I can get a thinner one next time.

    I also got an older box of natracare pads, regular. (non organic 14 pads, non folded/wrapped. )They are maxi pads….they seemed so luxurious and soft. I did a trial and they really just stay wet on the surface. I am not going to like ’em. I can tell already. They remind me of the cheap guard pads but with channels and a very soft cotton cover. They both are plastic free but are lined with something plastic -like. Intriguing. They were 4.75.
    Both together with tax were 9.04.

    • Poor mother nature, lol… O.B. tampons are easy to get in than having to deal with a clunky applicator, just takes some practice 😛 So what do you do about swimming then, or will you still suck-it-up and deal with the dryness or just avoid swimming all together? I would think carrying an applicator-less tampon around is more discrete and convenient XD Of course I’m not trying to persuade you, haha, just saying!

      Using pantiliners too often is bad for vaginal health 😕 I was a commenter on an entry about that:

      I can definitely understand trying to maintain a “fresh” feeling, but try not to use them too often 😛 I might not know you, but I certainly would want to help you avoid getting an infection or something! I would think that pantiliners would encourage wetness since the sweat would get on it or create friction that causes you to sweat more between the legs… guess I’m wrong!

      Some girls don’t have the liberty of getting to the washroom in time, so they may need to soak through a tampon and onto their pad before they change. Although I don’t menstruate, I can definitely attest that two of my girls do this because they’re either, 1) too lazy to change so fast, or 2) can’t do it quick enough – especially true for those who have to sit in for hours of exams and stuff. Stop being like an advertisement saying pads are uncomfortable :lol:!

      Ah, so you’re semi-familiar with Asian supermarkets it appears 😛 That’s kinda cool. If I ever see a girl wandering down the T&T pad aisle and I think it’s you, I’ll come by and say “hi” 😀 HAHAHA. What do you think of the new Always Flexi-Style Pantiliners? They seem nice enough and you can get them in jumbo-size at Costco and they’re on sale! I saw them at the Dundas Costco with a coupon.

      Sad to hear the Natracare pads were so shameful – I heard they were supposed to be amazing. Guess I won’t know ’til I get my hands on them and test them – can’t be fair ’til I get some opinions on them! 😀 I wonder if it was ‘cuz they’re the old kind or whether all the Natracare ones are like that? Sounds pretty damn pricey to me, but definitely try everything once!

  14. I only go swimming when I go camping and that’s only once a year. I also refuse to have my period when I go camping, so just take my pill continuously to skip it. (I know I know) I will wear a tampon when I swim but I’ve still left faint marks on my towel.

    The new always flexi looks just the the thinnest u by kotex liner. It did absolutely nothing. It stuck almost too well too. Hard to peel off.

    In the link you gave me it did say you should wear at least 95% cotton undies but I don’t. Therefore I use liners to catch the moisture. The natracare liners are only cotton and breathable. You can even see the holes around the adhesive on the back.
    I should be fine now! I do think after I finish my curves liners I’ll stick to just the organic natracare ones.

    Pads aren’t uncomfortable but you notice them there, and of course the wetness. Tampons can be uncomfortable themselves, being in the wrong spot or being too full. They also can make your cramps more noticeable/worse as I’ve read. (and I believe it to be true)

    I shop at that location! Costco is so cool. I always go in without a cart and then regret it later.
    You can definitely say hi.

    • Ah, not the swimming type eh! A big fan of the pill I see – lol, hey, everyone makes their own choices and has reasons for their own decisions. The pill obviously helps you avoid your heavy periods and prevents a surprize from a baby popping out, so that’s what works for you. For me, I just don’t like what the pill does on the body and I feel sex in itself is already a responsibility and obligation knowing that pregnancy could occur and if a condom isn’t enough to prevent it, then the baby was just meant-to-be, call me a bit of a fatalist!

      I heard my aunt and uncle did everything possible to prevent conceiving, but sure enough, they ended up having my cousin so if life has you headed towards that direction, nothing you do is going to stop it, haha. In my views, if you are ready to start having sex with a particular guy or girl, then you’re also willing to acknowledge that commitment. I know people nowadays have very lax views of sex and there are people who do it out of pleasure which is fine if it suits their lifestyle. For me, it’s an act of love and life-long commitment to each other, so I guess I’m an old-fashion sort of guy 😛 Someone asked me whether I could survive if my girlfriend said no sex before marriage and I shrugged, lol, I’m sure I’ll live… where there’s a will, there’s a way, haha.

      Ah, the Natracare liners do sound pretty nice. Yes, cotton panties are essential to maintaining good vaginal health. One of my girls who had this reoccuring case of yeast infection couldn’t get rid of it until she had went out and revamped her underwear drawer. Seems like whatever material of underwear she was wearing wasn’t coinciding well with her downstairs health 😆 I just can’t understand how women can have that much moisture and discharge, haha… makes my head spin.

      Hrm, that’s an interesting thought on “noticing” pads… I guess it depends how much your mind is on it. The wetness is indeed uncomfortable, although you wouldn’t want to be wearing a pad so long where you start feeling that 😛 Apparently you shouldn’t be able to feel the tampon if they’re inserted properly. It’s good if you can feel it when it’s fully because my sis and ex had fears of not knowing to change since they can’t “see” the amount of flow on it. I do believe in tampons making cramps worse as well, that’s why I’m a big pad fan – LOL.

      I’m a ‘sauga junky only because that’s where all the Asian places are – my city has a few but it’s incomparable… kind of like comparing the number of Asian places in ‘sauga versus Markham or Scarborough. It’s nice and close since it takes me only about 30 minutes on a good day to get there and I usually spend the day there with my sis’ or with friends. I saw the T&T on Steeles had way more choices of Asian pads/tampons, but I was only taking a sneak-peek since the girl I was with wasn’t the open-type 😀 I’m still sad to say I can’t get over trying to buy that stuff in Asian markets.. I still have to have one of my girls with me because people in the Asian marts tend to be more judgmental. I know it goes against my saying of, “I don’t give a shit what you think about me” but even I think I’d blush buying a huge package of pads to the front counter of T&T by myself, haha. If you’ve taken a look at the size of it, there’s no hiding that thing, LOL!

      We used to buy a lot of stuff at Costco because of bulk savings to only realize that unless it’s something that doesn’t have an expiry date, it’s hard to make it worth-the-while if something ends up rotting or going to waste. Costco has some great prices on feminine hygiene, but a very limited selection of what is available – almost like they’re defining what you HAVE to use, lol. My favourite part of Costco I have to admit is their food court XD

  15. My “friend” just had a baby and I try and get over there once a week to help for the day. If i fell pregnant I bet he’d think I had baby fever. lol. ( we both don’t really want kids, or to be our only goal in life. We both agreed having them with each other wouldn’t be so bad(lol) because we couldn’t see having kids with anyone else. )
    As I state this I am waiting for my period. Now please!

    It is funny you feel embarrassed to buy pads at t&t. I know at my store it’s mostly asian husbands who buy stuff for their wives. I had a younger man yesterday who bought a pack of always maxi’s, two kitkat bars and Tylenol. I felt like congratulating him on being an awesome guy. (he wasn’t embarassed at all)

    Costco doesn’t usually have the exact products I want. Scent, type, so I usually buy big packs of gum or salsa! lol Food’s more my thing at costco.

    As for not realizing the moisture down there….think of this: it’s a mucous membrane just like your eyes. Wet all the time, otherwise it bugs the crap out of you, lol. Also, during hot weather guy complain of sweaty balls….works both ways. lol. Girls really shouldn’t have that much discharge, otherwise you’ve got a problem! Fingers crossed….I’ve never had a problem and hopefully never will.

    • YAY, congrats to your friend and now you also get some baby-experiences 😛 The reality for women I suppose is that you have time acting against you so there are times when hit a point when you realize that it’s your “final chance” to have a baby as you’re nearing that age. I have an older friend who had been dating the same girl for 13 years and their initial agreement was no marriage and no children. As my friend’s girlfriend got to her 30’s and started seeing their group of friends having kids, then life’s direction begins to change. It’s not a matter of “peer pressure” – but it’s just that “right time” that comes along in life. My friend compromised and said they could marry, but still NO KIDS… so there went a 13-year relationship. For men I suppose as long as your sperms still working, we can always get a girl pregnant 😀

      For me, children was always such a high priority because I felt it was a fulfillment and for a LONG time, up to the recent year of my life it was. When bebe and I met, I still had that adamant desire to say yes, MUST have kids. Over the past year, I have grown to care about bebe so much that all of a sudden, kids would be a bonus, but not having them would not be a LOSS. I learned that clearly when you love someone, all other things don’t matter. Although bebe and I are both in a healthy state and capable of creating new life, I think the reality is that god-forbid either of us have issues, I do not feel I would have lost-out in life because who’s important to me is HER. I know we both “want” kids, but I think I have changed to, “it’s nice to have kids, but I won’t feel unaccomplished if I don’t.” I’m much more relaxed with the “want kids” approach now as I know there are things in life you can’t ask for – either you are destined to have them or not.

      Oh yay, your period is about to start eh? 😆 Trying to tease me now or something? HAHA.

      My shyness tends to only be with Asian marts. I’ve bought pads/tampons in tons of other “white” places, big stores, mid-sized stores, small stores and it doesn’t bother me… I think the Asian mentality is a bit different and still very old-fashion. I guess we’re slowly evolving to a more realistic and modern mentality, but you still tend to get more stares at a Chinese supermarket buying pads than you would in say a SDM. Ya, the only pads that I buy at Costco are the Always Supers w/ Wings or one of my girls use Tampax Pearl’s so sometimes we’ll get those when I’m there with her – otherwise there isn’t a lot of other preferred-choices.

      Sweaty balls suck… seriously, LOL!

  16. Thanks for the informative article, it was a good read and I hope its ok that I share this with some facebook friends. Thanks.

  17. As much as you feel that you’re lucky for your girls providing you with information, do know that THEY TOO are very lucky to have an understanding guy like you being able to voice their thoughts to. It’s very hard nowadays to find a guy who is open to the idea of being able to discuss females needs (period or otherwise) who is not a doctor or some sort of expert/practitioner. Your girls have an easy way to communicate with a male about their issues and although some may see this as “unnecessary” and “privileged” information – only when society begins to talk about women’s health openly and without shame that our society can progress. I bet your girls’ lives would be very different had they not had such a wonderful friend like you giving them the ease of being able to speak to about ‘sensitive’ topics!

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG, you give women like us hope that there are guys worth looking for in life.

    • Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m sure my girls are appreciative too, so I guess “kindness” goes both ways… we both get something out of this great relationship and rapport we’ve established with each other. I definitely love when girls are open with me about stuff, it makes me feel that-much-closer to the individual and also helps foster trust enhancing one’s knowledge about matters.

      I hope you’re right about me being hope that there are guys like me worth looking for in life. If only my girlfriend shared even 1/2 of that belief, then our relationship would be well on its way 😀

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