How To Use a Pad and Tampon (Youtube Videos)

Ok so for a while, I haven’t posted much period-related things. I did however, find about a month ago (ya, that’s how long it takes me to recall to post something) a couple of videos I found on Youtube by jdomakeup on some great information for girls and guys on how to use pads and tampons. I thought it was wonderful because there’s some good use of anatomical reference (she used the word vagina instead of some stupid alternative) and gave a good overview on how to effectively apply a pad or insert a tampon. To be honest, there’s not really too many informative videos out there like hers, usually they include girls doing stupid things like slapping pads on their foreheads or giggling while they demonstrate a tampon insertion into a bear.

I can understand that particularly for younger girls, talking about their periods and feminine hygiene isn’t the most comfortable of subjects, but it’s equally bad to see girls doing it and giggling like little schools girls. If you’re going to make an educational video about something, then let it at least be semi-professional. There were some things said in this video that I disagree with, but the video is pretty successful at communicating the basics of pads and tampons. I say disagree instead of wrong, only because it would be one opinion versus another – which everyone is entitled to. The big thing about this which appealed to me, or maybe I shouldn’t say appeal… but rather, impressed with is this is an Asian girl speaking about this. It’s not a matter of me acting as if Asian girls aren’t allowed to talk about their periods, but if you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know that menstruation particular to Asian culture is a extremely taboo thing and suffice to say, it is not spoken of, let alone broadcast on Youtube. I’m too shy to show my face on webcam, otherwise, I’d absolutely love to do something like this on tampons, pads and alterantive products as well! Perhaps one day when I can poke one of my sis’ or girl-friends to be the on-cam face and spokesperson, then I’ll write up a script and provide all the stuff for a demo, haha.

The reason why I singled out this author and her videos out of so many others, is that it’s truly practical information, that your “average girl” or “curious boy” would find of use. While maintaining a decent sense of humour, it doesn’t remove her creditability of the information. When there is too much laughing, you just can’t expect people to take your seriously – yet she is laid back and well composed. Furthermore, she takes care in thinking about the viewers and helping people understand the concept of usage by demonstrating the pad placement and wings usage on an actual pair of panties which gives a visual cue.

What always wins the most points with me is that a woman who’s comfortable with discussing her own body. In the videos, she does go into a bit of detail about when she started her period, how long she’s had it for, some of her opinions and reflections on anecdotal experiences. I think it’s particularly important for viewers to feel the connection to the broadcaster before they can immerse themselves into what he/she says. I definitely don’t want to go into dissecting each portion of the video which I disagree with (hell, there’s probably stuff on my blog that’s incorrect too), because really, this is a superb video with all-the-best-intentions. For guys who have read some of my previous guides on pads and tampons and still don’t understand the concept, the video will really help you out and the light-bulb will flash over your head!

A small portion of the video also goes over pantiliners, although not as in-depth as pads and tampons since those are the foundations of most feminine hygiene products out there. In the video, she uses Always Super Maxi Pads with Flexi Wings, Kotex Lightdays Pantiliner and Playtex Sports Regular Tampon. I actually haven’t seen a Kotex pantiliner in a while, ever since most of my girls either stopped using them or switched to Always. I try to ween most my girls off them because in all reality, I would assume most girls wash their panties anyways, so even if you get some gunk in them, it’ll come out in the wash! Now blood withstanding, a bit of arousal fluid and vaginal discharge won’t even be noticeable after the laundry is done. And even in the worst case scenario, there’d be a very limited number of people who would ever see those panties anyways!

Anyways, I’ll leave everyone with these 3 videos which I encourage you to watch, even if you already know how to use a pad and/or tampon! There’s just something awesome about an Asian girl talking about pads and tampons 😛 WOOT for her!

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  1. Good recommendation!! Pretty girl too no?

    How do u find these videos newayz? =O

    I like the live demo too.. very ‘real’

    • I just do random Youtube searches with keywords… and also I got a MiM Youtube account which then “recommends” me videos based on past views and stuff. I don’t surf Youtube much, I’m not one of those people who spend all day on it, but every once in a while I’ll read a community post referring us to a new video or every few months I’ll go look and see if there are any new videos related to some saved keywords I use!

      The girl’s ok… I can’t say I have that much taste for women other than bebe anymore 😛 I think I’ve been cursed by bebe, all I see perfection is in her now 😆 HAHAHAHA

  2. OOohhhh… no other girl meh? What abt me, am I pretty nemore? =O

    If u c too much perfection in her, it’ll override yur senses of good n bad… haha, can’t let that happen, still hv to stay well-grounded! Being nice is important, but being a push-over is just showing her u r too easy to tk advantage of… but I kno u r sweet, hehe.

    The girl in the vid has a very “Americanized” Chinesey look… kakakaka.

    • Haha, I always say.. I can still appreciate other women and their beauty, but it’s just not the same 😛 Every day (especially weekends out in Mini-Asia, lol) I see beautiful girls and that’s fine, but I don’t drool over them the way I once did 😐 The other day I saw a girl who looks like bebe and I was like “OMG!!!” but then I knew it wasn’t her so I wasn’t as attracted anymore 😦 No matter how much a girl may LOOK like bebe, no feeling for them other than the real her HAHAHA. I still can admire pretty girls and it’s not like I’m blind and don’t acknowledge them 😀

      I don’t see her as being “perfect” – I think I see her as being ‘right’ and that it satisfies at least the basic requirements for a relationship and having a future with her. I’m not so head-over-heels over her where I don’t see any flaws or where there aren’t things about her that makes me go nuts, but hey, if we were all perfect then there’d be nothing to compare any other individual to, haha.. we’d all be the same 😆 She’s not one of those girls who will take advantage of me.. if anything she HATES taking advantage of people, especially me. When I offer her things, she seems so shy to accept or whatever but I mean like… she’s my special little girl so of course I’m willing to invest money/time on her! I think I’ve spent more money on her than any other of my girls within the short time we’ve met XD haha.

      Ya, as Asian as that girl looks, she’s definitely the more “white-washed” type… Given her personality though, she does seem like a decent mix of Asian mentality and North-American values. Not too shabby and it’s cool of her to ‘dare’ put videos of this topic up… definitely breaking the Asian mold of menstrual silence!

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