Things to-do Before My Trip

I think I check my blog more often than I check my to-do-list… so I’m going to record what I need to do before leaving here, lol… if I forget something, please let me know 😆

  • Pack iPhone and Blackberry, including chargers/case
  • Remove SIM from my iPhone before getting on the plane so I don’t incur roaming charges
  • Prepare and pack laptop with charger, mouse, external burner, external hard drive and security cable
  • Pack a few pieces of more “professional” clothing in case I need to go into an office environment or formal-dining
  • Backup and synchronize all my files
  • Move my home server to work so I have access to my files when abroad
  • Collect all outstanding payments from my customers and clear their invoices
  • Get someone to water my plants at work
  • Lower office temperature, clean my office and polish bebe’s picture frame
  • Move my storage of pads/tampons to somewhere secure and won’t be accidentally found
  • Turn off any non-essential electronics in the house and in the office
  • Lower house temperature just enough to prevent pipes from freezing
  • Turn off water-flow to most areas of the house
  • Check all windows are dead-bolted
  • Change my cards/money over to my “traveling” wallet and bring only the most necessary credentials, especially my Canadian Citizenship, HK SmartID (Proof of  Residency), Octopus card and bebe’s picture
  • Pack the 3 laptops I configured to give to my cousins
  • Unload and store all my guns, except for one kept in a secret spot
  • Send out email to family, friends and customers about my absence
  • Do online check-in 24 hours before departure and see if we can find better seats
  • Get HKD from safety deposit box and remove valuables from the house into the box until we return
  • Research which phone plan to get while I’m in HK
  • Get all my voice-mails with an away-from-the-office note
  • Transfer any data I need to bring with me onto my external hard drive and memory stick
  • Clear out my memory card in my camera and make sure I bring plenty of spare batteries
  • Clear all my payments on insurance and credit cards
  • Make sure my investments are being monitored by my broker
  • Pack my electric shaver

Hrm.. that’s all I can think of for now, I wonder if I’m missing anything 😀

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  1. Wei leng jai, so cheery lately, u all excited abt going on ur trip… seeing family… seeing me? xDD Ur new speakers and headset making u all happy or smthg else? Dun forget to pack my stuff too 😀 I saw u a few times on MSN for once (on ‘online’ mode) past few days but I din get a chance to msg u coz I was at work n reali busy.

    How r thgs at work for u? Hope u can get evrythg done b4 u leave so u can hv a carefree vacation! C u soon… can’t wait.

    Tell me how thgs hv been for u since I haven’t been able to catch u on Skype much either! Did u already mk arrangements for pick-up at airport meh?

    • Haha, you can tell I’m cheerier meh? I am of course happy about my trip, seeing family/friends and you of course 😛 But even HAPPIER is that bebe’s finally talking to me again and even more importantly, it’s pretty natural. We just pretty much picked off where we left off 😀 – pretty awesome feeling. It’s so nice to talk to her again but I definitely want to still give her reasonable space for herself so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed talking to me. For sure her comfort when she talks to me is important and I have to be considerate that she doesn’t want to invest all her online time talking to me all the time. I just want her to feel normal around me and enjoy our time talking, not feel like it’s a job! And yep, I’ve been on MSN a bit more just because I was talking to bebe, no real intention to use it regularly other than for that, LOL.

      The speakers and headset are nice and it’s definitely a treat for myself, but compared to how much more bebe makes me happy, those two items are nothing! I saw a nice ring at Charm the other day and wish bebe was around so I could get it for her. It was so nice, hehe. I dunno why I feel like I want to spoil her so much. I know it’s always a bad idea to try to give too much to a girl too early, but I feel like I want to and such a natural connection that it doesn’t bother me. I hope I can make that come true soon!

      I already have your stuff packed up 😀 I won’t forget, haha. I just gotta make sure I don’t forget my own stuff too. You don’t have to message me anymore for long ^__^ just a week to go! Work is slow for me, but my business is still worrying that I have to get stuff done/parts arrived before I leave. I’m glad I got a refund on one of the things they ordered wrong. I’m going to have a super-carefree vacation now that I can have stress-free thoughts about bebe now! I gotta remind myself, one-step-at-a-time and not to rush things… things will fall into place and work out in time. All I have to get over now is my insecurity over bebe’s views about me… I want to feel secure and it’ll take more than just confidence in myself to feel secure. It’s not that I constantly need her reminding me or reassuring me, there’s just somethings that I need to push out of my mind! Perhaps like her with her about being skeptical, I’m also too paranoid about some things or “over-analyze” things too much. Looks like we both got something to work on 😆

      I think Ruby’s gonna come pick us up from the airport in her suuuppperrr nice car 😀 I can stick my feet up and have a driver open the door for me 😛 I feel so speshul.. hehe. I wanna sleep earlier just to not wear myself out and stuff, so I’ll reply to your other message later (but I did READ it)!!

  2. Get a neighbor to periodically check on your house. For collecting mail and snow removal. (so it looks lived in)

    Bon Voyage!

    • We have a very intimate neighbourhood, so we all do a “neighbourhood watch” thing, even though not officially, but we all keep an eye on each others houses whether people are on vacation or not. We’ve had new friends pull up on our driveway before and our neighbour who was watering his lawn questioned them… we have great neighbours!

      We do have a family-friend coming over regularly to water our plants and check our house. We get our mail collected every day and the shoveling is being taken care of, so most people won’t even notice we’re away. I keep my departure fairly secretive and only tell a few people, to avoid too many people knowing. Now I just realized I need someone to start my car so the battery doesn’t go dead on it 😆

      Thanks, I’m sure I’ll post something new or plop you an email when I get there! Have a good Christmas yourself.

  3. Oh oh. U did forget smthg to pack…..

    CONDOMS!!! 😀 kekekekkeke.

    “No glove, no love” hahahha 😆

    • AMY!! BAD GIRL…!! BAD BAD BAD! LOL… has Josh not been giving you enough sex lately? Maybe I need to talk to him and tell him to give you more, lol.

      Why the hell would I need to pack condoms? You think they don’t sell condoms in HK or something that I need to bring them? 😆 Secondly, why would I need them? The girl who I love isn’t with me on this vacation, so why would I need condoms, to use on who? 😛 Don’t even try to tempt me, haha, not going to happen. If I was so easy, I would’ve slept with hundreds of girls already, haha, so obviously I have morals and standards (I think… HAH).

      Condoms suck anyways……

      Just joking XD

      • Kekeke, condom and no condom of coz not the same la… totally diff feeling xDD

        Juz get bebe on birth control lor, den no worries.

        Josh is on business-trip, that’s y mayb my mind think of wrong things 😆 HK condoms don’t fit your “big one” la, haha.. ones here too small….. kakakakkaa.

        Awww.. ur so sweet-sweett.. how cm I never seen u like that w/ me? Boooooo

        • Geezz Am’s.. lol, you really lack lovin’ lately 😆 When’s he coming back? You want me to buy a ‘toy’ for you so that you have something to take care of yourself while he’s away? XD And obviously condom and no condom feels different, but I think I’d be too afraid of ever doing anything without a condom until we’re certain we want to have kids. I’ve made sure my immunizations are up to date, have to make sure she has all hers as well! I hate needles, lol.

          You know my feelings about birth control… unless it’s absolutely necessary, I’d prefer not to.. but then this is also her own choice. I don’t think she’s on BC now… but we don’t talk about this stuff much, so I wouldn’t know 😛 Still have to help her understand me and opening up to me about her period, let alone whether she’s on BC… haha. I don’t foresee sex between us in the near future, that’s why I try to stop myself from wandering. Maybe once we establish a good basis for our relationship, then we can think further. For now, just being able to cuddle up in my arms and kiss her is enough for me… I’m an easily satisfied guy 😀

          OMG, why do so many of my girl-friends think I have a huge dick or something? Condoms are mostly “one-size-fits-all”, I don’t have this massive 12″ (I wish) penis. I mean I want to give bebe a 12″ penis, but I can’t, LOL… not naturally at least, hahaha. I don’t ever brag or say that I have a big one, because I don’t, no point lying about it as much as I know most guys like say they’re huge when they really aren’t. Just the other day, I found out most guys are growers, not show-ers. And if you want to complain, go blame Asian genetics for not giving us big ones… 😆 Not like Asian girls can complain either, they usually don’t have massive boobs XD

          What are you talking about? I’m always sweet to you 😦 But just not the same way I treat bebe, haha. If you dated me, I would be sweet-sweet to you, but you didn’t, so that’s your problem 😀

  4. Nothing wrong with genuinely wanting to please your partner…when one does something out of pure generosity and self-pleasure…it is all good~
    I love your thoughts~

    • Hehe, thanks! 😀

      I really do want to please bebe… in every way humanly possible and within my means. I can’t wait for the day where I can hold her tightly, kiss her and fulfill all her sexual desires. Although that is far down the road, my one mission is to see her smile each and every day and be assured that I’m bringing her happiness. I of course realize not every day of life is a happy one, but I want to make it my life goal, beyond money, shelter and food, to provide her with a WONDERFUL life that we will never regret. She is my heart and soul and I want to tell her everyday how much I care about her.

      Right now, she’s still not ready to accept the physical intimacy in our relationship, but I’m sure that once I get a hold of her, I’ll never let go! 😆

  5. yayayaya, so excited u’ll almost be back 😀 I have it marked on my calendar… like u mark yur girls periods xDD

    U get to sit in Ruby’s car again lor? =O so jealous… I wish sm1 would cm pick me up in a nice car! U must get so spoiled when u r in HK, haha.. evry1 gives u the best. Mayb u should consider joining the family-business too, u could b the 1 driving super nice car and living in huge mansion 😆

    So this time that bebe is in Malaysia…. is she going to buy u ‘stuff’ b4 she cm home? I hope that she does this time… She’s can’t possibly be bringing that much of her stuff over, can she? Surely she must hv space for a few packs of this-n-that…

    Heppi heppi, 3 more dayz to go!!

    • Woh, a message at this hour (for me)… only online ‘cuz I’m talking to bebe and Alyson, haha. Lucky you, you get an answer!

      Ya, I think her and Uncle 6 are coming to pick us up… then I can lay across the backseat, LOL. Huge ass friggin car.. I wonder if they serve food/drinks in the car too.. HAHAHA. I love her car, so damn luxurious. I always said the same thing to my dad, why didn’t we join the family-business? We’d be rich… but really, sometimes life is all set-in-stone, what’s meant to be will be. Bebe and I can live in a mansion and drive nice cars if we’re really career-minded, we can do it ourselves without relying on others. But really, if it wasn’t for the way my current life is going, I would have never met bebe… fate is fate lor.

      I dunno if bebe gonna buy me stuff like that. I know last time she said that she would buy for me the next time she went to Malaysia once she got to know me and would feel more comfortable about knowing my interest… but I really don’t want to ask her. I’m doubtful she’d know what I like anyways without telling her what brands/types, haha. I mean she didn’t promise me, but she did ‘say’ she would… but I dunno, if she wants to, she will… not sure if I really want to ask. And she does come back pretty packed with stuff. I think she practicality moves half of Malaysia here when she comes back, HAHA.

      Nevertheless, 如果有心就有心 to buy for me, then I’ll be really happy and pay her if she wants… if not, I don’t want to make her feel obligated either. I’m torn because it’s like… rare to get something from there and it’d be a treat, but also because I’m still not sure how happy she’d be if I asked… so you know what? There’s still 3 months so I’ll just think-it-out for now. I mean best case is if she asks, LOL, but I doubt it, haha. I’d have to actually tell her what I want ‘cuz she probably doesn’t know what I like well enough 😛 I know the packages are pretty flexible, but you don’t want to crush it either, haha.. so gross when that happens. I don’t want to pressure as much as I want… have to be considerate of her.

      Sleepy now la, talk later!

  6. What is a “grower” and “show-er”?

    Bebe is so small… if u give her 12″ penis, do u want to kill her or smthg? LOL… Does bebe hv big boobs n nice bum? haha! Don’t scare her the first time u show her, she’ll probably be like “omg, so big, so scared!!!” 😆 I’m just teasing you both newayz, hehe – just joking lor.

    Actually I think HK and China manufacturer-ed condoms for local sale are smaller than the ones in Canada and US… it’s just physical anatomy and genetics la. U r so good at teasing girls and making them feel hot newayz, whether u r huge or not doesn’t matter, I’m sure u’ll be able to make bebe so horny xDD Loving the other person is not abt how big this-and-that is rite? U love bebe not coz she has big boobs or round ass, but coz she is a great girl ya?

    If no birth control then b careful lor, haha.. or else UH OH… 😀 Actually dun think u would mind newayz…

    If u want, u should just ask bebe la… especially coz she said she would get u next time she go back… and this is ‘next time’ already. If u let too many things slide n pretend u dun rmbr, then girls will always kno u r easy to take adv of n get away w/ thgs xDD We r perceptive like that, lol. It might b weird for her to buy KNOWING it is for u… but dun forget, wasn’t it more brave for u to tell her abt yur interest? All she has to do is buy smthg, but u had to pour yur heart out to her n’ tell u smthg that u nvr tell ne1 else…

    • Haha, you probably don’t know because it’s a guy’s locker room term 😛 A “grow”er is a guy who has usually an unimpressive penis size when it is not erect… usually these are the guys who get made fun of because they look small when they’re not hard… however, when they ARE hard, their penis multiples in size by a lot. It’s like the difference with being 2 inches soft and growing to 6 inches, you’ve tripled your size by proportion.

      A “show”er is a guy who has an impressive penis size even when NOT erect.. but when they do get hard, it doesn’t really grow by all that much. I think it’s impressive for girls to see a guy with a really big package through their underwear, but only to find it doesn’t get any larger, hehe. On the other hand, the “grow”ers are the ones who don’t get to ‘show off’ when they are not hard and through their underwear, it looks small/shameful, but their dicks usually become MUCH larger in terms of percentage of growth when they become hard. This is like in the case of a guy who’s soft 5 inches but only grows to 6.

      LOL, I don’t want to or have a 12-incher to give to her, lol… I think anything that large would probably scare a girl and make her puke… unless she was a pornstar or something. I’m not commenting on whether bebe has big boobs or nice ass 😛 Trying to lure me out into saying something? HAHA, nice try! Yes yes, we all know the “Asians have small penis” jokes, if I got paid $1 every time I heard/read one of those, I would be a millionaire by now. Either way, I don’t see Asia having a lack-of-population crisis by any means 😆 so obviously the claimed “smallness” isn’t exactly hindering us, haha.

      OMG, I don’t want to make bebe horny (yet)! I just want her to love me and let me hold her hands, cuddle her, hug her, kiss her and do nice things for her!! One step at a time… I’d actually be scared if she just “offered herself out” to me so quickly. She’s not that type of girl at all, we’re serious about this relationship, not like the ones some of my friends in where they go sex first THEN relationship… I prefer relationship first THEN sex…

      I don’t mind having children when we’re both ready AND we decide it’s a good idea. There’s a lot of factors to bringing a child into our lives. Somehow I don’t think bebe is one of those girls who will give her body up easily, so I don’t even worry about the (lack of) potential of getting her pregnant, LOL.

      What you say is true, it does take more on my part to have told her about my interest… but I just don’t want to push things too far right now. We’re enjoying each other and we’re still trying to stabilize things so I don’t want her to recluse again. I love her enough where I can put away my own interest for now. I mean I might ask at some point before she comes back, but now just isn’t the time. I think I’d be more hurt if I asked and she said no, more than if I just didn’t ask and not know the answer, HAHA. And yes, you are right it doesn’t kill her to go buy a few packs for me, EVEN if she knows it’s for me… but bleh, slow-slow dei la…

      • Kekeke… oki la, if u feel u dun want to ask her yet, at least at some pt u shld… it’s not a matter of u asking her, but how she responds and if she rmbrs what she told u. U always tell me that I shld keep my word and do as I hv said rite? Juz like u say u will take care of bebe and love her, then I hold u to that and u better stay with her n not betray her 😛 If she say she buy for u next time then she shld, coz u will love her 4evr and evr xDD See, all abt keeping ones word, hehe! I trust ur judgment that u will mk the right decision!

        Speaking of right decisions, hehe… obviously bebe has been making very good decisions lately with u 😉 I’m happy to hear and not only am I happy for u, I am happy for HER too! There couldn’t hv been a better decision made in her life than to choose u n be with u, I’m sure of that 😀 I hv advice for u… once she cms bk, NEVER LET HER GO… n’.. advice for her… once she’s here, NEVER LET YOU GO 😆 U 2 r match made in heaven… oh, I wuz reading this article 2day, not sure if u seen already, but laughed so hard thinking that it’s totally the case of u n’ bebe… I turned soooo red reading this (not from blushing duh, from laughing!!):

        How do you know when you’re in love? Like, really in love?

        At one point or another, we all fall in love. The question still remains, how do we know if we really are in love or just infatuated? Sometimes what we feel may resemble some part of being in love, but we are not in that zone. It may be lust; it may be friendship; it may be a strong passion like hate. There isn’t even enough time to decipher what we are feeling. How is a modern girl living in a fast-paced world to know the difference? I took some time to reflect and came up with the following […]

        Feeling Such…ah…Strong Feelings

        Opposites do attract. I’ve seen it over and over again. Two people who should be repelling each other are all of a sudden attached at the hip and professing their deep, mutual love. It can happen. Check this out: This guy may be making your life hell with his irritating ways. His masculine scent makes you want to run away. His piercing eyes drill a hole in you. Even when he is not around, all you do is talk about him and how he is always on your mind. Do you follow what I’m saying? Your outspoken hatred of this guy may be a reflection of very strong feelings you keep inside.

        You may not want to admit it to yourself for whatever reason, but do not deny it. It is easy to confuse what you are feeling when it comes on so strong.

        Here’s the link if u want to read the rest xDD

        Hv a good night, c u soon 😉

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