Kotex White – Overnight with Wings 41cm and Dual Cover 2-in-1 with Wings 21cm

Hi Everyone,

I’ve arrived in Hong Kong safely and my first dedication to this blog was to ensure I don’t neglect it during my absence! Although there might be a lack of written content, rest assured, there will be plenty of excellent pictures of feminine hygiene items I find here. Of course as much as I want to type a full out review, there probably won’t be time and unfortunately, I think I’m too biased with how great pads in Asia are, so it wouldn’t be right for me to make accurate reviews of it 😀

While on the plane, I found that Cathay Pacific has continued to use quality brand-name pads, which I found the Kotex White: Dual Cover 2-in-1 Ultra Thin with Wings (21cm) in the sanitary napkin compartment in the washrooms. The resolution is poor since I only had my iPhone camera at my disposal and furthermore, you try taking a picture while maneuvering in a horribly cramped washroom and turbulence, LOL! A pictures are thumbnailed, so you’re welcome to click on them to get a larger picture.

Kotex White Dual Cover 2-in-1 with Wings 21cm Package

Kotex White Dual Cover 2-in-1 with Wings 21cm Pad Opened

Kotex White Dual Cover 2-in-1 with Wings 21cm Pad Opened Closeup

And then today, I had to rush to the closest ParkNShop that opened early because the “sales” change every Friday, so I had to make sure I grabbed the sale on the Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm before they changed the prices. The price of it was HKD$20.90 (no taxes) or about $2.75 CAD for 8 pieces.

Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm Package Front


Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm Package Side
Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm Package Bottom
Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm Package Rear
Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm Package Top
Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm Package Top (Opened)
Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm (Pad inside wrapper)
Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm Pad Opened
Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm (Pad rear closeup)
Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm (Pad front closeup)
Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm (Wing tabs lifted)
Kotex White Overnight with Wings 41cm (Pad wings/rear-wings extended)

and the number of choices in stores are massive, particularly for sanitary napkins. Tampons are available… like 2 that they stashed at the bottom corner of the shelves and obstructed by other displays 😆 Poor tampons…

I just finished testing the pad and it was amazing. The absorbency of the pad is huge while maintaining a very comfortable top layer. Although you can feel it is moist and indicates the pad needs to be changed, it is not a degree of uncomfortable dampness. The pad when saturated gets extremely heavy, but this is not unusual as the amount of flow absorbed without leakage is impressive. The pad itself is quite long as the measurement states (41cm) and may be hard to use for women with a smaller stature. Nevertheless, the pad itself is designed for “night use” and will provide reliable and secure overnight protection against even the heaviest of flows. Due to the size of the pad, the disposal profile of the pad is rather large when highly saturated. The pad when not pushed to its maximum flow absorbency actually disposes quite well and that’s amazing given the overall size and length of the pad.

The top cover is extremely comfortable, boasting at cottony-type layer. When sitting or moving with the pad, it does not cause chafing, whether in a wet or dry state. The wings do not cause irritation and both the side and rear wings of the pad secure well onto standard undergarments. The colour and design of the pad is very cute, with the brand and logo of the pad imprinted on the adhesive part of the pad. The wings tab are easily removed and help control the winged adhesives until they are ready to be secured to panties. This pad while having similar length as the Always Maxi Pads Overnight Extra Heavy Flow, it is thinner and does not feel as bulky when worn. I would definitely not recommend this pad be used for daily-use unless flow is extremely heavy or where you cannot change your pad on a more convenient basis.

The channel-design and contours help conform to a rapidly moving body and returns to shape even against the toughest movements. The core channels distribute flow well throughout the pad, thus increasing its absorbency before leakage occurs. Absorption is fast even for gushes of flow, leaving the top layer dry and preventing discomfort created by moisture. Although this pad is unscented, it does a great job of absorbing odour and maintaining an amiable pad atmosphere.

Time to head off to visit family, will be back as soon as I get more tests underway or have something about my vacation to update.


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  1. What does “dual cover and 2 in 1 ” refer to? I am in love with the blue packaging. The blue core in the middle is intriguing, is it gel?

    Those are the coolest free pads ever.

    • The “dual” cover is that the blue fluid-netting has 2 functions, 1st is to keep the top sheet dry by locking fluid away within seconds (it claims) and the 2nd is preventing the fluid from coming back up and causing that damp, icky feeling. They call the centre blue thingie a “fluid absorbing netting” so I’m not sure about the material composition for it. I didn’t want to hold the airplane bathroom up for an hour while I find out 😆

  2. Where can I buy these asian pads in America? I have a very heavy flow due to my IUD and I can’t find 30+ cm ultra thin pads here like these. What website can I buy these?

    • Hi grapeseed,

      You can find them on eBay @ http://cgi.ebay.com/Kotex-Slim-Natural-XLong-Night-Sanitary-Napkin-41cm-pad-/360206475114

      Other than having someone you know in Asia send it to you, you’re not going to find a lot of “local” sources. Any sources you find online will not likely be a “store” – but rather, people who just buy them up to resell on the internet… do expect some crazy prices, particularly shipping.

      Also consider http://www.crvmore.com/sc_webcat/ecat/product_view.php?lang=1&id=38953&cat=1755&puk=PRD5BAB00800724064401&curr_country=CA

      These are the only two places I know that sell it, there may be more, but it’d be hard for me to give you an exhausted list of all possible places that you can buy it. If you happen to have friends living in Asia who can buy these pads and ship them to you (by water), it’d be the most economical method!

      • C y u shld open up ur own business? Get sm distributor connections from HK n’ then start selling Asia pads and tampons here =O U get to fulfill both ur interest/fantasy as well as make lots of money, lol! Rmbr all those sites u showed me? There’s only like 2-3 based out of the US and there aren’t ne in Canada tht u culd find… which means you have the entire market share, other than T&T who sells sm of the brands but not most! All u’d need is sm1 willing to export them from HK or wtevr… or mebe even Malaysia since u culd ask sm1 bebe knos, n’ then bring them into Canada and redistribute there! U wuld get free ‘samples’ n’ also b able to mk sm extra cash for u n’ bebe’s future 😀

        • LOL, I should get bebe to start selling that! I can get myself a few every time she orders AND she can make money XD She was telling me she wanted to “sell stuff” as a job/hobby, maybe this is a good idea, hahaha. I actually think most women would be more comfortable buying ‘feminine hygiene’ from a women.. nevertheless, I actually noticed those Anion Lovemoon pads that are sold have many male merchants… so I suppose it depends on how comfortable women are buying “female products” from a male.

          Next time you visit me in Canada, you can pack your suitcase full of them and bring them over 😆

  3. I’ve been snooping around on sites like ebay, but I’ll need a better paying job to afford these on a monthy basis lol! I do have asian friends, but they don’t visit asia more than once or twice a year. Thanks for the link though, I may buy some to try them out 🙂

    By the way, I’m happy to find someone who likes discussing menstruation and products as much as me (and male at that!). I practically hoard them… haha. I love your blog and visit it all the time. Keep up the awesomeness!

    • w00t, so glad to hear I have one extra “regular” coming to read my blog 😀 Thanks for your support.

      I’m glad to see you’re not “shocked” at the idea of a male and menstruation 😛 It’s always nice to feel appreciation over disgust, haha… and given that I write on such an “awkward” topic for a male, suffice to say I’ve met my fair share of people turning their noses up on me… so to receive a positive comment, I love it 🙂

      Actually if your friends go back just once or twice a year, it’s enough for them to buy a box-full or something and send it by ship. It’s quite cheap to send something via sea if you’re willing to wait a month or so to get it! For sure that would be cheaper than buying it off a website and getting it shipped. Yeppers, buying Asia pads outside of Asia is ridiculously expensive! I know very well that pain, haha. It was so damn cheap when I was buying it locally in Hong Kong. The biggest factor is since they aren’t offered here, the import fees are nasty and thus, adding to the cost. Likewise, it’s just as bad when Asia imports North American brands/products 😆

      The biggest pad I know that you can find in the Americas is the https://meninmenstruation.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/always-extra-heavy-overnight-maxi-pads-with-flexi-wings-review/

      Anyways, if you’re an avid reader of my blog and you feel like connecting anytime to discuss the latest and greatest products or want to talk to someone about menstruation and none of your guy friends want to hear you out, LOL… feel free to contact me by email or MSN @ meninmenstruation@live.com

      Thanks for taking the time to read and ESPECIALLY comment! Seems like comments are lacking around here once in a while, particularly with many of my readers talking to me over MSN/Email now so ‘comment’ traffic is not as high as it once used to be 😛 I have a bad habit of hoarding too and end up having to burn through them as fast as I can by giving them to my girls or to my girlfriend, haha. 😆

  4. Hey Grape…. just found another place tonight that seems to have a large shipping coverage area for a REASONABLE shipping price… but the offers of pads/tampons available aren’t very large, but at least you can get yourself some “Asia”-based pads:


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