Feminine Hygiene Storage Area

In the past few days, I’ve noticed how different that Asia or Asia-raised women store their feminine hygiene products, although I had thought perhaps this had to do with a lack of space in living quarters. Having talked to many girls, both Asia/Asia-raised along with North American/North-American raised women about where they keep their feminine hygiene products, I’ve found that Asian women tend to keep those items outside of the washroom. Thinking for myself, if I were a girl, I’d definitely leave them in the washroom – just seems like the convenient thing to do after all.

I happened to notice (my mom’s side of the family is not very secretive about this stuff… they talk about menstruation/pads openly.. even in front of male-family members, hah) that all except for one of my female cousins leave their pads either in their own room or on a shelf outside of the washroom. Now, I’m used to most North American women who would dare not even put their pads and tampons in an “open” area and usually will go to any means to hide them, but there they were, sitting on a shelf in the open outside of the washroom are the mounds of pads, thins, slims, thicks, huge-ass-super-overnights, at my cousin’s place. I mean perhaps the only exception are those Asian girls who are particularly shy about it, I mean, I have yet to see where bebe keeps her pads, LOL… but I’ve seen most of where my girls or cousins keep theirs.

Back in Canada, most of my girls will keep them in the washroom, usually in a cabinet or something and they usually have to tell me where they put it, hah. In Hong Kong, it’s almost like a “self-service” thing… they leave it available and in plain-sight. I haven’t even had to ask my cousins where they kept it and they made no effort to even covering it up. I’ve even noticed the males are pretty nonchalant when buying them… the guy who was in the pad aisle with me was casually browsing each item and the girls just worked themselves around us as if we were girls too and didn’t give two shits. I know that I’ve gotten some weird looks shopping in the pad aisles back in Canada before, as if that aisle was somehow “restricted area for women only” or something. I guess another difference here in HK is that maids, even for middle-class families are readily available. Most of the women you see in the aisles are usually Filipino maids buying them for the family and when they do buy them, it’s in the friggin masses or at least I assume there are multiple women in the household as they usually bring 4-5 packs to the counter at one time, various brands and sizes. Apparently this is quite common talking to one of my girls, she has her maid buy her pads for her too. I wish some of my girls would buy some for me, AMY AMY lol.

Living quarters in Hong Kong tend to be limited, the place I’m staying at is just a bit over 300 sq ft and technically, this room is supposed to be able to fit at least 2-3 person family. Our washroom is quite tight, only hosting one cabinet, but still, one would think it would be the normal place to keep these things. Most women I know who keep their pads outside of the washroom limit use of their bathroom cabinet space and it makes me perplexed as why they would leave the under-the-sink cabinets so empty and have the inconvenience of keeping pads outside the bathroom door or in their room. The only thing I could think of is they might be worried that someone would open the cupboard to replace toilet roll or need cleaning supplies that they wouldn’t want to keep it there. I would think most girls change their pad in the washroom, so then that means if you had guest over, you’d have to pull a pad off the shelf outside the washroom or carry one from your room to change it. Certainly, I know sometimes it might be more convenient/necessary to change it in your room, but I mean you could always keep a few in your room as a backup/emergency one and keep the rest in the washroom.

You may wonder why I spend so much time thinking about it, but I certainly do want to know why some women choose to keep it in the washroom, outside of it or even in their own rooms. This is particularly true for women who are shy about their periods and wouldn’t it be more embarrassing to have to carry a pad from your room or a shelf in the open to the washroom to change it? Oh yes, I’m quite sure you could pocket it or whatever and not carry it in your hands, but still confuses me as to why not just keep it in the washroom since I think that’s where most girls change it.. I only know of 2 girls who change regularly inside their own rooms and it’s mainly because their washroom is always occupied.

Time to hit the stores again to see what stuff is on sale this week so I can take some pictures and do a short review 😀 I really want to check out the new Kotex Natural’s after reading about them and also the two Whisper pads that my friend recommended to me! Toodles.

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  1. I keep mine in my closet. I don;t keep them in the washroom because, washrooms are DAMP and HUMID! We don’t want anything growing on our clean pads do we? Otherwise, yes, keeping them pads in the washroom would convenient.

    • Blah, stupid Poh Ching, don’t like the fact you are MIA!

      Is it really that damp and humid in your washroom? I know about the shower moisture and stuff, but if it’s stored inside cabinet or a cupboard, should be really sealed enough to prevent the moisture from getting in. For years our family had ours stored in the bathroom underneath the sink (lol, of course I would know) and it was always a nice quick way of getting access to supplies on a regular washroom-visit. It made it easier for family/friends too who needed them in a pinch if they were caught unprepared and wouldn’t have to go through that awkward “can I borrow some…” conversation.

      Perhaps Canada is not as damp and humid or that our indoors are regulated enough where that doesn’t become an issue? I definitely agree with not encouraging bacteria growth. I might have to rethink where I hide my stuff too now 😆

      So what do you do with your brother and father being in the house? Just hold the pad in your hand or do you still try to hide it? XD Btw, you totally owe me for recommending an awesome pad to you 😀 You should send some over to me as a Christmas present, lol. Also, most of the pads are winged type which I recommended to you which I recall you don’t like, I only see 2 that don’t have it. You should consider trying the G420….. HAHAH, might be bigger than you are…

  2. I used to keep my stash in a pink box under the sink but having to crouch low, move all the cleaning supplies over, and having the box close on my fingers I just keep it in my beauty tower. ( portable cabinet ) The drawers are usually open and they are clear so I’m not hiding it. I keep my box of kotex panty liners on my dresser.

    I do really have to much crap to navigate under my sink to be convenient. We keep the t.p. in the hall closet. I do keep those natracare maxi pads under there. They aren’t important, lol.

    • I hope bebe keeps her pads in the open in the washroom in the future, LOL… I might even have a bigger stash than she does, haha. She might be too shy to put it up in the open like that though I’d assume, but as long as I know where she keeps them, I’ll be happy 😀 Having pads/tampons in the open are nice for guests who get surprized and would feel embarrassed asking to borrow supplies. Most boys would dare not play with such items even if they saw them 😆

      What’s wrong with the Natracare pads, thought you liked them? =O

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