Unicharm Sofy SOFT BODY FIT 29cm Super Night Guard Review

So today I snuck down to SaSa, a cosmetics and Japanese-import store to purchase Unicharm’s Sofy: Soft Bodyfit Super Night Guard 29cm Sanitary Napkin. You may wonder why I said “sneak” and it’s mostly because SaSa is right underneath the building where I live, making it quite a dangerous venture for running into family… LOL, how can I even explain why I’m buying pads right? It’s not like bebe is here with me where at least I have a reasonable excuse 😆 Oddly enough, I just noticed that the package I got has only 11 pieces while the site says 14… oh well.

Sofy Soft Body Fit Sanitary Napkin 29cm - Package Front

Sofy Soft Body Fit Sanitary Napkin 29cm - Package Rear

Sofy Soft Body Fit Sanitary Napkin 29cm - Package Side

I don’t understand Japanese, so I had no idea what everything on the package really says. Hell, I can’t even read the pad instructions on how to use and stuff, so it was all a guessing-game. I was quite surprized that a pad designed for overnight use didn’t have wings, but it wasn’t until later on when I noticed the amazing absorbency that it made sense why it didn’t need wings for it to be effective (or at least the regular side-wings). This pack as HKD$21 or about $2.75CAD. Since these are imported from Japan, I can understand the slightly higher cost for a HK-made equivalent.

From the look of the pad as described on the outside of the package, I had thought it was going to be quite puffy and thick, but that was not the case. I will seriously have to hand it to Sofy, this pad has a right to say it’s a soft body fit because it really is amazingly comfortable – soft against the skin and flexible enough to conform with body contours. At first I was worried it might be flimsy because of the “feel’ of it, but I was proven wrong by excellent pad-technology. The pad for a mere 29cm and slim profile can hold quite the large amount of fluid without carrying the Kotex 41cm sized pad. The coverage area is less, so this pad would be excellent for even day-use for heavy flow-ers, without bulk and excessive length. It feels heavenly against skin and is not abrasive or so soft where it causes irritation or itching.

Sofy Soft Body Fit Sanitary Napkin 29cm - Pad in Wrapper (Front)

Sofy Soft Body Fit Sanitary Napkin 29cm - Pad in Wrapper (Rear)

The pack wrapper is very silent, using cloth-like material where it minimizes pad-opening noise. The material is light enough where the imprinted Sofy branding shows through the wrapper via the wrapper-attached adhesive. The pad is extremely light to hold and more impressive is that the pad wrapper ITSELF feels very comfortable, let alone the pad. Even though Canadian Kotex uses the same idea with the cloth-type wrapper, it is still fairly rough to rub against, but the Sofy wrapper is so soft you could sleep on it! I was a bit intimidated by the thickness of it (as much as I love thick pads), but isn’t show very well because I didn’t take a side-profile shot of it. The sticky tab is labeled with the model length of the pad (290) and can be used to reseal the used pad for disposal.

Sofy Soft Body Fit Sanitary Napkin 29cm - Pad Full View

Sofy Soft Body Fit Sanitary Napkin 29cm - Pad Front Closeup

Sofy Soft Body Fit Sanitary Napkin 29cm - Pad Rear Closeup

Unlike what I’m used to seeing, this pad does not have side-wings, but still retain its rear-wings. I’ve never actually seen this design before because it’s usually an all-or-nothing situation, has wings or does not – rather than keeping the rear wings. To be honest, I am starting to think this is ingenious, because side wings can often chafe against the side of the legs and this can be avoided by using rear wings, since they fold towards the rear-crotch of the underwear, thereby reducing regular contact against the inner thighs. Also, I have found these rear wings hold just as -if not better to secure the pad to underwear. Also, rear wings definitely help with sitting as it still provides a comfortable “landing” for the butt and an excellent cushion for the pad pushing up against skin. I did find however that without side wings, there was a small scenario of leakage towards the side where wings normally would be – although I’m not sure if even the side wings would have really prevented that.

The raised core while looking lumpy is actually extremely comfortable… think about sitting on a fluffy pillow, it is so beautiful! The pad stays close enough to the body to absorb flow quickly, while giving plenty of breathing space and comfort. The well-spaced holes on the pad also help lock in and distribute flow quickly, avoiding that damp and uncomfortable feeling of flow “pooling” at the top layer. This is one of the few pads I’ve ever tested where squeezing of legs together and lots of sitting/standing hasn’t caused rapid bunching and flow “coming back up” (yes yes, gross), because most pads are quite prone to leakage under those conditions. Even when the pad is quite saturated, it keeps its form and has not disappointed me yet under testing. The side channels are definitely able to keep flow in the middle of the pad! As flow begins to accumulate and pushes the side channels absorbency to the limit, it pushes begins to distribute the flow towards the rear of the pad.

Sofy Soft Body Fit Sanitary Napkin 29cm - Pad Wrapper Remainder

You might notice an adhesive that’s just hanging from the left side of the above picture, it actually is a release for the rear wings and detaches from the sticky part of the pad as you open the wrapper, therefore eliminating the need to hold garbage other than the entire wrapper as a whole. Kotex White and other pads have wing tabs where you need to dispose of separate and “comes apart”, creating extra garbage you have to manage and manipulate. This wrapper design allows for a single movement opening and then disposal with little management of the resulting garbage. The only downside about the smoothness of the pad wrapper is that after you roll the pad up in the usual “egg roll” form, the old pad might actually slide out completely from the edges if the stickiness of the pad is gone. Obviously this is not exactly appealing if you are not a fan of menstrual fluid all over your hands. 😀 I even rolled it up extra tight, but because of the material, it wasn’t rough enough to prevent the old pad from shifting from side-to-side in the wrapper.

For a non-winged NIGHT USE pad, I’m quite impressed. I had high hopes for Sofy pads and they sure as hell didn’t disappoint me. The price point is definitely higher, but the quality and length-of-use is great. The fact a 29cm length pad is putting up a good fight against a thicker, 41cm pad just makes my jaw drop. The packaging for all the pads and individual pads are quite cute and the colouring scheme suits my taste 😛 I think in a purse or pocket however the pad might be a bit revealing because it can be quite thick due to the way it is folded on top of itself. Also because the material tends to be soft and thus susceptible to being puffy, it might come off as being larger than it really is when fully extended.

I love Sofy pads and plus, they have great commercials with cute girls 😆

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  1. You make the pad sound so high-tech! Hahaha, Japanese and their indigenous ideas. We don’t have this variant at our side lol. But alas, not a big fan of non-winged and thick pads.

  2. There’s actually a lot of design and research that goes into making a pad and every component of the design has a very important role to play in comfort, absorbency and weight. Japanese minds are very creative, not only are they able to make a product, they make a product APPEALING. Sure, one might argue the necessity to make pads “appealing” since you’re not going to stare at it all day, but well-thought designs makes a product good before, during and after use!

    You guys are so lucky, you have a a Sofy corporate building right in the city!!

    Uni-Charm Corporation Sdn Bhd

    Unit A 10/10 Block A Pusat Perdagangan Phileo Damansara Ii No. 15 Jalan 16/11 Off Jalan Damansara, Petaling Jaya 46350, Selangor

    I totally have to visit there when I go to Malaysia 😆

    I’m not a big fan of non-winged pads either, but I’ve found that they aren’t all too bad. There’s something insecure about the feeling without wings, LOL. Thick pads are way better than thin ones XD I have been looking for a Malaysian Sofy site for a long time now and still can’t find it… guess they don’t have one – bummer! So which Sofy’s are available? Also, the pad above isn’t really considered thick… or at least compared to ones in North America. I noticed here in HK, they actually have 4 variants of sizing rather than 3, pantiliners, ultra thins, slim and maxi… we only have pantiliners, ultra thins and maxi’s in Canada. I’ve found the “slim” design is a nice mix between ultra thins (which I dislike) and maxi (which I lurv).

    I’m planning to test Whisper next because it’s on sale this week 😀 Ever tried Whisper?

  3. That building is quite near to my area lol. We have 4 too. O.o I like slim ones but ultra slims are fine too. Accidentally got one last time and found it not bad. I hate maxis. -_- I don’t like the feeling of having something so bulky lol.

    Nope, never tried Whisper. They’re slightly more expensive compared to other brands though, so I think it has to be pretty good? HAHAHAHA!

    • 4!?!? I definitely need to stay in PJ then 😆 then I can visit Sofy building everyday, haha. Ultra thins make too much noise I think because it’s sooooo thin. Slims are nice because they’re a nice mix between UT’s and Maxi’s and because it has slightly more “content”, it doesn’t wrinkle as much between the legs. Canadian maxi-sized pads are super bulky… if you ever come visit, better bring your own pads and tampons, LOL… or else if you get stuck using one of our maxi’s, you’ll be waddling down the street XD

      Whisper is just a “popular” brand… don’t think it’s that good. Testing one right now and it’s not super impressive… and I think their workmanship is shoddy… I’ll explain why in my review. It’s also the same sub-brand as one in Canada, so I don’t get particularly hyped about something I can get very similar at home.. I prefer to be exotic 😀

  4. Great review! It looks like a pad I’d like to try. (my flow has actually gotten heavier!) I don’t think it needs side wings, looks like there is enough overhang on the sides to cover . I rather like the look of it, not flimsy looking. Nice firm top layer that I would assume wouldn’t bunch up or separate from it’s bottom layer. I also really like the extra material to catch the last drips before you’d get a leak. (I don’t get why some brands edge pads in non absorbent plastic)

    I’ve so much to catch up on here! Glad your having fun! The weather here has been rather brutal ,with a brutal snowstorm outside the GTA and in the barrie area people got snowed in on the hwy for 30 hours!(Mississauga only got the -18 temps/wind/light dusting.

    • Yay for heavy flows… or well, not so much for you, but it is for the guys who like periods 😛 The edges of the pad are “paper like” and although it’s rough, it’s actually absorbent, so you’re right, it’s definitely capable to “make the last stand”… as long as you don’t let the edges come in contact with your legs, it won’t chafe…

      You can get Sofy pads in T&T, just not this particular version. Nevertheless, you can go to this site -> http://web2.sasa.com/SasaWeb/eng/product/viewProductDetail.jspa?itemno=103560712001

      to make a purchase online… their shipping rates are ok, but not something I’d consider paying unless I ordered enough of other stuff where I got free shipping. $2.80 for a pack, even USD is cheap! The layers are super comfortable and you know those Always commercials that say they use “cottony soft covers” are a complete joke compared to these ones. These ones you could literally rub against your face and it’s so smooth you could sleep on it. Even Always “cottony” material is rough against sensitive skins.

      I have been watching the weather back at home and talking to friends, seems like we escaped. Glad I don’t live in the GTA, avoid the traffic miseries. Nevertheless, I’ll end up returning to it anyways, LOL, can’t evade the inevitable, haha.

      Try any of the pads from Asia yet? Now’s a good time to give them a shot if your flow is heavier than before!

  5. Oh and I totally didn’t understand the term “slim” at first. I figured it meant width wise rather then thickness.

    • Napkins here are split into 4 categories: pantiliners, ultra thins, slims and maxi… and unlike us, they define their pad absorbency by length and “time of the day” usage.

      Pantiliners, ultra thins and maxis I’m sure you’re aware of, but slims is in between the thickness of ultra thins and maxi’s… Not as thick as maxi and not as thin as an ultra thin. The 4 categories don’t directly define the width of the pads, although they’re related given their relative sizes and intention of the pad.

      Rather than labeling their pads by “light”, “regular”, “super”, “overnight” – they just label them either for “day-use” or “night-use”

  6. i have wear sofy body fit.it is very good

  7. Hi, I came across your blog and I find things here very exciting. I’m a femine fetishist especially maxi sanitary pad and pantihose of Japanese makes, being almost fanatic about them. I wear them and I like the feeling of the softness of the pads between my legs and around my testicles, combined with the silkiness and support of the pantihose, feeling mesmerized. I wear them both when I sleep in the nights and even when I go to school ( of course they need to be covered under normal guise), I walk like a waggling duck with the thick pad in between my legs but I like it so much that I can’t resist. So sweet so good!!!

    Luckily I have access to various top Japanese makes of pads and pantihoses here in China, from Taobao, a Chinese e-bay, which saves me much trouble. Here I’d like to recommend some good makes and types of maxi pads I’ve been using: Elis 36cm night-use made with pure Japanese cotton(radioactive-free as they had been shipped to Shanghai agent before the earthquake) which comes with 10 pieces, the price is 65RMB. The other one is Unicharm night-use 30cm center-in which comes with 11 pieces plus 1, also made with pure Japanese cotton, the price is 35 RMB, all tex included. both of them are soft, fluffy, snug-fit and extremely comfortable as I feel them. You might have access to the Japanese indigenous pads in Hongkong and most southeastern Asian countries but I’m not sure if you’ll have them in the North America.

    I don’t know if I can attach some pictures here but I ‘ll try to show you the unfolding scenes of them if I can. ( Of course they ‘ll be shown before going in between my legs LOL).
    OK, so much for this, I find your blog of this theme instructive and entertaining, and most importantly, now I have a better perception of the pads, thank you so much.

    Sanitary pads and pantihoses are not exclusive to girls. We boys have right to wear them!!! Think it over, men have period, both mentally and physically, men need comfort and solace. There are men wearing pantihoses, there are also men wearing pads, though not as common as pantihoses. But the testicles are troublesome. as they spoil the curvature and the stickiness of the pads at the crotches, plus, wearing a pad for a long time is not healthful for the testicles due to the damp and the heat created.

    Also, for all the people, a pad can be a make-shift insole, and it is even better!

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