Whisper Instant Clean Slim Wing Overnight Use (32cm) Review

So this week, Whisper’s IC SLIM WING OVERNIGHT USE-SUPER LONG sanitary napkin is on sale at ParkNShop, so how could I miss the opportunity to test out a product which was recommended to me by my friend Claudia? The purchase price was HKD$14.90 for 10 pieces. As you may have already read, I’m not a particular fan of Whisper because it’s “related” to Always which we have back at home in Canada. Before talking to my friend, it was my intention never to test Whisper again just because I don’t really like their products all that much. Nevertheless, she did rave about how much she loved them and don’t use anything else but that, so SIGH, I gave them another shot.

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad Package Front

The packaging is extremely attractive and really makes you want to buy the product 😆 Apparently the new version of the pad is supposed to boast a “1-second absorption” feature to help ensure security and comfort. As much as I was skeptical about Whisper, I have to hand it to them that their claim is pretty good about the speedy absorption. The pads are wrapped in a smooth plastic wrapper and has a very pleasing lavender colour.

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad Package Rear

Whisper borrows many of its pad technology from Japanese inventions and truly helps build upon their existing technology. This is something I wish North American divisions would take note, that they should be borrowing technologies developed by other manufacturers to improve their product, not simply “reinvent” or stall without progress simply because people need to buy them whether they’re great or not. Yes, I understand adopting technology will cost money, but I also believe that they should strive to better their products, not just “offer it as-is.”

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad Package Top

A nice description of all the different types of Whisper sanitary napkin products available. I gotta say, I love the packaging, it’s so cute 😀

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad Package Bottom

It’s a good reminder about changing the pad regularly during your period, it’s at least better than telling women to “have a happy period”… and of course that reminder means using more of their pad and thus earning them more money, at least it’s a hygienically-sound thing to do to ensure fresh pads throughout the day.

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad Package Opened

The package opens at the top and is very convenient to stash underneath the sink or in a drawer, face up as the pad dispenses from the opened package conveniently. The only gripe I had about it was that the pads tend to shift in the packaging a lot and  as you can see, became very “messy” and when pulling a pad out, sometimes it would get stuck/grab the adjacent pads along with it.

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad in Wrapper

The wrapper has an asethically pleasing flower see-through the plastic as a result of the embedded print onto the pad adhesive and like typical Whisper/Always pads, the adhesive is affixed to the wrapper upon pad removal. The blue tab is quite sturdy and even the pad bouncing and scraping around in a purse won’t accidentally undo the pad within.

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad with Wings Adhesive Attached

When I opened the pad, I said to myself, “Gee, this looks awfully like Always pads” and I wasn’t particularly impressed until the testing phase itself. The top sheet while boasting to be “soft” is actually plasticky, similar to my usual complaints about Always pads. In fact, I would say the Whisper top sheet is even more rough/plasticky than Always, I sighed… but hey, the test must go on! With that said though, the top cover and pad as a whole felt much sturdier than Always and at least gave a sense of protection and security, as discomforting as the pad may be. I also noted upon opening the pad that it had a plastic-like smell as well, but upon further inspection, the scent was very neutral and was not too pungent and was actually quite relaxing.

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad Full View

My biggest complain about this pad was the shoddy quality… if you take a look at the above picture, you will know what I mean. This is not only the case with THIS one pad, I have already looked at 4-5 more, all with the “centre core” shifted to one side of the pad. To me, this is totally unacceptable and I think to a menstruating woman, this can be quite detrimental to her protection. While the core itself is not shifted so far off the pad where it’s unusual, it’s definitely “not where it should be” and I doubt it’s “supposed to be like that” because in the advertisements and such, it shows it in the exact center between the two “wall channels” of the pad.

The wings of the pad I will admit is extremely secure and will definitely help keep the pad in place. The wings itself is capable of covering a large area of the crotch of undergarment that it’d be hard-pressed to shift around, although with that said, the adhesives are quite sticky and I would worry that regular use of the pad might wear out undergarment fabric a lot quicker. Because the wings themselves are similar composition to the top layer of the pad, being plasticky, it did not seem to retain fluid very well, acting only to “keep the pad in place” rather than being absorbent. I have to say that it’s a bit perplexing at how “rough” and “plasticky” the wings can be, yet against skin, it does not chafe… I found the wings to be rather comfortable and reliable for keeping the pad in-place.

The pad being designed for overnight use is greatly capable of absorbing large amounts of flow and it sure as hell impressed me with the quick absorption time, whether it’s a large but short burst of flow, or, long-term trickle amount of flow. The speedy absorption helps keep the top layer dry and the biggest thumbs up I’m giving this pad is the ability for it to kill and mask odour, despite its’ very little scented smell. In fact, even after prolonged use of the pad, it did not give off the usual foul odour and kept the fluid within from tainting, even in open-air. You could tell the odour absorbing properties were working very well because the smell of the pad after use is almost the same as when you first opened the pad fresh! This pad is great for those who really find menstrual odour rancid or share the washroom with many people who may find pad odour offensive.

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad Front Closeup

The pores seen distributed throughout the pad help keep air-flow plentiful, reducing discomfort resulting from temperature between the legs and moisture/dryness buildup. Maintaining good airflow for a sanitary napkin ensures a comfortable contact between the legs and discourage bacterial growth. With pores are build into the pad well as you do not feel any lumpiness or a feeling that something is disturbing the smoothness of the pad.

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad Rear Closeup

The pad is quite comfortable, albeit the similarity to Always (which I dislike) and also the absorbency is remarkable, maintaining its “1-second absorption rate” even when the pad is highly saturated. The side walls maintain integrity well, ensuring flow is distributed everywhere else, but kept away from the extremes of the pad, redirecting flow to “stronger” areas of the pad, even when large amounts of flow is expelled along the exterior channels at a quick rate. The pad reliably locks fluid within the material, so even touching the top of the pad near saturation still gives a very dry feeling, although obviously some moisture is noticeable. Even when the pad is becoming close to saturation, the pad maintains its form very well and even after undergoing twists, shifts, turns and rapid leg movements, it stays fit to the body and returns to its original shape no matter how much you have moved. Pads often bunch at the rear due to sitting and leg movements, so this also results in much fewer rear pad leaks and sit-down-stand-up peace of mind.

Whisper Slim Wing Overnight Super Long 32cm - Pad Wrapper Expanded

This type of wrapper, because of the reusable sticky tab, allows rewrapping of a to-be-disposed pad. Furthermore, because the adhesive has imprinted flowers on it, it helps prevent the soiled pad contained inside to be easily viewed, also complimented by the dark lavender colour. This is particularly of use when the pad is disposed in an open bin, helping mask the blobs of menstrual flow absorbed by the pad showing through the wrapper. This will probably make the squeamish guys happy not to see their girlfriend or wife’s sanitary trash. A properly wrapped pad poised for disposal will not fall out from the edges of the wrapper since the sticky tab will help keep it in place and luckily, the smooth wrapper does not encourage sliding of the disposed product.

I’m happy that my friend Claudia recommended me to give this pad a shot, because it really was worth reviewing. Although I still have not changed my stance on the Always pad series, I will definitely give Whisper a “take two” the next chance I get. This pad has definitely left me with a positive experience, particularly with its odour control and “1-second absorption” property. Despite my original concerns with the roughness and plastic-like “look” of the pad, it is quick delicate against the skin and indeed keeps skin dry even well on its way to total saturation! Cheers Claudia for your great taste of pads 😛

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  1. OMG K… r u for real, u actually enjoyed Whisper? Haha… nvr thought of the day u would actually say good things abt it. Now that u say such good things, mayb I ought to try a few pieces if u can spare. Hv u bought any new pads since this review? U told me u were going to Wellcome after, not sure whether u were buying that stuff or ‘normal’ stuff 😆

    Thks for the great dinner too, so yummiez 😀 I hope it didn’t cost u too much, haha. I’m disappointed too that they did not hv good quality control n would release a pad that clearly has the center-core so far away from the middle.. ick, probably could cause an accident!

    The purple looks so cute, I’m sure that’s y u chose to test this 1 compared to all the others xDD The pad even by “visual” DOES look very plasticky, but of coz I always trust yur word when u do a review and say it is still very comfortable 😛 I juz got began my M this morning… so I’m trying all the ones u gave me!! YAY.

    • Haha, it’s a decent pad and it surpassed my expectations, but it’s not “wow” or anything. Ya, I didn’t think I’d ever say anything good about Whisper either, but definitely way better than our Always – least it is good absorbency and can kill odour without a huge scent. I still have half a pack available if you want to try… Laurier is on sale this week so gonna snatch a pack later. I went to Wellcome, but was to buy drinks and then I dropped by the MTR to buy bebe an Octopus card in case she comes. I bought “normal” stuff, not that type of stuff, haha.

      I’m glad you enjoyed dinner, I liked it too. Haha, it’s ok la, didn’t spend that much… plus, it was WORTH it so whatever.

      Yes, I wish they actually paid attention to the fact so far half the pads all exhibit the same “crookedness” of the blue core, but to be honest, even with it off the middle, the absorbency is quite impressive… I could only imagine how great it is if it was actually centered properly.

      I dig the purple too 😛 ’tis very cute and the wrapper is smooth as a bum! I was quite turned-off by the visual-similarity as Always, but I’m happy with my overall experience with it. I guess it makes the cliche “looks can be deceiving” a good explanation of this, haha.

      I’m glad your period arrived, my calendars are all off as a result of me being here. I’ll have to update it when I get home later. Let me know how you enjoy the stuff I gave you 😀 Try not to get any leaks please… 😆

  2. Hey, did u take ne bk w/ u to Canada this time?

    • Nope, they were all done and over with before I left. Couldn’t risk bringing anything like this back with me in case we got checked or whatever. Not sure how I’d manage to get it in the luggage anyways… you know my mom, she reorganizes things 50,000 times so she’d end up “accidentally finding it” haha. Mom is so nosy it’s not even funny. We were really strapped for space as it is and you know how big those damn packages are, lol, that’s why it’s best if bebe brings anything back to Canada with her for me, she can just take the individual packets instead of the bag or whatever.

      Although there’s a funny story I have yet to tell you about leaving HK and a single pad package which was a really close call, lol. I’m still trying to decide whether I want to blog it in an entry or just tell you here, haha… let me think about it for a bit 😛 I’m quite happy I got to test everything I wanted to while I was there, so I haven’t felt a need to HAVE to bring something back (as nice as it would’ve been)… I’ll just wait ’til bebe comes back to Canada and give her puppy-dog eyes and beg for her to bring me stuff 😆 If there was something I missed, then I’d probably try to get away with it, but I didn’t miss anything critical, so all the “unimportant” ones I’ll just test next time I go back.

      Tampons were all Canadian/US brands, so no reason for that either. I’m surprized they didn’t have any of the Japanese ones… oh well!

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