Massages and “Extra Services”

So I went for a foot massage today, more interesting than the tons I’ve ever done in Hong Kong. The best thing about HK is that massages are super cheap – or that is – compared to Canada. Of course there are cheaper places in China, but by the time you go down there, the extra cost would’ve went to transportation already. Nevertheless, I love getting massages, but this time we went to a new one because the one we used to go to finally went out-of-business.

This was definitely a “new experience” indeed because apparently the massage came with extra services. I’m not sure whether these “extra services” cost any more than the regular payment since I halted it extremely fast. Here I was, sitting down while getting my feet soaked and then the masseuse came along and began to dry my feet in preparation for the massage. Just because foot massages are so comfortable, I usually just tilt my head back and enjoy the feeling, but I always like to see what they’re doing the first time we try a new place and to gauge their technique. The massage began quite gentle to “warm things up” and then eventually the temporary pain set-in as she pushed down hard on all the pressure points.

About 15 minutes into the massage, a second girl came out of the room and began to work at my other foot and moved up my leg. I thought it was kinda interesting since most of the massages I ever had were one-person only, especially since most places aren’t going to give you two people for the pay of a single massage, unless you’re paying extra for it. I know for sure I didn’t request to have 2 people and know my cousin and uncle didn’t since they were next to me the entire time. So as the 2nd girl began to work up my leg, it felt weird since one was working on my foot and the feeling of two people massage two different places causes a feeling is non-symmetry, LOL. It wasn’t until about 3 minutes after the 2nd girl came out where it began to get heated and finally I understood why I had two girls massaging me. One was doing a real massage and the other was preparing to massage me elsewhere… she had her hands caressing me and was ready to stroke me and I was like, “Ahhh, stop!” but she didn’t. I have a feeling she interpreted my “ahhh” as a pleasurable one and not the “WTF, stop now” type of “ahhh” – so this girl clearly was trying to get me turned on so she can perform ‘other services’.

Bebe is 2 days away from coming to Hong Kong and I think this is the God’s way of playing a practical joke on me, trying to get some girl to turn me on and break my loyalty to bebe… HRMF! All 3 of us were aghast at this because we were seriously only looking for a massage, not a “rub-and-tug” kind of place. We were telling them to stop, but I have a feeling they either did not understand English or just thought we were ‘shy’. We had to get the parlour owner to tell them to stop as we were not looking for those types of services. As the 2nd batch of the girls left since we told them we wanted non-sexual massages only, we saw a guy come out of a private room, still getting his pants on with a big smile on his face… clearly, our suspicions were true, this wasn’t just a “normal” massage parlour. I felt grossed out immediately because it occurred to me I was sitting on this chair where other “customers” sat and it’s quite likely their dried splooge is probably all over the chair I’m on… urg, so gross.

We left, simply paying the regular price since we didn’t ask for their other fantastic ‘services’ and we decided it was not a place we wanted to be return-customers… well, I suppose that is unless bebe dumps me and I become single again, LOL… then perhaps I wouldn’t mind so much XD (not that I want that to even happen) – man, I don’t believe these places exist smack in the middle of the city under prying eyes, haha. I mean I’ve seen my fair-share in Hong Kong, but man it was a shocker given that this place seemed so damn reputable. There’s a good reason why you always give your business to the places you’re used to going, so they don’t pull weird things like this. Suffice to say, upon getting home, I had my pants washed and body disinfected because who knows how dirty my clothing were after that.

Luckily my other uncle will be free tomorrow to take us to proper massage parlours where we won’t be subjected to being “offered” services other than what we ask for and where I don’t have to worry about having my dick grabbed while I’m getting my feet massaged. To be honest, I know getting a massage tends to bring very dubious and questionable views from women, particularly in HK because it’s under the assumption we all like to be stroked and “have a happy ending” – but regular massage parlours only offer massages and nothing more. The reality is that it’s just a very relaxing and entertaining thing, particularly in a place where walking is a common method of transportation and feet get tired easily.

Time for me to sleep, enjoying a nice BBQ with family/friend tomorrow and more importantly, only hours away from holding my baby 😀 Just some food-for-thought… make sure you know how reputable the place you are getting your massages from, LOL!

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  1. Get bebe to massage you lar ^^ Think of it as bonding time together ^^

  2. I saw u pop online, I kno ur home!!!

    Wanna hear all abt ur day soon…. I meant IMMEDIATELY once u c this, lolz!


    • Wei… so “gup” to know meh? LOL…

      We went to Lamma… and I got to meet her aunt AND uncle – was pretty awesome. I liked the fact they were really social and we definitely clicked pretty well. I mean, this is the first people who I know via bebe, so it’s of course important to make a good impression so that I’m unforgettable XD Either way, this family is a close friend of bebe’s dad, so I’m sure that their thumbs up or thumbs down will make a great impact 😆

      I can’t believe how far and long we walked. I only managed to get 2 pictures with bebe and I in it… something was holding me back from getting more. Perhaps it was that she still seemed reluctant about being close to me… most notably the distance she kept when we walked. I did do some arm holding to try to soften her up but I didn’t see the willingness, so I didn’t want to try to go for her hands until I could feel she was ready. It’s quite unfortunate because this trip was supposed to be a way for us to connect more and hopefully physical contact as well. I mean, even when I had her arm around mine, it was definitely little moments of heaven, but I wish she’d take more initiative.. maybe be the one to lean into me or put her arms through mine. It’s more of the fact it seems more “natural” for a girl to do that than for a guy… because when a guy does it, it just looks desperate, but when a girl does it, it’s so ‘normal’ LOL.

      Do I think there’s more comfort now? Yes. Do I think we’ve made big leaps? Unfortunately not yet. I realize perhaps 5 days of vacation together isn’t going to change the world, but I’m hoping she’ll begin to be the one who makes these small little steps. I can make all the steps I want, but it’s a bit 冇癮 when she doesn’t respond right? haha. Sometimes I can’t decide whether I’m frustrated or angry 😛 I mean at the very least, when I went to put my arms around her, it was ok and stuff… but still, she wasn’t very ‘close’ or ‘intimate’ in pictures… almost like we were kind of friends, rather than being a guy she will hopefully love in the future. Hell, she’s taken much “closer” pictures with other friends and even a guy than she has with me X.x Sometimes it’s so unfair, LOL… like she places so much more expectations, demands and challenges for me than for others T__T

      I’m not quite sure whether the distance she kept was because her aunt was present and didn’t want to be so outright, or whether she still really has reserves…. SIGH. I mean I did control how much contact I had in front of others, I do understand the need to respect elder presence, but holding hands, locking arms or hands-on-the-shoulder isn’t really an “explicit” thing that you need to shelter from people. It was like I was going to start kissing her with my tongue or something in front of her aunt.

      I know for bebe we need to make tiny steps really, but sometimes I feel like I need to push forth a bit because she’s reluctant, hesitant and that I have a feeling that she’s not the one that would be the one taking initiative, it’ll always be me who has to “instigate” something…. and I know at times she may even be uncomfortable, but also realize we’ll get nowhere if I have to wait for her to act XD I don’t so much “blame her” per se… but rather “blame the situation” on why things have to be the way they are, lol. It’s hard for me to explain….

      I know there’s still 4 great days left ahead of us and hope we can really make some progress in our relationship. Sometimes when I ask her things, she can never give a straight reply or a reply that carries weight, lol. I ask her “if she’s happy” and all she does is gives me a “mmmm” and that’s not really a decipherable answer, LOL. I don’t understand why I can’t get definitive answers out of her, is that indicative of the person she is? Cannot be decisive? Oh man X.x Sometimes I wish she’d just tell me what exactly she wants so I can actually try to give it to her. Seems like nothing I can do excites her or satisfies what she wants. It’s indescribable agony, because even the smallest action for a girl you don’t know gets some readable feedback. It’s like she purposely withholds actual feedback so I never know what she’s thinking or how I CAN make her feel happy/satisfied. ARG…

      Kill me =_=

      Just wish she’d get her mind on straight… you know, actually give me usable feedback where I can actually change/do something that won’t just result in a grunt or shrug… because that shit is useless when I’m trying to determine her likes/dislikes to be a better boyfriend. Our core commitment before was to maintain an open line of communication so we can always be in-touch with each others emotions and thoughts, but she definitely needs to share a lot more often so that way I’m not guessing things but have a solid foundation to work with!

      It’s not that I’m unhappy with her – no – in fact, I’m SUPER HAPPY with her… just that some things she does just makes me want to scream, lol. Ai… women…

      • Peekaboo, I c u!

        Smtimes juz hv to be a bit more aggressive wor… even if she might feel uncomfortable with yur touch, juz do newayz… as long as u dun cross the line like touch her boobs or smthg. It’s so hard for a girl to be touched sensually “for the first time” n’ she might nt be vry open to it and understand the feeling. Mayb she doesn’t understand the reason WHY u touch her… hv u explained b4? Mayb she thinks tht when guys touch, it only is a preclusion to having sex… n’ that’s not tru, it’s an ‘expressive gesture’..

        Did she bring u ne “gifts” btw? 😛 She better, or else it’d be weird if I hv gotten u stuff but she hasn’t…. Oh the gifts u gave me were great, loved testing them during my period, will let u kno all abt it when I get bk!

        Rly like yur fb pics… she’s beautiful 🙂 When she gets bk to Canada, u rly gonna hv to brainwash her n’ keep her mind occupied so tht she doesn’t run away 😕

        Girls aren’t going to instigate until we feel super comfortable, so it’s much easier for us to accept that the guy makes the first move. Smtimes dun even bother asking her, juz do it 😀 If you ask to hold her, she may say no, but if u just hold her, it is too late n’ we (girls) mind as well just accept it, hahhah.

        Soooo… do u feel even more ‘excited’ tht she’s here now? Bet u r doing that like 10 times a day now, LOOOOLOLOL, kakakaka. Or does it just stay “up” evry second yur with her? HAH!

        • Haha, I am aggressive, sometimes I hold her and stuff just to get her used to the feeling of being held and touched by me. I know not to cross the line and stuff because then that’d totally anger her with me, lol, not good. I try to hold her in a way that’s acceptable and stuff for a start of a relationship, although I must admit, by most relationship standards, we should at the very least be kissing by now… and that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen soon.

          I asked her to hold my hand and she said no… you have no idea how crushing that is… I don’t think she understands either how much that hurts, especially when she says stuff like “depends with who” when I ask her if she ever feels like she wants to do what other couples do. I guess only those who have ever been emotionally tarnished knows the feeling of how delicate emotions are and it’s hard for her to stand in my place and know what it feels like to have something like that said. Words can sometimes be as harmful as actions. What does “depends with who” mean? Does it mean she finds it more comfortable with other RANDOM MEN to touch her than with me? That’s so fucked up. I’m starting to go back to feeling jealous and hating her guy friends now because it’s likely she likes touching them more than touching me.

          Nevertheless, I will more likely instigate the touching and holding because I know that she’s not going to do it. I know that being aggressive is not a good thing where I have to make her feel uncomfortable, but there’s no way for her TO feel comfortable unless I do it often enough where she feels ready for it.

          Yes, I will have to brainwash her when she gets back, because our location is a HUGE strain on our relationship. She keeps on saying she doesn’t have that comfortable feel, but that just has to do with her subconsciously wanting to be back in Malaysia because she’s denying her own POSITIVE feelings for me and feeding the negative as a result of the whole Malaysia/Canada thing. She says apparently our language is a barrier for us too -_- girls and their excuses, LOL… have you ever tried that on Josh before? HAHA.

          She bought some gifts for me… holy shit it’s awesome. I was so happy to know what she uses and also, the same stuff I can’t get in Canada XD I felt so close to her 😆 Made me so damn hot, haha. And no, I don’t have time to do that 10 times a day, because I’m spending it all with her, LOL. I also don’t do that in public washrooms, that’s gross 😛 I’m not hard every second I’m with her because then I’d be constantly preoccupied with thinking about sex, rather than concentrating on her. I still get super ‘excited’ over her when I get home every night and even though I don’t do it 10 times a day, every time I “finish” I’m out of breath and collapse because I’m so exhausted after such a huge “ending”… never experienced anything like it XD God she’s so f’ing hot… LOL! I hate cleaning up afterward compared to before when I wasn’t as ‘excited’ and it wasn’t as massive…. 😀

  3. Yesh, I’m sure u want to kiss her, hehe… I kno u think she has beautiful lips xDD U rly like the cute girlz, I kno yur taste, lol. Good, keep it up la. No point in holding bk from touching her coz I think she won’t be the one instigating it either… if u dun do nethg, she won’t either! She just seems TOO conscious abt evrythg and thinks WAAAYY TOO much. I kno that u like to think abt the future too, but she’s letting the whole thing get into yur way. I mean.. I followed Josh bk to HK too and u luv her so much she should c that n’ follow u.

    Wut she doesn’t realize is that this is probably a LIFETIME opportunity… u will not wait for her 4evr n’ she should be a bit more serious abt this rather than saying, “Our language conflicts” or wutevr coz she can look arnd and c so many couples who hv their own language and ONLY speak English together and still hv a perfectly find relationship. U kno it is tru that girls can cm up wit ne possible excuse 😛 we are MASTERS at that… haha. She’d be so crazie to give u up or to bypass a chance like this… I rly think she’s lying to herself smtimes… she does such a good job of it she doesn’t even kno she’s lying to herself.

    I dunno y she’d be ok with other guys touching her but nt u.. I think she realli needs one of her friends to give her sm guidance on physical intimacy n’ wut true relationship/feelings mean… mayb she can’t even interpert her OWN feelings -_-Zzzz. Dun let wut she says deter u, she’s just being silly saying she has no feel for u… just believe it as BS… u kno our saying, “U can lie to the world, but cannot lie to urself”… although she obvious does quite a good job of both X_x

    I hv tried many excuses wit Josh b4… I used to tell myself I din like him even when I did… n’ realize that I wasted so much time pretending n’ faking myself… so dumb. Tht’s y I don’t want yur bebe to walk the same path I did, waste time n’ cause so much headache… this is headache for BOTH of u, not just one. Right now is hard coz she wants to stay with msia n’ be with u as well, yet she uses her ‘reasoning’ to “not be with you” to justify her staying 😐 dun get how she can be so unfair to u n’ not giving u a serious chance by throwing barrier in yur way..

    Aiya…. but I’m here 4u netime we can chat.. Juz hold her more often, I kno that makes u feel great ^^

    Dun ‘play’ too much la or else it might start hurting, LOL. Save it for her 😉 I hv confidence in u tht u will be able to satisfy her n’ once she “experiences” u the first time, she will want no other… KAKAKAKAK!

  4. dang, kanada! extra services? that’s hilarious!!! well, seems like you’re having fun, hmmm???? 😛

    anyway, hope you have a great rest of your trip!!

    • LOL, you should offer some ‘extra services’ too 😉 Well, the massage was good, I wasn’t tremendously impressed with the fact they offered me such services. I’m a good boy, right? How could someone think they SHOULD offer me such services which I have no need for – HRMF! I’d only be interested in being offered such services for free by the girl I love!

      So so, I’m waiting to see you online and hear about all your excitement! Hope you had a sexy holiday.

      • i don’t have any extra services to offer. none whatsoever.
        but i think bebe should get some compensation for her services though. haha

        my life isn’t too exciting; just hanging out with my old friends and see all the high school people again. and yeah, i’m having a super sexy holiday, thanks. lolol

        • Really? I think Ellie would disagree with that statement 😛 You have many extra services to offer XD haha. She got lots of compensation for her services (for coming to HK!!!) – I provided her with her octopus card and phone SIM and pretty much all her meals (with me) 😛 We ate pretty extravagantly too, other than the one “cheap” meal we had at the local markets which was supposed to be a locals experience for her.

          Other than stuff she wanted to buy for herself, family and friends or whatever, I paid for all the attraction-tickets and stuff. I’m not saying I did that only to ‘pay her back’ – but more of the fact I appreciate she took the effort to come to HK to spend time with me and that it’s a guys duty to take care of his girl! It was very fun, as tiring as it was to get up early and do lots of traveling – I even ended up in the hospital, lol. The only thing that worries me is the fact there still seems to be a lingering question whether we’re “right for each other”… and I don’t think that question needs to be even considered, it’s quite obvious 😆

          When I get back, we should spend some time catching up 😀 I need someone to talk to too share all my hardships with too 😦 You’re a good listener and give great advice, haha. So when are you comin’ up to Kanada to kum visit me?

        • whaaat?? i haven’t offered any extra services to him!! you awkward kanadian!! hahaha

          aw, sounds like you had loads of fun!! eating and shopping is definitely the best in hk, even the cheap stuff! :p was it cold? i was in hawaii this past week, it was AMAZING and warm. totally forgot about the shitty weather in seattle and new york. gah. ice, snow, and cold…

          oh, do tell about the hospital, haha. i hope you signed a waiver for those ‘extra services,’ sir.

          and it’s just HER questioning your compatibility, right? jeez, you guys had a blast in hk, i don’t think it should be a problem. she’s a stubborn one, isn’t she…. -____-

          daww, thanks. it’s interesting talking to you too. and, actually, once spring semester ends around may-ish, mom and dad wanna take a cross-country trip (so american!! haha). so it’d be driving straight through to new york and then on the way back home with me, they wanna take some stops.
          so… new york – (maybe) montreal – toronto – chicago – minneapolis – mt. rushmore in south dakota – yellow stone park – and then back to seattle.

          so, it’s definitely a possibility. WHOA. that’d be super weird to meet someone from the internet. hm, i hope your expectations of me aren’t too high. hahaha i might be a let-down~

        • I dunno, if you offer it to him on a regular and free basis, I wouldn’t consider them extra services… in fact, if he reciprocates, I’d just call in consensual XD HARHAR.

          The eating part in HK is deadly, I gained 2 lbs, blah…. or at least I think, it could have been because I was wearing heavier clothing 😆 I didn’t do much shopping myself, although I bought a suit there because it is so cheap AND it was custom-made. The most shopping I did was actually with bebe and with my cousin who I helped get a new computer. It was cold in HK or I should say, much below seasonal temperature. For a Canadian used to cold weather, it was great, but for locals it was freezing. The first 3 days was floating about 22-26 degrees and then the rest of the month I stayed for was like between 10-16 degrees. There was a day where it dipped to like 7. I didn’t watch the news while I was in HK, but bebe told me apparently a few travellers from warm-countries died in HK from the large temperature change. It’s cold and snowy here today back in Ontario.

          With bebe over in HK and me having already gone through 3 weeks of prior walking-torture, I pushed my body to the limits. After a mountain-hike, I was feeling all hot, cold, dizzy and sweaty. I didn’t recognize the symptoms, but my cousin said he thought I looked rather zoned out and perhaps I had gotten a sun-stroke from all that day’s pressure and from 3 weeks of previous hectic scheduling. I think it caught up with me, so I went in to have it checked out. Did some tests, came out ok and was just told to stay hydrated and get some rest. After a night’s rest, I felt better in the morning. If this was a Japanese hospital, I’m sure there’d be “extra services” – but not the ones in HK.. lol. And plus, I’d rather that have been bebe taking care of me rather than some random nurse 😉

          Ya, I don’t question our compatibility, we make a great couple. I love spending time with her and also our time apart gives us time to miss each other. I do miss her a lot and it sucks that sometimes she needs these long breaks from me. She hasn’t let me talk to her on MSN since new years again -_-” I know that both our hearts are heavy, we both have to make massive considerations about where our relationship is headed and how we can break barriers to move forward, but being set aside time and time again is destroying me inside. Why can’t she just show she cares? I love showing her that I care about her and treating her right. I hate the rift generated by how far she is and the whole location thing is generating a lot of heaviness and negativity for us. I know we both have a lot on our minds right now and as much as I can be understanding about not wanting to talk to me because of our obstacles and that she has such a hard time seeing us together in the future because of geographical preferences, but it also hurts me a lot when she does it. I get all paranoid, flustered and can’t concentrate on anything else. I think she just wants me dead X.x All I have to say is we make a GREAT couple and we have a BRIGHT future ahead of us. I prayed lots for us and for us to be able to overcome all our obstacles, I need to believe in myself and believe that I’ll receive the heaven’s good graces and blessings. When human interaction can’t help a situation, only a higher-being can help.

          Driving from Seattle is a nut-cake move, lol, so damn far! That’d be excellent if you stopped nearby here 😀 Sounds like that’s quite the road-trip planned! I can’t imagine having to travel by car to soooo many places. The farthest I’ve been by vehicle is up to Quebec and that’s like an 8 hour drive and that already makes my head explode. So do both your parents drive? I suppose that makes it much easier than one person doing the whole stretch.

          The only expectation I have of people is that they’re genuine and have good character – which you have both of anyways. And plus, being a cute Asian girl probably will benefit you too, bahaha 😛 You’ve never actually met anyone off the internet before? =O I think the first person I ever met “online” was when I was like… 9… of course my parents came with me, but the guy and I met there and actually went to a court near my house and we played tennis together. We actually both belonged to the same club and didn’t know!

          Maybe with all your past sexy relationships, perhaps you can help me through this tough time with bebe and give some great advice 😀

  5. Wowoweeee!! Now I kno wut u mean when u say bebe has kissable lips xDD They r very nice, makes me jealous 😦 Bet u’ll be so excited when she lets u get at them, haha.

    • She does 😛 they’re very cute, haha. Did you go through all my pictures one at a time? XD Why be jealous? From what I hear from Josh, yours are quite good as well, lol, you have ‘experience’ LOL!

      Yes, I’ll be happy when she lets me get at them, but it’d be nice just to have her loop her arm through mine or hold my hands… I’ll leave the kissing in the back of my mind until we make headway!

      • lol yesh.. I went through all d pics lah, soooo cute xDD I bet it wuz a dream cm tru being able to take pics with her… haha… better than taking pic with celebrity hrm? 😀 My lips not as nice as hers to kiss wor, I can tell by looking at them coz I’m a girl! U shld try n then let me kno whether I am rite… kekekke… I juz luv teasing u coz I kno u totally want to get at them!!

        Dun fantasize too much abt kissing her, otherwise u might do it in reality w/o realizing it then yur gonna be in trouble, HAHA! She smiles so beautifully w/ u… she juz can’t say there’s no future 4 u 2, kakaka….

        • Ya it was a dream come true, it was kinda awkward she told me she was coming to visit me like.. shortly after I went to WTS to pray 😐 crazy… I was thrilled and kind of “shocked” at the same time – and I know she had to put a lot of effort into getting permission and making arrangements to go to HK so it was suuuppeerr sweet-sweet of her 😀 I’m glad she let me take some pics with her, I tried to give her more pics by herself, but I definitely wanted to keepsakes as well, haha, to put in my picture frames and stuff!!

          I don’t spend that much time fantasizing about kissing her, only because I know it’d suck in my mind if I did that. I try to avoid letting my mind concentrate on her, LOL, sounds cruel but if I do, then I just sit there and think about her all the time (not that I can control it in all reality… :lol:) Kissing someone requires quite a bit of thought/motion, don’t think it’s something that happens “by accident”… unless you meant I want to do it ‘by accident’ – HAHA. I’d get in so much shit from bebe if I ever tried to pull that off, lol, some girls you can try that stuff on and get away with it… she’s not one of them XD

          She does have a gorgeous smile eh? Oddly enough, in all the pictures I’ve take in HK, you’ll notice the only time I’m even (partially) smiling is the pictures with bebe. I hate my smile and makes my eyes even smaller, that’s why I don’t… yet when I’m in a picture with her, I can’t help but feel really happy and think I naturally do it even if I’m trying to force myself not to because it’s terrible, haha. Guess sometimes your own conscious actions speak a lot about your subconscious mind!

          I can’t stop looking at the picture of her and the flower 😕 Her lips look even MORE perfect with her eyes partially closed, zomg!

  6. To Whom It May Concern,

    Just wanted to let you know that male-oriented massages by Thai, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese girls or whatever your dreams desire is offered cheap in surrounding areas. We offer full body massage only for $90HKD per 30 minutes and also added services for purchase. You can choose from one or a few of our many girls to suit your tastes. Our girls range from young to older women. Our girls are regularly tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases to ensure the safety of our customers. We have customers coming from many countries and we make them aware that such services in Hong Kong are legal and they would not be prosecuted. Come try our expert girls who can satisfy you with various actions, including oral, anal, fetish (more cost) or penetrative sex (must use necessary protection).

    We have many locations in Hong Kong, include many in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. We also have smaller locations in New Territories and Discovery Bay. Our services are available all day and every day of the year (weekend and holiday service have premium). Sex toys and other paraphernalia may be available and rented from offered locations and condoms are available free-of-charge. If you are interested in this, please contact me by email and I will send you the locations and phone numbers to book an appointment.

    I hope you will visit us soon as many girls are waiting for YOU. We have many satisfied customers and our prices are cheap. We give 80% off for first-time visitors. We also offer VIP services for regular visitors who are given access to many of our finest girls or no-condom sex. All men are welcomed, bring your friends for better prices. All our rooms are fully equipped with air conditioning and comfortable beds. Most full nights are less than 300 per girl. Remember Sexy Thai Massage when you want a good massage, good service and good price! Do not forget not to leave Hong Kong before you visit!

    Thank you.

    • Thank you for your post. Although I’m not interested in the services provided by your company, I can bring up your place if my friends ever ask me for places providing such services. I already have a wonderful Malaysian girl who fulfills all that my dreams desire, so I have no need to seek massages and added services. 🙂

      I am glad that you offer competitive prices and that your masseuse are regularly tested for STD’s as that will ensure your clientele stay healthy and prevent the spread of communicable diseases. I prefer massage-only parlours, so if you do have any of those facilities, I would be happy to check them out next time. Feel free to send me an email listed at the side of my page, those without ‘added services’.

    • kakakak… ppl advertise on yur site la now 😀

      Must be “key words” they capture n’ automatically write to u…

      I dun believe places offer no-condom sex 😐 so dangerous…. n’ so cheap, 300 a night? No wonder ppl cm to Asia to hire hookers…

    • please provide number and address in discovery bay

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