Laurier Superguard Max 40cm (Super Heavy Flow/Night-Use) Review

So I finally mustered myself up and started grabbing all the notes on this to write this review. I must say, this pad although my favourite throughout my trip in Hong Kong, was the worst pictures ever. I guess at that point, I was still fiddling around with settings on it and trying to learn how to better utilize all the features, adjustments and gadgets of the camera – that I probably had some settings wrong and really messed up the quality of the picture. I’ve already used Picasa to adjust the pictures to some degree and that’s about as good as they’re going to get. However, without further ado, I present to you, Superguard Max 40cm Sanitary Napkin, designed for super heavy flow/night-use, by Laurier. The package comes with 3 pieces for HKD$13.90 – so you can see, it’s not one you’d want to use every day… well, unless you have a lot of money to spend.

For Leakage Prevention In Any Sleeping Position

Double-Powerful Absorbent Cushion
1) Centre Absorbent Cushion
Embraces body contours to prevent bunching and twisting. Quick absorbency of sudden flow to Absorbent Cushion core for extended protection even on extra-heavy nights.

2) Back Absorbent Cushion
Fits to hip shape and absorbs back flow quickly

Safety Fit Gather
With high T-shape fit to your body and prevent side leakage in any sleeping position

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Front Pad Package

These are another one of those super-duper huge pads and if anything, Cherrie will be the first one to say, “How do people wear this? This pad is bigger than my underwear!” LOL. That is right, the pad is 40cm and it is definitely thick. I’m not even going to kid you that if you thought the Always Overnight Extra Heavy Flow pads were thick enough, these things are monstrous. As you can see, the package is fairly large and I think the picture may not justify itself when there’s nothing else of-size to compare it to, but as indicated in the corner, just three pads make up this entire package, meaning the contents within are sizable! The front of the pad package gives a quick overview of the 2 outstanding differences compared to other and even their own line of overnight pads, that they have not one, but TWO absorbent cores and also has a wider and longer back-end.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Side Pad Package

Sophia is probably going to freak out if she looks at the actual content of the pad as I was just ranting to her about gel-based pads the other day. While posting this picture up, I realized there’s a funny spelling mistake 😛 It’s so nice that Laurier has a Hong Kong location and availability – it’d be nice if they brought it to Canada as well! It’s of course important to remind users not to flush the pad and to be aware of any irritation or other maladies while using the pad that one should stop usage.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Top Pad Package

The “super guard” technology is not specific to night-use pads though and they do offer variations for regular day use. Super guard is one of the best pad technology I’ve seen as the heightened walls truly prevent side leaks unless there is massive overflow. Often, side leaks occur not as a result of the pad not being absorbent enough or overflowing, but rather, because the pad is not close enough to the body and where “gaps” are, menstrual fluid flow out of the coverage-area of the pad and thus, accidents occur. With super guard technology, it catches even “run offs” from skin and provides a seal redirecting any would-be-leak flow back onto the pad for absorption. While many pads and manufacturers use raised edges on their pads to replicate this effect, only the Laurier and Sofy “walls” provide one which is much taller than the usual side barriers or frilly edges.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Rear Pad Package

I found it kind of funny that the picture exaggerates the rear wings so much as it is actually quite small in comparison to other brands. However, with the design of the pad and the super guard edges, it does not need very large rear wings to provide the support to prevent rear leakage. I truly like the packaging in Hong Kong because it is written in both Chinese and English. Although I admit to my weak reading/written Chinese, the wording they use is so complex that it makes buying pads/tampons seem like buying parts for a space shuttle. The English is considerably easier to understand and even many Asian girls I know who have great command of Chinese prefer reading the English and get easily confused by Chinese terminology for sanitary napkins or tampons. Even bebe admits that there’s just “way too many words” when she walks down the feminine hygiene aisle in Hong Kong that it becomes confusing what the pad/tampon features.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Unopened Pad in Wrapper

You will however notice, that just like the Sofy Soft Body Fit pad I reviewed before, the package is very similar, including the cloth-type wrapper. In order to open the pad up completely, it is folded into 4 sections and again, akin to the Always Overnight Extra Heavy Flow pad. For convenience of the user, the pad wrapper has the length written on it so that if this was mixed with other pads, it would be easy to identify the pad immediately within say, a bin or purse.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Fully Opened Pad with Wrapper

You may wonder why I’m so sloppy with extending the pad to get a good picture of it, but it is because of the design of the pad to be “contoured” to conform to the body. The pad is actually impossible to get “flat” or “straight” without using something to hold both ends (which you really don’t want to do, since that destroys the natural curvature of the pad). At the “rear” of the pad (right side), you will notice the adhesive automatically detaches from the side wings and rear wings as you open the pad – quite ingenious and paper-saving. The pad is extremely comfortable and with two absorbent/raised cores, the material and design – it is as comfy as a pillow floating in heaven. Can you tell I’m a big fan of Laurier Super Guard? HAHA. Maybe I should not be writing this review with such positive bias!

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Pad Closeup Front

I think by looks, the pad appears to be very lumpy when in fact, it is quite comfortable and it “fits” the body perfectly. The raised core provides great contact and coverage to prevent leaks. The pad cores are raised relatively high, which you can see have very deep grooves around the core, thus acting as a “drop zone” and channel flow deep into the pad. With this close up (you will have to click on the thumbnail), it gives you a better view of the “super guard” – or – the raised stretchy edges. These edges are pulled tightly and this is also the reason why the pad won’t go completely flat. Since the crotch area is similar to a “U” shape, the pad is also designed to imitate and follow the body’s natural formation. The wings in comparison to what you would expect for a overnight-designed pad are actually quite short, but also because of the tightness to wrap/hold to the side of underwear. Applying this pad requires more “pressure” and “power” than others because the pad was designed to be very elastic-like and while that’s great from a protection point-of-view, it requires more maneuvering and application of force to get it in the proper place.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Pad Closeup Rear

As you will note, the rear wings are actually not very prominent, although when the pad is fully applied to underwear, it automatically stretches out and provides considerable protection. The protection is not offered simply by size, but by the overall design of the entire pad, thus slightly obsoleting the rear width. Suffice to say, I think it is very obvious that this pad will likely interfere with most people sitting down. The length of the pad I think would overwhelm the size of most women and thus the recommendation of this pad is not even to consider it for day-use as it almost seems impractical, unless you have a very very heavy period.

Many pads often have a “thinner” rear compared to the thickness found in the front or middle of the pad – but with this pad, it is not the case and it maintains a consistent thickness throughout the pad (with exception of the raised portions).With the rear being JUST as thick, it eliminates almost any gap between the butt and pad. Poh Ching will absolutely love this if she could find it 😛 I actually do believe this version is sold in Malaysia, haha. The super guard portion does eventually taper off as it’d be impossible to extend the walls throughout the entire side of the pad as it would induce a lot of discomfort – or should I say – even further discomfort. Rest assured, with this pad on the job, leaks aren’t very likely!

When testing this pad, the pad held up against a wide range of movements without fail. Because of the elastic-like edges, the pad would easily “become” any shape and also “return” to its original form without issues. The pad itself does tend to restrict or make certain movements difficult and it is also very noticeable – it is hard not to be aware of the existence of this pad! The adhesives provide excellent security and is not overbearing like the “U by Kotex” pads where it practicality destroys fabric upon removal. However, because the stickiness of the adhesive does not run from the front to back of the pad, it may curl at the extremes of the pad if not secured properly in the first place, particularly with the natural tendencies of the pad to curl due to the design. This is NOT a problem if applied correctly and firmly at the start-of-use.

The deep channels in this pad truly allow fast and secure absorption of flow. The dampness of the pad does not surface until prolonged use and in which case, it should be changed anyways. While I would not say this pad has the best stays-dry feeling, it is definitely able to keep the top dry for a sufficient amount of time. However, through prolonged and heavy use, changing is required to keep things comfortable. This is more notable with this pad not perhaps because it is a failure, but rather, because the pad forms a seal around your body and the pad where air-flow is limited and thus, dampness accumulates or is more easily felt. Since this pad is designed for overnight use, the particular discomfort arising from dampness is not an issue as I would assume most change it in the morning. What is important is that upon waking up, there aren’t any stains on underwear or the sheets and the discomfort can be alleviated quickly upon pad removal. Speaking of removal, this pad is in no-way discrete when thrown away. After testing, I actually had to take it and throw it away directly into the building dumpster to avoid it being noticed in the washroom. When it is saturated however, it rolls up well (quite easily due to the natural elastic tension) and becomes quite soft.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Leftover Wrapper

I can’t say I was particularly happy with the wrapper in terms of re-usability for wrapping the old pad. This exhibited the same problem as Sofy pad wrappers where the used pad cannot be reliably secured when rolled up and risked dropping out the sides (urg, gross). Although, I guess this pad is a bit better because of the huge size, stickiness and general design that it would be much harder for it to fall out from the wrapper. Nevertheless, the smoothness of the wrapper internal and lack of stickiness of the wrapper-tab, it’d be much easier to wrap it in toilet paper or use an elastic band to secure the saturated/to-be-disposed pad. The pad does also have a tendency to open up since it has elastic edges which try to “force the pad” to return to the original “U” shape form. I’m sure not all-too-many people really want to see a bloody pad unfolding.

All in all, the pad has made leaps-and-bounds since the last time I tested a Laurier pad 2 years ago. Back then, the super guard already amazed me and now the 40cm version even has two cores, one front and one back. The absorbency speed is amazing and you never have the feeling that the pad has “left your body” because of the way it conforms and stays secure. I would dare say that the pad itself without wings would operate just as well!

If you have access to this pad and you have heavy periods that perhaps result in leaks, this is the pad just for you! You’ll be waddling around if you try using it for day time, but it’s not so bad at night when you just want to sleep peacefully and wake up knowing it won’t be a murder-scene.

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  1. Holy crap 14 bucks for 3 pads! Is this typically a high end brand?
    It so isn’t my type of pad…not discrete in the least! It does look like it will definitely get the job done. It does look nicer then the always heavy overnight. Looks like more effort and thought went into it and it looks….sturdier. (which I like)

    I recently bought Stayfree ultra thin overnight pads and I love them. ($1.99 whooo hoo. )
    They even seem thinner then the regular ultra thins. (must be an optical illusion)
    It even has rear wings with sticky tabs. (which I didn’t even realize for the few couple uses) I’ll see if I can shoot you a picture.

    Happy your getting back into the swing of things!

    • It’s only about $1.79 CAD or so for 3. I guess it depends on what you take as the exchange rate, lol. Canadian currency is quite high right now, making products there appear cheaper, haha. Laurier is one of the “bigger brands” but I wouldn’t call it a high-end one… I’d consider high-end ones like the Laurier-F series (which I actually tested as well.. will review/post at some point) and Elis Megami series. Those are shit expensive pads, yet like you said, they get the job done.

      I mean a pad of this size would only be useful probably on the most heavy nights, say maybe day 2 or 3, so assuming it gets you through the night, you’re only using a pack per period at most… not terribly costly, but I don’t deny they won’t put a dent in your wallet. I agree that they look better than the Always ones as well and while the Always one gets stuffy and feels ridiculously heavy, the Laurier ones do not. Should I mention again and again how awesome super guard is? LOL. So have you went to T&T on Central Parkway to buy some of the Elis ones yet? As I understand, they also have a similar line and also have the super guard type sidings 😀

      Since when did the Stayfree ultra thins get rear sticky wings?!! AHHHHH… all the times I’ve ever bought those, they’ve been side-wings only. Guess at some point, they must’ve revamped their pads. 1.99 is an excellent price, usually I hunt for that deal before getting them (since by rights, I don’t need them for my non-existent period.. LOL). Are those just the “dry max” ones or plain-jane ones? If you could get a pic of it and also the package (or exact name), then I could look them up and see if it’s one I tested or if they have something new, under the same name! I must say, I noticed the same thing with some of the pads bebe gave me, they were Stayfree and had rear wings and I was like, “wtf, they never had rear wings…” and I thought it was just because it was an Asian-pad, but apparently they added them to the North American version too now – YAY!

      I’m glad to hear from you again, thought you just trailed off after a while of reading this blog 😆 I’ll try to keep it interesting and stuff, but you’re welcome to email me anytime if you see I don’t post anything new, haha.. I can always give you a sneak peak at some of the pictures I took if you don’t want to wait for me to post the reviews 😀

      • |Ooh lah lah special treatment!
        I’m on the pictures right away. Want a picture of the stayfree regular too? OOh I’ve got a u by kotex too. I’ll do a comparison side by side.

        • Haha, well gotta give my dedicated reader/responder a little something-something every once in a while XD and plus, you’ve given me a fair share of pics as well, lol.

          Thanks for the pictures and so fast too! I sent you yours, not sure if you check your email more than here, so I just wanted to let you know here as well. 😀 Hope you enjoy it, they were VERY special pads to me!! 😆

  2. Excellent (although rather bias :P) review! Although I’ve not tried it, it looks super comfortable. The thick padding at the back would do well to cushion my skinny butt HEHEH. XDDD I shall search for this particular pad the next time I go shopping ^^

    • Woohoo, hi there beautiful, haha. Where have you been lately >.> I dislike the fact you’re not on MSN much anymore. Who am I going to harass now? 😆 I must say, it seems a lot quieter now that I don’t have to listen to you talk about your boyfriend every time lol! Trust me, when you get a chance to try this pad, you’ll realize why I rave about it AND why I’m so positively biased XD

      This pad would be lovely for your rear leakage issues, which I know you haven’t had since you took my recommendation 😛 Isn’t it cool to take a recommendation about pads from a guy and actually be accurate?! HAH. I have to say, Stayfree is a lot cheaper than Laurier (especially this one), so if you’re looking at it from a financial point-of-view, then stick to the one now. If you want to try something new or want to have something like this to keep in the closet in case for “bad days” – then that’s cool too. Now, I promise if you ever come to Canada to visit me, I’ll give you a bunch of Canadian pads to take with you, LOL. On the other hand, when I come to Malaysia, not only are you going to owe me meals, driving me around, prostitutes/chun chicks – but also some Malaysian products to go with me 😛 (joking about the prostitutes). Actually, just to spite you, perhaps I shall bring tons of Canadian tampons for you to use XD

      Bebe couldn’t find Libresse for me where she is X.x noes, haha… either that, or she was too busy anyways. In which case, YOU will buy it for me, lol. So anyways… get on f’ing MSN!

      • LOL, so bored seek ppl to talk to coz bebe not around? Cm on talk to me la… or well, if we can match time!

        • Blah, don’t even mention it. I don’t know if her internet is fixed or whether she is still taking one of those mysterious breaks from me, lol. I don’t want to ask either, haha, don’t want to know (unless it’s a good response XD). I’d rather not know and just pretend her internet is not working properly than rather have her tell me ‘I don’t feel like talking to you right now’ because that hurts as hell as fuck. I mind as well just smash my face into a wall and slit my wrist whenever I hear that.

          Prefer if I live my life in ignorance 😆 I talk to everyone, you know that, haha. Very few people in this world who I DON’T talk to 😛 I’m still waiting to poke Alyson ‘cuz I dunno where she’s gone to! She should be back on campus by now.

          If you see me online, let me know, I’ve been concentrating on my courses lately that I haven’t been watching every person that goes on/offline. Problem is that trying to see each other on at convenient times will be hard now that I’m back here. You can throw me an email though!

  3. I absolutely adore reading your blog posts, the variety of writing is smashing.This blog as usual was educational, I have had to bookmark your site and subscribe to your feed in ifeed. Your theme looks lovely.

  4. wow! 40cm really long!

    • Yep, sure is… but the protection and comfort of it is superb! Also, there are pads exceeding 40cm as well, lol, so obviously there continues to be a demand for long/large overnight pads!

  5. Hi it’s me again. Great job you have done! Here the Laurier 40cm night-use with the same package(3 pieces) costs around 8 RMB, with the manufactory address in Shanghai (specified as being made in Japan and packed in Shanghai). So I don’t see the difference between the overseas version and the one I get here from the supermarket.

    Yes it is lumpy, thick, and long, like a baby napkin, so far the most comfortable while pricey one I can get here from the local supermarkets. I find this one very soft with almost no chafe. I’m not even aware of its existence out there at times, it’s so reassuring so soothing, so fit to my crotch though the perfect-fitness curvature is partly spoiled by my annoying testicles, I don’t bleed, nevertheless I just like the mesmerizing feeling in between my legs and which extends almost to my waist. ( especially when it goes with a good-quality pantihose ,preferably Austrian Wolford and a silky one, from which you get the silky-smoothness and the support that sticks the pad to your body as closely as it can). Just try them, and you will love them!!

    Again I strongly recommend 2 sorts of pads I’m most fascinated with: 36 cm Elis night-use with pure cotton, and 30cm Unicharm Center-in night-use, Both of them are extremely comfortable and ingeniously-designed. Both are Japanese-made and relatively pricey. Still they are worthy!

  6. How thick the pad is?

    • Hi Cindy,

      It depends how you measure it, whether you consider the “wall” as part of the thickness. If just the absorbent pad itself, not including the wall, you are looking at about 0.3 inches.

  7. hi how to purchase this product?? im frm Penang Malaysia.

  8. E’ possibile comprarli in italia? Grazie

  9. I love this pad! It’s so comfy and seriously helps me sleep better at night. I am studying in US now and cannot find it here!!!! Begging my sister to bring a few packs with her when she comes visit.

    • There are online stores that sell these products and will deliver to you if you live in the US!! (Lucky you)… check out some of my older posts about Asia products. There’s yet to be a store for the Canadians that sell international products but you’ll find a huge assortment of Laurier, Elis, Kotex, Whisper, etc. from them that will ONLY ship to the US. The shipping prices are also very affordable (or free w/ a certain amount) and even the products themselves are not that expensive, considering they have to import it from so far away. Of course the best is to get it from family/friends who come visit – but unless they can bring you several suitcases of them you’ll probably run out!

      I was trying to get my cousin back in Hong Kong to send shipments to me so my girlfriend can try all the various products – haha.

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