“Sales” Might Not Be Worth Buying Into

You may wonder what I mean by my entry title, but you will after reading this! I was talking to one of my readers and she mentioned a few pads that she asked me to take a look at and one of them got me interested. I had been hunting for sales for a week already since it would appear that my supplies at home are running low and it’s time to switch it up a bit. With her recommendation, I decided to follow suit and had already been scrounging my e-flyers and deal-sites online to see if I can find myself some upcoming sales. On Thursday night, I still did not find any store that had good sales (most stores have their “flyer week” start on Friday or Saturday, but display their ‘upcoming’ week deals by Thursday).

I was a bit frustrated, given that I’ve been back in Canada for 2 weeks already and haven’t even noticed any decent sales on pads/tampons. I understand that the whole O.B. Ultra fiasco may have put everyone into a high-alert situation, but come on, they already pulled the O.B. tampon sales right out of the flyers now, because usually they get included in the same sales as Carefree Liners and Stayfree pads. Oh, speaking of the whole O.B. Ultra tampon shortage, feel free to read about it here: http://www.chatelaine.com/en/blog/post/23534–why-these-tampons-will-cost-you-79-99

O.B. Ultra Tampons - Discontinuation shocks the world!

Pulling a well-known tampon off the market is like taking well-known condoms away from guys!

Anyways, off this whole O.B Ultra tampon situation because there’s tons of sites covering that already. So as I was getting annoyed at the fact I’ve been trying to find sales for several weeks already, I decided to look up some manufacturer coupons right off their sites, rather than relying on clip-outs or store-sales. So then I found a new coupon since their old one expired. If you’re an existing or potential user of Stayfree pads, feel free to checkExclusive $2 Off Coupon for Stayfree Maxi Pads this out: http://stayfree.ca/sampling/en/coupon.asp — although I believe that THIS coupon is only usable in Canada and participating stores. Please note that the expiry on the coupon is March 31, 2011.

I was quite happy, that is, until I read closely at the use-of-coupon terms and conditions. One of the key terms state that, “Not valid in combination with any other offers. Offer only valid on regular-priced STAYFREE® products.” and so after reading that, it set me back a bit since “regular priced” pads are usually quite expensive. So I continued to mull around and then my reader told me about Walmart, being one of the cheapest place to find pads/tampons (or well, mostly anything) at a reasonable price when other places don’t have them on sale.

As I was checking the flyers once again Friday morning at work, I did notice that Shoppers Drug Mart had Carefree/Stayfree (yep that’s right, no O.B.) liners and pads on sale for $2.99. Unfortunately the sale didn’t start until Saturday though, so I frowned. I was bored at work and still trying to think of where I can get myself an awesome deal, I decided to print out 4 of the Stayfree coupons (wasn’t meant to be greedy, but more of the fact every 8.5 x 11 page fits 4, so I don’t like wasting so much space) and just keep them in my car whenever I see a chance to use it.

It dawned upon me what one of my readers said. She did say that Walmart tends to be a good place to buy cheap products when other stores are selling them at (higher) regular prices, so I thought I’d do some research. Of course Walmart’s online site is a bitch and I couldn’t find the price of Stayfree products for some reason, so I decided to go there since I live less than 1km away from one. The reason why I was interested in going to Walmart is to see their “regular price” because that means I’m eligible to use the coupon. Since SDM had them on sale for $2.99 already, the coupon would not be valid under the clause. When I reached the feminine hygiene aisle and spotted the Stayfree section, I was happy to see it was $3.93 and doing a quick head-math, it would mean I’d be able to acquire a pack for $1.93 after the coupon deduction!

Stayfree pads @ regular price paired with a $2 off coupon!

Stayfree pads @ regular price paired with a $2 off coupon!


As I was looking at the receipt more closely, I just noticed they applied HST to this purchase. As I recall, only the GST portion (5%) is supposed to be taxed on feminine hygiene products! The 8% PST portion should’ve been exempt or an “instant-rebate” should’ve been applied. Those Walmart fuckers charged me 31 cents more than they were supposed to on the tax! Yes, I understand that taxes are usually calculated on the pre-coupon prices which is fine, but the total tax should’ve only cost 20 cents!! I should take the receipt back and bitch at them, or report them to the government for incorrectly charging me, but they’re lucky it’s only a few cents or they’d never hear the end of my wrath!


So ya, I realize after all this, I could’ve told my story in a paragraph of something, but the point I’m trying to make is just to remind people that sometimes we’re blinded by the allure of seeing things “on sale” because as you can see, with a coupon, I ended up getting a much better deal (even after being ripped off, lol). To make the most economical choice, you have to weigh whether the sale is better WITHOUT a coupon, or better WITH a coupon, even buying it at “regular price”. However, I should also note that there are some coupons (like Brandsaver/Save.CA) that don’t have this restriction, so make sure you read carefully all the coupons/deals you use to ensure they abide to the store/coupon policy! And so, for $2.44 total, I got myself a wonderful pack of…

Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight Pads

Disclaimer: I did not get the bonus pack, the picture is JUST for reference

Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnights!

I’ve experimented with these before, but it wasn’t until one of my readers informed me that they changed the pad a bit and added rear-wings (similar to the ones I displayed in previous reviews of pads I bought in Hong Kong) – so after hearing that, I certainly had to give them another shot to let them redeem themselves! Not only that, but she also said she really liked them, so heck, never hurts to revisit a pad I haven’t tested in so long. Who knows, maybe it will surprize me – and it sure did! However, lets leave that for the review later.

So there you have it folks, make sure you take some time to do some quick math and consider whether just shooting for the sales or making use a coupon (or both if you’re lucky) will net you the BEST pad/tampon shopping price! The world has changed a lot, so don’t forget that not only can you clip-out coupons from the paper/flyers, in-store/on-shelf rebates – but that you even have online/printable coupons as a resource! I have heard of some places that refuse to accept printable coupons, so make sure you check the store’s participation level ahead-of-time or if they give you a hard time, speak to one of the supervisors/managers of the store! A couple dollars here and there may not seem like a lot, but your wallet or credit card statement will notice the difference!

If you have any comments or hints for fellow readers, feel free to share!

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  1. yaaaay! 🙂

  2. Wah, u went bk to test ultra thin meh? Must be vry good coz I kno u dun like nethg except thick/maxi ones, kekeke.

    OMG, I dunno abt tht happening to O.B. if u nvr post it. Guess I do not ‘keep up w/ the news’… n I guess mayb not too important for meh gwa. I can “live w/ it” n also “live w/o it” But I cannot rmbr if I try the ‘ultra’ be4… they look so huge O_o

    Think abt how much money u save buyin’ stuff in HK when u dun need to pay tax 😆 … especially when u go down yur fav aisle! Nt only is it already cheaper by lots, but coz if it says $20 it is $20… not $20+13%, lol. But funny thing is a week or so ago, they had a very ‘insulting’ sale… 1 of the Laurier pads were “regular” 26.80 and “on sale” for 26.70… 😆 Aiyo…

    • Ya I know eh? Very rare… but hey, it was a damn good recommendation 😀 I’m quite happy with them. I still think back quite often about how bebe got me everything that I liked… MY GOD, she knows me so well, lol. I feel soooo lum when I think of that XD I know it seems like such a small thing, but it’s about the matter of thoughtfulness and that she has actually paid attention to things I’ve just casually mentioned in the past 😆 OH MY GOD, my heart melts like chocolate in the sun, hahahaha.

      But anyways… the whole O.B. thingie is still going on, just read another article where people are still eBaying the Ultras like crazy, $30-79 for a single box and yep, there are people STILL buying them at those prices. I know that O.B. ultras are quite the nice tampons, particularly for those who have heavier flows to manage… but man, that’s crazy money! I would think it’d be more economical to change tampons more often and yet it still wouldn’t cost that much! Or just spend that money to buy a Divacup or something!

      Ya la, I miss buying stuff already in HK.. not just pads/tampons, lol, but almost anything… although quite a few things are considerably cheaper here. Mom and I just went to do CNY shopping the other day and we noticed there are quite a few things that we are very fortunate to have cheaper here… I suppose sometimes things are just a “balance”… we get some things more expensive, other things more cheap. No point trying to calculate, lol, just makes a headache and too much comparison, haha. Ya, Wellcome and PnS really like to do that, I saw it a few times when I was in HK this time… one was like, “Buy 2 and save $0.50” or something and I was like omg, wtf… so insulting calling that “save” haha… most people drop that much out of their pockets, let alone buying two packs for such a marginal ‘saving’.

      I miss to HK brands.. SIGH! Especially the food….

  3. Some of us can’t be without the OB Ultra tampons, they’re a necessity. I found a place that still sells them; http://WWW.ULTRA-TAMPON.COM

    Good deal compared to Ebay, amazon

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