Southern Ontario Cities Under Blizzard Warning

Wednesday’s “Groundhog Day Storm“ is almost guaranteed to be a major snow event in southern Ontario, with up to 40 cm forecast for some areas by mid-afternoon.

That, combined with strong northeast winds, has prompted Environment Canada to issue a blizzard warning for parts of the region, including Sarnia, London, St. Catharines and Hamilton.

This is the first widespread blizzard warning for southern Ontario since March 1993.

A winter storm warning is in effect for the rest of the region and stretches as far to the northeast as Ottawa.

The storm has prompted numerous closures and cancellations.

[…]Hundreds of flights from Toronto to the United States have already been cancelled due to severe weather conditions there.

Several airlines are encouraging travellers to check their flight information before heading to the airport.


People in some areas could wake up to 15 cm of snow already on the ground Wednesday, so officials are asking commuters to take caution.


and another scary note…

Blizzard Warning

Issued at 10:07 PM EST Tuesday 1 February 2011


Blizzard conditions expected tonight into Wednesday morning. The major storm which was born in Texas late Monday is moving northeast across Indiana accompanied by a huge shield of wintery precipitation. Heavy snow has arrived in Southwestern Ontario this evening and will quickly spread northeast to the west end of Lake Ontario by midnight. Widespread total snowfall amounts of 20 to 30 cm are likely before the snow begins to lighten up Wednesday morning. Locally higher amounts are possible in the Hamilton to St. Catharines corridor. In addition, strong northeast winds of 40 gusting to 60 or 70 km/h will accompany the snow..Creating blizzard conditions. Note that the blizzard warning criteria for Ontario was changed June 2010 to remove cold wind chill requirements. The new criteria requires a visibility of 400 metres or less in snow and blowing snow accompanied by sustained wind speeds of 40 km/h for at least four hours. This will likely mean more blizzard warnings will be issued in the future. This is the first widespread blizzard warning for Southern Ontario since March 1993..During the ‘storm of the century’. This is a warning that blizzard conditions are imminent or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.


Motorists should be prepared to change plans accordingly to avoid unnecessary travel during the storm as conditions will be dangerous. If driving is necessary..Make sure you have an emergency kit..And if your car gets stuck..Remain calm and remain in your car. Environment Canada continues to monitor this dangerous winter storm and will issue further watches and warnings as necessary.

So… if I go missing, you will know why 😛

I hope my heater and internet/electronics continue to work — life will be ok with those, haha. If I die, someone please tell bebe that I love her… 😆 Given that I survive tonight, it looks like tomorrow’s not going to be much of a school/work day for most, lol.

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    Wishing u all the best w/ bebe n’ tht she will love u LOTS LOTS LOTS n tht u will luv her MORE MORE MORE! I kno tht u dun wan nethg other than for bebe to fall in yur arms, so I won’t even bother w/ wishing u other things, lol!

    Mk lots of money this yr too of coz, so u can cm to HK n’ c me more often n’ also for yur many future trips to Malaysia xDD

    Sooooo… has bebe greeted u yet? hehe.. u must be totally craving for it!

    • Happy Chinese New Years my lil’sis 😀

      Hehe, tankies for the great wish, that is VERY important for me right now too! Now that I’ve established a decent career path and some footing, I think it’s time that I find someone I can love and someone who loves me (cough), which is kind of an issue right now. It’s kind of an issue only because she makes it out to be one XD lol… I’m all go-go-go, haha, and although I understand her concerns, I just think we need to set our minds to it! Amdist all this, I am trying to stay positive, but everyone once in a while I feel a lot of burden and stress over this. I was just listening to this year’s 運程 for me and haha, some pretty accurate and funny stuff (not ha-ha funny) predicted this year that is already kinda happening already =O

      However, I still want auntie to help review it this year “up close” and to help me enhance this year and to avoid troubles. Apparently there is a 桃花 spot this year, so for sure I have to put the right thing there!! The last time I stuck something in the 桃花 spot, I ended up with H… and my parents hated her enough that they took it down, lol, but my mom seems to really like bebe, so she will keep it up for sure XD My mom keeps on asking me so much about bebe and all my family this year gave me new years greetings to bless my upcoming year to be able to find my second half 😛 I’ve found her, now all she has to do is find me too ^__^ muhaha. Everyone in my family all remember bebe for some reason and ask me about her, so obviously she’s made a very good impression 😆

      I actually wonder if her parents every ask her anything about me, lol… I’m so curious to know, but at the same time, I don’t want to disappoint myself XD haha.. so 矛盾 right? 😛 You know, lots of things go through my head.. like even if they don’t ask bebe about us, whether they wonder or whether her parents have encouraged her to pursue this relationship. If they knew the type of guy I am, maybe they would actually help me win over bebe’s heart 😀 I actually do wonder how much bebe has told her parents about me.. I mean, they knew she’d be meeting someone over in HK and I mean a lot of questions would come up about how we know each other, how long, what our relationship is, how well she knows me, etc. and I do wonder to what extent she answered and how truthful she was, hehe. But hai… I also don’t want to find out that she lied to her parents so she could come or something (even though I’m happy she came, I’d feel like such a SCAM).

      She did greet me, hehe, although she never seems to greet me on my Facebook. I just realized having known each other for this long, she’s never really posted anything to me. I just find it a bit weird or rather, not weird or more like… she is embarrassed about me and wants to hide me or something. She’s asked me not to tag her in any of the pics we took together yet and that I can understand, until she finds a few that are “presentable” (lol, even I do that)… but it has been two months and she hasn’t. I know she doesn’t want to say that we’re “officially together”… but I feel like I am some underground guy that she’s ashamed to be associated with. Shit, even ‘regular’ friends would not be embarrassed to be tagged in each others albums. It is kind of dejecting, you know? It’s like I’m some “big secret” or can’t be “shown in public”… OK, so I’m not the next Leonardo DiCaprio, but I’m not so hideous that she doesn’t want to be seen with me -_-” .. least there must be some good qualities about me. So for as long as we’ve known each other, the extent of our Facebook contact has all been ‘very secretive’… by message or that she will never outwardly post anything on my wall, BLAH. I know Facebook isn’t exactly a “big deal” thing, but it is more of the hurt feeling behind it, like all this needs to be swept under the rug or something. I know bebe and I tend to be more ‘private’ type of people, we don’t like “announcing” every bit of our lives like some others who use FB that post EVERYTHING up and all detailed information, but at the very least, she doesn’t have to be ASHAMED of being in an album with me… f’ing sigh!

      If I wanted to make lots of money, it’d be for the purpose of saving money so that bebe and I could go to HK/Malaysia more often, haha, sorry that I can’t say it would be for you though 😛 However, I was just having a discussion the other day with my uncle that the likelihood is when I do get married (whoever I get married to, but it sure as hell better fucking be MM.. lol), our ceremony would end up being in Asia anyways, because all our family is over there and it’d make sense for “fewer” people in Canada or whatever to go there than for the rest of our families to come here. Of course we might just have ‘something local’ too.. dinner or something. Who knows, we’ll find out then, but I’m already saving for lou-po-bun… haha!

      Bebe and I are actually ‘meant’ for each other, although it depends on how long I will have to wait before we 結緣 and she accepts me XD I always feel curious to look into our compatibility by matching us up, but I really don’t want to know any further… haha… how is the future exciting if we know everything already? 😛 And plus, if things are predicted too positive, then we will end up being TOO relaxed and things will become messy, and if predicted is too negative, then it will instill fear and doubt into us, making things messy as well. Bebe has enough doubt in her as it is, we don’t need to add anymore to it, lol. I have enough stress as it is, I don’t need anymore of that either! So best if we don’t know, we enjoy time with each other and progress as the path leads us down the road of love 😆 hehe.

      I had the greatest dreams about bebe for the past while 😕 I’m going so crazy over her, lol… but damn, I wonder when she’ll feel the same and dream/think about me all the time. HAHA, I know that’s totally unlikely because she doesn’t have one of those ‘easily attached’ personalities, but love WILL strike her at some point and maybe then she’ll be all gaga over me. I have a feeling that as we become a couple, we’ll tend to still be the more ‘independent’ couple which I can handle, in fact, I may like it and not even know it! I’ve always preferred the ‘sticky’ types… but maybe this is a new and good experience for me 😀 To be honest, this year is going to be a tough one for both of us as well really have a lot of future decisions to make and we will REALLY be tested… mainly our patience, lol. Nevertheless, because I’m 甘心, how can I complain right? hehe… aiyo… why do I get myself into these things? LOL!

  2. Lots of people these days prefer to keep their Facebook ‘clean’ because many companies often check for ‘bad signs’ when they go to search for potential hiring candidates. Also it’s becoming more common that people do not wish to tag themselves in inappropriate pictures for that reason. However, I’m assuming the pictures you took with her are “safe for general viewing” and appropriate pictures, it’s quite impolite of her not to even tag herself in a few “nicer” looking pictures for her friends to see you two together. I think that action is quite childish and I would be very questioning of that….

    – A

    • Yep, I’d agree with her if she didn’t want a picture of her tagged in if she didn’t look “as good” or inappropriate in the picture… but honestly, ALL of the pictures were took were totally “family-safe” so I didn’t see an issue with being a part of it. It is just crushing is all… particularly if she has pictures of herself tagged in her other friends pictures but not mine. Think about if it was you, how hurtful that would be…. it’s such a small matter, yes, but it’s the “reasoning” and “embarassment” of it which pains me the most. I am questioning of that, but what am I supposed to do, force her? No… that doesn’t render any positive results and just ends up with resentment. I’m not quite at that destructive stage yet, lol.

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