Stock-Up on Stayfree Pads @ Walmart

$2 Sale - Stayfree Pads @ WalmartOH MY GOD! Yes, that’s right.. Stayfree Feminine Protection, assorted types and sizes (Maxi/Ultra Thin pads) are now on sale at Walmart this week! The sale goes from Feb 11th to 17th here in Ontario. However, please ensure you check your local flyers and applicable Walmart stores to see if they offer the sale as I’m not sure whether all Walmarts across Ontario offer the same sale-products! I’m totally going to take a look and see how much stuff I have left over at home, maybe stock up for myself, some of my girls and perhaps for bebe! 😀

If you have the “Save $5 when you buy 2 Stayfree, Carefree or O.B” products coupon, here’s your chance to use it and even get $1 back! I’m going to wait until near the end of this sale-week to see if my coupon arrives and that’d be great if it did. Walmart does have some awesome $1 and $2 sales this week as well, so everyone is advised to check out the flyers whether on-paper or on-line while taking advantage of this great pad-sale! I’m usually not a fan of Walmart, but hey, gotta give it to them if they really have a good sale on!

I just wished they’d bring the Thermo Control Stayfree pads over to Canada, ARG!

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  1. Didn’t u write smthg abt them nt hv’ing O.B. or smthg nemore? I better buy lots while they still hv it on shelf here 😆

    If they dun hv ThermoControl in Canada, u can always ask bebe to buy sm 4 u b4 she cms bk… HEY WAIT, she’s cm’ing home soon isn’t she? U must be counting down the days, hehe… she ask u to pick her up meh?

    • LOL, I’m sure she has better stuff to bring back, like her stashes of clothes or all her Malaysian foods… she might bring back some for herself, but I’m not sure if she’d have enough for me too. It’s not a big deal, they’ll likely start selling the Thermo Control ones here, it’s just a matter of time because Canada likes to get everything last. If she brings some for me I’ll be happy, if not, I don’t expect her to since she did last time 😀 I’m counting down the days myself, I haven’t mentioned it to her yet only because I don’t like being reminded of it myself, lol. I always get all angry when it’s like the last few days of being in HK and people are constantly like “Oh… so you’re leaving soon eh…” … I’m like “UGH, thanks for reminding me!” I still want to pick her up, maybe I’ll ask her later or something. My mom keeps on making sure that I’m going to go pick her up because it’s my “duty” to do so .. oh man, haha. It’s not like I don’t know that!! She hasn’t asked me to pick her up… I don’t expect she will ask because she’s the “get things done herself” type. If I don’t offer, she’ll just ask her friends or brother or something. I have to offer otherwise she usually doesn’t ask me to do things for her… which is kind of a shame.

      Many of the O.B. tampons were cleared from the shelf when there was a supply-shortage, but I think it has recovered or is slowly recovering. The major concern wasn’t O.B. as a whole, but just their ULTRA absorbency that was in question, although people feared and bought all the other sizes ‘just in case’ something went wrong. How much could you have bought anyways? Life-time supply? 😛 There are lots of countries that have O.B. as their primary tampon brand, so if worse comes to worse, you can import them from other countries… I doubt they’re going to stop selling to places like Russia and Germany where that tampon is like ‘the’ brand there!

      • lol yah, u got so angry when I mentioned tht u were leaving soon.. haha. Tht’s so nice of u to consider her feelings ^__^ but still, I bet u r happy. Mk sure u at least bring flowers or smthg to meet her at the airport! Can’t just go empty handed, tht wuld be so UNMANLY, heheh. Doesn’t yur uncle work at the airport officer or smthg? Mebe u can get free parking or smthg 😛 Yur mom isn’t being faan hei, she just wants to teach her son kau-lui techniques to mk sure he doesn’t lose a great girl 😀 Obviously yur mom likes bebe a lot too.. VRY VRY VRY GOOD!!

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