Credit Card Shock

Ok… so really, I’m not that shocked about my current credit card balance (and only ONE of them too, LOL), because I’m quite aware of my spending. If you have been paying attention to the blog, you’ll also know I’ve been trying to actually “utilize” my money and actually spend more of it to entertain and/or generate some monetary happiness, so it wasn’t like I “wasn’t expecting” to see these numbers. It is shocking only because I rarely see it this high 😆 .. and plus, I needed a catchy topic title, harhar.

I was going through my list of like 20 some-odd transactions, trying to figure out how much of it was pleasure-related and trying to separate it from business-related payments, since I also run purchases for my own company through this particular card. Looks like this month, I’ve spent quite a bit for ‘personal’ use and the numbers are starting to rack up. Just this weekend alone I spent quite a bit of money, particularly on food, haha! You know those weekends that you just go out and spend money like crazy? This was one of them. You’ll feel the pain a month down the road when the bills come flying in, lol.

And if you think these numbers actually included my plane ticket or spending in
Hong Kong, I’ll have you know those amounts were cleared a long time ago and all this spending contributing to the following picture is all from the past month since I’ve returned to Canada. I suppose I should really bend over now, lube up my ass and just wait until the next credit card statement lands on my desk.

Current owing amount and the billing period isn’t even over yet…

My ass hurts... $$$

My ass hurts... $$$

And so I proceeded to read an article which made me laugh because I realized why I spent more this year (other than my changes in spending habits) than any other during this-time-of-the-year…

Valentine’s can be considered an economic stimulus that helps to boost sales in between Christmas and Easter. According to Reuters News Agency, for Valentine’s Day 2011, the average American couple will spend $189, which is three times more than what singles generally spend on an average date ($67).

Man.. people go on expensive dates, LOL.. actually, I never calculated how much I spend taking bebe out. Come to think of it, I might actually spend more than that in a day with her 😐 Eep! There’s a good reason why bebe and I don’t go out every night, I’d be poor afterward XD

According to estimates from the National Retail Foundation, the average person will spend $116.21 on Valentine’s Day merchandise this year, this figure is up almost 13% percent over last year’s $103.00. Overall, this will bring total Valentine’s Day spending to about $15.7 billion.


Some people barely have money to eat, and here we are spending over $100 on gifts… ick.

The survey also found that overall spending is expected to be up this year. Consumers will fork over $3.5 billion on jewelry this Valentine’s Day, up from 2010’s estimated $3 billion.

Woooo, I’m part of the statistic this year! LOL.. I’m contributing to that 3.5 billion, haha.

No changes are expected on who will spend more; men will spend the most on Valentine’s Day gifts. The average man is anticipated to spend $158.71, more than double what the average woman will spend.


That’s bullshit 😛 Why do us guys have to pay more? 😆 I thought men and women were supposed to be equal in societal standards now, haha.

According to Reuters, young professionals plan to spend $255 for Valentine’s with their significant other.

Hrm… how to define young professionals?

I was just talking to one of the girls at work today and she pretty much said as well Valentine’s Day is really a waste of money – or rather – if you’re going to buy gifts or do sweet things for your partner, that can be done any time, rather than on a “specific day”… and yes, while I agree with that, it’s also nice to mark a special occasion like this. However, give it a few more years and when bebe and I get married, v-day may not really be all that special 😀 HAHA!

I think it’ll be very quick that the next time I check my credit card tally that it’s going to be pushed over the 3,000 mark.. ooohh boy. Looks like I’ll be eating Mr. Noodles for a while 😛

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  1. Dating has alwayz been expensive wor… nthg new. Juz tht sm dates or dating can be cheaper depending on what u plan to do and eat. Of coz the ‘cost’ of dating tends to drop considerably once u get deeper into the relationship. Rite now u may need to find “entertainment” or go eat fancy food w/ bebe… but once u’ve been steady w/ each other for a while, u guys can start mk’ing food at home, go on a picnic, just cuddle up w/ each other on the couch or wtevr… not all ‘dates’ hv to be outside of the home or u need to expend a lot of money. It’s just the fact of how relationships start… u will certainly spend lots in the first “budding moments” n’ then the excitement dies down xDD n u start becm’ing lazy n’ just sleep (not dirty-sleep) w/ each other and call it a ‘date’ LOL!

    C rite now u seem to hv so much money to invest n spend on yurself, lol, once bebe expects u to take her out more, u will find u actually dun hv tht much money nemore 😆 It’s likely tht just going out 1 night might be half a day or more of yur pay – but lucky u hv yur side-business so as long as u r not only depending on one income, then it is ok. Juz over time u will find ‘other’ non-fancy things to do w/ her n’ still, the moments u spend w/ each other r still special, just not COSTLY!

    I kno u didn’t spend a lot at all w/ girls u’ve been with b4… y is bebe different? haha… u shld already kno how to save money n’ juz do things ’round the house! N to answer yur question… ‘young professional’ is like u… just cm out of school n’ already in such a good position in yur organization xDD too rich la, kekeke.

    • I dunno, I just spend-spend-spend on bebe… hard to answer why 😆 … I just ‘feel’ like it is the best answer – probably not the most logical though. I tend to be logical 99% of the time, the other 1% of the time when I’m madly in love with her, I feel like I’d want to give the whole world to her!

      Ya, I know all about saving on dates and doing stuff around the house, but I don’t think there’s much to do around her house at the moment and I don’t think she’s ready to come to mine yet 😆 … I actually don’t mind going over to her place and just helping around or just sitting around doing our own stuff. Sometimes you don’t have to be “directly in contact” with each other, just being in each other’s company is nice. Hell, I could go over to her house and we could sit next to each other playing on our own laptops and that’d be the best thing ever, LOL… Even if we were to say… talk to each other 10 mins a day on the phone, exchange text messages, see each other once a week or something, or even just spend time ‘doing our own stuff’ – as long as we’re “near” each other, it’s so sweet already. It’s not like we have to be talking 24/7 or that when we go on dates, it always has to be ‘engaging’… even just lazying around is sometimes nice.

      I’m a very simple person… one of my readers that I talk to outside the blog said the same thing. I’m a man of easy fulfillment. Life is only complex because us humans make it out to be like that. Just think about something like relationships 30 years ago. In a scenario like this, I love bebe and bebe has at least ‘goodwill’ towards me – we would be married by now. We make things so complex in this day-in-age now, people back then REALLY learned to appreciate another person and set all things aside. Now, we have to be picky and make a big deal about everything and can’t just accept the simple things in life that make us happy.

      Heh, I realized that after like a few times with bebe… apparently our dates can get rather expensive 😛 Lets just say on average we spend $15/pp on lunch and $30/pp on dinner, that’s almost a good $100 a day post-taxes. It’s not that I care all too much about spending money, but I’d like to do more “domestic” things with each other too, like spending time with each other’s family/friends or just being at home and making a nice home-cooked meal. I just have to wait for her to be comfortable with that, because I really think it brings two people really close together!

      We used to just stick around at H’s house all the time… you know, just watch a movie at home, talk in her room, make food together and spend time with her family – it was nice because it was quality time and cost little-to-nothing. I’m not complaining that bebe is making me spend money, because really, she’s already a very 節儉 already, so I never worry she’s going to gold-dig, but more like I tend to spoil her with my money more than she wants 😆 – I blame myself, haha. It’ll be nice when I can just go to her house after work directly and just ‘hang around’, just to be with each other and then I can go home after an hour or two.. omg, life would be so good then 🙂 Sometimes the best time with each other is short and sweet! I’d much rather her build that comfort level with me and begin to share more of herself!

  2. Kekeke, it’s true, the world is a much more complex place than it used to b! Coz the world is also so ‘vast’ now, we like to sit n’ compare evry little thing n’ in the end, we win nthg n’ lose evrythg. More n’ more women r becm’ing 老姑婆 coz they spend so much time picking n’ choosing… almost like trying to c which apple is more ‘red’ than another apple… then all of a sudden, all the apples are purchased by others n’ there r none left. Then the other effect is tht they’ve wasted so much time picking n’ then they also realized tht great apple in front of them wuld’ve been the best choice ALL along newayz.

    This is particular to those more independent n’ career-minded women nowadays. For men u guys get it lucky, u can begin a family well past 35, if not double tht… but for us, our prime-time goes away vry soon. Men r more ‘manly’ n’ women only becm more n’ more wrinkly as we age, tht’s y in fact u wuld think women younger girls like bebe wuld be much more ‘aggressive’ in a relationship to mk sure she’s has sm1 to b w/ her n’ tk care of her in the future. U r offering yurself out to her so willingly tht many guys yur age aren’t yet.. I dun c y she’s not seeing tht n’ tht evry1 has a certain tolerance and patience. When she suddenly realizes tht she does want to b w/ u, hopefully it will nt b too late by then. Us girls r terrible decision makers -_- …mebe tht’s y u find yurself prodding her so often to get action/results from her, seems like lack of motivation for nethg… kekeke.

    • I was actually reading this article just a moment ago because I was just out with some of my HK girls who are probably the few HK girls who are still more ‘down to earth’ and ‘realistic’… more and more Asian girls I’m finding are becoming a bit too headstrong and “princess-like”… my aunt was just saying this morning, why HK girls are no longer favoured by HK guys, rather, they go over to mainland because the girls are much more well-mannered and down-to-earth, not all snobby-princess attitude. You can read too

      Of course, what the census figures do not tell us is why Hong Kong men fancy mainland women so much more than Hong Kong women fall for mainland guys. But the general perception is that many of the city’s men prefer women from the mainland because they are more likely to follow traditional, subservient norms of marriage.

      Hong Kong women, on the other hand, are far better educated and more independent than their mainland counterparts and do not want to be bossed around by patriarchal husbands. Moreover, many of the city’s women are financially independent and no longer think of marriage in terms of economic security. A rising divorce rate can probably also be attributed to the growing assertiveness of Hong Kong women.

      Every once in a while I see some of the typical Hong Kong attitude in bebe, good thing she’s not from HK and from Malaysia, at least she hasn’t absorbed all the bad qualities of typical HK girls, haha – although I suppose some of these trends affect most developed Asian-regions, where the women don’t see the need to be in a relationship or marriage anymore or that their standards for them are ridiculous.

      I don’t think bebe doesn’t like me or care for me, conversely, she does – she’s just not very good at displaying it sometimes, haha. One of my readers last night just mentioned I sound like I’m miserable all the time being with bebe. I’m not unhappy with my relationship with bebe, more that things make me sad when it’s not going smoothly. When our relationship goes smoothly, I’m extremely happy. Either way, just every moment with bebe that we’re “with” each other is still a chance for us to grow further. Bebe and I go up and down, and whenever we hit those pitfalls I feel completely crushed. For the past year and a half I’ve known bebe, all those set backs hurt a lot and I wonder if I can push forth.

      Now, I have much more support and encouragement, from my aunts, uncles, mom and even many of my friends after having heard about bebe, listen to me talk about her and seeing us together, they all think I should pursue her! It used to just be me supporting myself to make this relationship happen, now I even have the support from them as well which really helps. Every time bebe makes me angry, fuming or makes me want to cry, I can always rely on others to help me decode all the confusion. Bebe plays the ‘hot-cold’ game a lot and it totally sucks and the girl I was talking to last night said it seems like she’s pretty unmannerly how she treats me – yet bebe is so good at making me happy when she wants to. I get played like a sucker, lol, and I know it, but I still love her either way XD Ya ya I’m dumb, haha.

      When you care about someone, everything they seem to do seems right, LOL. 😆 I’m out in ‘sauga right now so maybe I’ll be home later and we can talk. I have so much to get off my chest/mind 😦

      • Bleh, I hv to b at work while u get a day off tmr, so lucky la.

        I juz finish lunch, no time 2 respond fully yet leh. I will tho once I get a chance. But for now, dun worrie la… coz if bebe bothered cm’ing bk, at least she has some intention to stay… stay positive, continue to show her how much she means to u n’ she will show u how much u mean to her when she falls into yur arms 😉 If all was a lost cause, then she wouldn’t hv bothered returning. I kno it’s still tough on u, but if u start steering yurself in the right direction, u’ll c tht evrythg will be ok real soon. Juz keep yur chin up, smile, enjoy each n’ every day n’ know tht so many ppl care n’ want u n’ bebe to end up vry happy together! 🙂

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