Is Your Relationship Too Perfect & Having Standards vs. Being Picky

There's bebe and I in the future... LOL! Except.. I'm not as good-looking XD

There's bebe and I in the future... LOL! Except.. I'm not as good-looking XD

I really like these articles I find. I’m into self-improvement because I really want bebe to love me and find ways to be a more effective boyfriend and one day hopefully, husband. I think there’s no person too “perfect” to believe that they can always be better, while still being satisfied with themselves. Satisfaction, yet striving to improve are mutually independent things. One can be happy with who they are, yet continue to believe they have space to grow! “Beauty is in the imperfection“, I love it! 😀

Is Your Relationship Too Perfect?

By Sara Koonar (
Why disputes and disagreements are a good thing

Is your relationship everything you’d dreamed of? Or is you idea of perfect not making you as happy as you thought it would? Arguments, challenges and set backs are what make us stronger and help us create a lasting bond. When you find Mr. Right and things are going smoothly, a little too smoothly, you have to wonder how you will grow as a couple if you have absolutely nothing to work on. Without those bumps in the road, our relationships become boring and unproductive. Building trust and falling in love means completely tearing down your walls and showing that person who you really are. No one is perfect, and if you are pretending to be something you are not, you simply can’t be yourself and you can’t be happy.

Anger is a Good Emotion
Constant disputes or never agreeing on anything can be a stress on most couples, but the occasional fight can help improve our communication skills and help us hash out our feelings. Keeping everything inside and putting on a fake smile is doing you and your partner a disservice. Being able to be open up about your feelings and opinions is what builds a strong partnership. Feeling comfortable enough to show your ugly cry or scream at the top of your lungs means you trust that person to love you at your lowest points.

Love is Blind
If you feel you need to act, dress or look a certain way that is opposite to who you are in order to make your partner happy, you should take a look at the sacrifices you are making and consider whether or not they are worth it. The greatest part of a relationship is being able to be yourself and know that you are loved. Wanting to be beautiful for someone is one thing, but completely changing to fit into someone else’s ideals is not okay. Stand up for yourself and let your partner know that you like who you are and they should too.

Beauty is in the Imperfections
If you can laugh at his loud snoring that keeps you up all night or tease him about his not-so-suave dance moves, loving your partners “imperfections” is what a great relationship is all about. Knowing what makes each other tick or finding out his deepest and darkest secrets is what makes your bond special. Having that connection with him is priceless and more perfect than a relationship that is based on shutting up and smiling through it.

I wonder if my bebe has “standards” or is “too picky” XD I guess I’ll have to find out the hard way 😆

Having Standards vs. Being Picky

By Nora McInerny (
How to tell the difference

You know that it’s better to be single than to compromise your standards. Your coupled friends, your mother and your gynecologist insist that you’re being a little too picky. So who’s right?

Having a type. If you know that you’re a preppy princess, then you can feel free to weed out the skinny hipsters from your banker boy dating pool.

Being Picky:
Okay, so you like your guys clean cut. But is it necessary for any man you date to wear exclusively Brooks Brothers, part his hair on the side, have a perfectly hairless chest, drive a Saab and own a vacation cottage? When you’re looking for one specific person, you’re going to miss out on a whole lot of quality humans.

A gainfully employed gentleman who takes pride in his career. There’s nothing wrong with wanting someone who is interesting in building a secure and comfortable future with you.

Being picky:
Wanting a dude with a career you’re specifically interested in bragging to your friends about. Not all the good guys end up being doctors or rocket scientists, and who knows? If you expand your horizons beyond the astronaut you’ve always dreamed about, you just may meet the insurance actuary who will sweep you off your feet.

Someone who has common interests. Life is more fun when you have someone to share the things you love!

Being picky:
Someone who has everything in common with you. You’re wonderful, but you don’t need a carbon copy of yourself. Breaking up with a dude who doesn’t share your list of desert island movies or whose iTunes Most Played list makes you cringe is going a step – or six – too far.

Sometimes these articles are nice, because it gives ideas from angles that I would never see. Men and women are distinctly different in how they think and perceive things… and I mean it could be said since we’re all “individuals” – but men and women often have attributes that are “like” their ‘own kind’ (as in male/female). I laugh whenever I ask my girl-friends things about bebe or how women perceive things and they often all have a resounding similar answers to each other, while when I ask my guy-friends, they often all reply with thoughts similar to mine 😀 I don’t try to make an analysis out of everything, but it is almost amusing to see how sometimes our brains all walk on the same line 😆 Something that makes it harder is that bebe doesn’t think like the “typical girl” all that time, so I end up not always being able to rely on my girls for “girl-like” advice XD HAH!

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  1. Your girlfriend should at least update you on her happenings once in a while. It seems like you have “gaps” of communication where she’ll tell you what’s happening – and other times where she won’t tell you what she’s up to. It all sounds very suspicious.

    It would seem like you need to keep an eye on her, maybe find out what she’s doing more often. If she’s going out to places and doesn’t even have the decency to inform you, then I’d start getting sneaky and have someone investigate what she’s doing, who she’s with, where she’s going, etc. If she leaves town without even saying something like.. “Hey, I’m going out for a couple of days to spend with friends” or whatever, then it just seems so rude and you should ‘fight fire with fire’. If she’s doing things that she seems to hide things from you, then you should secretly hire someone to keep an eye on her. I know private investigators are not cheap, but it sounds like you know quite a few people who can help out.

    Find out who she associates with, what they do together and especially if there are guys involved. Even if she’s out with “girl-friends” you definitely need to be careful of that. After all, if you have the decency to tell her what’s been happening in her life and when you leave town or busy, you at least deserve the same respect. If she doesn’t tell you things, then the more reasons to find out what she’s hiding from you!

    • Well, I’ve always found that she likes to hide things from me a lot and I’ve approached her about that before. I guess she’s just used to not having to share that type of info with people. I’m not sure that she “intentionally” hides what she does on me, it’s just normal for her not to say anything. I tend to tell her what I’m up to or whatever just to make conversation and to let her know. I don’t “report” to her and I don’t expect her to, but like you said, it’s just about ‘informing’ each other – it’s the right & nice thing to do. I’m not her keeper and I don’t expect her to tell me that she woke up in the morning, went to pee, ate a piece of bread, played on her computer etc. – details are too much, but sometimes it’s just nice to let your other-half know what you’re doing.

      You’re right – in the past, I find that the more she hides from me, the more anxiety I feel to find out what she’s doing. I have my ways of keeping tabs on her though, I just don’t talk about it on my blog, lol – or to anyone for that matter – only a fool reveals himself, haha. When she’s open to me, I have absolutely no desire to be suspicious. I like it when we keep in close-contact, it makes me feel so much more comfortable and it doesn’t cross my mind to find out what she’s doing. When she goes quiet on me, then I start to think and wonder if I need to find out. I don’t see a need for private investigator, lol, even though I know a few. A few of my friends opened their own agency together so I could probably pull in favours or get a discount, but I would not do that unless I became VERY VERY suspicious. I mean after all, this goes back to what I said before to you about trusting her. As long as she hasn’t betrayed that trust too much, I’m not going to start having people find out what she’s doing.

      I admit that I have been frustrated with her at times about how she seems to not respond or disappear on me without saying anything – but I have my ways with dealing with that. I’ve lived in this country long enough, particularly in this area to know some ‘people in high places’ that can keep an eye on her if I need to – but really, I think that would be only in act of desperation if she pushes me to that point. I hope I will never have to ask people for favours and that she will be responsible/trusting of me to let me know where she is if she’s planning to be away or something. I’d just hate to have to stop by at her house to surprize her only to find she’s not home or something. I was about to do that yesterday evening, good thing I didn’t as she was apparently not home and didn’t tell me until later on at night.

      I don’t want to fight fire with fire, lol.. I want to fight fire with water. She’s the fire, I’m the water to help put her out and calm the situation 😛 I’m not trying to make our relationship WORSE, I’m trying to make it BETTER. I would only fight fire with fire if this relationship ends up going nowhere and of course I have ZERO desire for it to head in that direction. I never want to execute plan X 😆 whatever that plan may be. In this particular relationship, I never thought about what plan X would be anyways, haha, mainly because I have no intention for letting this relationship fail 😛

      Bebe’s quite shy with most guys, so I don’t fathom loyalty problems with her guy-friends. She did mention once that she feels more easy-going with guys who speak her language (which is totally unfair for me… to judge ME based on the language I speak), so I have to make sure guys who get close to her don’t speak Mandarin and if they do, I have to… uh.. eliminate them, LOL. I don’t like the idea of her pitting the fact I don’t speak “her language” against me, because we have TWO common languages and saying that she’s much closer to the guys who happen to speak her language. Understandably if we couldn’t understand each other and sharing NO common language, I can see it as being valid, but to tell me that she can’t feel for me just because I can’t speak it made me furious for a while. Of course in the end, she got what she wanted which is for me to learn how to speak it which is what I’m doing now, haha. I guess bitching and complaining from girls do work on us guys XD

      For the time being, I don’t see the need to find out what she’s doing or to know her past history, family or friends… if I need to at some point, I have plenty of people who can help me out with that. It pays to have connections and people you know all around the world 😛 and plus… as we all know, money can drive anything to be done 😆 I can be a “person of the light” and also a “person of the dark” XD When I smile, you can never really know what I’m thinking – although bebe’s actually like that too – we can never decipher each other, haha.. that’s actually kinda sexy ‘cuz we’re both like that 😀 What a fitting couple.. bahahaha…

  2. Wah, such a gd pic! Tavtav her fav n’ lamlam yur fav, tht such a perfect representation of u n’ bebe 😆

    U r alwayz doing self-improvement, it’s so gd 4 yurself n’ for bebe too! She’s vry lucky u will ‘go out of yur way’ juz to please her n’ mk yurself better so tht u can treat her better. “girl” advice def does nt work for bebe, haha… seems like evrytm u try to place ‘girl standards’ on her, it fails 😛

    Frum wt I kno, bebe is more confused n’ scared of being vulnerable to luv more than she is picky. Onli thg she seems to be vry picky on is the whole location n’ language thing… location is understandable, but language is juz a way of trying to screw u ovr to convince herself nt to b with u. She’ll do anything to convince herself that yur not rite for her, n’ now tht yur even learning Mandarin, she has to find new excuses… xDD kekeke. Evry little thg she can find an excuse to try to push u away… she will, but then tht juz proves she cares abt u so deeply she has to try so hard to cm up with INVALID reasons 😛 Aiyo…. when she can’t tk it nemore, she’ll juz run over to u, cry on yur shoulder n’ give u a big kiss 😀

    • Haha I know eh? I was trying to find a picture that is a perfect representation of us 😛 It’s a great pic of both our fav celeb! Self-improvement is great for bebe and I – so we all benefit – but of course I try to “improve” on things that will help our relationship and future together. She seems to feel more unlucky with me than she seems lucky XD Hopefully I can change that and that she’ll appreciate who I am, hehe. That’s right, barely any of my “girl-tactics” work at all 😆

      Ya, excuses are like innate ability for girls isn’t it? Haha… can’t just make things easy and accept truths, not false, self-inundated truths 😆 Ah well, time is all we need, time, acceptance, exposure and of course, love! I had a sexy dream a few nights ago about kissing her, haha. It’s nice to feel it in a dream until I can feel it in real life 😛 I bet she looks sooooo cute when she’s being kissed, it makes me squirm and all excited, lol. Her beautiful eyes and lips, totally yummy. She can cry on my shoulders any time because I’m here for her and I’m going to make her life wonderful with me 😀 The more I catch her off-guard and surprize her, oddly the more comfortable she is with things – because she doesn’t process it through her conscience mind, haha. The setbacks tend to be when she has to process the thoughts and I give her too much time to react 😆

      • WEEHEHEHEHE, more dreams abt bebe huh? Wuz ur pillow between ur legs when u woke up n’ ur pants were off xDD Hurrr… I’m totally trying to mk u turn red, kekeke. Sexy dreams of bebe, I bet u culd not wait until u culd get home in the evening to hit the airplanes 😆 Too bad lor the condom has nt arrive yet or u culd juz hit into those n’ no clean up! Mebe u need to wear one while u sleep in case u get too excited dreaming abt bebe n’ then hv an “uh oh”… kakakak… Dun hit airplane too much, save some for bebe 😛

        I’m feeling so hyper today! Must b coz it’s Saturday, yay! Hai.. I dunno wut I’m doing today, no one call me yet… wish u were in HK then u can tk me out! I want some nomnomnom rite now… I shld call EC n’ c if she wanna go newhere. Do u miss her? She so beautiful this time u see her, I think she dress up juz for u 😀 Too bad u hv bebe, haha. Did u tell her tht u already involved? She will be so disappointed… U shld’ve had sex w/ her this time u go to HK, before bebe gt there 😀 She’s perfect 18, ur fav, lol. Now tht bebe got u under her control, u can’t be bad boy nemore lor, kekeke. Her boobs mk me so jealous, I want her boobs X_x So… big… watermelon, haha.

        • LOL, I don’t do that! I don’t think I’ve ever woke up with a pillow between my legs before. My pillows are for SLEEPING on, not to wrap my legs around 😛 I know some guys like to rub against it, but I really don’t like it. I won’t turn red talking to you about it, lol.. I might turn red if it was bebe asking me that, haha. I try not to think about bebe while I’m at work, because it’s distracting and makes me get horny XD Unfortunately, it’s hard not to when I have pictures of her on my desktop and frames, lol.

          I never really had a habit before of thinking about bebe when I did that. I think it started like… in November or something and bebe and I got close again. Particularly when she was in HK, I could not get my mind off her or resist thinking about her 😛 I try to be a good boy and not make bebe like my fantasies or something, but seems like she’s all I could think about. You know how many people have complained that all I should think and fantasize about is her? Poh Ching bitched and moaned how I should be “loyal” and not hit airplanes to other girls (even though she probably thinks about TAYLOR LAUTNER when she plays with herself -_-) and my ex was saying how I should only fantasize about bebe too, lol. It’s not that I’m disloyal to bebe, but I think most guys mind don’t ALWAYS think about the girl they love when ‘doing that’… I mean obviously if bebe and I were kissing or sleeping together, I’m not going to be thinking about another girl, but when I’m just “enjoying myself” – it’s just for my own use 😆 Trust me, I’m about as loyal to bebe as I can be! HAHA.

          Nah, don’t want to waste condoms by hitting airplane into them. Funny you should mention this, but I had something like this up on my MSN one time and bebe was like complaining about how I had mentioned I killed so many kids for her XD You know, considering how innocent bebe is, I’m surprized she managed to get what I meant, LOL… I figured she wouldn’t since I did not say it outright, but she caught on to it pretty fast 😀 It was kinda bad ‘cuz then that means she actually knows I do that =\ haha. But I suppose it’s pretty normal for me to think about the girl I love when I do that, just that I don’t think she wanted to be told that… but I did not know she would actually understand what I wrote 😛 How do you wear one to sleep? LOL… have to be hard to wear one, I can’t be hard all night while I sleep, lol… it’d just slide off and get stuck in my blankets somewhere, HAHA. I haven’t had an uh oh since I was like… 14, I doubt it’ll happen now! I have plenty for bebe, don’t need to save any of it, HAH. I plan on making lots of kids with her if she wants them and we can afford it XD

          You’re always hyper, when are you not? lol. I miss EC as a friend and yes, she’s very pretty this time I saw her, but really, she had her chance. I was the one who had a mad crush over her and wanted her and she didn’t want me… now it’s the other way around, bleh. Anyways, I can’t develop feelings for her anymore, bebe’s the only girl I want now 😀 I didn’t tell her, but I think it was pretty obvious when I don’t hit on her anymore, haha. Why have sex with her? Saving ALL my love for bebe! Yes yes, 18, just perfect, lol.. but oh well – can’t stand young girls like that anymore… brain is not even half-way there. Her boobs aren’t that big… well maybe for Asian standards, but so many big boobs in Canada that hers is not really that big 😆 — and big ones aren’t always NICE, psh!

  3. U kno they say… 一滴精,十滴血.. xDD I guess mebe now I can mk the connection between u n’ periods 😆

    Wah, I thought every guy likes to rub on pillow. Y u dun like it, too rough? Didn’t u say u usually hug yur pillow to fall asleep n’ imagine tht it is bebe? 😛 Then u shld also do other things to it too… KEKEKEKE. U prob dun even hv to c pictures of bebe or wtvr to feel horny, if she even crosses ur mind for a moment I bet u get so hard already, haha. U better wear looser pants at work so ppl don’t c it pop up 😆 Must hurt when u get hard wearing jeans… haha, or mebe u shld wear jeans when u c bebe so she doesn’t peek at u and c it popping out!!

    I dun think it’s “bad” for a guy or girl to fantasize abt sm1 else.. it’s just fantasies. Of coz it’d be bad if u were being intimate n’ u think abt sm1 else or call out the wrong name, lol, but there’s a difference when u r juz self-pleasure or when u r actually WITH tht person. Bebe probably doesn’t fantasizing abt u when she plays with herself either 😀 as long as she has u on her mind when u r doing stf together is good. I dun fantasize abt Josh when I’m alone, lol… mebe think abt a sexy model or Bosco or smthg xDD I c him all the time already, dun want him to be in my dream/fantasy already, I need sm “breathing time” haha.

    How silly if ne1 doubts ur commitment to bebe 😛 I meant tht u r probably hard all night when u think abt bebe, so the condom will not fall off, haha. Ewwww.. if condom falls off while u sleep, the lube rubs off on all the sheets… so hard to get out X.x terrible laundry afterward. I dun think tht if u hit airplane thinking abt bebe that the condom can hold all of it… LOL!! Probably spill over coz u so crazy over her 😆 U two r like THE sweetest couple evr!! U shld get her a sex toy to use when she thinks abt u 😉 Her fingers probably nt as good as smthg tht vibrates n’ turns, haha… or u can get one of those “custom” toys that they mold after u so even when she plays w/ herself it is the same as hv’ing u next to her 😀

    Dun waste the GOOD condoms I sent u for airplane tho… juz go buy crappy ones if ur gonna do tht, haha. Save those good ones for u n’ bebe… but wait, then I guess u can’t hv all those kids u wanted, LOL. I’m sure her mom n’ dad wants some grandkids to play w/ n’ yur mom wuld be happy too. Ohhh.. n’ I juz thought! Doesn’t bebe hv a bunch of brothers? I’m sure she kno wt they do in their room alone la, lol… especially if she live with them, can probably HEAR them hitting airplanes 😆 while watching porno leh. Mebe she even had to clean laundry b4 or walked in on them… it’s bound to happen w/ so many male family, haha. If her brother already not virgins, she may even hear them through the wall n’ all the banging of the bed!

    Wah, EC hv such big boobies, I want them! How can u say they r nt tht big? She culd probably hit u over the head with them n’ make u unconscious, lol. Well ur rite… no point now la, u hv bebe n’ she had the opportunity. Tht is y we hv a saying 風水輪流轉… now she want u, too late lor. When u wanted her, she treated u like crap coz u were “gd enuf” for her… now she sees u for wut u r worth. Tht is y bebe shld really tk gd care to keep u, coz I dun want tht to happen for either of u. She should appreciate u n’ invest in ur relationship ‘long term’ n’ nt let a 1-time opportunity run away juz coz she don’t think u r rite for her or tht u r not good enuf for her. Ppl change n wut she once thought did not fit her, will fit her in the future. Better to learn the good way den the hard way!

    • LOL, well my love for period doesn’t really have to do anything with my 精 XD In fact, period is very bad for my 精… means not pregnant.. hahahahaha. Speaking of period, bebe got me some nice gifts ^__^ Maybe I will post them when I have time. Have to test them out first! Maybe just the fact that bebe gave them to me, I will be biased and think they’re super-good anyways, lol.

      I don’t like rubbing against my pillow at all, mainly because my face will be on that pillow! I don’t want to be rubbing my face against anything that my crotch has rubbed against, lol… it’d be different if it was bebe rubbing against my pillow, then that’d be ok 😀 Yes, pillows and rough… I don’t care how smooth the pillow-case is, but it’s not a comfortable feeling. I get excited enough thinking about bebe, no need to rub against a pillow or even need any “assistance” lol. I wear work-pants to work, not really considering whether they’re loose/tighter fit, as long as it’s professional and comfortable. I don’t usually get hard at work, even if I think about bebe, maybe because the “presence” of being at work helps me control myself. When I get home, thinking about bebe is like instant-“happiness” haha. I don’t wear jeans much anymore, especially for work. Maybe on Friday’s since it’s more casual and on weekends, but even then… I can count the number of times I wear them in a month on a single hand.

      Bebe likes to wear jeans a lot, she even wore them today 😀 She looked absolutely ADORABLE today.. MY GOD, I thought I was going to die, lol. Even before she put on her outer-top, she had this cute little t-shirt on (which I’ve never seen before, yay, something new) and I just wanted to grab her, throw her on the bed and have my way with her. Good thing I have some self-discipline and mental control XD – things could’ve went horribly wrong, haha. Now that you mention about me getting hard in front of bebe, I actually don’t – so no need for me to wear jeans. Every time I see bebe, she’s gorgeous, the beautiful girl I want to be with for the rest of my life, but oddly enough I don’t get hard when I’m there with her – I think it’s out of respect that my body doesn’t “react” to seeing her. Now.. if she was like naked, that’d be another story, HAHA. Either way, she looked so nice today I just wanted to pin her against the wall and kiss her until neither of us can breathe! I wish she’d give me the opportunity to do that 😦 SO SAD.

      Haha, bebe’s like you too then la, she needs to her breathing time too. I guess she just likes to have that in-dependency… which can be good or bad. Good, because naturally, most humans need their alone-time where they can be relaxed, in their OWN company and carefree. Bad, because sometimes I wonder how that affects us long-term, you know, if we get married, life in the same house… have kids.. how is she going to stand seeing me and the kids everyday? LOL… I suppose by then, she’ll just have to “accept it”, haha. I totally agree that we should both have our own lives and even our own friends… even if we have mutual ones or spend time with each other – EVERY couple needs some time apart to be in their own thoughts. I didn’t even know you like Bosco, haha… he’s good looking guy I’ll give him that.

      LOL, if I stayed hard all night thinking about bebe, I think it wouldn’t ‘work’ in the morning 😛 Way too much blood going there that my brain will stop to function at night, haha. Ya, I think most condoms have a bit of their own lube on it… and if it fell off me, then it’d get curled up in the bed-sheets or blankets and that’s terrible to find/get out the stain. WORSE is if the condom ends up on the ground or something and my mom steps on it when she comes in -_- lol, that’d be gross and embarrassing why I have a condom in my room when bebe is not over, lol. You know what’s weird? You know my mom and how 保守 she is… so she’s always made it clear to me and even our family that no girl should ever stay in my room, or even the house she prefers unless we’re like.. related or something, like my cousins. Just to poke at my mom the other day, she said something and I was like, “Well I’m going to bring MM home and you’re going to see her walking out my room door when you wake up!” because I know how much she’d hate seeing a girl come out of my room, but she was like, “Oh, if it was MM coming out of your room, I would be ok with that”… my jaw just dropped and what I said TOTALLY backfired on me, lol. Why does my mom like bebe so much?! AHHHHH.. lol. My aunts and cousin must have really given bebe the thumbs up for my MOM to even consider me having a girl walk out of my room in the morning. WOW… that’s fucking crazy, haha. I mean it’s a good sign that my mom likes her and wants me to progress with her, but that totally shocked me that she said it’d be ok if it was MM… =O

      Do you know how long I would have to continuously hit airplane for to fill up an entire condom? LOL.. do you know how damn big those things are and how much they’re designed to hold? HAH. I get what you mean by me being so excited I could fill one up just thinking about bebe, but that’s almost physically impossible on a single-go, lol… if I managed to fill it up once, I’d probably be able to go achieve a world-record or I’d be completely dehydrated! You know it takes a lot of water for a guy to shoot once, haha… and lots of replenishing time! I always secretly imagine that bebe plays with herself, that thought is so damn hot – LOL. I don’t think she does, although she might – and I just like to pretend she does because she’s one of those “outwardly shy girl, inwardly SEX-CRAZY” XD I would prefer she use her fingers anyways, why put anything else up there (besides me? lol)… and I wouldn’t want a custom toy modeled from mine, lol… that’s just weird… what if one day she can’t tell the difference between MINE and the TOY? EEEEEPPP, terrible. If she wants me next to her, all she has to do is call, why use a toy modeled after my size? lol…

      I’m sure I could go to schools and universities to get condoms for free, I wouldn’t buy them XD I think Katie told me her school leaves them all over the place so that students can have “safe” sex.. lol. As I was looking at some pads the other day, I saw some condoms in the next section of the aisle and my god are they ever expensive 😐 No wonder people just don’t use condoms… 😆 HAH. You know what I just thought? I bet you probably poked holes in the condom you gave me so I accidentally get her pregnant. If that happens, I’m blaming you and bebe will cut you apart, hahahaha. I wouldn’t actually mind, but I’m not sure she’d be too happy about that if we didn’t plan for it XD

      Urg, I think it’d be gross for bebe to have seen her brothers jerking off, lol. They are pretty private people and their rooms are closed all the time and bebe is quite mannerly and knocks before she enters, so I think that helps avoid the whole “walking in” incidents. That is unless her brother left his door open or she managed to hear through the walls/floorboard, lol. Bebe’s bed feels nice and it sucks ‘cuz when I lie on it, all I have going through my mind is…. how we’re probably going to break her bed, LOL! I know I’m thinking ffaarr ahead, but it’s still a cute thought (for me at least)… heheh. She still has two more younger brothers which I’m sure they haven’t gotten to that point yet, but the eldest and older-of-the-younger brother probably is post-puberty, so if anything ,she would’ve seen those two accidentally. Don’t want to think about it, kinda gross, hah…. she should only be looking at one penis and should be mine, not her brother or some other guy XD

      Ya, my biggest worry right now is trying to get bebe to stay in Canada. She still talks about wanting to go back, get her designation there and work… she makes it sound like she’ll return after she completes that, but it’s unrealistic. If she went there, got her designation, got a job, she’s NOT going to pack up and come back to Canada. You know how unhappy I am about her leaving the city, but now if she wants to move to Mississauga and at least STAY in Canada, fuck that, I’m happy enough. I guess I have to compromise and it’s amazing how fast I can flip from not wanting her to move out of this area to just wanting her to stay NEAR, period. I guess one step at a time, get her to stay here first, then worry about where she’s going to be living. The allure for her, is going home, where her family and friends are… not because the designation there is really all that great. If she wanted to get that, hell, she could just go straight for a CGA here, why all the trouble right? I just need to break that “want” for her to go home, that’s why I’ve just encouraged her to move out to the city, closer to her friends… although MUCH farther away from me. But like I mentioned, I can’t 強求 too much. Just the fact she’s willing to stay in CA/ON with me in a different city is much better than losing her all together. Being there, closer to her friends will give her a more “at home” feel and not miss Malaysia as much. I know you can never sever that link between your home-town and family (which I’m not trying to do), but you can certainly do things to make you feel more “comfortable” – this being one of them. I’m not sure if she kept on talking about wanting to go back there for school/work just to test how my reaction would be, but I didn’t want to start getting frustrated or show my stress to her. She knows I hate the idea of her leaving me. Our relationship is still in a very “starter” and fragile state… it’s not like we have been dating for years and she goes back to Malaysia to study and then come back, the reality is if she goes there, she WON’T come back – as much as she would plan/intend to… I have to keep her here to have any chance with her. It sounds so greedy and I’m not even going to lie and say it’s not selfish, but there is no plausible movement with this. I have to, have to, have to… even if I have to do something bad to achieve it =\ ACK. I need to either get her enrolled in school here again or find her a job… I’ve thought about literally giving up my pay-cheque to a company that will pay her in return to work, LOL… yes yes, getting desparate, haha.

      I need to order my new gun for this year… something new to experience. I definitely need to shoot off some frustration and stress. This emotional agony is killing me from inside-out. Why can’t she just be like, “Yes, I really want to be with you so I’m going to stay in Canada to study/work” rather than leaving me constantly worrying and on-the-edge! ARG. Sometimes I feel like I’m gasping for air every day because I’m worried she’ll suddenly turn around and tell me she’s booked a ticket back home… in which case then plan X would have to come into play… haha… oh wait, that’s right, I haven’t come up with a plan X yet 😆

      • UNBELIEVABLE!!! Hw do u even type so much? lol… mebe u need to spend more time fantasizing abt bebe and hitting airplane than replying to me 😆 … I will need sm time to type n’ think of a reply leh, u can go slp now n’ wait to see it in the morning… if I’m done by then, kekeeke.

      • Wah! I’m so dedicated leh… wk up juz to respond to u. Honestly, I think she’s getting more n’ more used to ur interest… she’s willing to buy u things n’ even answer u abt it… so.. mebe she still not rdy to tell u abt HER period in particular, but periods n’ ur interest in general she seems easy-going with… that’s a good sign for u ^__^ … means she’s willing to accept u for who u r! More importantly, tht translates to u two being more ‘attuned’ to ea other!

        I’m reading the way u describe bebe… so kawaii, haha. Obviously u can’t stop ur eyes frum laying on her nemore xDD I kno u alwayz avoided it b4 to be polite, but clearly u r scanning her out now 😆 I bet u luv bebe in jeans so u can stare at her ass meh, kekeke. Jeans are usually body-hugging so u can c all her beautiful curves 😛

        U probably drive home fast evry nite so u can jump into ur room n’ shoot airplane thinking abt bebe xDD Don’t even change or go pee, juz straight to ur room, HAHAHA. I can juz c it, “Hi Mom, I’m home… bye mom!” and zip, into ur room, pants off w/ bebe’s pics in front of u, LOL… I juz like bugging u.. whether u realli DO do tht or not I’m totally going to tease u for it 😀

        Dun u rmbr I say u shld be more aggressive w/ bebe? hehe… u even say tht she’s more open when u catch her off guard. Dun ask her to hold her hand or to put ur arms arnd her… juz do it! Coz if u ask her, 4 sure she will say no coz girls r shy… if u do it, she’ll juz fall into the rhythm, hehe. N’ plus, she doesn’t know the feeling of it n’ all of a sudden, she may feel vry warm n’ protected!! As long as u dun try smthg that is ‘too’ extreme… being a bit physical with her is good, asking for permission is stoopood 😛

        Den mebe u shld not get her toy la… haha. Mk her save herself for u so tht the first thing she has in there is ur manly luv 😉 If she touches herself too much, she juz might get TOO used to playing with herself tht she won’t enjoy it with u, keke… it’s the downside when we do tht too much coz we juz get used to doing it ourselves, knowing all the ‘perfect’ places to touch/rub tht when a guy does it, it’s frustrating to hv to tell him, lol… tht is why communication is so important! U n’ her hv to tell each other wut feels good n the places tht r most sensitive!

        Ur mom like bebe is definitely a big thing. W/ how ur mom is like n’ rejecting almost evry girl tht cm through the door, I am so impressed by bebe’s ability to satisfy ur family expectation, wow! Almost seems like she passed the test already n’ ur family already extending their welcome to her, kekeke. OH NO! U already found out my plan abt poking holes in them? Bummer, now u hv no excuse lor… u foiled ur own plan, lol. Ur gonna hv to hit her over the head, knock her out n’ get her pregnant now to keep her 😆 … should’ve stuck to my plan of the hole-in-the-condom, LOL! If ur mom see bebe cm out in the morning frum ur room, I think she wuld be vry happy if she like her so much to allow tht!

        Kakaka.. knowing u n’ how crazy u’d be once she lets u get on her, I’m sure u’ll break the bed xDD Be gentle, she is small lil’girl, hehe. Too rough n’ u might smash her wall or her brothers may hear u, lol. Abt her “privacy”… she will juz accept it when reality hits. When u live in one house n’ hv kids, u will find ways to accommodate. It’s juz a path of growing up n’ learning to be a “family person”… can’t b juz worrying abt her own needs then. She will need to tend to u n’ the kids, juz mk sure u alwayz lend her a hand too! No point worrying abt tht, she is a big girl n’ will adapt/understand when the time cms.

        Well yur “plan x’s” r alwayz vry scary n’ “last resort” haha… I’ve only evr seen u use tht twice n’ I dun like the outcomes of it, lol. I juz hope bebe will not mk u do tht plan on her, coz it’s definitely not nice n’ I would not want to c the relationship like that 😦 I’d MUCH rather c u two together, forever n’ ever n’ I’m sure u’d luv for tht too! She probably wants to c if u will plead for her to stay in Canada… we like to test our guy’s reactions to things, ESPECIALLY if we already can guess the answer, kakak… so evil! Yes lor, u cannot let her lie to u n’ cm up with excuses abt wanting to get this or tht… u probably screwed up her plan when u told her she can actually school/get jobs here with tht designation. She probably wanted another “legitimate” excuse to go bk home… hai, dunno how she can cm up with so many shitty reasons rather than think abt how hard n’ 誠意 u put for her… it’s nt simply a matter of “compensating” u.. but rather, she shld be moved and feel COMPELLED to stay to at least SEE if the relationship will go through… I mean obviously if things didn’t work out, she can leave any time to ‘go home’… but she shouldn’t just find excuses to duck out on u juz like tht!

        • Haha yes, you are dedicated, such a good girl la 😀 I think it’s a really positive thing too that she’s more accepting and will even have short conversations with me. In fact, she’s really sweet to have brought me some pads to test out from Malaysia. Not only that, but I should mention that she even knew which kinds I wanted to experiment with!! Talk about knowing me well. I mentioned to her last time when we met up in HK the brand I wanted to test, but out of all the different variations available, she even picked out the right ones, wow! I tried to “casually ask her” where her pads were in her room and she actually told me, that made me melt, haha… I want to spoil her oh-so-much more now since she’s so nice to me 😀

          I “look” at bebe, but I really try not to scan her. Bebe’s the more conservative type of girl and if she ever caught me checking her out, she’d be really angry… so you know, I try to be polite and not do things I know she would not approve. On the same note, it’s not like I have no eyes and have not gazed before, but it’s not like I fixate my eyes on a certain area of her body. Whatever she wears, she wears it beautifully, so I don’t have a preference of what she has on… best would be if she has NOTHING on, but hey, haha.

          I don’t jump in my room once I get home.. lol, I’m horny but not THAT horny where I can’t control myself, heh. I usually change, do some paper work, wrap up any business and make sure I have no pressing matters to attend to before I go and “satisfy” myself. I don’t grab bebe’s pics to do that, lol, I have a much better visual in my head than any picture you can come up with, haha. Speaking of which, I’m quite angry with you now because you must’ve cursed me or something! The other day, I missed where I was aiming at and it went all over my pillow, blanket and bed-sheet, it was SO gross. You and your stupid comments about “overflowing” and crap made me lose my concentration, blah! It was worse because I was fantasizing about bebe which always makes it ‘stronger’ and ‘more’ so it was such a mess -_- It’s totally your fault!

          You know what’s weird? In my head, I had all this “aggressiveness” planned. Like when I put on her necklace, I was thinking about putting my arms around her after or holding her close to me… but I totally chickened out and couldn’t make myself do it. I’m hardly shy with women, but it was more of the fact I didn’t want to make bebe push me away or feel uncomfortable with me. Am I being too considerate of her feelings? I think I am sometimes… I forget about trying to make myself happy by trying to “push forward” and be aggressive with trying to start some physical intimacy. I’m smart enough to know that trying to cup my hands over her breasts or something is totally inappropriate, but I mean light touches and signs of affection I think would be a nice start. I did however kind of make myself happy by handing her my phone for her to see something and I got such a warm touch from her fingers/hands XD Such a small thing but made me so happy for the night 😆 I purposely moved my hand lower on the phone so for sure she’d had to get it out of my hands. OMG her hands are sooo nice, can’t wait until I can hold them ^__^ I am sometimes getting a bit frustrated with how she doesn’t like physical contact with me. I mean we’ve known each other for quite a while and I think even small things we should be able to handle, close hugs, shoulder holding, hand holding or whatever… sometimes I just want to smack her and be like, “Listen, show me some respect and some trust please god damn it?” Surely I’ve proven myself “worthy” for her… what is she, a princess or something? BLEH. I don’t mean I actually want to physically hit her, but you know, metaphorically.

          I think it was a really fantastic night – and I hope she didn’t take off the necklace I gave her when she got to her friend’s place. I do hope they see it and make some nice comments 😛 Would be nice if she told them the truth about who gave it to her too, just to get some envy going on, harhar. I guess the only thing is… she spends so much time with her friends which is nice and all, it helps her feel more at-home… but I wish she’d just dedicate some time to me. Today when I was mentioning how it’d be nice for me to drop by at her place if she’s home sometimes, she essentially told me I was “self-inviting” and it didn’t seem very nice of her 😦 I mean I should get some advantages of being a ‘boyfriend’ (lol, notice the quotes.. SIGH) and you know, during work I think it’s cute to go visit your sweetheart if you can spare an hour or two – not like I’d expect her to accommodate me a whole day at her place! I bet if it was her ‘friends’ then it’d be ok… apparently I’m always the one getting fucked and exempt out of everything =_= everyone always has more advantages than I do, BLAH. So unfair and unruly.

          Sometimes if I could get some reassurance from her would be nice. Instead of her talking about wanting to return home, she could be like, “Well, you really do make me want to stay but I’d like to do….xxxx” or whatever – at least I know that I hold some importance to her that she’d like to stay rather than constantly reminding me that she’d rather pursue her education/career elsewhere. I know it’s all BS like you said about her coming up with excuses rather than just appreciating me and feeling at least 動人 enough for her to think about more than just going home. I secretly wonder whether her mom likes me and would actually have some kind of goodwill towards me that she’d want bebe to be with me. She seems like a kind woman and a very intelligent one. Oh right, I remember bebe saying something not-nice about my mom before once and I was shocked… kind of like, well you know, she hasn’t even met her and she said something and I was just aghast. I’m hoping it was just a misunderstanding or misuse of words or something, ‘cuz even though I haven’t met her parents, at least I have good things to say about them, lol.

          When I dropped her off.. it was another quick back-turn for me. I couldn’t stand to look at her leave for the night, I wanted to just push her against my car door and give her a goodnight kiss. I’m seriously getting frustrated with this now, lol, one time I’m just going to do it and fuck the repercussions from it, haha… I can only take so much frustration before I crack 😛 But really, like it was mentioned, she’s unlikely to be the one that would say, “Would you like to kiss me before you go?” so I’m just gonna have to follow the Nike motto and JUST DO IT!

          Speaking of toys… lol, I’ll have to make a post about it, it’s rather funny situation I ran into. When I have time and not responding to your (or well, mine too) essays, haha, I’ll put something up. Ya, I have to prepare Plan X, haha… you know, I have to be forward-thinking and not let her get away so easily XD I hope she’ll really consider and pursue staying here for school and then start a career here… and a life of course (with me, duh!)… but if she tries to pull any more bad things with me, I have to come up with a counter-plan, lol… I hate thinking up Plan X because it’s just so cruel, LOL. I’d rather bebe just tell me how she wants to spend her life with me and I’d crumble up the plans forever, haha. If she spent HALF the time she did with her friends with me, we’d probably be well on our way with our relationship… it’s so unfair how everyone else gets the bigger share of her, SIGH… and you know, at 9PM after we ate, she said she was sleepy – so I dropped her off.. but I bet she like, stayed up to 3-4AM with her friends after -_-“ You girls are all 藉口王后.. hah! 😀

  4. Wei, u shld be happy tht I “blessed” u, not cursed u! Isn’t it a great feeling to orgasm thinking abt bebe? The feeling of a strong n’ long orgasm shld mk u breathless n’ tht ur heart is pounding thinking abt how much u luv her n’ want to show her ur luv! If it wuz ne other girl u think of, I would say it would be unusual to feel so strongly, but for u to hv feel very ‘explosive’ when u think abt bebe rite when u cum is vry normal, in fact, it juz shows not ne girl can mk u happy, satisfy u n’ hold the same position in ur heart! Dun feel dirty or nething.

    I’m nt gonna comment on other thgs or wtevr until u rite a post abt the toy now.. I wanna knooooo xDD Pictures please, altho not of ur dick, save tht for bebe to see 😆

    • Haha, well ok, I’m not truly angry but I was like URG… can’t believe you hit the point right on the head XD Oh well, I think I used to feel kind of disrespectful or wrong that I would think about bebe so intimately, but I put that behind me now. It’s normal and better-off that I feel attracted to her like that, rather than some random girl. Thinking about her really does make me go nuts though, that’s why I need something to keep myself disciplined and off her – otherwise I fear I may do something wrong sometime, LOL! It does feel very amazing when I have bebe on my mind and in my heart, all the time of course 😀

      I don’t think I’m allowed to post those type of pictures here because it’d violate the “free” blog agreement… I’d have to host my own blog if I wanted to post “adult” or “offensive” material… and that’s not the whole point of this blog 😛 However, I’ll definitely write a small blurb on it – it’ll actually be kind of amusing too since I’m pretty clueless about this stuff 😆 … you’ll probably get to laugh at me after I finish it too, hehe. Good thing most people who read this blog don’t know who the hell I am XD

      HAHAHA, I wouldn’t a) take a picture of my dick, and b) would not ever think about posting it up on a public place even IF I did… I think I’d be way too shy to so something like that!!

  5. Did u get ribbed ones or just normal ones?

    Juz 1 or did u get a few to test them all?

    I like the present u sent me to last time xDD It’s actually better than the electronic 1’s since I dun hv to put battery in them… a bit more handy n’ won’t “stop” if it runs out of battery. I kind of got used to the non-vibrating ones, actually nt bad at all. I used to like vibrating coz it’s such a nice feeling n’ way faster n’ now I understand y u keep on telling me ‘slow n’ easy’ feels way better. U get to build up, lay bk n’ enjoy urself thinking abt the boy (or well, girl for u xDD) u luv n’ then go all nutty at the end when u scream, LOL! I will hv to get Josh to pick up my next toy to c if he has as gd taste as u do 😆

    • It’s flippable, lol! Isn’t that so damn cool? HAHA. You can get the ribbed side and the normal smooth side. I prefer the normal smooth side, the ribbed side feels nice but it’s too annoying XD I find the smooth side is just easier to get in and rides a lot nicer. I only got 1, it’s my very first and I didn’t want to buy things I did not like or not know how to use… slowly gain experience with it first 😆 and also… where am I going to put them? You know my house does not have a lot of places for me to hide things, haha.

      I don’t feel like making an officially post yet, so I’ll tell you the funny story and you can laugh. So when I bought the toy, I kind of chose the “smaller” one because… well you know, I don’t think my penis is exactly on the “large” side… in fact, I would want it much larger, LOL. So anyways, I chose a smaller since I didn’t want to be those guys who “buy the big condoms” to show-off, so I didn’t want to buy a big toy and end up not feeling satisfied or whatever. So when I got it and tried it, wtf… could barely get it in, lol, took so much effort and even a bit of pain. I figured with my not-so-large penis, I’d be able to use the “small toy” with ease, but that was not the case 😛 So now that I consider it, apparently I’m not that small… just not massive either, hah.

      I gotta say, it feels pretty awesome and I can only imagine bebe’s feels even better 😆 bawahahahaha. The first time I used it, I thought I could control myself well, but apparently not. Maybe it was also because I was fantasizing about bebe and I thought I could ‘stop’ in time… but alas, I failed and it was too late. Maybe it was the compound of how good the toy felt + thinking about bebe that reduced my ability to self-control a lot more than usual 😛 Normally I can go pretty long, but jesus, with a toy it’s a whole different story XD No wonder you girls like to have like 10 toys to play with, it’ll get you to scream and moan so fast you can’t even count from 1 to 10 before you orgasm 😆

      I was having a funny thought on getting bebe a toy and how big she would want it. 8″ maybe 10″ … maybe she’s even more aggressive and wants 12″ … LOLOLOL. I’m not sure if I’d want to get her something that big, because then when she gets mine, it’ll have loosened her up so much that she’ll complain about mine and I don’t want that XD uh huh, totally selfish, haha. I’d love to think that bebe is sexually-engaged with herself… that’d be good for her to know about her own body and how it feels/reacts. It’s funny how I’m so open to asking other girls whether they play with themselves or have touched themselves (for pleasure) before… but I dare not ask bebe something like that… or rather, I want to imagine that she does XD makes it so much hotter.. lol!

      I doubt Josh has as good as taste as I do 😛 You have to remember, I’ve known you longer than Josh has… hehe, I have an advantage in knowing you very well in what you like XD

      • LOL, it has nthg to do with the toy… it has do all do with u fantasizing abt bebe. If u think the toy is ‘inside her’ then ur gonna go nuts n’ cum rly hard xDD Do u shoot more or less if u think abt bebe? haha. Ur state-of-mind is very important in like the last 5-seconds u hold it in… if I think abt a cutie boy or smthg in the last 5-seconds b4 I left go, I get such stronger pulses n’ I almost run out of air!

        Get bebe to play with herself then lor… give her a toy, smthg small n’ easy to start off with. U dun want her making herself so loose she can’t feel u… hahaha… n’ c, I told u tht u alwayz think u r small when urs is probably vry large xDD If bebe is still a virgin, she will hv a hard time getting u in w/o pain, lol… will hv to tk sm time to work it in or try a few times b4 she’ll let u push all the way to the end, harhar.

        Ne complaints abt the toy or is it rly gd?

        • HAHA, true enough I guess. I stop-and-go sometimes just so I can think about bebe a bit longer, but I’m finding myself not being able to control as well when I think about bebe… sometimes when I think I can stop in time, I can’t and it’s terrible, LOL. Good thing now it won’t make a mess or anything. Bebe gets me turned on enough just thinking about her, I’m not going to even think about the toy being what bebe feels like, omfg, I wouldn’t be able to even last a minute if I thought that! Calm, gentle and sensual thoughts about bebe is all I need, nothing TOO raunchy. 😆 I shoot a lot more and a lot longer if I’m thinking abot bebe and I try to get her off my mind and fantasize about some celebrity or something, lol, that lasts about 2 seconds before all of a suddenly bebe pops back in my head XD So I guess I can’t really control thinking about her in the last 5 seconds, I think about her pretty much all the way through now. I’m sure bebe knows that I have ‘intense’ feelings for her, I just never go into details since that’s kinda my thing and it’s not really necessary for her to know. It’s not that I don’t want her or feel embarrassed to let her know, I just think she prefer not to know all that stuff, heh.

          If bebe doesn’t already play with herself, I doubt I can persuade her to…. you know, Asian women tend to be pretty shy about their own bodies and stuff and in their minds, it isn’t “acceptable” to touch yourself like that. Some will tell me they just don’t feel the desire to because they’ve never touched that area other than the manage their periods and when they’re taking a shower. However, once you even do it once, then you realize how amazing it is and what you’ve missed out on all along. I’m kind of torn between it.. I mean I’d love for bebe to know more about her own body and to be interested in it… on the same note, I’m not sure if I’d rather her experience it with me for the first time or whatever. I’d feel really jealous if she’s experienced it with another guy already 😦 That’d be sad… haha.

          Andie said the same thing for some reason… are all girls that tight when they haven’t been broken in? She was telling me how she was worried that bebe would be too sensitive when we go try it for the first time and that she won’t let me push it in all the way because it’ll hurt or she’ll be too tight, LOL. Who knows, I’ll worry about it when it happens! No point thinking about it now, I’d get too excited just being able to make love for her and whisper in her ears how much I love her, want to take care of her forever and how I’d give all of my heart and soul to her! Unlike others who see sex as just being sex for pleasure, I see sex as an ultimate form and expression of love… so to me, doing that is not simply to satisfy my “male needs” but to express everything I can’t convey into words, through her body.

          The toy is just amazing, minus the small fitting. Even after a week, I still am trying to break it in… it’s rather tight on entry. It feels nice ONCE I get it in and get going, but the first bit of it is not too fun. I know you’re supposed to use lube to make entry easier and that you glide better, but I don’t want to waste money on lube. I’ve found that just using some water helps make it more slidey and it’s more comfortable pushing it in. It’s a water-based only toy, so I can’t use oil-based stuff in it or it’ll ruin it. I’m still using the smooth side because the ribbed side is too annoying and I’m too sensitive towards the grooves. The great thing about the toy is clean-up is so much easier… you can shoot inside, empty it out, wash it and dry/store it. I don’t have to worry about making a mess anymore (unless you let the stuff come out the other end… lololol)

          Ya, I think the worse thing is I chose a toy that’s smaller than what I thought my own size is, so next time I’ll learn to get something a bit looser. I just got a 20% off coupon too for my next order for being a ‘previous customer’ … thought about getting something for bebe, but I think I’d really get into a lot of trouble if I showed up at her house and gave her a vibe/dildo. I mean I just wish there was a way to give a gift to her like that without causing any trouble, but I don’t think there is… either she’ll be happy or she’ll be very upset with me. I’m just trying to make her happy is my thought, but sometimes she doesn’t see all my actions with good-intent even when I mean the very best for her.

  6. LOL, bebe is probably tht tight too… so if u can’t get inside ur toy, she will scream when u put urs in her 😛 I guess the difference is tht if u get her wet enuf, then it’s not like a toy where u hv to use lube or water to push it in. If she’s naturally lubricates herself, it reali helps to push in the first time or else it will b vry painful 4 her. Mk sure u get her super wet (and I bet u can do that easily ;)) n’ then u can be ur gentle-self and slowly put it in n’ if she tells u to stop, pull out, let her rest then try again.

    Get bebe a toy 😀 I agree!!

    Given tht she is fairly open abt periods w/u, I think u can soon ask her when she gets it n’ stuff. Juz find an opportunity n’ no need to feel shy. She will b ur gf one day rite? These r juz simple n’ non-offending questions, it’s no big deal tht she tell u, nt like she’s going to lose nethg by telling u! Juz b ‘smooth’ abt it… kakak… dun b like, “OMG.. I want to kno when ur last period wuz, tell me tell me” … kekek 😆 Mebe u can ‘hint’ to her to tell u xDD

  7. Ohohohh… b4 u answer my previous post, I wuz juz curious as to y u suddenly decided to get a toy. I mean, u’ve gone so long w/o 1, wt suddenly made u decided u wanted to spend the money n’ also ‘risk’ getting caught w/ it? Obviously u r grown up now and even if ur mom reali caught u, it might be embarassing but nt like u culd ‘get in trouble’ for it… y all of a sudden get 1 leh?

  8. Heh, ya I can imagine bebe being pretty tight.. I’m assuming she’s not the type of girl to have spread her legs easily, lol. Given how shy she is with ME, I’m not sure she gets around XD Right, the difference is my toy doesn’t have “self lubrication” like her body does, hah… so it’s a bit more painful getting it in. I’m sure I can get her turned on enough and wet like a waterfall before we start doing anything. She can be shy with me all she wants, but her BODY feels a completely different thing than her mind does 😛 The body never denies pleasure and an orgasm LOL! I will have to try that lube that came in the small baggie, but I’ll have to wait for a night where I have the house to myself and can enjoy it slowly while I think about bebe. Hrm.. be gentle with bebe? Are you sure? I was just thinking about ramming it in… 😆 hahahahaha… I’m just joking, of course I’ll be gentle with her, she’s my baby!

    She’s opening up with her period and stuff, but still not totally comfortable sharing when she got her last period with me and such. Especially now we’re seeing each other more, I think she would even have more 避忌 telling me – or maybe she wouldn’t, I haven’t asked since a long time ago. Perhaps if I ask, she’d tell, or she’ll be like “I don’t remember” or something like that, lol. She hasn’t told me stuff (directly) about her flow or management or anything like that… although we “indirectly” talked about her period (in which I was very happy with the response … spoil her +1 :D) and how she would not mind going out with me even if she started her period… although I never dared ask her if she would tell me if that was the case. Nevertheless, hey, she’s one of those girls who will “act when she feels ready”… I mean “nicely request” to see whether she would offer it up or will simply have to wait until she does on her own. We’ll see…

    I got the toy because I can’t stand controlling myself anymore. Sure, before I liked watching the odd porno and seeing sexy girls, but now when I think about bebe I get like … super horny. If you thought I was pretty crazy before, think about now times TEN, lol. I like the toy because once I release myself, I don’t have that tension anymore. I know that if I don’t control my strong feelings for bebe, I fear I will do something wrong with her XD The toy is kind of my way of fantasizing about bebe in a ‘safe’ way. Even after I use it, I still struggle to not squeeze the shit out of bebe when I see her absolute cuteness or something. If I’m untamed, she’d be screwed, lol. Best that I enjoy myself with the toy until she’s ready to take me in, otherwise I risk doing something we’d both regret 😀

    Btw… your new picture ROCKS. Too bad I have bebe now, or you know that picture would probably make me very happy… HAHAHA. Tsk tsk… I’m bad 😛 I’ll update you on mommy some time next week when we get to know more. I gave her your regards and oh ya, my mom was so happy to know that bebe asked about her.. LOL… I think my mom likes her daughter-in-law (MUHAHAHAHA) more than she likes her own son 😐 HAH!

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