TRULY (Zellers) Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings Review

Hi again – and this time, I decided to do a review on a generic brand pad under the name TRULY, found at HBC Zellers (which will soon be taken over by Target). I figured with all the big brands I do out there, I ought to finally do one on a “non big” brand name and you know in Canada, you’re pretty much restricted to the usual “big 3” of pads, Always, Kotex and Stayfree. Rather than giving them publicity more than they already have, let’s give “the small guys” some exposure. I’ve tested my fair share of generic pads before and have already made a post about them before, but these TRULY ones really motivated me into writing this review… so let’s begin! Oh and as usual, all the pictures are thumbnails or shrunk to fit the blog, so you can click on the picture to get a larger resolution of it!

TRULY Brand Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings - Package Front (EN)

Their “sale” (ok, so it wasn’t THAT cheap) caught my eye in the flyer. Of course the flyer week is already over, so I can’t promise it will be the same price by now. They had assorted Truly regular-sized package pads for $2.50 ($2.63 post-tax). I was glad that unlike retarded Walmart, Zellers only charged me the GST portion of the HST since the 8% PST portion is actually supposed to be exempt from the purchase of feminine hygiene items. If I had caught that when I was buying from Walmart last time, I would’ve gave them shit. It’s not a matter of the few cents, but rather, the principle since living in Canada we get our ass taxed for everything as it stands. Furthermore, if as a male I know that feminine hygiene products are point-of-sale PST rebate-eligible, that female cashier should’ve known that even more!

TRULY Brand Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings - Package Front (FR)

Bar-code and Instructions

Warning and Guarantee

Package Contents

So this is actually the first time I had exposure with the TRULY pads and they’re quite amazing for a store-brand. The packaging was plastic, just like most conventional packaging – so not exactly the best for the environment, but I don’t think any conventional pads or tampons really are and for the environmentally-conscious people, they opt to use menstrual cups or cloth pads. Nevertheless, with the plastic packaging aside (and probably all the rest of the packaging), where this packaging stands out is the fact that it has another layer of protection. As many people are not aware, the surface of pads or anything that comes in contact with the vagina should be sterile and clean. Over time, pads that are left on the shelf and exposed to elements begin to catch things like humidity, dust and eventually, bacteria formation.

TRULY Brand Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings - Supplementary Bag

This particular package (and I’d assume the same with the rest of their lines) not only has an outer packaging, but also another bag within. Of course another environmentally rude material, but it adds another layer of protection for the sake of your vaginal health. The only thing I found was that because of how tightly the contents are packed along with the restrictions of having an extra bag within the package (which you can fully remove so that you only have the inner clear-plastic bag left and throw the outer one away) made the pads hard to remove at the start. Obviously once you take out 3-4, it becomes less packed and the pads come out with ease. The only thing that I was not pleased about with general packaging, is the fact the pad wrapper doesn’t seem to seal too well and as I was pulling the pad out from the package, a part of the pad opened up. Now, this could be because I was rather rough with it, but after inspecting the pad wrapper sealing, there wasn’t a lot of adhesive on it.

TRULY Brand Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings - Pad in Wrapper

Part of the pros about not having a very tight adhesive is the fact you don’t get a lot of “tearing” sound. For those extra shy women who are afraid of letting someone hear them opening a pad wrapper, this is for you! I would even dare say that the Kotex ‘silent wrappers’ aren’t as silent as these ones! Of course I haven’t tested Kotex in a while (the North-American ones), so maybe my memory is waning, but when you open a Kotex silent-wrapper pad, you still get quite a bit of noise from the edges tearing… unlike the TRULY ones where you get almost a near silent parting of the edges. These are one of the few pads I will open in my house openly without suppressing the noise, lol – yes, that’s how quiet the wrapper is, even though the downside is that it may be a problem for women carrying it in their purse or bag that jostles the pad around and might “open up” accidentally. I would recommend people carry this a more confined space or where it won’t give the opportunity for the pad to friction against other things.

TRULY Brand Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings - Pad with Wings Folded

When you unfold the wrapper, nothing about the pad seems to be impressive. I wasn’t expecting much from a generic-brand pad, but thought after being impressed with the outer packaging that they just might have some secrets lying within, haha. The pad is about 26cm long from the front of the pad to the end. The width of the pad at most parts is about 7.6cm, except for the rear that is wider probably to catch overnight rush-flow towards the rear at roughly 9cm. The pad wrapper unfortunately does not have sticky tab, so resealing the existing or used pad is an issue. On the bright side, the pad on the wrapper adhesive is very strong – which I suppose depending on your strength may be a good or bad thing. Suffice to say, the pad sticks very well to undergarment, although with the stickiness, I’m not sure if it’s even enough to damage clothing material. So far, I haven’t seen it do anything like the U By Kotex where it begins to rip material apart. I’m telling you thought, your pad is not likely to move anywhere while it’s worn with how secure it is!

TRULY Brand Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings - Pad with Wings Exposed

Now when it comes down to the wings, that’s something yet-to-be-desired. I found that the wings had marginal, if not, no absorbing ability. The wings are there strictly for fastening the pad on undergarment and not so much for “preventing leaks” because it will not do much of that at all. The adhesive on the wings are definitely not as impressive as the one on the bottom of the pad either and does not hold very well. The thickness of the pad is an excellent hybrid between “ultra thins” and “maxi” … akin to the “slim” sized pads found in Asia. This is a great pad to compromise with for those who feel the ultra thins don’t provide a feeling of security (or who prefer greater absorbency) but don’t want the bulkiness of the usual overnight sized maxi pads.

TRULY Brand Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings - Wider Pad Rear Closeup

Time to talk about the performance of the pad! When comparing things, I think people like to compare apples with applies and oranges to oranges. Well for me – or at least when it comes to pads and tampons – I like to compare them to the same standards. Pitting this TRULY pad against other brand-name pads, there are still quality-build differences. This pad tend to be floppier than others and you’ll notice it RIGHT as you open the wrapper and then remove the pad form the adhesive. However, this is not an issue in terms of the absorbency capability of the pad. Rather, the pad does experience a bit of crinkling noise, which may be a “deal breaker” for the ladies who want absolute discreteness that you have/are opening/are wearing a pad. It feels flimsy, so I was really worried about testing it because it could be a very messy scenario. However, trying to be professional, I proceeded anyways… to my surprize.

TRULY Brand Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings - Pad Front Closeup

The top layer is super comfortable and would even compare to branded-products! Step aside Always and Kotex, because the comfort level of the top-layer is soft and smooth against the skin. When saturated, it absorbs quick, but leaves a slightly wet feeling. Nevertheless, after a few minutes, the pad surface becomes dry again – so as long as you can put up with momentary feeling of wetness for a minute, you’ll be returned to a feeling of comfort and dryness! The absorbent material underneath the pad surface also seemed loose which added to my worry – that is, until after I tested it that the loose feeling of it still provided great security. If you’re one of those people willing to try new things and sacrifice your peace-of-mind on the first try, then you will realize how incredible this “budget” non-name brand pad is and superior in my opinion to any of the generic pads I have tested. Even after long-term use and saturation, the pad has a comfortable feel and does not become hard/rigid. For a pad of this length, I would have actually considered this a “long” or “super” as opposed to overnight. Nevertheless, given the quality and performance of this pad, I too would label it as being suitable for overnight (unless you’re one of those people with extra heavy night flows).

TRULY Brand Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings - Pad Absorbent Core Closeup

The channel patterns are nothing special, pretty typical design so there’s not much I can comment about that. However, the absorbent core really does a fine job of pulling in flow towards the middle. You will notice that even if you soil the front or rear of the pad, it eventually ends up in the middle in a reasonable time-frame. This keeps the extremities of the pad, which are more prone to leaks, safer from overflow. Also, due to the “generic”ness of the pad, the front and rears of the pad are not built as tough of a quality as branded pads, nevertheless, as long as a large amount of flow is introduced to the front and rear, the flow is highly contained in the middle where the most material and thought was placed into. As mentioned, I have no goodwill towards the wings of the product, other than the fact they’re there, help provide a sense of security and are large. The “walls” of the pad, particularly between the center of the pad and the wings are thicker and tougher to act as a last-resort effort of keeping flow from running off the pad. Even though it is thicker, it does not feel thicker, so rest assured, the comfort is still there.

All in all, I can’t imagine to having tested a generic pad with such quality and very little area for me to complain about! If they even spent a bit of time refining the wings a bit, I can imagine that this unknown little pad will strike hard into the “big 3” market territory. Unfortunately I would expect their funds and technology are more limited compared to P&G, K.C and J&J, so maybe that’s where some of the lack-of-progression will come into play. I would highly recommend this pad to anyone who are not afraid of trying something new and those who may be on a budget. This is after all, a store-brand pad, therefore you can expect lower prices on a pack when compared to branded product at non-sale prices. I am utterly impressed with this product, particularly because it is not one coming from international and multi-billionaire companies like the “big 3”.

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  1. Hrm.. I think u missed smthg.. I want to kno, how wuz the odor masking w/ this? Did it do enuf? Scent or no scent? Did it ‘smell’ after prolonged use? Coz I find with ‘no brand’ products, they do not control the smell vry well n’ then evry1 arnd u can smell the grossness of period… kakak.

    • Not very well unfortunately. The only “off-brand” or “no-name” pad that does semi-well against odour is the Incognito brand. All the other brands I’ve tested doesn’t mask odour very well after prolonged use, so the smell tends to start emanating. The TRULY pads don’t have scent, but it does have an unfortunate smell of whatever material it is composed of and when the pad is saturated, that’s all you smell… that and well, the flow.

      I gave this to one of my girls because she was having her period that day and she was about medium-type flow and even after 2 hours, I could not smell anything unusual on her. However, after she threw it away, her washroom started to smell a bit when I went in to go pee. She’s pretty good about wrapping her pads up so for sure she wouldn’t have “left it open”… so obviously the pad doesn’t do that great of a job for masking odour. I suppose this would be a great budget-pad to use at home or whatever, since it’s a bit more “mannerly” to dispose of it in your own garbage and then you can empty it out before it starts to smell. To use it outside, you may very well stink up a washroom, lol, and that’s kind of rude, haha.

      • So gross then la.. I dun want ppl smelling my period, lol. That’s y I rather u offer me branded products instead xDD I guess ur rite abt being able to use tht at home, but even then, wuld u want other ppl in the home being able to smell it? Wt if u hv guests? LOL…ewwweeyyy…

        I’m just going to keep using these KOTEX WHITE’s… these LAURIER…. these WHISPER….. these SOFY…. these Hong Kong STAYFREE tht u dun hv access to until u cm bk… 😆 TEASE TEASE…

        • hehe, oh well, can’t change reality right? I could always step-up and buy them off eBay, T&T or even beg bebe for some of hers, but it’s not really ‘necessary’ – I don’t need them for my non-existent period, HAHA.

          Meh, I’m indifferent to the smell of period, just gotten used to it 😛 I wouldn’t mind sitting next to bebe and smelling it, it’s her period so that’s fine, LOL. If you have guests over, just change to something fresh or one of your branded products then. Unless you’re wearing very loose or easily permeated clothing, I doubt people can smell it that well. Unless they have a keen nose or particularly sniffing for that scent, it’s not that detectable.

          I’m sure I’ll get them in two years or something, or maybe a year if suddenly bebe and I go to Malaysia this year, muhahaha.

  2. lol, u n’ bebe r so cute… n’ u can find ways to appreciate EVRYTHG abt her, even the ‘grossiest’ things… I bet if she farted, u wuld say it is ok too 🙄 JUZ coz it’s her fart.. kakkaak… u mk me laugh! It’s good tho, coz if u can accept evrythg from the worst to the best of bebe, then ur relationship will b vry smooth. U kno when a person can tolerate evrythg, then u will nvr mk her feel as if she needs to b embarassed w/u.

    Hv u smelt her on her period yet ma? Wt abt her washroom or smthg, ever catch tht she is on her period?

    The time I smell my period most is when I let my used stuff sit in the garbage too long or if I accidentally get sm on my hands when changing… icky!

    • Hehe yep, I appreciate everything that makes her who she is, sometimes the things I like, sometimes the things I don’t – yet, she is her, I am me – and I want us to be one 😛 LOL, oddly enough, I can stand a lot of things but hearing a girl fart just makes me want to laugh 😆 Obviously it’s a natural thing just like periods, needing to go pee, eating, etc. but I don’t know, haha, doesn’t seem very mannerly. I’m sure I’d be quite comfortable if she did it though, heh, because it’s bebe and I can accept almost anything about her XD I like to encourage bebe to open herself up to me, let me know things and such so I would never make her feel like she can’t talk about everything with me.

      I haven’t smelt her having her period yet, lol, and even though her washroom is not the cleanest (since it’s not “hers”), it’s not disgusting either so she hasn’t really left her stuff lying around either. I doubt I would smell it anyways because bebe’s pretty big on personal hygiene and she always smells damn good, so I doubt I’d be able to catch the scent of her period or her pads. Nevertheless, she’s never admitted/denied being on her period when going out with me, so I’d never know if she had it or not 😛 I hope she will tell me if she was though, haha, it’d make it so much more exciting 😆 If I go out with her every 3-4 days, it’s quite possible I would catch her on her period on one of those days, but perhaps if we go out only a week apart, I would have missed it by then.

      I don’t go to her washroom much anyways, so meh. I’d rather her be upfront and tell me rather than smelling her washroom or something, LOL – and plus, she keeps the trash quite clean that I’ve seen so whatever. Well of course, if you let stacks of used pads pile up, they get quite smelly 😛 You’re not supposed to let that happen silly, haha. Tell Josh to go clean it out so you don’t have to do it and inhale it 😀

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