*NEW* Always Maxi LeakGuard Plus Pads with Odor Lock & U By Kotex Tween Ultra Thin Pad

Was reading up Kayo’s as usual and found two new pad-series posted up! Credit goes to college flowlover for the find. Looks like Always is trying to slowly seep into Tena and Poise market-share with incontinence products…. how Always will fare, we’ll find out soon enough!

Always Maxi LeakGuard Plus Pads with Odor Lock

Always Maxi LeakGuard Plus Pads - Long/Super without Wings, Scented

Always Maxi LeakGuard Plus Pads - Long/Super without Wings, Scented

Information quoted from Always.com:

Unlock the best-kept secret in protection — NEW Always Maxi LeakGuard™ PLUS Long Super with Odor Lock™. For an active life with a sensitive bladder, you need a pad that does more than just absorb. That’s why we’ve created reliable, discreet protection you can use without changing your lifestyle. It absorbs in seconds and neutralizes odors due to urine and menstruation for hours. Plus, the soft, top layer helps keep you comfortable, while body-hugging channels help protect you against sudden leaks.

and condensed information from the PGeStore:

Always Maxi LeakGuard Plus Odor Lock ABSORBS in seconds. NEUTRALIZES odors for hours.

  • The comfort and security you need to help you feel protected
  • Super soft cover
  • Helps eliminate and neutralize odors
  • Absorbs quickly to help protect you from leaks
  • It feels good to be so confident every day
  • Without Wings
  • Lightly Scented

Directions: To Use: Remove Pad from disposable wrapper, apply pad to underwear To Dispose: Remove Pad from underwear, wrap in disposable wrapper, throw in trash. Do not throw out Pad in toilet.

U By Kotex Tween Ultra Thin Pad

U By Kotex Tween Ultra Thin Pads

U By Kotex Tween Ultra Thin Pads

Information quoted from Kotex:

Product Features * Serious attitude. Serious protection for smaller sizes designed for a Tween * CleanWear cover for a clean and fresh feeling. MicroMax core locks in fluid fast. * Tru-fit wings help this baby stay put. * Folded and wrapped * Easy Open Wrapper in fun, bold colors. Product Description Product Description U by Kotex Tween Ultra Thin Pad w/Wings

Totally cool that there are finally some new pads hitting the market! Of course the UbK pads are just an extension of their existing pad line, but the new Always will be similar to the Envive by Always that they have in other parts of the world. I hope this will reach Canada soon since the above information were for the US only sadly 😦 However, it’ll only be a matter of time until it gets here (just like usual, we’re slow) and I’ll be monitoring pad-news and the store shelves closely 😀 If anyone has any Canadian information on this, please feel free to let me know!

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  1. I saw those always maxi odor control pads at walmart Saturday. They are also on sale. (like around a buck or so, but hey, new product, on sale?!It’s in their flyer) Haven’t seen the new kotex yet, what’s the difference with those? Just slimmer? I can’t tell.

    I was going to mention the new always, or as I thought, the new look. (but you weren’t online!) I had no idea what they really meant by odor control.

    • I don’t think the “tween” pads are actually thinner – just shorter length. I suppose given that tween girls aren’t as “large” body-wise compared to teens or adult women, they make the pad smaller so it matches the general tween-size of panties or whatever. No point having a 30cm pad when that would practicality be from a tween’s belly-button all the way past her ass. I think the “tween” size for UbK could be equated to the “Teen slender” (pink packet) pads by Always.

      I bought a new type of Incognito pads (FEKKING GREAT) that they just released in Ontario, and I even had a $1-off coupon 😀 and while I was there, I found the Always Maxi LeakGuard pads @ Giant Tiger this afternoon and saw it on the shelf! God damn it was expensive, like $4.47 for a pack of 18. I’ll have to check Walmart on Wednesday… going out for dinner with some of my old school friends and I’ll go hit the Walmart nearby the restaurant we’re going to.

      Odour control is important, because saturated pads don’t exactly smell the best. LOL. I’m actually starting to find merit in Stayfree’s scented pads, as strong as the smell may be. Mind you the LeakGuard pads were designed to absorb both menstruation and urine – making the pad’s ability to prevent emitting of ‘foul’ odour of particular importance. The smell of period on a worn pad is not bad… the smell of pee is extremely easy to pick up on.

  2. Defiantly have not seen those in my neck of the woods yet. I don’t see the Kotex Tween’s on the product site yet either!

    • Ya, you know these companies are terrible with keeping their site up-to-date. I think by logic, one would publish a new product either on the day they release the pads into market or slightly before. Instead, most pad/tampon companies release their product into the market first, then add it to their site. It seems a bit “opposite” of how I do things, but hey, I don’t run these companies 😆

      The fact I heard Andie’s good news about the Always one showing up in Walmart and I, seeing it in Giant Tiger may be good news for us that P&G decided to release a product to Canada/US together for once, rather than Canada getting it later as usual. Now… if only they’d hurry up and release the Stayfree ThermoControl pads here that I oh-so-love! 😀

  3. They are 3.88 at walmart!

  4. The Leakguard sounds nice to tackle two things at once. I bet u will hv a great time testing them… too bad it is marketed under Always tho, haha… coz ur not a big fan of them! I kno u will try them newayz tho coz they’re new AND they look fairly cute 😆

    I will expect lots of pics when u finally buy & test 😀 If it’s “lightly” scented, u may prefer them over the Stayfree ones tht hv heavy scent… but u seem to really like the Thermocontrol ones that bebe gave u… tht’s so swt of her xDD Mebe u like those ones only coz bebe gave them to u, haha… nt coz they’re tht good 😛 But I’m juz joking… I trust ur judgement… if u say they r, I expect them to b.. kekeke.

    Seems to be quite pricey tho, I could buy so many packages with the same amount of money u spend to buy this… kakak.. tease tease!!

    • Ya, they are pretty cute.. the shade of green on the wrapper is soothing 😛 I’d like to test it so I can write a review on them, because now my blog has just went from menstruation to incontinence as well, lol. I won’t go deep into that though, I still love periods and period-pads too much to stray from it XD

      The light scent will be nice… because their “fresh” line is too strong and then if I’m going to choose between the Always Fresh or the Stayfree pads, I’d rather go with Stayfree because it’s more comfy and I think it’s better absorbency. I like the ThermoControl because it is good, not only because bebe gave them to me, lol. I’m a true-reviewer, I won’t give a positive rating on it just because person-X gave me the pad, that’d be unprofessional 😆 I did appreciate her giving me a chance to test them, otherwise it would have been ages before I could since they’re STILL not in Canada yet. I suppose I could eBay them from the US, but meh.

      Yes, it’s going to be a bitch with the spending this year… oh well, will just have to cut back somewhere else 😀

      • I’m gonna wake up early morning to c if u bought it n’ hear all abt it xDD mk sure u call me on skype if u do get it, haha. If nt, I’m going to poke u until u give me a verbal or written review, lol.

        • You’ll be so disappointed… I didn’t get it. The weather was terrible outside, freezing rain and the roads were blanketed with slipperiness from the mixture of snow, slush, rain and ice… so ya, not a big fan other than to drive to SA to spend some time with the guys. R’s wife was out of town for the day, so we could relax just with the guys, knock back some drinks, talk bullshit and eat. It wasn’t all the weather’s fault though… I just couldn’t justify spending so much money on it. Also, Andie told me that the 3.88 only applied to the pantiliners, not the pads…so meh. Whether or not what she said was applicable at the Walmart here, I thought that at that price, it was rather expensive.

          Being the cheapo I am, perhaps I will wait for the “hype” to finish, just like the UbyKotex pads with the price-drop or when I can find a coupon or sale. Since the product is new, perhaps other stores will begin carrying them and offer them at a even better price. I’m sure at some point I will want to test this for sure, but I’m also not desperate to get it. Maybe when bebe and I go shopping though, I’ll pick one up since I’ll be out and about anyways. I’d like to see if bebe is comfortable with that 😛 I remember when H and I first went on our first shopping trip where I bought that… she didn’t even get phased, haha. It’s kinda cool when the girl doesn’t mind 😆 and in fact, she was rather happy she could openly discuss those things with me!

          You can keep calling me and want a review, but I don’t have the pack yet so that’s of no use XD You’ll just have to wait until I buy it! Too bad lor.

  5. Stop being so cheap 😛 If u didn’t drink ur coffee in the morning, u culd already buy tht w/o financial impact, kakaka. $3.88 just for those pantiliners?!! BLLEERGGG… nt sure if I wuld call it a “sale”… more like… a fake sale, lol. I wonder if I can mk a bet on this… whether u will submit n’ juz end up buying it soon or whether u will really wait until it goes on sale, hv coupon or wtevr… I rmbr u wanted to wait too for sm new pad last time and just ended up buying them rite away coz u were so excited 😀

    • LOL, I stopped buying coffee now and just get it at work XD I bugged them into “providing it”…

      Coffee doesn’t cost $3.88 unless it’s like the premium ones 😆

      Ya, it’s kind of a shitty fake sale.. just to make people think, “Hey, this is a good deal!!” when it isn’t.

      I’m getting poor lately so it’s quite likely I will really wait for a good deal.

  6. I wonder if this new line will be included in their ‘try it out’ samples they mail out? I had Kotex send me one of those try it out samples and was glad I never purchased their U by Kotex tampons. smh Terrible

    • Seems like right now they only have samples for:

      Always Clean

      and perhaps their standard compliment, but I don’t see anything related to the new LeakGuard yet 😦 The thing about it is that the LeakGuard pads don’t target the “regular menstruating consumer” (whatever that may mean to certain people, LOL)… since it has a incontinence component and I would think there’s definitely more menstruating women than incontinent ones – so the usual menstrual pad product lines are more interesting in capturing the period market more than the pee market, haha.

      Nevertheless, it’d be nice to be able to get a sample of those. The thing that pisses me off the most is I heard from some of my fellow community members that Always (P&G) won’t send sample out to males.. and I mean sure, I guess you could lie on the form you fill out, I could use a female name/gender, but the point is.. Kotex on the other hand will send out a sample even if you fill in the survey that you are “male”. To me, if you’ve requested a sample, you should get it, male or female.. because hell, I could be filling the form in for a sister, daughter, mother, etc. and it’s not their right to determine whether I’m “eligible”… that’s just poor marketing. Even if I do fill it out FOR me, it doesn’t matter, I’m a potential customer and so many more of those in the menstruation-loving male community members all contribute to their profits, so they should not be so selective and consider us potential purchasers. For the mere cents it costs them to give a sample to a male could have been earning them hundreds… tsk tsk.

  7. I purchased a kit from Target in 2008 for another company that came out with a tween line. Not sure if they are still around but they were called Petite Amie.

    • Yep, they’re still around: http://www.mypetiteamie.com/store.php

      I’m not sure if the online store prices would be more than what you paid for in-stores, but at 6.99 for 16, that’s pretty pricey! Of course they probably aren’t like Kotex and can’t “mass produce” these pads, so their costs might be higher than a huge manufacturer. Nevertheless, looks like they’re going to give each other some competition now!

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