A Challenging Question of Devotion

A very short blog to stimulate some minds today.

The age-old question that women like to ask, “If your mom and I were on the boat together, we both fell off and you could only save one, who would you save?

Who is a son devoted to more, his wife or his own mother?

Which is the right choice to make?

Who of these two counterparts would be willing to give up their own life for the sake of the other? Should the daughter-in-law give way to the mother-in-law… or should the mother-in-law give way to the daughter-in-law?

Although I’m not sure how far “birthday wishes” ever go… I still have a habit of making it each year I blow out the candles. I’m sure for the millions of people who make a birthday wish to win the lottery don’t exactly come true very often, you never know when just that one time… your wishes really do come true. If you never try, you will never win… if you do try, you have nothing to lose.

Every year, I do not ‘wish’ for myself, but wish for the my parents good health and happiness. I suppose for the past few years, wish for my mom’s good health and happiness.

This year, I have a very special girl in my life, bebe.

Given the choice that this year I can only make one birthday wish… should I wish for my mother’s good health and happiness… or to wish that bebe and I will both fall in love with each other and have a successful relationship?

Who is more important in my life? Which side would be more upset if I were to favour the other?

Can there ever be a “true answer” to a question of morality and opinion? Some would say, certainly the girlfriend/wife…. others would answer, the mother. The merit of you can only have one mother, but can have many girlfriends/wives hold… as well as that your girlfriend/wife is someone you CHOSE to commit to

It is unlikely that I will reveal which of these I chose… but will incite everyone to think…

Please don’t tell me happy birthday today, because it’s not all too happy when bebe’s friends hold more importance within her schedule than I do. Where even any normal guy or girl friend would purposely set time aside to attend to someone’s birthday… I am not that lucky. Even my mom actually reserved today, the EXACT day of my birthday for bebe and I… it was not necessary. She asked me where bebe was today and why we weren’t doing anything… and whether bebe even knows it is my birthday today. The only answer I could mutter to my mom was that, “she is busy, but I will see her on Sunday.” My mom gave me a look and that was all. I truly have no words… fml

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  1. lol coz women like to ask questions n’ get answers tht alwayz favor them… for instance, if bebe evr asks u if she looks fat in smthg… SAY NO… or if she looks good in her clothing … SAY YES… lol, there’s nvr a way of avoiding an obvious answer w/o hving ur testicles cut off 😆

    So…. wt did u end up doin’ on ur special day (other than posting this, kekeke)?

    Did u spend sm time thinkin’ abt bebe.. wuz it enjoyable? 😉 😉

    Mommy n’ bebe both hold ur heart, juz diff portions of it… cannot compare 😀

    • hah, ya ya… women 🙄 psh! Well, the question I posed was more of a brain-stimulator to make people think… because in the end, one of these fictitious questions are hardly accurate in representing the reality IF something like this were to happen. At that moment, you don’t exactly have a lot of time to think about it – it’s all instinct and reactions by then!

      Well I did a family-thing first with my mom at Mary Browns (which as AWESOME) and then toward mid-evening, just went out to hang out and catch a few drinks with some friends… then the rest of the night I mulled around from being sad… but then became happy once bebe turned up 😛

      Oh.. I spent a LOT of time thinking about bebe that day, lol. I was in my room for quite a while… or well, longer than usual (cough) HAHA. It was VERY enjoyable 😀 Haven’t felt something that strong in a while. It was not as ‘clean’ as usual… I had to wash my bedsheets ‘cuz I um.. err.. missed 😆 Normally I’m pretty careful so I don’t make a mess (ewww eh? LOL), especially with the new toy it is easy to keep clean… but the reason why I lost control of myself was because I was just lying back and dreaming about bebe while enjoying myself and I must’ve knocked my mouse over and I have a folder of pictures of bebe on my desktop… and when the mouse hit the ground, it clicked on the folder and opened it… then one of bebe’s pictures popped up and you know how I CAN’T resist seeing a picture of her without getting excited, then all of a sudden I … ya.. you know, without expecting and then it went everywhere -_-” AIYO… haha.

      • EWWWWW… lolololol, so messy xDD

        Better wash it fast… tht stuff when it dries get pretty gross 😆 If u leave it for mom to wash it, she might question u wt tht white sticky stuff is on ur bed… nt so much she won’t kno wt it is… but WHY it is on ur bedsheet n’ if u secretly hv bebe over while she is out 😀

        OMG, how long were u in ur room for? 😛 When u normally go on dates w/ bebe, do u usually enjoy b4 or after? I alwayz hear guys say they do it b4 so they don’t hv to feel horny during their date…. or if they do end up sleeping together, they “last longer” coz they already came tht day. Do u evr get so horny mid-date arnd bebe where u hv to do it rite away? I dun mean in front of her, lol.. but I mean in the washroom or smthg, kakaka.

        Wow… onli u n’ bebe r still in the swt-swt stage where u get so excited seeing a picture of her, I see a picture of Joshie now n’ I’m like…. “uhhh ok thts nice..” 😆 Tht is y evry1 tells u to enjoy the dating-era of ur relationship, it’s the only time u still reali hv that spark alive… once u’ve been together for a while n’ after tht first year of marriage, it goes flat… n’ I dun juz mean ur dick either xDD kekeke.

        Dun forget to let me know how bebe made ur Sunday great!! Ohhh… so do u kno if she’s on her period today? 😛

        • Hah, that’s exactly why I cleaned it up myself… it’s kind of weird to have my mom changing the bedsheets and finding a mess 😛 not only weird.. but also rude XD Also, I always try to get it out when it is still wet because it’s easy to wipe and doesn’t sink into the fabric as much. I’ve never actually let that stuff dry before, but I figured it wouldn’t exactly be a pretty sight. Why, you seem to know very well, did you forget to wash it out of your hair? 😆 If I secretly had bebe over, I think I’d be even more careful not to leave any evidence 😛 lol.

          Dunno how long I was in my room for, why would I specifically keep track? Haha… I don’t really have a “normally” for when I do it… it just depends on the day and when I have time. When I was younger, I’d literally have a schedule so that I could do it every day at the same time so I wouldn’t get horny.. but it’s not like that anymore, haha. I just do it whenever and if I don’t get a chance, I don’t. I don’t purposely do it before I go see bebe, because I really don’t get horny when I’m physically around her. I think it has to do with you get horny over a girl who gives off that ‘vibe’ to you that she wants you. When we start getting more intimate and she starts giving off this I-WANT-YOU aura, I might need to control myself more then 😛 For now, I like looking at bebe’s beautiful body, but I don’t get all excited and stuff – and out of respect. If I do it before a date, then it just happens to be when I did it. I usually feel anxious during the date to want to be more physical with bebe, but is not a possibility right now, so I’d rather think about things that “could” happen… like holding her warm hands or a cuddly hug. I’ve never been so horny mid-date where I needed to do that. It’s hard to really enjoy yourself in a public washroom anyways and I’m sure if I sat in her washroom breathing hard for an hour, it’d be weird.. HAH. I general, I just do it when I get home, just for timing purposes, not specifically because it is “after I’ve seen her.”

          My aunt said that last night… she was like, you should enjoy the sweet-sweet time while it lasts, lol. Once you’ve been together for too long and after the first few years of marriage, all the sweet-talk and romance fades away… SAD, haha. I’ll endeavour to keep the romance and excitement throughout our entire relationship, with or without the kids XD Every couple needs “us” time regardless of whether they have kids… Andie was also warning me about her worries that bebe won’t have the same craving for sex as I will and that might make it devastating for me emotionally and worries about my mental health, LOL. Good sex is a crucial part of a solid relationship, regardless of what people think that it is not “necessary”… because it is.. they call it MAKING LOVE for a reason. Nevertheless, just because bebe’s not ready for it now, doesn’t mean I need to be all gray about it now and think that she won’t have a good drive… she may have too good of a drive with how many years she’s been saving up XD

          I made a “statement” about how awesome it’d be if she got her period today, but she didn’t say anything XD There are times when I’ll type something for her and she won’t even acknowledge it, haha.. even if it’s NOT period related or offensive, sometimes I think she “half reads” or “half processes” my message 😛 I was hoping she’d comment on my “hoping you will be on your period” comment, but she didn’t, POOP! I know I know, she’ll just say she doesn’t know how to reply if I ask her why she doesn’t say anything, so why even get into an argument right? 😛 I just honestly hope that she will do me a favour one time and go out with me when she is on and actually let me know XD It’s not like it makes a difference of what we do on our date, lol, it’s just COOL to know… not going to spoil her and more or any less than usual anyways!! HAH.

  2. Oh dear, how sad it that? =( Even I make time in a grueling schedule for his birthday, no matter how short it is…. Well I’m sure she would do something special on Sunday! 🙂

    • Haha, guess we’ll find out tomorrow eh?

      So are you and your lover boy back together again? Don’t waste him! He’s a perfectly good guy to be with and deep down in your heart, you know you want to give him another chance. Don’t be like bebe and push a great guy away from you 😉 HAHA, lol, self-promotion at its’ best! I have to say, bebe really turned my frown to a smile really quickly, so I think I’ve forgiven her already… damn, she gets off the hook so easily, LOL!

  3. Ha, is it coincidence that my birthday is one apart from you? I wonder how old you are. I’m turning 25 today (Sunday). Given the time lag, if you were born in China we could even have been borne at the same moment.

    Did you tell her about your disappointment? I think you should. But I also say, try to be understanding towards her. I’m not sure how long you’ve been dating, but I think it’s pretty healthy of her to indicate that she still prioritises her friends, especially early on in the relationship.
    But I do hope that your celebrations on Sunday at least make up for it.

    • Ugh… I’m old, don’t even want to talk about it. In that case, happy birthday… although I’m not quite sure if it’ll still be your birthday by the time you read this 😆

      I was born in Hong Kong, which is UTC/GMT +8 hours at I think like 1PM HKT (local) or something like that. That’d be extremely FREAKY if we were born at the same time, haha.

      I didn’t really tell her outright, although my tone and demeanour probably said enough. When she told me about going out to her friend’s earlier this week and consequently, being busy on my birthday, I thought I could really be manly and strong about it and shrug it off or say that it doesn’t bug me… and to be honest, at the TIME that she told me that, I really did think it was no big deal… then on the 25th, I felt terribly upset and depressed she wasn’t around. I’m not sure why it suddenly hit me… she’s such a SPECIAL and VERY IMPORTANT girl in my life and that’s why particularly I wanted her to be around. My birthday is just not about ME, but sharing it with someone you truly care about. I suppose also for 2 weeks now, she’s been busy with her friends and stuff and she’s already been kind of “setting me aside”… so I had enough of being pushed to being a ‘second-rate person’ behind the rest of her friends.

      Our dating length is messed, we don’t have an accurate date/number of days, LOL – so can’t answer that one, haha. I suppose you have a point about her prioritizing her friends, but you have to think… this is only ONE day out of the many she could spend with her friends, particularly if you keep up with my blog you’ll see she spends an exorbitant amount of time with them. I’ve never truly been upset with her friends before because, 1) those are her friends, even if I DO dislike them – which is not the case – I would give her face and still respect her friends, and 2) I actually think her group of friends is a positive influence on her and I really seem to like the personalities they have. This was one of the few times where I actually thought I was pissed off with them having so much ‘control’ over bebe where she would favour spending time with them over me.

      However, we did talk about it in a roundabout way and I guess it made me feel better knowing that it was just last-minute plans her friends came up with and she just went along with it.. it wasn’t like her friends knew it was my birthday and she didn’t plan this “on her own”… and apparently there was a friend of hers that she hasn’t seen for a while and it’s not easy to set things up with them, so it was an ‘important’ gathering to actually be able to get everyone together. I guess the bottom line is that, it hurt… she made me feel better and we cleared things up. At the moment, I have to admit, it really did sting – but that’s why I like it when bebe and I communicate effectively .. we both know the reasoning behind what each other do and it puts everyone at ease. I’m not saying she has to justify every action she does to me, but certainly when there’s a certain thing at-stake that sometimes letting your partner know why/what/when is helpful.

      I don’t see the relationship as being “early”… but she does… so I guess there’s also a difference in opinion with that. Perhaps she is the extremely stable/slow-going type that she feels the relationship is not very deep when in REALITY, it really is more than what it appears.. 😀

  4. So did u evr find out ne info abt her period or she still refused to tell u? xDD Poke her stomach to find out, kakakak…

    • Well, I found out “some” information but she didn’t have exact dates, haha.. either that, or she’s telling me fake days to mess up me up 😛 Well, don’t think she’d do that though… it was just a ‘passing thought’ — she was out-of-town when she got her period 😦 SIGH SIGH SIGH…. almost seems like every time she has her period, I’m not around, ARG. Also, when I asked her, it was just a very “innocent” question… so I really wasn’t asking for details. I’m sure if I really pressed and asked for specifics, she’d tell me, but I also don’t want to make her too uncomfortable, so I’m willing to be happy with whatever she gives me 🙂 I don’t feel that she needs to “accommodate” me just so that we can go out/see each other during her period, but it’d be nice if it happened… or if the opportunity came up. I just don’t want to FORCE her into feeling obligated, I’m just saying it’d be very nice if it happened to come and we both happened to be free to do something. I’d be rather cool if bebe teased me and told me to meet up with her knowing she’d get/have her period though XD that’d definitely be a good present, haha.

      I don’t think poking her stomach is a good idea 😆 I’d rather be poking her using something else… HAHAHA.. Oh, so dirty leh, sigh.

      She’s already been a VERY good girl yesterday, so I didn’t want to push her too much for info.. and plus, I’m sure she’d offer the information too me when she’s ready to let me know more 😛

      Oh… so I finally uploaded those pictures you wanted… so now you can stop bugging me about what I got, lol. It’s NOT another sex-toy XD

      I finally got the thumb-break holster in the mail! It took like 3 damn weeks, although it came from HK… I can quick-draw now rather than use the leg-holster I have. I’m using the hip-holster with my Sig Sauer and kept the Beretta with the drop-leg holster. Both styles have their advantages/disadvantages, but the hip-holster is easier to conceal and hide… the leg one is rather OBVIOUS. Tactically speaking, maneuverability with the leg one is easier, but the hip one is just more “classic” and the thumb-break makes it secure enough where someone can’t steal your weapon and if say I zip up my jacket or something, you wouldn’t even know. I’d like to try a shoulder-holster at some point as well…

      I just finished going shooting with Frankie, just so we could talk about “guy stuff”. I was still bitching to him about how I need to try to convince bebe to stay in Canada and he complained about his girlfriend, LOL. I guess it’s fair if he has to listen to me talk about HOW AWESOME bebe is and how desperate I am for her to stay here with me, I have to listen to him complain about his gf and how stupid she is XD

      • KAKAKA.. poking her w/ smthg else xDD oh wt wt… I wonder, lol. I told u, wait until pc has sales again n’ get her a toy 😛 Just get a cheapie one for her to start w/ n’ then if she likes it, u can buy the more expensive one. Evry girl shuld own a toy n’ use it regularly, whether they have sex or nt… it’s all abt feeling gd n also, a gd use of time, LOL. Bebe has lots of time on her hands now, so it’d be perfect for her. Having a toy wuld help her explore her body n’ all of a sudden she may reali crave wt a MAN feels like inside her 😆 … well, as long as it is going to b u rite? haha.

        When she shares all the details w/u abt her period, I’m sure u’ll be super happy. I bet u’d reali spoil her then for sure 😀 – to ‘pay her back’ for being such a gd girl, haha. Either way, ur probably very ecstatic now with how gd she has been, so I’m vry happy for u. If onli ppl who knew u kno how great bebe treats u, they’d be vry happy tht u two r such a matching couple too! Too bad periods onli cm once a month, so it’s vry easy for u to miss bebe’s, especially if it’s start of the wk n’ by the time u c her, it is over already… or if she goes out to her frds 😦 I feel so bad it happened to u this time, I kno u were reali hoping for it, but hey, there’ll be MANY (40 years) of periods to cm for u 😆

        OHHHH, I c.. tht’s what “thumb-break” is… I nvr understood wt tht means coz u were telling me abt it n’ I was like “wtf, y break a thumb?” hahahaha. Tht is a gd idea tht ppl invent… sm1 can’t easily tk the gun away frum u, but gives u a vry easy way of drawing it if u need it! I wuz hoping u’d give me a full body, bad boy picture instead 😛 and guess wt I noticed? ASIAN GUY WITH A VRY YUMMY BUTT!!! n’ those r probably loose pants too!! U shld wear jeans to show off ur butt coz Asian guys don’t hv those vry often xDD I bet u r such a hot commodity when u r in HK, lol!!

        Wt’s with the weird blue shirt, doesn’t match w/ the pants X.x

        • Ya, as long as she craves it from me, that’s ok, LOL. Agree on that a toy would really teach her to explore her body. I’ll probably buy one for her and whether she uses it or not, I don’t need to know about it or whatever. For all it matters, she could throw it out or whatever, but at least I’ve given her an OPTION and CHOICE. And plus, she might stash it away only to feel “curious” one time, bring it out and mess around with it. It took ME a long time to accept the idea of a toy myself. I’m sure bebe is a curious girl and while outwardly innocent and “moral”… there’s gotta be some point where she’s CURIOUS about things. I know if I ask her “do you want one?” she’ll likely say no and yell at me or tell me, “If you give me one, I’ll throw it away” or something like that. Either way, I’m sure I’ll get her one at some point and what she decides to do with it or how she feels about it is her thing 😛

          LOL, I hope bebe doesn’t hit menopause early, I’ll cry. But jokes aside, I used to find this huge attraction to girls who share their periods openly with me. As I get to know bebe more and more, I’m becoming “less reliant” (not sure if that’s an appropriate description) about her openness about her period with me as a form of connection. Now that’s not to say I’m not happy or feel “fulfilled” when she shares things about her period (or whatever experiences/feelings/musings) about it with me, but rather, I still feel strongly about my love/care about bebe even when she’s not actively sharing that information. Certainly I’ve learned to love bebe wholly and not necessarily because she shares certain things with me. The longer and better I get to know her, the more embedded deep into my heart I feel about her. I used to think I could not accept a girl who can’t embrace my interest, but now that I think about bebe, if I were to find out she’d never share anything with me about her period again, I would definitely still love her. Desires and needs are two different things. I would “desire” for her to tell me about those things, but more important, I “need” HER as a person.

          Yep, that’s what thumb-break is… essentially you use your thumb to “push out” the tab which unlocks the holster lock with the strap and then because of how you have your hand over-top the grip of the gun, you can pull it out all in one swift movement. I’ve been doing a lot of quick-draw practicing lately and in front of the mirror just to make sure I’m STANDING properly and DRAWING properly. Anyone can unholster a gun and raise it, but it takes lots of practice to do it properly – where it is safe to him/herself and those around them except for the target in which the gun is intended to aim at…

          LOL, ya, I guess I’m one of those “special Asian guys” who have an ass then? Actually I notice that bebe has a VERY NICE FUCKING ASS, lol. The only thing is sometimes she likes to wear pants that are loose in the back (think the size is too big for her, lol..) and doesn’t show her curves real well. When she wears properly fitting pants, it really shows off 😛 I guess we’re lucky, a guy with a nice ass and a girl with a nice ass 😉 so…. I guess our kids will have nice asses for sure 😆 Ya, I was wearing loose pants in that picture too, if I wear jeans or whatever, shows a lot better. The girls at work LOVE when I wear jeans on a Friday or when I “dress formal” 🙄 I’m not big “ass man” myself – but I guess bebe having a nice one doesn’t hurt. I don’t stare at her ass much, but I guess I should take advantage of it since she’s one of the few Asian girls that HAVE one? lol.

          Oh, don’t even get me started about my “fashion” that day – it was terrible. I just had gotten home from work and was HALF changing then Frankie called. I didn’t have time to put on more ‘appropriate clothing’ since I still had to pack the gun, ammo, gear and such, so that was much more important than putting on better clothing. The blue shirt was an undershirt that I hadn’t changed out of yet – it was ugly worn on the outside, haha. But oh well, you don’t go shooting to pick up chicks so doesn’t matter what people see me in XD I prefer more rugged clothing when I’m shooting.

  5. lol, most ppl r curious abt things… sm more then others. However, I’m sure if u give one to bebe, she will put it away immediately coz she’s so shy. But mebe when u least expect it, she will use it… it’s gd u won’t expect her to tell u xDD I think for girls… unlike guys… ppl r vry “critical” of us when we do n’ use those thgs. For guys, it’s almost a “right” and “acceptable”… but for girls, it seems kinda sluttish n’ sex-crazy if we hv to satisfy ourselves using tht. Particularly coz bebe grew up in a vry Asian-oriented family, u can expect her to b much more resistant to tht sort of stuff. Dun expect her to be very sexually playful either xDD she probably won’t b as ‘explorative’ as u wuld be, lol… Do u worry abt whether she can fulfill those needs of urs?

    IT IS FRIDAY 4U TODAY!! R u wearing jeans or tight pants? lol… can go n’ turn the girls on @ work 😆 Professional flirter u r meh.. haha. Juz dun let bebe catch u lookin’ at her, she mite be REALLY shy abt tht… kekeke. It’s gd tht u can appreciate her n’ her body… most guys alwayz want their gf’s to hv smthg better than possible. If u hv C boobs, then the bf will want D. If ur too thin, then bf wants u to gain wt. If too fat, bf wants u to lose wt. U r one of the few bf tht nvr complain abt bebe… so nice, n’ so little pressure for her!

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