True Love is Worth Waiting for…

Ok well, from the sounds of this title, you would think that bebe and I somehow went further than usual… but unfortunately no quite yet! However, throughout my week of bitching and moaning about how bebe couldn’t spend my Friday birthday with me, I guess all this delay has really paid off. I must say, thinking about each time I report in every “date night” – sometimes I give too much detail maybe? Well, I’m going to try to make it fair for everyone… fair for bebe and I that we’re not divulging EVERY piece of detail about our evening, but also good enough where people can still see me as being “human” enough to feel connected to the author of the blog.

Tonight was absolutely magical.

It was a fun-filled day full of talking, not-getting-each-other-pissed off (VERY IMPORTANT, lol) and activity. The place we wanted to eat at was closed on Sunday… I was rather pissed off, not with bebe, because it was my stupidity to not check. Damn people, not opening on Sundays when you’re in the food industry is like severing your wrist. We ended up finding a similar place about 20 minutes away, but the place I originally chose to eat at was “out of the way” so that wasted a good half hour or so. Well, wasted in the sense of gas and traveling time, but definitely NOT wasted in bebe’s glorious company! Normally I would not be too concerned, except for those who live in Ontario and have taken a look at the gas prices lately, then you’ll know where the hurt comes in. I have taken a look at my gas consumption compared to the same time last year and I’ve used quite a bit more. Last year around this time, bebe and I were not on “good terms” so we didn’t see each other much… huge savings on gas, LOL. Now, don’t you ever dare think I’m complaining that I’m using more gas – I’m just pointing it out – because bebe is worth every penny I put into filling up!

When we were on the way home, we ended up talking about an assortment of things and one happened to be about bebe driving. I thought it’d be a nice idea to throw it out and see what she said, I asked whether when we got back to her place, we could go for a spin. I wasn’t expecting such a positive response, but I sure as hell got one! I saw her face light-up, as if she too, were excited about it. We decided when the sun went down a bit as to not blind us but wasn’t pitch dark, we’d go out for a ride with a two-fold objective.. one, to give us some practical experience with someone next to her just to keep an eye and two, I just wanted to be a passenger of hers! Now, what’s the big deal about her driving right – and you have to know me to know why there’s a significance. I’ve had bad experiences with “learner drivers” before… so as far as I can recall, I’ve declared to myself that I would not sit in a car with a driver who has less than 3 years of qualified (as in, fully licensed) experience. I find it hard to trust someone who has too little experience to have MY LIFE in THEIR HANDS. Even my friends now, who have had their licenses for a good 7-8 years I don’t trust and that’s why I often drive to places myself. We like carpooling, but I offer to drive rather than sit in someone’s car. Suffice to say, bebe definitely does not have 3 years of qualified driving experience, but I trust her enough to have taken me. She kept tabs on me just to make sure I wasn’t afraid or anything as she drove around… I felt relaxed and I only took extra caution to look around when she was parking, mainly because both the places we went to to park, the spots were very tight and definitely not good areas of a “beginner” to be backing out. As you can see, the faith and trust I place in her by handing my life over to her driving shows much of how I devote myself to her without faltering.

Another thing that made tonight beautiful… was for the first time ever, she mentioned “date ideas” … offering for us to go on movies. Interestingly enough, we’ve been out a handful of times now and never have we gone to a movie. I know movies are the typical “date locations” but not being an active movie-goer (not that I won’t go or dislike it though), it just has not really brought much interest, especially because she hasn’t expressed much interest either. When she mentioned, “Hey, we should go for a movie” – my heart filled with joy! Never in the course of us having been together has she taken INITIATIVE to express her thoughts of where/what kind of date would interest her. Now that I know she has all the intention of going to movies once in a while, then I certainly won’t struggle as much to come up with activities!

Magical item #3… proximity. Today, bebe was probably the most “un-shy” she’s been with me. I hope this is certainly a growing level of comfort and that I’m not being “rejected” as much by her body language. Finally since the first awkward date we ever had, bebe actually lied next to me on the bed. Even when I was using her computer, she sat across from me playing on her phone. She is so fucking beautiful and cute, I believe in God creating such a perfect and great woman as bebe! Sure, I was half-glancing at the computer, but the other half of my eye and concentrating was checking out my wonderful little girl sitting across from me 🙂 I felt so warm and like we could finally do things at ease. There’s always been this awkward air of discomfort when she’s close to me and she can’t be “herself”… this time around, she did her thing, I did my thing, we would both give a glance to see what each other is doing and return back to concentrate. THAT is exactly the type of connection I’m looking for, this type of dependent independency, LOL… not even sure if that’s a real expression, but IT IS NOW in my books 😆 You know, the type where we can “be together” but also maintain our “own style of living.” Although we said little while she played on her phone, her body language was EXTREMELY relaxed and she was as natural as can be! Although we were both on the bed, facing each other, I could feel the warmth and acceptance that we can share “common space.” Although we are not exactly on top of each other with our clothes off, this is a very positive step towards building comfort within the relationship!

Magical item #4… similar to the item of proximity, but also some flirting and light touches. Although throughout the night we were in close proximity, a few occasions I was able to pass off some light touches and gentle contact. A couple of times I got to feel her warm fingers against mine and my back against her leg. I know that most people would laugh at how such a small thing could bring so much happiness, but if you were to read back and realize how emotionally tight bebe was to me, you will know something like this is MUCH IMPROVEMENT. I guess some Chinese people would refer to what I did as 搏懵 … but that’s not so much the case, I would say it’s rather just “testing” and “encouraging more” physical contact. I didn’t go so much as to trying to grab her or harass her or anything, just doing enough where I could feel physically close to bebe but without her being offended. As her fingers grazed mine and my body rested lightly on her leg, I cannot deny the bright lights flicking within me!

Magical item #5… bebe paid for my meal and offered me food at her place. Weird to think this counts for anything, but it’s rare bebe offers me food or drinks at her place.. she usually makes staying over “less inviting” that I will leave quickly, LOL… but not the case today! I need to learn to carry more cash around, because this Chinese restaurant we go to accepts cash only and last time we went there, I had just enough to cover the bill. Today, I didn’t realize we were going there and once again, didn’t carry enough with me since I like to card everything. The only date that bebe ever offered to feed me at her place (does not matter whether it is a snack or drink) is on our first date and never since then… today, we got to chew on some candy and chocolate together ^__^ very cute!

Magical item $6… our conversations were close… we could talk about a lot of topics and many involved “us”… which she did not act all weird about or object to it. I mean sure, this doesn’t mean she’s still totally ready to accept me in her life, but hey, it’s at least a step forward. Also, we could talk about more “sensitive” issues. Only caveat through the entire night that I could even say I was not too thrilled about was that she still likes to bring up Malaysia a lot – which is not an issue IF she didn’t feel overly attached to wanting to go back there. As the night progressed, I noticed she talked about wanting to go back less and less, but at a few moments during the day she said she wanted to pursue her education back in Malaysia and that really put a dent in my heart, but I’m glad now that her demeanour has changed to really thinking this relationship will work out well that it gives her enough of a reason to stay. I know that bebe is in a life-time dilemma… stay for a guy who loves her, or go home to her parents and homeland. I’m not even going to say how hard of a choice that is… and I also can’t be “brave” enough to say that I would encourage her to go back… I’m not going to lie about it and make it sound like I could accept her leaving. I care about her… and want to continue to have her around to throw all my love at her.

Magical item #7… she listens, acknowledges and analyzes things I say. Throughout our conversations, she now responds accordingly to things I say, not just skip over them or ignore them. Also, even though there were still certain answers we disagreed on, we were able to acknowledge each others point-of-view respectfully while expressing our own thoughts/feelings.

Magical item #8… She’s starting to put my needs/desires on her platter as well. Today was UNPARELLED for where I felt like she really DOES care about what I want as well out of this relationship. Prior to today, I had the feeling that all her actions revolved around what she wanted out of this. Today, I felt as if our thoughts/care for each other was merging together, where we could both share thoughts and be considerate of the desire the other person has… to me, this is important, because one of the most damaging thing she said to me before was that she couldn’t feel the happiness in sacrificing for me out of love… today, she made those steps forward. Maybe it’s still not “love” for her yet, but it sure as hell is providing a foundation of building blocks!

Magical item #9… She wore my necklace… WOW!

Magical item #10… a VERY SWEET hug to end the night. Still don’t get the patting on my back, lol, maybe it’s just the way she hugs, but the hug was tight, long and embracing. No more quickies and running away. Bebe always gives this shy smile after she hugs me and I’ve never been able to determine whether she’s just smiling or more of the embarrassed/blushing type of smile. Nevertheless, why ask right? It was AMAZING.

Magical item #11… she openly left her pads for me to see on her shelf 😀 Ok, so again, to the common person what’s the big deal about this right? Well, normally she’s a very “private” type of person, so to be able to walk into her room when it is in a realistic state and where she can have the most intimate of items sitting on her shelf openly for me to see is a winner right there. Oh, pants, shirts and panties on the ground when I walked in… AWESOME! lol.

Magical item #12… she didn’t seem to have a desire to kick me out of the house today. Sure, I kept her busy with games and stuff, but even so, I could tell that she can “stand” me more now… I was surprized she even mentioned having dinner (after our “early dinner”) because I thought she’d just want me to get the fuck out and go home, LOL. It was so nice to see that she is putting effort in to allow me to stay longer and not make an issue of it. She was pleased to have so many new games to play and if that’s enough of a distraction where she doesn’t notice me, then great! 😛 But speaking of which… the tone in her voice when I told her I was leaving and she asked, “Oh… you are going home now?” was very inquisitive and’re leaving already? feeling. Sure, she might have already wanted me to go and hadn’t pointed it out, but from the tone of her voice, it was as if she thought I was “leaving too early” and wanted me to stay longer. Of course even hearing that voice, I did not want to push my stay TOO long.

Magical item #13… we TRULY TRULY hit it off well tonight. I can only hope we continue to do so and enjoy each others company. Also, I want to solidify her willpower to STAY HERE with me. I still have a bit of reservation about her wanting to leave and yes, I COMPLETELY understand her point of view… but sure, shoot me for being greedy and wanting to keep her! Nevertheless, I can tell that she is being much more considerate and highly conscious about putting me on the edge talking about it. It was only twice tonight she made a point of “leaving here and going home” which still worried me but was diluted by night.

The last and final magical moment wasn’t exactly with bebe, but it is about her. When I got home, normally I take my time winding down and getting back into “home mode.” Today… I could not. Today, I got home, said hi to mom, checked in to make sure everything was ok, started some computer work and went into my room. I had a fucking jerk-off frenzy today. I could not STOP thinking about bebe and I could not imagine how much pleasure I was getting from it. The feeling of it was ecstatic, just thinking about how cute she is, how wonderful our life will be together and how she will be an excellent partner to have in bed with me 😆 Another great night with a great orgasm… oh those poor kids, so many millions of these kids just shot out to waste, LOL. Can’t wait until those kids actually MAKE a kid with bebe XD So many of them daily risking their life and losing their life just for the sake of me thinking about bebe, haha.

Bebe posted something that was very sad to me. She mentioned something about being a failure and although I understand there’s been a lot going on in her life lately, I felt so hurt to hear her FEEL that about herself. Everyone HAS failures, but no one should need to FEEL like a failure. Today, she’s proven to herself that she has that power and strength to not have failed me at all… but made me a very proud boyfriend without regrets to loving her.

Now… the only last reservation I have about this is whether all this “happiness” and “visage of relaxation” around me is just her trying to make sure nothing goes wrong for my “birthday” day…. I hope not, because I don’t want to falsify impressions and perfection… but I noticed all her dealings with me today were very genuine, so I cannot believe that everything she’s done and felt comfortable with was “just a show” to make me happy or make-up for it… but rather, if we can continue our dates like this, I think we’re well on our way to REAL and EVERLASTING happiness!

I’m going to sleep now, on a very happy day, on a very happy note… and with hopes that bebe and I will be able to spend nights with each other, not just me going back to my house 😀 Mind you, sleeping together and SLEEPING together are two very different things 😛

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  1. I’m very dazed at how amazing she has made your night! I hope so too that she wasn’t going all that just to make your birthday special, but that she will be like that to make EVERY date special! Wt type of food did u hv? Y wuz it so hard to find wt u wanted? haha… weren’t u out in the big city w/ her, can’t be THT hard to find food 😆 Abt how much more r u spending more on gas? I suppose if u alwayz hv to drive her out to city, then mebe it is a lot, but if u r still local, it is nt too bd to go to her house frum work or from ur place too.

    So wt did u think of bebe’s driving? Does she qualify in ur list of reliable drivers? kekeke… or wuz it so scary tht u didn’t mention it in ur blog in fears u would poop urself xDD U r very trusting of her if u dare sit w/ sm1 who just gt there license n’ hv little driving experience locally! I kno tht she drive bk at home, but it’s very different type of rules, driving style n’ path…

    If she’s offering date ideas n’ telling u abt things she wants to pursue HERE – then for sure she has an intention to stay, lol… she’s just MESSING W/ UR HEAD n’ trying to mk u BEG her to stay here xDD Mebe if u offer her at least sex 3 nite a wk, she will want to stay coz no one can pleasure her as good as u can 😉 Use ur tongue down there, kakakak.

    搏懵 is much more severe than tht… light touches or grazes dun count as 搏懵… tht’s way too harsh of a word to use. 搏懵 is usually smthg like bordering sexual abuse/harassment! U were “creating opportunities” to touch her n’ stuff, but u weren’t forcing urself upon her. I think it’s very cute (n’ I guess frustrating for u mebe) tht u need to do tht juz to touch her rather than being able to do it outright, but it makes me giggle to think tht u two hv to be so ‘fragile’ w/ each other.. AWWWWWWWWWWW! She culd probably blow ur mind out tht ur body even wuldn’t kno how to react to her skin contact, lol, no need to b so gentle, keke.

    U gt to c her inside-clothing xDD must be so happy, hah. Did u try to grab it, lol. Then u get to b the guy to touch her undies/bras xDD Dun wash ur hands after so u can savour the thought/smell.. lol.. can’t rmbr wt movie I saw tht in 😆 Wow, she even left her pads for u to c, tht’s gd 🙂 It’s a great teaser she put out for u, lol.. did she offer u ne? Did she leave out the ones u like or does she use stuff u dun like?

    OMG, c u just replied to my other msg abt how u say u dun particularly pleasure urself b4 or after a date n’ this time u culd not stand it, LOL! C tht is y u shuld nt mk those claims, hahahaha… she can make it IRRESITABLE tht u can’t go a nite w/o doing tht thinking abt her! U kno wt? I actually thinks she enjoys knowing how horny u get ovr her but nt handing her body over to u to satisfy ur needs xDD She LUVS tormenting u, but knowing tht u think abt her when ur alone in ur room, lolololol… I catch on to these ‘girl actions’.. HAHAHA! She may nt admit it, but the idea tht u masturbate thinking abt her mks her feel very valued n’ like she has u “in her control” n’ can manipulate u as much as she wants 😛 We luv it when we hv our guys in our hands… lol… evrytim u do smthg wrong, no sex for a week… tht ALWAYZ keeps u guys within our grasps, muhahaha. She probably thinks in her mind how awesome it is to know tht u go home n’ stroke urself thinking abt her n’ how she can mk u cum reali hard xDD She learns the many evil tricks of girls, weeheheh. But yet, she won’t let u hv her yet so u “save up” for her 😀

    Did u use the toy or smthg?

    • Without being biased just because she is my bebe, her driving is quite good for a “beginner” (in Canada at least) – and although there needs to be improvement, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. You know the funny stereotypes on stuff, Asian women + driving is a dangerous game… LOL! She is definitely a reliable driver, just needs more exposure for experience and a calmer body. Like most Asian women (lol), they have their eyes staring down the road, both hands gripped on the steering wheel as hard as they grip penis (oh gawd, I hope bebe doesn’t squeeze that hard on mine :lol:) and the look on their face is of tension, rather than a relaxation of driving and enjoying the surroundings. I think that comes with more driving and I’m not saying a person shouldn’t be concentrating and following the rules, but just being “at ease” definitely makes driving look more natural.

      Ya, I trust her driving me around… it was very sweet of her to take me out. Too bad I wasn’t the first though 😦 Apparently she’s driven with her brother and another friend before.. SNIFF SNIFF, haha. I think we ought to do it more ‘cuz I’d like for her to learn some roads, get used to Canadian driving and perhaps do it in the daytime when she has better gauging of road-sides and solid lines. On turns, I find that sometimes she’s a bit slow because she’s being careful not to cross into the opposite lane or hit the curb, but it’s slower than “normal” – understandably, I took her to an unfamiliar area so being cautious is not bad, but I think she needs to do more “turning” and such. Caught her a couple of times not checking blind-spot and signaling, she did them mostly in “harmless” spots, but don’t want her to get in the habit of it. I think what’s sweet was she was very genuine about asking me for my opinion and also saw me as a “mentor” to help her learn. I felt really warm as if I was “the boyfriend” who she’d trust with learning from 🙂

      Ya, we were out in the city and we were intending to go for Fish & Chips. Finding a F&C place was easy… finding one OPEN ON SUNDAY was the hard part, lol. Eh, about 200KM more or so.. so like $30 more of extra gas maybe? It’s not a big deal, but obviously if I do this OFTEN then the gas costs will become much higher. Nevertheless, I’m not bitching or complaining, it’s what any good boyfriend should do anyways. I dislike her taking the bus and then having to walk home with stuff in her hands and alone. I don’t care if she tells me “she has done it a lot before” because a girl alone on the streets at late hours is never good.

      Well, I think her actions are multi-purpose… I’m sure she loves messing with my head and wanting to make me beg her to stay in Canada and also “do more for her” because she’s trying to squeeze the most out of me XD If I beg her, then that means I have to treat her SUPERDUPERWELL just to keep her around 😛 She probably just loves the idea of being in command/control of me by using that against me, haha. But secondly, Malaysia IS her home… but “home” can be MADE. Canada can be her “home” (away from home, some people like to call it) too if she wants it to be. I understand she wants to help out her mom and such, but I need her too. Her mom doesn’t “need” her daughter, but I need her daughter, LOL. It’s hard for me to not seem greedy because I am, but I have to be selfish to preserve my mental stability, haha. 3 times a week is too few 😛 but just because you like tongue, doesn’t mean bebe does… not that I’m saying she doesn’t, because she’d squirm with me down there 😆 Yummy, bebe… HAHA!

      Nah, she hasn’t offered me any of her stuff. I think because the stuff she buys from Malaysia and brings it over, so each one she has shortens her supply. I guess she’s just used to using those so it’s “precious” to her. She uses the ones I love, that’s why bebe’s so awesome 😀 I was hoping she’d offer some to me, but I also understand/can appreciate the fact she ‘needs’ them more than I do and that it’s expensive/impossible to buy them here, so she would not want them going to waste. Nevertheless, she has given some to me before so I should not be overly greedy and expect her to give me more from her stash. It would’ve been cute if she offered, but oh well 😛 I’m not going to complain since she’s not “wrong” for not offering me any, it was sweet of her to bring the Libresse stuff for me as it is, haha… one should always be SATISFIED with what they get! I hope when she runs out of her stuff though that she will go pad-shopping with me ^__^ (or tampon shopping, muha). I wonder if she’s tried my stuff, I’d like to know what she thinks if she has… I didn’t see it on her table anymore so I guess she put it away 😦

      LOL ya… this is the first time I seriously needed to get home to do that. She even managed to get me hard when I was over… which I usually can control myself T__T Can’t believe it, lol, good thing she didn’t see it, haha. There was something about tonight… something about her body-language that was so.. so… RELAXED that I felt as if we truly were an “official” couple (well, I always considered us official even if she doesn’t).. and just how cute she was sitting across from me, I couldn’t help but glance at her and felt like I wanted to die in happiness XD Even though ‘by mouth’ she might claim to like knowing that I do that, I bet somewhere deep-down evil within her, she loves the idea of me pleasuring myself while thinking about her 😛 It’s like I’m being under the submission of her, haha… she can play me any way she wants 😆 I’m sure bebe likes to drive me sexually crazy but not fulfill my needs… she will one day though – unless I force her first 😉 LOL, just joking. Save up? You talking about me or her? She’s saving up for sure… but I’m not saving up, million of kids are dying for her each day, haha, I blame the MASSACRE on her XD

      Didn’t need to use a toy… she got me so fucking horny that if I were to touch it, I would’ve probably came without having to do anything, HAHAHA. I made sure I enjoyed my night though, didn’t want to cum too early and lose that feeling of excitement with her ^__^ It was a VERY wonderful night.. not just because of how good it felt, but because of how good bebe made me feel (both “pleasure” and of how we had such an enjoyable evening).

      • lol, u tired today so early meh big boy? So many grammatical mistakes in ur reply xDD No need to quote “the boyfriend” la, lol, obviously u already r…. coz like u said, if ur not her bf then she shuld not b comparing u to her frds bf n’ if she’s comparing u to them n’ hv those expectations, then u already hv tht status whether by mouth she says it. I think she juz doesn’t understand the ‘line’ between “friend” and “boyfriend” – as in she thinks being a bf is already a very ‘solidified’ status or tht it already implies that it is “secure”.. I dun think tht is the case n’ generally, who u r to her now IS considered a bf status to most ppl. Bf/gf is essentially a deeper stage of dating n’ commitment n u two hv already achieved tht. I juz think she has a blurry line between a normal friend v.s bf… she probably thinks tht bf is pretty much the ‘leading up to marriage’ status.. but it’s nt, it’s what u two r involved with right now! I mean, she’s entitled to wt she thinks is considered ‘her bf’ … but if u go into the world n’ ask anyone normal rite now (lol), they’ll tell u exactly tht!

        Ohhh… u r so understanding of her needs 😛 Yesh, I guess ur rite tht those pads r vry special to her since it’s gonna b hard for them to get them here, so ‘each one counts’! But either way, it’s nt going to kill her if she offers u 1 or 2 out of knowing tht she can cater to ur interest, haha. I like it when u show u think abt wt it’s like in her shoes too! Her pads must be REALLY great if she has to stockpile, haha… mk sure u get her sm Canada ones so she gets used to them xDD If she put them out 4u, do u think she intended to ‘hint’ tht u can tk one? I think it’s great she can be open w/u now ^^ – especially coz u luv knowing! I think the “first thing” she wants to put up their is u… so she won’t want to use tampons until she’s felt wt u feel like 😆 Once u loosen her up, then she may try them 😉 HAHAHA.

        Things r alwayz better when u can’t hv them 😛 U crave bebe rite now, but once she hands over her body to u, it’s nt as “challenging” nemore.. kekeke. So wt she wants u to do is c how long u r capable of being a MAN n’ nt submitting to ur carnal pleasures.. a good man waits until the girl is rdy n’ nt push her – she wants to ensure tht u r the perfect one 😀 … n’ tht all comes down to ur respect for her comfort n’ sexual-readiness. Ohhh.. so many poor kids going to waste, kakak… Do u evr tell her these things? 😛

        Wowiieee… she must’ve reali made ur nite perfect, lol. U nvr answered me abt wt u did when u saw her undies, haha… did u do smthg bad w/ them tht ur nt willing to tell me? xDD

        • Ya, on the nights I stay up late and talk to bebe… I can get pretty drained. I wish she’d adjust her schedule a bit, but I shouldn’t complain about her habits because then she’d just yell at me for being controlling/critizing. I guess I should kind of let her “ride the waves” for now… I mean, we only get to do that once in our lives until we get inundated with work/school.. I just don’t want her to lose motivation to “do something” otherwise it might make her want to return home if she doesn’t feel “accomplished.” To me, her accomplishment would be just being the great girl she is and being with me 😆 HAH! If her schedule was a bit more normal, we could be talking earlier and so I wouldn’t have to stay up so much, but can’t expect her to sacrifice that right now – can only pray and hope for the spark, haha.

          Ya, I know… she just likes the point out the fact she doesn’t consider me her boyfriend, even though every piece of evidence around us would define otherwise, LOL. But yes, she does have a very different definition of boyfriend/girlfriend and it is very much like you said, probably the “one step away from marriage” thing. To me, boyfriend/girlfriend IS exactly the time where we’re “discovering our compatibility” – just like now. But she is completely entitled to feel differently, there is no “true” definition of bf/gf – just depends who you ask. If she’s not ready to “label” me yet, then that’s ok… because I’ve labeled her that already 😀 A title is just a title… Everyone calls her my girlfriend now, even my MOM and all her friends X.x

          Ya, she brought those awesome pads over, so they’re definitely worth stockpiling for her! The Sofy pads really have awesome wings, comfortable top-layer and absorbent… perfect for her flow. I’m not sure if I’d want her to switch to tampons.. you know, I’m a pad-loving guy after all, haha. I mean certainly if she used both like my ex’s, that’d be cool XD – but I don’t have that expectation for her, not sure if she could accept inserting a tampon up there… in the end, her choice of products is hers… I may “recommend”, “hope” or “suggest” – lol, but can’t force her – nor is it my place to, whether I am a boyfriend or husband. She can use tampons whether I loosen her up or not, that’s not legitimate XD

          I don’t go into details telling her things unless she asks or wants… she’s not like L or H where I can tell her everything freely. I mean obviously at some point, I’d like to be able to share EVERYTHING with her, whether detailed or not… but right now, I’m sure she KNOWS already… just that it is not said outright. I’m sure she knows I “think about her” and kill kids for her, she’s even pointed that out to me before, haha, but I’ve never explicitly told her stuff. It’s not a matter of hiding or discomfort on my part, I’m more than happy to as long as she’s willing/wants to listen. If she ever asked me stuff like that, I’d WANT to tell her, because as my bebe, she should know!

          She did indeed make it great 🙂

          Nah, when she saw her stuff on the ground, she picked it up right away. I kind of like the general “messy girls room”… so much more exciting than guy’s room, LOL. I guess bebe by nature isn’t a “messy person” – but she does have limited of space and stuff, so she can’t be as organized as she could be – I don’t hold that against her. Even IF bebe left her panties on the ground, I still wouldn’t do anything with it… kinda gross. I’m not saying her panties or she is gross, moreover the fact if I “did something with them” would be wrong (and I don’t mean masturbate on them). I mean if we were “more intimate” together, then perhaps I might joke around with her and pretend to steal it – but I’m sure if I did it now, she’d disapprove. It’s not like I’m going to grab it, run to the washroom or something… HAHAHA. I know many guys have interests in sexy girl’s panties, I’m indifferent to it.. I neither dislike or overly like them. Thinking about bebe IN her panties is more hot than the panties themselves, lol. I didn’t even get hard when I saw it actually, I just smiled because it was nice to see such a “personal ” item… but I wasn’t about to offend her over it. Like I said before, I don’t want to take advantage of her hospitality and her trust in allowing me to be in her room. If I did something inappropriate now, I’d likely be kicked out or uninvited… so until she can accept the more “playful” side of me.. don’t want to go down that path yet.

          What caught me the most was her foodstuff and tray in her room. I know that the house is not exactly exciting and sociable, so she eats in her room and stuff. I’m not being critical of her per se, because I know her life here isn’t super-exciting, but I always WORRY about her leading a life like that… cramped up in her room eating and watching the computer. The reason why I like to invite her over (which I’m not sure if she understands my point-of-view) is because I’d like her to get “more interaction” and just be “out of the house” or at least “inside a house with a bit more exposure”…. and to get some healthy, home-made food into her body. Mommy makes great food and to me, I’d love to share that good food with bebe. It’s not necessarily about “introducing her” to mom or whatever, but of course I’d love to be inclusive of her. Also, if she’s used to seeing my mom, at least when I have to do pickup/dropoffs, it’ll be easier if they’ve met and I can have them both in the car without it being weird. I’m not only thinking about this for my own sanity, but more importantly I’d like bebe to just to be outside of her place more (and UGH, not at her friends all the time) and so she gets a bit of “people air”… HAHA!

  2. AWWWW, aren’t u the cutest lil’thing staying up so late juz so u can talk to bebe ^^ Ur such a gd bf, haha… rather than telling her to wake up early for u, u stay up late for her xDD Like u said, she can ride the waves now ’til she gets a proper schedule, then u hv nthg to worry abt nemore. I know how u think, once she gets settled here, u won’t be as ‘scared’ tht she will juz get up n’ leave. I think ur still stressed tht she wants to get a diff certification than a Canadian one, tht way she’s leaving her options open. On one hand, it is smart… on the other hand, u think she may use it as an opportunity to run away. Nevertheless, think positive coz even bebe is being vry positive now like u admit, so dun go being all fussy n’ stuff!

    According to ur poll, it seems like lots of ur visitors don’t use tampons or used tampons BEFORE they lost their virginity… so yesh, it is nt related, although “Asian culture” often dictates tht it is more ‘appropriate’ to use tampons afterward coz then they’re exposed to putting smthg up their vagina. I kno u r a pad luver, so u won’t mind tht bebe uses pads, kakaka. I think most guys actually prefer their gf use tampons coz it’s “sexier” and “hidden” – so u r vry nice to be so encouraging of her products 😀 Joshie gets cringie n’ I can tell when I walk arnd at nite with a pad on, lol… he says it is so ‘thick n’ big’ and seems to ‘get in the way’… haha. He prefers tampons so he doesn’t know 😆

    Sad tht u can’t be open w/ her abt evrythg yet 😦 Oh well, at least u two r still together n’ I think u c tht as being more important than being able to pour ur heart out to her. I wuld think tht she is the least bit curious abt u, whether she wants to admit or nt. She may nt be very ‘exposed’ – but she’s also nt blur… kekeke. She knos the thgs tht go on arnd her, juz tht she is shy n’ shameful to approach such intimate subjects xDD The shyness probably makes u feel she is cuter tht way newayz 😛 U luv CUTE! Bebe seems like the vry “proper” type of girl… r u sure u can stand tht 4evr? Might want to think abt wt Andie said… haha.. better think hard b4 u jump in there coz ur stuck w/ her if she’s nt as interested into playfulness n’ foreplay as much as u wuld be 😀

    Ya, well I guess tht’s like tht for most international students… stuck in room, eat in room, do evrythg in room, spend days nt leaving the house, etc. It’s gd u encourage her to go ovr to ur place n’ to go out… shuld do it more often! It must drive her crazy tht she’s so locked up… n’ I dun get y she doesn’t ask U to do thgs more often if she’s cramped up like tht… wuldn’t it mk sense she’d luv more opportunity to go out since u alwayz offer? 😕

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