Honoured by the SCA Hygiene Matters

Girl with Libresse feminine care product in her jeans pocket - SCA

Girl with Libresse feminine care product in her jeans pocket - SCA

A few days ago, I was deeply honoured to be listed at an official SCA site. I have always felt touched when fellow bloggers have linked to my site or when people republish (with credits obviously) my articles and such. Even being recognized by tweets, groups or individuals truly bring merit to the taboo of menstruation which I am trying to fight down. Suffice to say, this time, being listed by a worldwide company is truly an honour and privilege! Although I’m not sure how long it will be up before another site succeeds my site, just getting the chance to have my site recognized by a reputable feminine hygiene (and other things) manufacturer just makes my heart melt!

Honestly, I wish SCA had a larger presence here, I’d totally be buying their products. You know, it’s not a matter of them bribing me or giving me this opportunity to appear on their site, but the fact that they’re not discriminating against males who are as interested in making PERIODS a openly-discussed subject. I’ve noticed “some” companies in Canada do not encourage or promote the idea that males should be involved in such a subject. They can make claims all they want, but their real public stance is that periods are “for female only.” In an age where people want equality and to be free of discrimination, I should have as much of a right to participate in the promotion of menstruation and feminine hygiene as much as a female should. Furthermore, these companies should be reminded that I buy their products as well and REGARDLESS of my uses for it, I am a paying and decent customer who should not have my gender played against me. Naturally, I do not menstruate or require feminine hygiene products, but certainly, I should be able to speak and give opinions on matters.

SCA Hygiene Matters - Men In Menstruation

SCA Hygiene Matters - Men In Menstruation

I’d like to express my deepest thanks to SCA (or well probably only one person made the decision, LOL) for giving this blog an opportunity to show up on a “big name” site and without further ado, everyone, please go check out some of these great SCA Hygiene links:

Now… if only SCA would bring some of their awesome feminine hygiene products to Ontario, that’d be WONDERFUL! >_< I’m stuck with the damn “big 3” right now here, arg!

Speaking of which, the Senior Advisor Hygiene at SCA, Rolf Andersson is MALE 😀 Yay.

I also noticed on the side of thier page that says…

So how many voices does it take to break a taboo? During a 28 day run starting on International Women’s Day March 8th, we want to find out. Let’s join together and break the taboo. It’s easy. Just say it. Period.

That makes me sad… what’s going to happen after? 😦

I don’t want it to end just like that… Period. 😆 If it were up to me, I’d want my bebe to have her period 365 days a year! 😀 Of course she’d kill me if I told her I thought that, haha.

If only I could find a reasonable way of buying their products somewhere without paying massive shipping fees or something, bleh. Look at this awesome new product that I could be testing right now!! =O Maybe I should pursue that feminine hygiene career that everyone has always been encouraging me to… harhar!

It angers me that SCA products are available in Canada AND even have Canadian operating presence… nevertheless, the only two SCA brands here are Tena (Incontinence products) and TORK (Cleaning/Home bathroom products). Offices/plants exist in Oakville and Drummondville in Ontario too… shame that they should break into the pad/tampon business here too. 😐

SCA Libresse Night Towel

SCA Libresse Night Towel

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  1. Dearest menstraution-man,

    I love you for being and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting the menstrual taboo. But I have to ask you:

    Don’t you consider the SCA-campaign a tad problematic? Them being exactly the large corporation they are they have much to gain in creating and strengthening the need for their disposable sanitary products. There are a lot of environmentally friendly alernatives out there such as the m-cup etc. SCA will never promote such products. The companies producing  menstrual hygiene products  are currently fighting a PR-war against eachother; one trying to trumph the other in being anti-menstrual taboo and thereby increasing likability and then revenue. I am not saying SCA are not good at all. I applaud that we now live in a society where companies such as SCA do campaigns as this one. But from their point of view it will always be a matter of hygiene rather than menstruation. Ironically tey even say so themselves with the campaign title: Hygiene matters. Period.

    • Hi Josefin,

      Thanks for keeping-in-touch on twitter too and for dropping by here. I’m very happy to hear your appreciation!

      Indeed, all these companies are really doing publicity stunts and fights, there’s no doubt about it. There are probably some in the company who are truly concerned with promoting hygiene and good health and there are those who use it as a marketing ploy. Naturally, there are those who are more genuine than others and of course no company can easily pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes. However, there are SOME merits to what companies are trying to do, SCA has just been one of the many. In many parts of the world, Kotex has tried similar initiatives.

      What made SCA stand out was that their report truly helped put things into perspective and statistics that could be understood by the “general person.” I agree about the fact that there are many reusable alternatives, ones that even worldwide, reputable companies could be producing, but the reality is many women aren’t likely to make that shift into reusable products. Most notably, it’d only be PROFITABLE for them should they be able to capture a large market-share of women who are willing to “make the switch.” Now, I get what you saying about how they can USE their powers to help women shift towards reusable and more hygienic menstrual solutions, but this is something that needs to be phased in via SOCIETY for many years to come. We all know companies are trying to “reach out” to people, but in all reality, just trying to earn the big dollar sign at the end of the day.

      Now being a businessman myself, I recognize the fact that SCA is a company after all and their full intent is to make profit. By introducing things like reusable products, they may very well be cutting their current and most certainly, future revenues. Given the fact many of these reusable products last for many years and at a fraction of the price, doing so would mean at some point, women would not need to buy new products for many years to come. Right now, they could have a woman who buys pads from them once every 2 months, but were they to invest into selling reusable products, this same woman might not need to buy “a pad” from them for 15 years! From a BUSINESS standpoint, you never want to “invent a product” which ends up hurting your own business.

      The whole thing about reusable menstrual products really comes down to public convenience and the societal expectations which we have bred for many years. Society defines what things we use, eat and live by everyday, and disposal feminine hygiene is just one of many. I don’t think I’d ever be able to persuade my bebe into using reusable products – I’m not sure she could stomach the idea of having to pull a cup full of her menstrual flow from her vagina or washing cloth pads. I’m not necessarily pointing out whether this is “right” or “wrong” – but a matter of personal choice. Society is very slow to adapt so it will take generations to change a trend. To start now by opening up GOOD conversations about periods will help pave the way for future generations to change the course of how women manage their menstrual flow!

  2. Wow… now THAT girl has a nice butt! I’d love to be the guy doing the photography for that. Does your girlfriend have one like that as well? Feminine hygiene ads/commercials always have “perfect” girls in them.

    • LOL, ur readers so funneh… xDD

      But I guess it’s true tht these adverts and commercials alwayz hv perfectly shaped/looking girls… I guess they assume the entire world looks gd 😛

      Keeping it short coz hv to get bk to work. Oh, btw, I’ll be flying bk home soon so by the time u wk up, I’ll b in HK again! Sorry 4 nt keeping up with the blog, mk sure u tell me all abt how bebe n’ u r doing 😀

    • Haha, I agree with everyone that those commercials seem to assume that every girl is a physical perfection, it’s just not realistic 😆 – but that goes with ANY commercial, how often do you see “ugly stars” right? haha. Nevertheless, any menstrual-fetishist would feel that the pad/tampon girls are “extra hot” because they’re associated with the product 😛

      My girlfriend has a beautiful body and is a beautiful person – I don’t like defining who “she” is simply by appearance, because her appearance is only one of the many SMALL things that makes her who she is and why I love her. Unfortunately she has given me “rights” to smack her bum yet (just for fun, not sexually), so I have to refrain from getting myself punched in the eye, harhar. Although I definitely appreciate the nice figure of the girl in the picture, I have to say my bebe definitely is yummier than that 😀

  3. I don’t know, Prexus. Are M-cup girls really so exceptional? I don’t know what you’ve experienced with other young women, but I warmed to the idea very easily and I’m going to keep bouncing the idea off my girlfriends and see what they say. There are so many benefits.

    I do find it interesting that you’re interested in Bebe’s periods and that you guys talk about it before you’ve even been intimate. I feel like that’s the “line” for me: Once we know each other sexually (i.e. when we get married), we will share my menstrual journey too. At present I’m not sure either of us would be able to explain why he has a reason to know about the details of periods… just like I don’t have a reason to know about the details of wet dreams and erections, even though I’m curious and by no means shy of my body. Have you encountered this argument before?

    • “cup” girls in general are still a small fraction of world population of menstruating women I would wager. They’re also exceptional out of my particular group of friends. I know one girl who uses a cup regularly and she loves them, because she can keep a track of how much menstrual flow she loses each period and can also easily see if her period is changing or if there’s something awkward about the colour. It’s great from a health perspective as if there’s some kind of “wrong colour” so to speak in the flow, then it’s very easily noticeable. Because of using a cup, she’s very intimate and expressive over her body and has no problems with giving me all the gory details, lol. I wouldn’t mind my girls converting to cups or other reusable methods, just that I’ve “casually mentioned” before to most of them, and they all gave me that “oh my god NO” look… so ya.. haha. With most of my girls, I can say they fall under one of the two ‘problems’:

      1) They can’t stand seeing their flow, especially inside a cup and then have to dump/wash it out – more or less the “management” of it

      2) They don’t want to insert menstrual protection in their vagina

      I am interested in bebe’s period… and although we talk about it, don’t misunderstand the depth of it. Bebe tells me “little” about her period… I’ve only been able to get what products she uses, what brand and “roughly” when she has had her period. She has only ONCE given me an exact date and she has never said to me, “Hey, I got my period today” or “Hey, my period ended today” at any time. It is kind of frustrating, annoying and also slightly heartbreaking for me she’s not willing to just say it. In my mind, she has nothing to LOSE from telling me and if anything, more to gain because I feel happier. I guess she would easily argue that making her “uncomfortable” is something ‘for her to lose’… so the argument will always be in her favour.

      Alas, she still can only give me the tip of the iceberg when it comes to HER period. I dislike the fact she doesn’t share more and sometimes when she asks me to “change” myself or alter certain things about myself to ‘suit’ her… sometimes I’m close to questioning her why she’s not willing to open up about something I feel passionate about and doesn’t hurt her for me to know about, when yet she wants me to “do things for her”… but of course, that would just start an explosive fight, so I just hit a punching bag every time, lol. Although we “talk” about it – trust me, it’s not like she’ll tell me anything about her flow, how often she changes, when she expects to have it and any expression of her wanting to cater to me and go on a date with me when she’s on. It’s not that I expect bebe and I have EVERY conversation there is about periods, since I have my girls for that too, but I just wish there was that openness between us on a subject like this, because I feel interested about her body (and female body in general) and because when she asks me to change something about it, it actually requires an EFFORT and that it conditionally changes the person I am – but when I want that menstrual openness (or openness even to other things no doubt), she is not as willing. I know she’s probably told me more about her period than she would ever have to any other guy, so likely, maybe I’m already “getting more than others”… but I just like that connection which helps bring us closer together. If she asked me something about my body, I’d be happy to answer her in all honesty…

      So, you still believe in sex after marriage eh? Well my dear, you are one of the few who still follow with that. I’ve talked to a lot of girls before who always thought they’d have sex only after marriage, but only to talk to them before they get married that it ended up happening before, LOL. It’s not that I don’t think it’s possible, just that sex is an indication of LOVE and love can exist even prior to marriage. I don’t want to use a “status” (such as being engaged or married or whatever) to define intimacy, but rather, a special feeling. Bebe did mention last night in our head-smashing session similar to what you said, that she’s ok with sharing details, but just not at the moment.. which I suppose gives me something to strive/look forward to, but still, being the inquisitive/curious person I am, it is hard to sometimes not “just wonder.”

      I think when it comes to a relationship, I don’t like assigning a “reason” for everything. In this context, nothing is a “necessity”… ergo, even if you get married or whatever, he doesn’t NEED to know you are on your period. You don’t NEED to know whether he masturbates. Neither of you truly NEED to know anything about each other, intimately since in essence, it is a “private”, self-matter. However, in a relationship, you should be able to share the most intimate details with your partner because you FEEL the WANT to do so. Just like I really love bebe, that I feel this “urge” to want her to know special things about me – things that no other girl knows or whatever. Although I express a lot on my blog and to my girls, there are many things I leave only for the eyes/ears of bebe to know.

      When it comes to your argument, then sometimes it makes me question people’s affection within a relationship. Both sides should be willing to share things with each other, be open, be ACCEPTING and feel ENCOURAGED to communicate things they would not share with others, or things they feel passionate about. I express my passion in periods and therefore I convey that to bebe, because it’s an essential part of me. She is always welcome to tell me what she’s passionate about and convey them to me and I hope I can always make her feel comfortable sharing EVERYTHING with me, whether from all the sadness things in her life, to the most embarrassing things. When there’s “barriers” then that relationship NEEDS work. With my ex’s, there was seriously nothing they wouldn’t answer, so maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to gap that bridge between bebe and I, because I’m used to girls who I can talk to and they can talk to me about, there are essentially “no secrets”. To me, the more secrets you keep in a relationship, the more edgey it can cause the OTHER person – it is unfair to both people. Like bebe tends to keep secrets from me about certain things, and I find myself doing “bad things” to get a hold of that information or whatever – or things that might be morally questionable. If she were just to be open with me about certain things and share things that are happening in her life with me, it would save me the time of finding out and expending my time when it would’ve taken her 1 minute to tell me. In that sense, to argue whether couples SHOULD know things about each other, whether private matters or the most intimate of our secrets is groundwork for a successful relationship.

      I suppose everyone has their “lines” in which they feel they want to cross or not cross at a certain time. Certainly, it disappoints me bebe is not willing to share certain things with me and it breaks my heart when she does that… so our RELATIONSHIP as a whole is being hurt by it. Open and effective communication is key to a good relationship because both parties are HAPPY. Sometimes when I have cute/sexy thoughts of her, I want to tell her how special and important to me she is, but if I do, she “labels” me and disapproves of how “perverted” I am… even though sexuality is a completely natural expression of love. It makes me choke sometimes how she can even assign those hurtful labels to me because there are tons of labels I could be giving her about how she acts/things she says, but it’s important for me to “keep the peace”.

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