Rexall – U by Kotex Tweens

So the U by Kotex “tween” series has finally hit Canadian shelves as a couple of my readers have asked me about them. They are also on-sale this week at Rexall or their chains.

You can find the deal on page 14 of their flyer, bottom-left corner and looks like the clipping I have in the following picture:

U by Kotex Tween Pads $3.99 @ Rexall

U by Kotex Tween Pads $3.99 @ Rexall

And of course, it is NOT only the UbK tween pads that are on sale, it includes their pantiliners and tampon lies as well. $3.99 is not CHEAP, just cheapER than usual.

All the difference I see in this is strictly sizing and design (and I don’t mean structurally, by design, I mean simply the “look” of it)… and if you don’t want something that small, don’t even bother trying this out if you’ve already tried the regular UbK pads. Unless I hear differently from readers or my girls that there’s something BETTER about this pad than the UbK pads, I’m not going to test/review it just for the sake that it has cute little flowery designs on it 😛

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  1. Awww… so small n’ cute – of coz u won’t like, lol. U seem to like the bigger the better xDD I suppose if I’m going to use smthg this small, then I will just use a pantiliner or if it’s enuf, use a regular-sized pad… this juz seems like smthg too ‘in-between’… keke.. I dunno, mebe this wuld be gd for me when I wuz younger but even then I dun think I wuz tht small… this wuld barely cover underwear 😐 U’d hv to b reali tiny girl… like bebe or smthg 😀

    The flowery design mks me want to buy it 😛 Guess ur nt a girl so u dun hv tht same feel for flowers & design, kakka. I wonder how it absorbs like a heavy pad… the size doesn’t mk sense 😕

    Hrm… can u buy the tween tampons for me to try next time pweasy?

    • Haha ya, these would definitely be cute on bebe 😛 Oddly enough, for a small girl, she uses some pretty big pads so that’s hot XD and totally fine with me, lol. Well I mean the flowery designs are nice but I don’t see how it adds to the “functionality” of the pad where I would actually want to test it out just because of the new colours, haha… technically speaking, I’d assume it was the same as the rest of the UbK line. Bebe’s not super tiny though, I guess she LOOKS like she is because when we take pictures together I’m massive, lol. If you find a picture of her next to some random person, then you’ll see she’s not ‘tiny’ – just not huge either. Either way, she’s perfect huggable size 😀

      I’m not a big pantiliner fan myself too, but bebe uses them sometimes and the ones she gave me weren’t too bad. I really want to test the UbK pantiliners and the new Always Flexi thingie one, seemed rather nice design. I did hear from one of my other girls that the regular line of Kotex pantiliners are still “unbeatable” LOL! Maybe bebe will use pantiliners more when we advance in the relationship and I manage to get her wet turning her on and teasing her, muhaha.

      Bebe’s actually been pretty good on being flirty and playful, I really like it! Guess it is much more relaxing than all the uptight conversations we have and stuff. Flirting with bebe’s fun because she plays hard-to-get and really knows the right things to say! I wonder where she learns all of that from… haha. She’s super-duper cute and although I was ass tired, after talking to bebe last night I totally wanted to go another session. But then again, I try to only do that once a day so didn’t want to do that before I went to sleep 😛 She can make me horny sometimes so much, arg, lol. It’s not like she ever “talks sexy” to me, but just the way I think about her just makes me go RAWR! 😆

      I just printed off a -$1.50 coupon off of the internet last night and apparently there’s “no limit” to how many you can print off, so I’ll be sure to get you some tween tampons when I come back. The BOX is pretty cute though and sleek design. The tampons look awfully small though, lol, so don’t use them when you’re heavy… haha, otherwise you’re running back into the washroom after an hour!

      • So do u evr ask bebe to try tampons or nethg? Mebe she can start off w/ smthg small n’ then work to smthg bigger. It’d be much easier for her to hide tampons frm u than pads xDD – so u probably won’t like tht, lol. Which pantiliners do bebe use? I guess I shld try too if she likes them. Wt does she use them for tho?

        U get Kotex? Wow… so rare, haha, u must be “giving them another chance” if u buy into it 😛 I guess ur very forgiving now, kekeke… then bebe must b reali making u a ‘nicer’ n’ more ‘tolerant’ person 😛 Normally u only give one chance for evrythg, kakak.

        LOL, y dun u juz do it twice then on days u go c bebe? It’s not bad to do it twice in one day as long as u dun do it all the time leh… or does it get sore or wtevr? Guess u reali like bebe’s bum huh? hah.

        Gd then la, I’ll rmbr nt to use those tampons for heavy then lor. I wuz thinking of using them only for period-end newayz, usually can use a lite one for 2-3 hrs… Smtimes when I use the thinner pads I hv to chg often, tht’s y I like the pads u recommend to me!

        • Nope, I think I’ve “casually mentioned” the thought of using tampons to her, but it wasn’t exactly on her “things to accept” list (or for now), so I’m not really going to ask too often. She leaves her pads all over her room anyways, lol, so even if she did use tampons, it might not be hidden very well 😛 I prefer she leaves it all lying around so my eyes can catch it anyways 😀 I’m a pad-fan remember? So I’m not going to persuade bebe to use tampons unless I’m sure she’ll use both… I wouldn’t want to permanently make her a tampon-only user XD I believe she uses it at the end of her period to catch any remainder and discharge. I can’t remember the brand very well because my pantiliner-experience is minor… probably Carefree or something.

          Well, I could do it twice in one day, just prefer not to. I just find if say I do it twice in a day, the second time is just not as exciting. Like the other day I did it before I went over to her place and it was amazing…. but if I did it at night, it probably wouldn’t be very “intense”… and I’d rather get QUALITY orgasms than a quantity of them… also, it kind of ruins the next day’s feeling too… once a day should be enough and it’s rare now that I do it twice. It doesn’t get sore if I do it twice, I’m not ROUGH with it… haha.. but you don’t feel as much sensation. I’ll admit when I spend a long time thinking about bebe and not “let it end” it gets tiring 😛 Ya, I like bebe’s bum, why wouldn’t I? haha… it’s so cute and and.. hrm.. not sure the word, LOL.

  2. Catherine Dehdashti

    Please read my related blog post on Kotex’s recent marketing campaigns at

    Kotex ad was a launch pad to a different “tween talk”

    • Hi Catherine,

      It was indeed a great post, particularly the ending 3 points! It’s much more practical to make a GOOD pad, versus a “fancy” design pad that doesn’t increase the effectiveness of the sanitary protection. Great, so the pad has flower-designs… but leaks, so what good is it? LOL. Likewise, the pad may not look very appealing but protects against leaks well, so then that’s much more useful in the end since it goes right into the garbage after-use!

  3. Do u evr try the pads bebe give u rite away or do u alwayz wait until u get time to urself? 😛 It’d be nice to let bebe kno tht u appreciate wt she’s given u n’ seem excited ^__^ I luv it when ppl open their presents in front of me and show tht they rly like 😀

    Or… do u still nt tell her how u test them n’ wt u do with them? lol… Has she evr asked u b4? keke..

    • Haha, no, but I don’t test them in front of her more so for her sake than mine. I don’t mind her knowing how I test them as long as she’s ok with it. For now, I usually just accept her gifts and then take it home and then test them out. I wouldn’t just grab it from her and then run to the washroom and start my experiments 😆 And plus, experimenting with them take rather long so it’s not something I could just finish up easily, haha. I think it’d be weird for her to see/know how I test things for now, so when she’s ready to find out, I’d be more than happy to tell her. And plus, you know me, this is only information that I entrust very few people with, so ya… I mean everyone knows I enjoy testing feminine hygiene products, but very few know HOW I do it 😛

      I’ve definitely admired and shown appreciation when she’s given the things to me, but I didn’t “open it right away” – lol… I mean once I open it, unless I’m going to test it right away, the pad gets all dirty and then is unsanitary! Also, since she doesn’t exactly “wrap” the gifts up, she just handed me two packs in plain XD – it was really cute, I didn’t need them wrapped anyways 😆 I’m big on practicality on gifts, so rather than buying me something I may like or whatever, she knows I’d definitely like these type of gifts (especially ones I can’t get easily), so why not right? Hell, it’s cheaper for her to buy me packs of those rather than a shirt 😀 haha.

      I don’t think she’s ever directly inquired about how I test them, like I said, she probably doesn’t want to know quite yet and that’s why I don’t go-open with her about it. I’m more concerned about her sanity and view of me more than the fact “I’m not willing to share” – because I am, especially with the girl who I want to spend my life with, there’s no shame in my interests/hobbies. I’m sure she has “an idea” – but she won’t know for sure unless I tell her or whatever, haha… hope she never catches me XD

  4. So which pads/tampons r u thinking abt testing soon? Or which ones r u doing now? Ne gd ones u wuld recommend or smthg?

    • Nothing yet… still finishing up the box of Kotex Cleanwear Heavy Flow pads… think there’s nothing new to test now, will go back to the Stayfree soon since I have the couple and told bebe I’d split 1 of the 2 packages with her. Actually thought the better idea would be just to split both the packs so we’d both have a bit of each! I already have a feeling which ones bebe would like and probably are both the same ones I like too, so that’ll be good 🙂

      I’m not sure whether bebe got her period yet, I “kind of asked” (again, lol) – not sure whether she just didn’t get the hint or wanted to hide it from me. I guess we flop around with the whole trust thing too much, I guess if she did get it, I’d be hoping she’d just tell me… and if I find out she’s lying or hiding it purposely.. then well… ya. LOL, guess I never like the idea of someone withholding or being deceiving or something. Maybe I’ll just casually ask again today unless I see signs of it… I mean I know she’s probably not going to just “bring it up” unless I mention it, after all, it’d be kind of weird for her just to tell me (as nice/cute it’d be and make me super-duper happy, haha), so I’d have to take the initiative. Trust trust trust… just like PC mentioned a while ago, it’s not a matter of me just trusting her, I have to trust MYSELF to trust her, lol. I catch her hiding things from me sometimes and is why I get suspicious so easily about her being sneaky with me and I mean, we’re both sneaky to each others in ways, but I QUIT doing it after I began to see positive changes with the way she tells me things, but whenever I start being suspicious, it makes me want to go back to doing it because I find out so much more and know so much more using bad-habits than now – and you know me, I just LOVE information! She always reminds me she’s the type of girl that the more I force her or want her to do this-and-that for me, the more she fights back… the more she hides from me or is not willing to tell me, the more I will go find out in less moral ways XD we are like a meteor hitting the earth, LOL! If we’re both trusting and open with each other, whether about period or other things, it’d be so much easier 😆

      Nothing to recommend other than the ones I did last time… no new products I’ve picked up yet – will have to try the Leakguard one when on sale, unless I succumb and just buy it anyways 😛

  5. I like what you guys are up too. Such intelligent work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my website 🙂

  6. I like the new focus on girls. I also found another product that seems to do the same and has been around much longer – Petite Amie My First Cycle Kit for Girls.

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