Thailand Ladyboy’s (Kathoey)

Before I begin into this post, I’m warning you that if you are easily distressed by transsexuals, I would not suggest you continue reading. Furthermore, I’m not an “expert” on this topic and I’m only writing about this on a what I know/perceive basis and information herein is what I’ve researched to my ability and also the opinion expressed here within are my views alone.

The reason why I would suddenly write on such an interesting topic is not because I’ve suddenly decided I’d rather become a female or have any doubts of my “masculinity” – but because I watched a video that really made me think about our definitions of gender, attraction and sexuality. I’m sure because I’ve led into this topic, the following video may not be very shocking – but let’s just sit back and imagine I hadn’t prepared you with any details about it, would you still assume the same? The video contains no nudity and is not “vulgar” in any way, unless you have a problem with guys looking like girls.

Thailand’s Got Talent 2011 Bell Nuntita (Nuntrita Khampriranon, 27)

Isn’t that crazy? I mean sure, she has some male characteristics, but by-golly, from a distance and not paying attention to detail, one would not have thought this person is/was male! Not only that but it started making my question attraction. What causes attraction? When I saw the video, I thought to myself that this girl is damn pretty. Even the 2 guys at the end of the song hugged her. So as I begin to think about my own feelings and reactions to this, I asked myself, would I hug her? Yes, I would. Deep down, I wouldn’t lie and say that I did not feel any attraction to her, because I did – even when upon closer inspection I already suspected the fact she… is/was really a he. Then it made me think, although I would not consider myself gay, homosexual or even bisexual, I still felt ATTRACTED to someone who either has or had a penis. So then the big question is, how do people attract each other? Is it based on what we see, feel or simply fooled by our own sight/expectations?

Let’s take a look at some comments found on the internet about this…

wjboo2008: Truly nothing to say, incredible, especially when he switches to his male voice, and at this point, discussing whether he is a transsexual is no longer important!

liuxiang06: This transsexual is better looking than 70% of China’s females.

挂早小鸡: I think I’ve really fallen for her….I’ve actually fallen for a transsexual… Let me think about this…

爆笑兜兜: Look at their audience, and then look at the audiences in our country. They’re so calm. As if lady boys were simple a part of [their culture], like it was no big deal at all.

This is not the first time that I’ve seen a transsexual. Although not highly-visible, there are often ladyboys in Hong Kong as well, so I’m sure I’ve seen them “in person.” Also, I’ve accidentally ran across she-male porn before, so I’ve literally seen “chicks with dicks” – and although it is not my type of thing, I definitely don’t hold anything against them. Suffice to say, I definitely “had the hots for” Bell… despite knowing that’s a HE. It made me consider what about women, that heterosexual men are attracted to… where’s that “connection” that pull people together? I think about my attraction to bebe… she’s a wonderful girl and is also “looks” like a girl… what if she suddenly told me she had a penis, how would I feel? Of course this is one of those questions that is hard to answer if it didn’t really happen – so let’s just leave that up to inquiring minds to think about. I’m attracted to bebe because she is a good person, beautiful and resembles femininity… but now when you look at ladyboys, how can you claim they don’t have that same femininity? In fact, one of the commentator said that these transsexual look better than 70% of the women (assuming these are genetically-born ones) in China. How did I, knowing that Bell Nunita is/was male, still feel that attraction to her? She is definitely pretty!

Bell Nuntita

Bell Nuntita

So under real scrutiny, I’m sure you can see some defining male features in her facial structure, but many transsexual go through surgery and hormone therapy to modify their body into a more “female form” and while some transsexual still have “obvious” male features, some have almost removed them COMPLETELY. Also, some transsexual even go through sexual reassignment surgery, so even if you were to “look down there” – you might never really know. The following video is a short documentary/interview of a ladyboy prostitute in Thailand… Again, because of the restrictions of free WordPress, I’m not allowed to post “adult” material, so the video is censored at pivotal moments (no sex involved).

So how do I feel about this? I think it’s fine, they’re carrying on with a lifestyle which they choose and feels it fits them. For instance, I choose to follow a lifestyle of where I feel passionate about feminine hygiene and menstruation and although in the view of many, it might not be “normal” or “proper” – it is who I am. Likewise, if these people feel like they’re females trapped in a male body (or vice-versa), they have all the right to “change” themselves to suit the body which matches who they are on the inside. I wouldn’t necessary say I’ve “doubted” being male before, there has been times that I thought it’d be ‘pretty cool’ to know what being female would be like. It doesn’t necessarily mean I have any desire to cross-dress or go MtF, but it does mean I have a desire to ‘know’ that being female is all about – perhaps a magical “live in a girl’s body for a day” scenario. I have to admit, I’ve seen many pictures of transsexuals before, and many are extremely pretty, even beyond what a genetically-born woman would be like and have “perfect” genitalia (since they’re fabricated). Do I think ladyboys can be hot? Ya sure, LOL.

The hormonal therapy is really where the kicker is at, because that changes much of their body structure and facial features. It’s amazing what hormones can do to the body with little effort. Even after a month of regular hormonal treatment can easily change the appearance of males<->females. I’m a big believer of living a lifestyle which best suits you, whether this is by gender, interests or career. If a person feels they are female, then they are. If a person feels they are male, then they are. Many countries have uni-sex toilets and in the “Great North America” we seem to have issues with this as many places you go, you will find washrooms labeled distinctly for ‘men’ or ‘women’. There are some places that have “family” washrooms and VERY FEW that have an “any” washroom to cater to those who do not feel associated with a certain defined gender or whatever. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t have a problem going to the washroom with mixed genders. The first time I ever went into a true unisex toilet (by that, I meant it wasn’t a “single” bathroom used by men/women.. men and women were in there CONCURRENTLY) was at a University here in Ontario. I thought it was interesting how males and females just wandered in the washroom and really didn’t pay attention to those around them.

Nong Poy - Don't see a penis, looks like a vagina to me!

Nong Poy - Don't see a penis, looks like a vagina to me!

The more we emphasize the need to “differentiate” – the more we feel embarrassment and shyness. It wasn’t only a matter of going to the washroom, but their entire “washroom-related” things were all done co-ed, including showering. I decided since I was there to see it, I mind as well experience it. I threw a towel on and went into the showers and next to me as this blond girl who I could only see “from the head up.” As we showered, she could tell I was ‘an amateur’ and began to talk-me-up to break the silence and awkwardness. I’m sure my eyes clearly avoided any type of contact with her as to “not stare” but to everyone else, carrying out conversations with the opposite gender, with a mere wall separating each other was hardly an issue. As I relaxed the conversation flowed easily and she soon decided her shower was done. We said our goodbyes and as I breathed a sigh-of-relief not having to gaze elsewhere, she tiptoed back and asked me for my name as she said she didn’t recognize me. I told her my name, mentioned that I was only staying as a guest and that she probably wouldn’t see me again. At that point, I also noticed she was not covered in a towel and was fully nude in front of my stall with her boobs just there. Now I think back, I don’t even know if I had an erection or not, LOL.

Anyways, Kathoey’s can vary in degree of femininity, whether it is simply dressing as one (cross-dressing), speaking like one or even go the whole-nine-yards making physical changes, breast implants, hormone replacement, butt augmentation and getting rid of a very male-feature, the adam’s apple. Because of my interests in periods, I’ve also stumbled upon many cross-dressing, sissy, transgendered lifestyle based sites. I have definitely done some reading around and just to learn, while I do not have the seem yearning for femininity for myself, I can definitely appreciate what they go through, sometimes involving physical pain, mental anguish and pressure from society. I’ll have to say, some of the voice-changes that can happen is just amazing.

It would appear that ladyboys in Thailand culture is very open compared to most places. Judging from the reactions of the audience, when Bell was discovered as a transsexual during the voice/song switch, people didn’t seem to bat an eye. Both the guys and the girls erupted in applause and even the guys (knowing that Bell is/was a ‘he’) still seemed to really have the hots for her. Although I’ve never been to Thailand, I’ve already heard many stories of the ladyboys there and how prominent they are. I’ve also been warned about being very careful there, because you don’t know whether you’re pushing your dick into a “real” or “fake” vagina 😆 I don’t have the exact comment, but one of the comments posted up on a forum (regarding Bell Nuntita as a transexual) said something along the liens of, “If you’re going to have sex with an ugly girl, mind as well have sex with a ladyboy!” and also I found this funny but true quote…:

Bo Wang: I’d totally hit that.

Elijah: Yeah man, same here.

I mean really, if you’re going anal with a lady or lady boy what’s the difference?

I’d tap that ass (with a condom of course).

You know you would too…

So although one would think that being a straight male, we’d automatically be repulsed by the thought of having sex with a ladyboy, the idea may not be all that far-fetched. So there you have it, a bit of understanding into the ladyboy culture (a very SMALL understanding at that) and also that this is quite “common in Thailand. I would not say that they’re treated “equals” to non-transsexual counterparts, but what I can say for sure is that they get much better treatment within their Thailand society than in other places in the world, especially places like Canada and the U.S. The things I even see happen here locally and the segregation and mockery that happens to those of the LGBTQ individuals makes me shake my head. I’m sure many of you might wonder why I don’t fall into that community despite my interests in femininity, feminine hygiene and such, but I like all that stuff because I’m a heterosexual male who LOVES the female body 😛 not so much that I “want to be one” 😀

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  1. Would definitely love to hump her… whether she has a penis OR a vagina… damn she’s hot! Even I would say that ‘she’ looks better than most of the girls I know!

    • Heh, I’m inclined to agree… as much as a girl having a penis isn’t so much my thing, the thought of it is pretty cool and an interesting experience. Unfortunately since the whole “making kids” part isn’t possible, there might not be so much of a relationship aspect to it though 😛 However, these ladyboys can be quite attractive and because they were “male” at some point, their sexual techniques are probably quite superior 😆

  2. They def pretty la. I’ve been to Thailand and I must say, even I wuz confused at which was ‘real’ girl and which was ‘half-real’ girl, LOL! I also heard nt all do surgery n’ sm how they can still get VERY real bodies just by using hormone alone. Josh actually came w/ me last time when I went n’ I think he definitely had sm eyes on the girls here xDD I didn’t mk a big deal out of it newayz, haha… give him a bit of freedom 😛 I bet if u went to Thailand with bebe too, ur eyes will be going all over the place 😆 Do u think she’d be jealous?

    I actuali think u n’ bebe r already ready for sm touchy-touchy n’ kissy-kissy xDD of coz ur too chicken to try though, haha. Shuld nt tk 1/2 yr to get a kiss 😛 – half yr doing other things already, kakaka. Wt if bebe has a penis, think u wuld still like her? HAHAHAHA.

    Tht Nong Poy girl in the pic… w/ the bikini, if u look reali closely, u can see the “looseness” around her bottom part – I wonder if that’s the fabric or coz the body still cannot totally be feminine. The body mk me jealous tho at how perfect it can be compared to many girls 😐 U luv girls too much to be gay I think 😀 In fact, u luv bebe too much to even think abt other girls (or guys) 😆

    • Bebe isn’t the particularly jealous type, only if I REALLY looked like I was interested in someone else and I doubt that’d happen, haha. I mean she knows I have more girl-friends than guy-friends (or close ones at least) and of course she already knows I learn about periods and stuff through my girls, so she’s ok with that… after all, having girl-friends is very different than the status she has in my heart. I’m all good with her having guy friends as well, as long as there’s no “hidden things” between them. Even if she was close with them, jokingly flirt, I can be good with that, but there’s always a line drawn between good-friends/platonic flirter versus a guy trying to steal my girl or her falling for the guy.

      Touchy-touchy… maybe… kissy-kissy, doubt it. Ya, I’m kinda chicken to try because you know, in the end, I’m the one who gets in trouble or if I make her so uncomfortable where she hides in her little shell again 😛 I like to “encourage growth” but also not to the point where she can’t comfortably keep up. Ya, half years definitely some clothing-action, haha… but hey, she’s a different type of girl 😀 If bebe had a penis, honestly, my feelings are still there for her… but obviously then having kids would really be an issue, haha. From my ‘looking’ there’s no way she can have a penis there though, not enough room XD

      Well, there’s looseness probably because that area is kept clean of hair. If there’s not enough hair down there, then it looks like the fabric “collapses” down because there’s nothing to support it. Of course if she wore a tighter material, then you’d get a much better form against her body. I’m sure the surgery is more perfect and feminine than most real vaginas since it can ‘be made’ versus “grown”… But then again, the picture makes it look like a mini-cameltoe XD Speaking of which, I wonder if bebe has hair down there or not.. OMG, lol… 😆 but doesn’t matter, more curiosity than caring. I have a feeling there’s hair down there but she keeps it ‘maintained’… I actually started maintaining mine just for her since she doesn’t like hair 😛 – not necessarily that I think she’ll be seeing that any time soon though, hah… I can always hope!

  3. We’ve very proud of our open-minded culture here in Thailand. Thais rarely judge others (a big breath of fresh air after years in the US, I can tell you) and ladyboys are accepted by most Thais, particularly in Bangkok.

    Bell is already a MASSIVE star in Thailand, since Thailand’s Got Talent and most of us are hoping she gets thru to the next round this Sunday, May 1st.

    Interesting post 🙂

    • I love it too, I think as much as we ask for openness in Canada, there is still a lot of stigma to those who belong to the LGBTQ community. Canada still has much to accept when it comes to people who live a lifestyle different to what society “expects” – even I think my girlfriend doesn’t consider me “normal” because I’m interested in menstruation and stuff, haha. She’s even called me a pervert before and although hearing that from others doesn’t bother me, hearing it from her is EXTRA hurtful words.

      I wish I could follow-through the Bell’s journey, but unfortunately I don’t understand Thai… haha. I’ll have to try to Youtube some footage and hopefully have subtitles!

  4. I hope you understand that being attracted to a transperson does not change your sexuality. Sexuality and gender are two separate things. Rather than fixate on the fact that she is transgender, understand first that she is a woman, PERIOD. You were attracted to her because she was an attractive woman, and her transsexual history has nothing to do with anything.
    I will admit that I am a little surprised that in Thailand, people do not always consider kathoeys to be women; sometimes they are seen as just kathoeys. I noticed in this video that they kept referring to her “deception”. What deception? She’s a girl, and that’s all there is to it. In the United States, we are still fighting for people to see as the gender we are and not something in between.

  5. Wow! Interesting article and one I wish I’d written myself. Is plagiarism still frowned up on the internet? I’ve seen a few of the ladyboys in Northern Thailand in my travels, though I’ve never gone looking for them, and they are really interesting. They rarely seem to drop out of character, even when they are at work dressed as males. But I have observed that some of them are not happy and are into alcohol or substance abuse to cope.

    • I think plagiarism is frowned upon everywhere, not just the internet, haha. Nevertheless, if you want to repost it, feel free 😀

      Yes, I have heard that many ladyboys still aren’t treated fairly and thus, get into the cycle of alcohol and drug addictions as a result. It’s such a shame because they should have a right to do what they want as long as it doesn’t interfere with someone else. In fact, ladyboys are sometimes even more lady than REAL ladies, lol. Some show themselves living a happy lifestyle, but discrimination really holds them back and the repercussions are often faced by them and not by the oppressors.

      I think naturally, the ladyboys which I feel attracted to are the ones who fully identify as being female, as in, they wouldn’t even dress anything other than a female. That’s just my own views of course and doesn’t represent right or wrong – I just think that I would consider someone who likes to dress up as a female, when biologically male, would be considered as a crossdresser. When I think ladyboys, I think that they’ve decided to fully stick to one identification, which includes dressing as a female even for work and throughout the day. I’ve seen some very beautiful ladyboys and it really makes you question what “attraction” is really about… and goes much beyond a penis, breasts and vagina.

  6. incredible article. i wish more people were so openminded and caring

  7. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

  8. I really like this story. Very interesting article. I really like the open mind expect that you put into it. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi, a pretty balanced post. good to read. I appeared in the documentary ‘Ladyboys’ with Bell Nunitra and my ladyboy girlfriend Annie. Season two is about to be aired on Sky TV, 25th April in the UK. Happy to link to my website if you would like, have a look. In thai panjahn sailoong (rainbow moon) as ladyboys are known as rainbow people.

  10. Yeah man, I live here in Bangkok and I see kathoey all the time. They’re beautiful, kind, sensitive, sexy and cool. A right- on article!

  11. Some time it makes me don care if she is or is not a bisexual

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