Lady Case – Home Dispensers for Feminine Hygiene Products

Found some cute little dispensers for the bathroom for dispensing pantiliners, pads and tampons! Very cool and not only does it serve a great purpose, it adds to the tidiness and discreteness in keeping menstrual products at your fingertip. I’ve never tried one of these out, but I’d certainly hope if it is marketable, that it is built with quality assurance and that it is backed up by the company. When bebe and I get our own place, I’d love for her to have something cute like this, although since we both stock up, this will only hold enough for “immediate” use and we’ll still need a separate closet to store the excess. Come to think about it, I might just prefer that bebe leave all her stuff out in the open 😆 Well still, the Lady Case is a pretty innovative and fun product 😀

I’ve also attached links to the official website and manual for those who are interested in knowing the details about these products, including the loading guide, dispensing usage and various mountain instructions.

Here’s a video-introduction to the Lady Case product line (by Style Litech Ltd.):

LadyCase™ Tabletop & Wall Mount Home Dispensers

The LadyCase™ feminine hygiene product dispenser discreetly and hygienically stores and dispenses sanitary napkins (pads), panty liners and tampons, preventing them from becoming exposed to dust and other contaminants. A space-saving
revolutionary system, its special design mechanism dispenses a single clean, dry sanitary napkin (pad), panty liner or tampon with just the touch of button.

It conveniently mounts on the wall or may be placed unobtrusively on any bathroom surface for a clutter-free bathroom.

Discreet, intimate and compact, LadyCase™ is the perfect solution for storing and dispensing feminine hygiene products at home.

  • refillable and has its own indicator window
  • simple to clean
  • multiple dispensers can be combined into a single dispenser for several types of feminine hygiene products
  • made of recyclable plastic
  • suitable for all brands and sizes of sanitary napkins (pads), panty liners and tampons
Lady Case - Pantiliner Dispenser

Lady Case - Pantiliner Dispenser

Lady Case - Tampon (with applicator) Dispenser

Lady Case - Tampon (with applicator) Dispenser

Lady Case - Tampon (Non-applicator) Dispenser

Lady Case - Tampon (Non-applicator) Dispenser

Lady Case - Pad Dispenser

Lady Case - Pad Dispenser

Lady Case - Pantiliner/Tampon (Non-Applicator) Dispenser

Lady Case - Pantiliner/Tampon (Non-Applicator) Dispenser

It seems like they’re doing wholesale and there’s a few eBayers out there who are selling singular or smaller number of units at a time. For those who are interested in a business-venture or would like to try out their products, you’re welcome to look it up on eBay and other purchasing-sources. Here’s the company info:

Style Litech Ltd.
8A Shualei Shimshon, Kfar-Saba, 44391, Israel
Tel: +972 52 2321134
Fax: +972 77 8121131

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  1. U juz hope tht bebe will start using tampons huh? xDD

    • Nah, pads are super duper cute, and she’s super-duper cute IN pads, so I prefer that 😛 I think tampons would make it even harder for me to detect when she’s on her period, LOL. I think the idea of “putting something up there” for bebe isn’t an option when it comes to managing menstruation. The final decision on what to use is still bebe’s – so I’m not going to try to get into that. I mean I hope she feels that I’m important enough where she would make considerations to things I say, but she’s the one using it in the end, so I want it to be whatever she feels meets her needs and is comfortable. The only thing I “would want” from her is that she gives products I give her a chance and if she doesn’t like them, she can just say so.

      If she does use tampons at any time in her life, I’m sure it’d probably be after she has more sex and can “accept” the idea of having something in there, lol. I worry that she seems naturally repulsed to anything relating to sexuality or her own bodily expressions. She seems very reserved and conservative over it and I’m hoping that changes because your body and any type of sexual activity is meant to be “fun” and “pleasurable” – and not only for the sake of making children. She thought the idea of me buying a toy for her was to “encourage her to have sex with me” – but it was a way for her to finally be in-touch with sexual-energy (HER OWN) and maybe that way she actually has an output for all the ‘trapped’ emotion and stuff. Honestly, I thought the toy would be a great way for her to feel comfortable with me because I personally believe that the “discomfort” she has with me is her own internal-blockage of emotions and being vulnerable to emotions. The only way you can be loved and learn to love, is by allowing yourself to be open and weak. I know we’re all taught that “weaknesses” are bad – but submitting to yourself allows one to open up. Constantly bebe and I are trying to find out “why” she feels uncomfortable with me and it is probably because she’s not willing to be unguarded to me… if she let her heart become more tender, exposed to emotions, become more sensitive – rather than being protective – then she would finally be able to “feel” how much I care about her. It almost seems like she’s “afraid” of being committed or emotional towards me – as if I am going to take advantage of it or that I have something “bad” planned for her. To be defenseless is the only way that the heart can feel relaxed enough to take someone in. She didn’t view me buying her a toy the same way I did….

      I’m defenseless against her and that’s why I believe I can be in-touch with my body and emotions. I don’t try to be “tough” around her, because when I’m around her, I’m totally WEAK. I’m at her disposable, bidding and anything she asks of me. That’s what lovers are SUPPOSED to feel like… we should not have to feel ‘on guard’ at all times, we’re supposed to be wide open and thin-skinned. We should be able to show our strength, weaknesses and fears. That’s the core problem of why she claims she can’t feel comfortable… she keeps on saying she can’t describe it, but I’m starting to see it more and more… she’s guarding herself too closely, either perhaps from the way she’s grown up, past bad experiences or someone is badmouthing me to her and making her feel like there’s something ‘wrong’ with me!

      • Kekeke.. u’ll b lucky if u get nethg out of her xDD U’ll hv to break down her own discomfort over her own body n’ willingness to ‘try new thgs’ b4 u’ll get newhere… tht’s the reason y evry1 alwayz say they can’t stand dating ‘first-time lovers’ – coz they hv no idea wt they’re doing, they’re emotionally frigid n’ they move SO slowly… think abt the girls u’ve been w/ b4, they move faster rite? They’ve been in other relationships n’ kno how to treat the other person n’ stuff… also, they r much more in-tune with their own emotions n’ the ‘reality’ of relationships. Now, I’m nt saying there’s smthg wrong abt bebe, juz tht from day one, u knew tht u wuld hv a VRY long journey xDD

        Wt u mean by when she has more sex? 😛 We dun go offering information to guys, so if u nvr ask her, she’s nt going to tell u wt she has done w/ other guys… lol… n’ plus, most girls wuld nt answer tht truthfully newayz! She may be perfectly comfortable w/ putting smthg up there n’ juz nt tell u 😆 — u can’t b sure she doesn’t use tampons either juz coz u kno she uses pads 😀 When I started using tampons, my washroom wuz still filled with pads except for the little box of tampons I stuck in the corner… kkeeke… she culd b sneaky like tht too! How do u kno she’s super duper cute in pad, u seen meh? kakaka. If she knew how “professional” u were abt pads/tampons/period, then she wuld definitely listen to ur recommendations, lol, so many girls do…

        It’s ok if she doesn’t want to use a toy, esp. if she rly is “inexperienced” – but I think the point u r trying to get at is tht she needs to explore her body. Yes, it rly helps in helping us understand ourselves n’ becm accepting of ourselves n’ others arnd us. To understand others, we must first understand ourselves. If she is hesitant to accept her own body sexually, she will struggle to accept sm1 else body… n I can understand y u want her to learn abt hers first! Of coz in her eyes, all she sees is u trying to hv sex w/ her, she doesn’t understand ur 苦心.. When we r in-touch w/ our bodies, we kno how to surrender ourselves ovr to those feelings of joy, pleasure n’ relaxation. Like u said, she seems to hv blockages in her emotions n’ this wuld b a great way to release it, whether she uses a toy or juz using her own fingers/hands. She will probably think it is “gross” – but tht exactly where the problem arises frum. Yes, I’m sure many girls know exactly y u suggest tht bebe do smthg like this, but of coz bebe only sees the negative side n’ tht u r trying to insinuate or try to get her to do smthg w/ u tht she’s nt rdy for. The only way she will understand wt u mean is to explain it – but of coz such a sensitive topic u wuld nt talk abt w/ her..

        Yep, supposed to b weak and pitiful against those u luv 😛 She juz needs to put aside the idea of alwayz hv’ing to b “strong”, “no feelings” n’ “independent” … But these r thgs u cannot rush, explain or even show.. it’s juz smthg u hit a certain point in ur life. All ur waiting now is for her to get to tht point, tht y u shuld b even more encouraging of her to get a job so she sees tht the way u treat her is well beyond wt others will treat her n’ tht bf’s of other women compared to u! She might see her frds bf the way he treats her frd… but tht a VRY SMALL portion of how most women r treated – if she starts working n’ starts to hear abt the way other ppl’s relationship problems n’ how poorly guys treat them, she will hv a NEW FOUND appreciation for u…

        U luv her so much, it’s soooosooosoooo CCUTEEE xDD

        • Well to be fair, there’s two parts out of this. The first part is I’m not concerned with “getting anything out of her” – and I know what you mean when you use the word anything lol! More importantly to me right now is that I’m able to help her feel comfortable with loving me and doing things for me. Suffice to say, that doesn’t mean I don’t think she HASN’T done anything for me, but what I’m saying is we’re willing to sacrifice things on each other’s behalf in the future. Despite being male and that I get ‘excited’ about bebe, I don’t constantly have dirty thoughts about her or that I’m only “aiming for that” – because I realize, without any form of love, we aren’t going to be engaging in that anyways… and also, I want her to love me NOT because my ultimate goal is that I want that – but I want her, her as a WHOLE because I truly care for her. The “other thing” is just supplementary to the relationship and is nice to do when we’re ready.

          LOL, I’ve thought about using the description “emotionally frigid” before… but it sounds so wrong. She’s not “frigid” per se, I mean look at the way she cares about her friends and treat them, lol, just mostly towards me but that’s more of a “blockage” for her, not so much as that she isn’t emotional or is capable of it. I don’t doubt bebe’s capacity to feel for me actually, because I know she has it in her. It’s a matter of unlocking it – because everyone has feelings and emotions, some are just more accepting of letting it out in the open. I’m not worried about the long journey; I’m more worried that I don’t know what I’d do without her, haha. Life is a journey in itself and so is love and I’m sure when bebe understands that one day, then how I feel about her will all make sense.

          True, I don’t know what she’s done nor does it matter. I mean I’d prefer not to know what she’s done anyways, lol… don’t ask, don’t tell right? HAHA. Maybe you don’t know bebe other than listening to me talk about her, but she’s barely been in a serious relationship before, what makes you think she’s done that stuff? 😛 Sure, it’s possible to do so without being in a relationship, but that’s totally not what bebe’s like, haha. I actually can’t remember if I’ve asked her if she’s used tampons before – but I think she doesn’t even really consider them. If she used tampons, I’m sure she would’ve been open to me about it – I don’t think bebe would lie to me like that. Bebe seems like the type to only use pads anyways, so there’s not really that doubt in my mind, lol. Even if she ended up having more sex, I don’t think she’d still like the idea of using tampons – so that’s not the core concern. No I haven’t seen her in it, but I have my ways of knowing she’s super-duper cute in them 😉 you’d be amazed at how talented I am when it comes to this stuff, LOL! I’m sure she knows I’m quite professional in the art of feminine hygiene and periods, so I’m sure she trusts me when I give her recommendations and stuff – just that I know some girls also like to ‘stick to their own stuff’ or whatever.

          The entire 3rd paragraph you wrote is EXACTLY how I see it for her… she totally misunderstands my notions of buying a toy for her. I know because the toy is “sexual” – she sees that buying that for her is encouraging for her to do something with me – when all I’m offering is a chance for her to get to know herself and be prepared to give in to herself, that’s how people get in-touch with their inner-self and emotions. It’ll release so much pressure from within, both mentally and physically. Even though bebe’s very different than most girls, she probably has the same mentality that every girl in this world has – that all guys care about our sex and the only reason we ever have motive to do something is for that reason. It’s terrible, because it’s totally not what I’m after… I’m after her because she’s so damn awesome and I want to take care of her forever and ever XD I should copy and paste your viewpoint to her, lol.

          Yes, her views of how “men treat women” are only based on the small portion of guys she sees – her father, brothers and select close-friends… I don’t think she sees what the “majority” of men are like because she hasn’t played-the-field before (not that I want her too, lol… she’ll become corrupted, haha). She just happens to know very good boyfriend/husband role models, so she thinks every guy will be like that 😆 Ok… so maybe I’m being too self-confident or gloating a bit even, but at least I honestly think I’m very good towards her and I’m genuine to my family and friends. It doesn’t mean I’m nice to everyone if they piss me off, but at least I make it noticeable when I’m angry or upset and work to resolve it. I’m not aggressive and I wouldn’t provoke a situation, but I also won’t stand there defenselessly. Either way, I treat bebe probably on-par with mom 😀 so that’s pretty damn good! If she had a few prior relationships that the guy was horrible, then she’d REALLY appreciate me right now, haha. Nevertheless, even though that would be life-lessons for her, I’d rather her NOT learn it and just STAY with me XD

        • She doesn’t get horny coz u dun mk her horny xDD When u get her all excited n’ riled up, then she’ll hv to “take care of it herself” or u will hv to help her release the tension 😛 There’s some places u can touch tht will get any girl aroused, no matter how much they resist 😀 She can deny everything abt herself, but the body will nvr deny pleasure, kekeke. If she lets u touch u, then at least she has CONFIDENCE tht she can accept u… n’ like u said, she’s trying vry hard. U hv to think bk how u hv progressed to really “get sight” of all tht u two hv accomplished together. U went from no hug, to hug… u went from bad hug to great hugs… u went from no touch, to SOME touch… n’ although each of those she still does not feel “fully” comfortable w/ – at least she can accept u doing tht. I kno we all want things to b “returned” to us, but u kno tht bebe is not so easy 😉 kakak… if she wuz easy, mite not b as challenging nemore 😆

          Juz her ‘letting’ u do thgs for her n’ to her is a challenge – a challenge which she has BRAVELY taken up… juz as hard as it is for u to challenge her emotional barrier, she is also challenging her OWN 😀 — coz she knos vry well tht u r a great guy n’ she wants to be w/ u once she can find tht special lil’spot in her heart. We also dunno the value of ppl until we face smthg tht mk us think otherwise. Think abt urself, if u hv not lost ur family members b4, friends or even ur father, wuld u cherish life as much? Wuld u c spending time with those who u luv matter as much? Wuld those arnd u b as important to u know as b4? Do u realize tht life can change in a moment’s time n’ u appreciate it? When bebe “runs into trouble” or when smthg “changes her life” – then she will realize how unconditionally u luv her n’ tht she shuld be placing nothing but 100% into u n’ no other ^__^

          I agree tht neither of us wuld want smthg terrible to happen in her life for her to ‘appreciate’ u… but at the same time, we as humans all learn important life lessons tht smtimes the only way TO learn is to feel it first-hand. I hope bebe will learn to luv u through positive thgs rather than wait until she feels the pain of losing sm1 important to know how much u mean to her. She may actually care abt u more than she realizes, but coz she hasn’t seen the fragility of life tht she doesn’t KNO it’s “necessary” to truly luv wt u hv n’ nt squander it.

  2. Hi
    I want to know how can I purchase this product
    I’m livening in United Arab Emirates thanks

  3. Alpana Harshan

    I would like to know how can I purchase the product Dispenser for Pantie liner and non applicator tampons. I am living in United Arab Emirates.

    Thank you,

  4. Do you have the name or link for the eBay seller? Thanks!

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