Girl Talk: Love Me, Love My Period (By: Ami Angelowicz)

Oh my lord, I was  so excited when I read this story! Finally, women who appreciate a guy’s openness in menstruation and being caring about it. Sure, I admit I might be more over-zealous compared to these guys when it comes to periods and feminine hygiene, but it’s probably better I’m like that than the opposite and be those guys who utterly hate and are disgusted by a bit of menstrual flow and products!

Below is a repost of the article which I found from Camster of Kayo’s – thank you for your findings:


Girl Talk: Love Me, Love My Period

Ami Angelowicz's avatarAmi Angelowicz
1:00PM, 04/28/2011 Comments (70)
Tampon in pocket

The decision to cohabit with my now ex-boyfriend Jeff was prompted by a fight over my period.

Jeff and I came back to my place after dinner to find my male roommate and some of his buddies sitting on the couch. He was angry because he just got laid off. He was drunk. In general he was a big a**hole.

I see a man’s reaction to my period as a litmus test. I know it sounds strange, but the way a guy acts about my menstrual cycle tells me a lot about what kind of guy he is and how he feels about womanhood.

“Wash your dishes,” my roommate shouted as I walked in the door.

“I haven’t been home,” I replied. “I will.”

I looked at Jeff, my incredibly shy boyfriend, hoping he would stick up for me. He put his head down.

My roommate proceeded with his attack.

“And get your disgusting period stained underwear out of the laundry room,” he yelled.

I am never usually at a loss for words. But the mention of a pair of period stained underwear in front of a crowd of men really humiliated me. For the record, I had washed them and left them to dry in the laundry room. A room appropriate for such activities.

I felt my face get hot. That’s when Jeff sprung to action. I saw his jaw tense.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Jeff shouted at my roommate. “She’s a woman, she bleeds, man!”

Jeff grabbed my hand.

“We’re leaving here now,” he said, escorting me out of the apartment.

I never heard Jeff raise his voice before and I never loved him more for doing it. It turned out my shy boyfriend had some throw-down factor when it came to his woman. That was all I needed to know. We decided to move in together that evening.

Since then, I’ve seen a man’s reaction to my period as a litmus test. I know it sounds strange, but the way a guy acts about my menstrual cycle tells me a lot about what kind of guy he is and how he feels about womanhood.

A few years ago, I was on my third date with David.* We were in the middle of brunch at a French Bistro when Aunt Flo came for a very unexpected visit.

“I have to run to the drug store,” I told him.

He looked confused, but didn’t ask any questions. When I returned with a box of tampons and went to the bathroom again, I think he solved the equation. But David didn’t say anything. He just pretended like it didn’t happen, which in turn made me feel slightly uncomfortable. I know we didn’t know each other that well, but a joke or a smile or at least an acknowledgement from him would have been much appreciated. It was a metaphor for the rest of our six-month relationship. David never really said much about what he thought about anything. So when I told him I was falling in love with him, I was surprised to discover that he wasn’t feeling the same way.

Recently, I started dating Dan* who invited me to spend the night at his place.

“I want to spend the night, but I have my period,” I told Dan.

“That’s great news!” he exclaimed.

“Really? Why?” I asked slightly thrown off by his reaction. I had never seen a man so excited that I was bleeding.

“It’s always a relief for a guy to hear that,” he said. “No bun in the oven.”

In the middle of the night, I woke up and discovered a blood stain on his white sheets. I was mortified. I woke him up.

“Something bad happened,” I said.

“Are you OK?” he asked. I pointed to the blood stain.

“Do you have a stain stick or some Oxyclean?” I asked panicked.

“Don’t worry about that. It’s not a big deal. We’ll deal with it in the morning.”

Dan* reached his arms out and wrapped them around me. He kissed me on the cheek.

“Now go back to sleep and stop worrying,” he said.

Good man, I thought as I drifted off.
*Name has been changed



Since the posting of the article, it has received quite a few comments. You can navigate to see all the comments using the link above as part of the article, but here are some that I found particularly pleasing 🙂


wrote on April 28, 2011 @ 1:32 PM

For growing up with a sister only 2 years older then him, my boyfriend seemed completely clueless about periods when we started living together (I was the first girl he ever lived with). But now he has gotten completely over his initial squeamishness with it to be totally over it. One of the most amazing things I ever saw him do was empty the trash can that had used pads in it. I immediately panicked when he picked it up and ran over saying “I’ll take care of it” and he just shrugged at me and said “It’s ok, they are wrapped, it doesn’t bother me.” That moment for some reason just completely floored me. I also leave a tampon in the glove box of HIS car. At first he protested, but now it’s like it’s not even there among his tools and insurance papers.


wrote on April 28, 2011 @ 5:02 PM

I was going to the store once and asked my partner if he wanted anything and he decided to come with me. When we got inside I said something like “Well you can go get your stuff, I have some other stuff to get” and he just looked at me like I was crazy “I don’t care if you need to get pads. They’re ~right here~ on the way to my ice cream. Just grab them now.”


wrote on April 28, 2011 @ 2:27 PM

I think it’s a better indicator if the guy is willing to get sexy when it’s that time of the month. If he isn’t overly squicked by that, hoorah!


wrote on April 28, 2011 @ 6:34 PM

Thank god I’m with someone who doesn’t give a flying f*ck. I get horrific cramps the first 2 days and a good orgasm makes them better for hours afterward.


wrote on April 28, 2011 @ 2:36 PM

I logged in just to say, Hydrogen Peroxide. It will get ANY blood stain out in a jiffy. We are talking the relatively minor period stained sheets to the dead deer in the back of the light colored SUV. (It hit my car and we try not to waste food.) Even guys usually have some H2O2 in the bathroom.

Also, any guy who freaks out about my period does not get access to my various lady parts because he obviously doesn’t deserve it.


wrote on April 28, 2011 @ 2:51 PM

I think it depends. My husband was an only child and I think unless you’ve shared a bathroom with a woman, it’s pretty easy to be freaked out by periods. He’s getting better though the longer we live together.


wrote on April 28, 2011 @ 3:31 PM

One of my past boyfriends was completely grossed out at the thought of bleeding vagina. I was so annoyed with him, because I’m ALWAYS horny during my period, and he didn’t want anything to do with that part of my body. At all.
My husband was completely okay with it. (Granted, he was married before me, so he was use to it anyway,) but he wasn’t scared. Doesn’t care if the shopping cart has feminine products in it, none of that stuff.
On a somewhat related note, I laughed when my husband (then boyfriend,) and I went camping for the first time. We stopped at the grocery store before going out of town to pick up food, and he made a point of buying toilet paper for me to use. (I was trained to squat and use ferns to wipe if I wanted to wipe. lol) I thought it was sweet that he was looking out for me, and I knew I should probably keep him around, but I couldn’t help but laugh.

Now if only bebe appreciated my interest and loving-care for her on/off her period, then I’d be set for life! 😆

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  1. I also grew up a only child in the home, but my parents had opened their home to a female cousin who visited us, another female cousin who lived with us for awhile. While I was still in grammar school I never noticed any napkins or tampons around used or fresh. When I was in high school & dating I tried to get a bit fresh with a girl I liked and sat next to her on a bus trip. She was acting weird (having her period) I didn’t know what was going on till a knowledgeable lady pulled me aside and explained that my friend was having her period. Why hadn’t my mother taught me about this? I had lost my father to cancer when I was 17.
    It wasn’t until I was married & my dear wife & nurse taught me about women’s Biology. Then when were preparing for sex she would say, “I’m having my period but if you would be so kind as remove my pad and withdraw my tampon we may continue & have sex.

    • Thanks for your great comment! You’re very lucky to have had females cousins in your household, I wish I had some “female exposure” within the house other than my mom (who was the typical shy Asian female about periods). I suppose back then, periods for girls also started later, compared to now where many girls in the lower years of elementary schools are already hitting menarche. I remember “back in the day”, girls didn’t even have signs of puberty and periods until grade 7 and 8. Neither my mom or dad taught me much about periods because we were the conservative type of family and everything was strictly on a “need to know” basis – and perhaps in their mind, me knowing anything about periods was “not necessary”.

      Lucky for you, having a wife as a nurse would really open your horizons to female anatomy and menstruation. I suppose if you aren’t afraid of a bit of gore, you could always have sex without a tampon being in her 😛 I wouldn’t mind having sex with my girlfriend/wife if she was menstruating as long as proper protection and cleanliness was involved – first and foremost, condom and of course sheets which we didn’t care about and could throw in the wash. I heard that laying down a towel apparently works well too. As long as post-sex doesn’t look like a murder scene, I’m good with that, LOL. My bebe doesn’t like tampons much, so unless that changes, we’ll either skip sex during her period or wait until she’s lighter… that is, unless I can help her change that attitude 😀 – maybe she’ll love orgasms so much then she’ll WANT to have sex on her period XD great cure for cramps as I understand.

      The only time when I had some exposure to females in the house was similar to you… we had a friend stay at our place for a month because she got into a fight with her mom (my parents best friend) and she ended up getting kicked out temporarily as a “lesson” and until things could cool down… she had very heavy periods and her period was long (I remember seeing pads in the trash well into 8-9 days). It was very exciting to have some female presence (especially menstruating female, hah) in my house, although she would not be what I’d consider “careful” with her products. Her pads would sometimes be poorly rolled/wrapped or not at all. I wasn’t repulsed by it, but the thing is, if you’re staying at someone’s house, like your cousins, she might’ve been a bit more sensitive to keeping things sanitary and stuff. I know periods and disposed products aren’t anything to be “shameful” about, but I think most women would even be more EXTRA careful about disposing their used products in a mannerly fashion. In a house-full of guys, even bebe is careful about disposing her used products out of consideration.

  2. Hey, I just picked up stayfree ultra thin, lights st sdm. Expensive! They are the length of a pantyliner but wider and with wings. So comfy! Does have the blue centre but has the same texture.

    • LOL, I’ve never got them for a reason, seems almost pantiliner-ish, but with a pad label… haha… and plus, I’m sure the “contents” of the pad is pretty much like their standard one. So.. perhaps just call it a pantiliner w/ wings 😆 God damn, I’ve been trying to bug Stayfree to start selling their Thermocontrol pads here, haha… stupid Canada for not having the latest of things, we always get things “last” 🙄

  3. Why would you have sex with a tampon in? It would be like trying run with a pebble in your shoe! Wtf.
    I suppose you could use those cervical cups because they are pretty much the same as a diaphragm.(I think they’re called Instead, probably wouldn’t use the diva cup, it’s got a pointy end!)

    • I think it is to “plug up the front” and leave the back open. I mean if you’re doing anal, you sure as hell don’t want menstrual flow (well, unless you were into blood-fest) flying all over the place or leaking on your dick, lol. Cups and sponges weren’t “made” for vaginal penetration with it in, so they always recommend you remove it prior to doing it. Of course there ARE people who use smaller cups or sea sponges in while being penetrated, but there have certainly been cases for ER visits for ones that get lodged up too far in the vaginal canal. 😛

      Honestly, if you’re going to have sex during your period, I’d just go with with a towel or in the shower w/ condom – over trying to find something to “plug it up”… if you can stand having sex while menstruating to begin with, then it’s almost contradictory to be so bothersome as to find ways of trapping the flow in. I think I’d very EXTREMELY scared to put my penis in a vaginal that had a sharp Divacup waiting for me on the other end… HAHAHA.. talk about OUCH! 😆

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