Sexy Asian Girl and… Her Maxi Pad? LOL!

So I know this video has gone viral for a while, but really, I can’t help but have to post this because after all, I’m “Men in Menstruation”… and I’m man enough to post this.. lol! So of course, nothing beats a sexy Asian girl doing a very horny-inducing video, but then there’s something that ruins it all… or well, ruin it for most, maybe it’ll make the menstrual lovers happy, hah! 😆 This video features a girl wishing her friend (boyfriend or perhaps, crush) a happy birthday… with an interesting twist to it.

This is not porno for those who might be afraid to watch:


And so as awesome (or as slutty, however you want to see it) as it is for this girl to be telling this guy “Kyle” about being hot and having a huge dick and how much she loves him… if your eyes didn’t focus already, there’s a used maxi pad (looks like an Always Long Super Ultra Thin) stuck to her chair. My problem here is not so much the used maxi pad since women menstruate and that’s what a pad is for – but why exactly is it stuck to the chair and furthermore, even if you DO leave your used pads lying around, why is it not rolled/folded up? I mean, what happens when she sits back? Wouldn’t the back of her shirt smear on that pad? I realize it’ll dry out quite fast when exposed to air, but then that’d still be rather unruly to have your back rub against a saturated pad and also the oxygen contact would eventually begin to emanate menstrual odour into the air. It’s not that I haven’t seen girls leave used pads in the room while waiting to throw it out, but they’ve taken a lot more care to wrap it up or at least put it in an “acceptable” place.

I’m sure this video was “just for jokes” – but if it’s not.. DAMN! 😛 Feel free to comment on why you think it’s even there in the first place, lol… all speculations welcome 😀

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  1. Yeah…I don’t understand. Why is there a pad stuck on her chair?
    Is it a pad?
    Why is it on the chair, which she’s sitting in?
    If she posted the video, why didn’t she take it down?(you know, all the comments…)
    I don’t understand.
    I also didn’t notice it at first, not until I read your blurb about it.
    Yeah she’s cute, but now I just think she’s weird.

    • Ya, I noticed she had a channel, so I wasn’t quite sure if I was leaning on the “put it up and didn’t realize” situation. It was probably quite purposeful, but still, I don’t think all that many girls would ever show their face and a used pad in their own video, haha, so that’s pretty gutsy 😀 … well and she’s super cute n’ loves pads, so what can I say? 😆 To be fair, she’s gotten herself a lot of comments on her Youtube channel too, so I guess there isn’t really an intention to take it down, she rather likes it 😛

      I wonder if it’s real menstrual fluid or fake, lol.

  2. I just had a thought….what if she wanted him to know she wasn’t preggers. She was sooo happy and loved him and left a msg in the background for him. lol

    • LOL, well it’s always interesting to have someone post such an “intimate” video of sorts so publicly 😀 It’s no problem about letting your boyfriend know you aren’t preggers, but over Youtube? Or at least make it “private” or something so only he’d be able to get access to it. She could’ve just wrapped up her pad and sent it to her boyfriend if that’s the point she wanted to communicate to him… 🙄 HAH!

  3. Andie, don’t forget to let me know about the Always Leakguard since I couldn’t catch you on MSN 😛

  4. She is adorable but yeah a bit weird.. How do I find her 😛

    • Ain’t she? haha… what a cutie! You can find her on Youtube, her handle is masturbasiann… quite an inventive little name if you ask me, lol… I suppose the name also gives off the ‘type’ of girl she is though 😛 If you look at a lot of the comments on her profile, you’ll see she quite likes the attention of guys who want to “do” her… and speaking of which, those guys probably don’t even know whether she’s 18 or not.. for all they know, she could be under 18 making her VERY jail-bait material 😆

  5. Asian women have usually good manners compared to western woment.,

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