*NEW* Always Infinity Pads @ Costco

*NEW* Always Infinity Pads @ Costco

*NEW* Always Infinity Pads @ Costco

For those who have Costco membership, Costco now stocks Always Infinity pads! According to their ad, the pad: “Made with a revolutionary material called Infinicel™, Always Infinity® provides non-stop absorbency for up to 8 hours.”

Most of the packs in regular retail stores usually only sell them in the extra-sized box of 30’s, but since Costco is all about jumbo-sizing of everything, these ones come in 60’s, essentially “two” double-packs. I haven’t went to Costco yet, so I’m not sure if they will be carrying all 3 absorbency of the pads: regular, heavy and overnight (the picture shows the green heavy ones).

If anyone happens to go to Costco and has further details, please feel free to let me know, especially the price! Seems like Costco’s website hasn’t quite updated with this new product yet, but it will be listed under #221208 when it’s available online, otherwise, it should be already on-the-shelf by now!

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  1. Aiyo…. can’t believe it took Costco this long to stock it 😐

  2. I just bought the Always infinity Heavy and love them! The width, length is just perfect. (i don’t really use the back end that much, but the blood gets distributed all the way to the back. It’s peace of mind, especially if I’m lounging around at a friends house! That’s just asking for trouble. )

    I can’t wait to see what the price is as costco, I’ll be there next month picking my birth control up and I’ll snag some!

  3. Am’s: I know eh, for such a larger retailer too….

    Andie: Yay, those the ones I’ve tested in the past too, glad you like! My girls and I used to split a box too and now they love it so much they get their own, LOL. Let me know what the price is like and don’t forget to share some with me if you get them 😆

  4. Does anyone know if “Always radiant infinity overnight” is available in Costco?? I have seen all the other Always series except for the Radiant series.

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