Walmart Sampling (Canada): U by Kotex

Looks like Canadian Walmart’s are finally adopting American Walmart marketing tactics. Walmart (Canada) is now beginning to offer samples via their site to promote products which they sell. Up for grabs this round is 2 U by Kotex tampons and 1 U by Kotex pad.

You can access the samples by filling out the order form at…

UbK has been in-stores in Walmart for quite a while now, but they just recently released this banner to make it sound like it “just” arrived… which is not really the case though:

You can see all the UbK products available at Walmart (location dependent) in their Health & Wellness section of the website at…

I like rather than demonstrating the features and all the great protection value of the pad, they emphasize “style” and “cute”… oh man, is the next generation of pads and tampons going to look pretty but work like a rag? LOL…

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  1. It says all of their samples have been given. Right, after I’ve given them all my info, sneaky bastards.

    • Hah, some people were complaining about that as well… now they’ll be able to do all sorts of crazy marketing on you or sell your email addresses to spammers 😆 … but really, Kotex has been pretty good about email management, I only receive the occasional newsletter and coupons from them, have yet to have junk mail sent to me by them. I got one of the UbK samples sent to bebe’s house, I’ve opened the box but haven’t done any testing on the stuff inside, will let you know about it!!

  2. The always odor lock is 3.88. I bet they just sold out when I went to look for them.
    You can also find a free sample of tena on their website.

    • Not sure if I dare get the Tena samples sent, lol… $3.88 sounds good, I can deal with that. I will have to drop by a Walmart some time, maybe before I go pick up bebe or something. I would prefer she comes with me to buy it, just for company, but I don’t know what “mood” she’ll be in, HAH. Sometimes when she’s in a really good mood, she’ll go anywhere with me and even offer to go shop for pads 😛 But when she’s in a bad mood, it makes me sad and usually she can get quite pissy with me 😀 Maybe if I catch her in a good mood, she’ll come down the aisle with me to buy it, heh. If I go alone, then I don’t mind, but if I go with her, then it makes it “extra” weird when I checkout with it, hah.

      And plus, maybe I’ll be able to get it and give her one before she gets her period, then she can try… because I don’t think she’s tried any of the pads I’ve given her yet 😦 bleh.

  3. wow, what a wonderful blog! where were you when my period started? i don’t get along with pads, those things were always leaking on me so i changed to tampons after many ’embarrassing’ days. but only girls would make me feel like shit, the guys were all supportive.
    i too was curious about periods and wanted to know more. when it started, i would secretly hide in the bathroom and see what is period and examine it and feel really euphoric about it. however girls in US are ass holes so that made me kind of be ‘grossed’ out so i stopped. my mom was very hush hush about periods and wanted me to be also.

    Now i use a menstrual cup for the past 2 years. i have been really happy and sometimes i just google about them for no reason and that’s how i found your blog. i just love the lush, beautiful, red, vibrant color and even the smell. I love pouring the warm liquid on my hands and feel the silky soft texture of blood. it’s really life and it’s thicker than water.

    anyhow, i really love your blog. am going to delicious it and keep reading. am more in love with you.

    P.S it’s You Buy Kotex. i really use to hate their tampons my favorite was playtex.

    • I work in the education industry and I’ve heard that girls, particularly in their tween/teenage years are much more notoriously cruel to each other during that age than guys. Guys have always been known as the “rough” and “uncaring” kind, but seems like the girls are becoming even bigger devils (than before, heh). While periods are becoming an “easier” subject to talk about with younger girls, it’s also becoming a very nasty competition. Rather than being supportive of peers and being like “sisters” to each other, they use their periods as weapons and a rush to see who gets it first and “use it against” each other. It’s kind of a shame because everyone develops at a different rate and there’s no need to use it as a tool to hold a status quo. Certainly, I can believe a girl would be excited and perhaps happy to get their periods, just that it’s not a race to see “who wins.”

      Periods are absolutely wonderful thing and I’ve seen my fair share of it. I think it takes a very open person to accept menstruation and the beauty of the female body. Other people will often label it as “gross”, but I think menstruation from a healthy woman is a perfectly hygienic thing. I’ve been in close-contact with menstrual flow before and it has never bothered me, given that the girls that have allowed me to get near it have all been healthy, so there was not a risk of catching any blood-borne infection. Used pads and tampons hardly faze me anymore, I would sometimes stay at my friend’s house who had 3 sisters along with the mom, so the number of times I’ve seen stacked pads and tampon applicators in the trash or even wrapped pads that have accidentally unpeeled/opened was a common thing… I think even for my friend, he was already immune to the “disgust” that generally goes along with that.

      Kudos to you for taking the time to enjoy the secretion of your own body. I would dare say VERY FEW women have ever purposefully been in contact with their menstrual flow and most will avoid it at all costs. There are girls who also know very little about their periods from a scientific point of view… they simply “know it” and “deal with it” — but educationally, they do not even know why it exists, what is in menstrual flow or even use the right terminology for things – you’d be surprized how many of those girls exist, because I often talk to many who are oblivious to things surrounding menstruation and feminine hygiene… they get by with “the basics” and each period is just like passing-time to them, rather than something to be cherished and admired.

      I can understand your distaste for pads and I think it’s very good that there are OPTIONS in this world. There are women who prefer pads, tampons, cups, sponges, etc. that every woman should have a right to make a PERSONAL and SELF-DRIVEN decision. I think it’s bad when oppression needs to occur when it comes to choice of personal hygiene, when girls have to fight with one another about which type of product is “better”… there IS no ‘better’, only a ‘personal preference’ and that preference is ALWAYS right, because it’s made by the actually user of the product.

      Menstrual flow in general I have found doesn’t reek as much as people make it sound like, especially guys who always use the whole “fish” expression. I would say that dried menstrual flow would have more of a musty, iron/metallic smell than fish. If at any time a vaginal smelt like fish, it’s probably not in the healthiest of states. In fact, I would dare say that vaginal discharge smells worse than menstrual flow. Certainly it is in everyone’s best interest to maintain a sanitary body, just as a woman should take care to keep her vaginal health maintained, men should keep their penis and surrounding areas in sanitary conditions. Also, approaching it naturally is the best way. My ex had this habit of using those “cleaning wipes” but she didn’t realize it wasn’t truly necessary to stay “fresh” and “clean”. Regular bathing throughout one’s period is already enough to stay clean, or even a damp wad of toilet paper is enough to wipe off any run-off blood, there’s no need to use wipes filled with chemicals and fragrances to make the vaginal smell normal. I say “normal” because vaginas (nor penises) aren’t meant to smell like FLOWERS, they just don’t.

      Unlike you, I’ve never been able to be in contact with that much menstrual fluid before, I’ve only had it smeared on my hand or fingers before by accident and while I know a few of my girls would not mind giving me a cup of their stuff, I honestly don’t feel the desire yet, lol. I’m sure it’s a very liberating feeling, but in a way, the only person’s menstrual flow I’d feel comfortable doing something like that is with my bebe (not that she’d ever be open enough to allow that), there’s something sacred and beautiful about menstrual flow that it would almost feel like I “violated” our relationship if I were to engage in that with a woman other than my sweetheart.

      I actually don’t know a lot of Playtex girls, a few use Tampax and I’ve managed to convert the remainder of my girls to either stick with pads or use O.B. tampons 😛 The O.B. tampon boxes are so much smaller and because it’s applicator-less, the footprint of trash generated per-tampon is so much less! Of course there’s the completely eco-friendly solution of using cloth pads or cups, but still many of my girls are not open to the fact of not being able to just “throw it away” once they’re done with it. I’m not sure about whether bebe’s mom has been hush-hush with her over periods, but it has taken a long time for bebe to even share some small things about her period with me, so perhaps there’s some potential influence there from the way she was raised or to be shy about things like this.

      I’m very happy to hear about your excitement of my blog and that I managed to win the heart of a lady, lol… if only I could make my girlfriend fall in love with me the same way, I’d be a happy man… HAHA! Please do continue reading and that you drop by/comment regularly, it helps keep this blog alive and encourage others to speak up as well!

    • You… Buy … Kotex… kekekek, cute!!

      • Brilliant marketing tactic I’d say… also them insinuating that they’re pretty much robbing money out of your pockets XD

      • when i was tampon training my self, as i was searching for tampons and trying to figure out which size, after many attempts with various tampons, i saw a small box of 20 tampons that i had not seen before. i bought them right away run to open the box and i saw the tiniest little cutest tampons ever! and that’s how i basically inserted my first tampon with ease. and from there i continued using ob tampons for like a year, then one day i rushed to the store to find there weren’t any left. went back when my period was on and still nothing!

        by this time i had perfect inserting tampons so i ended up with playtex. at that point i wanted to see the different between playtex, ob, and tampax. ob were small, convenient, easy to insert and even easy to remove but sometimes i would have a hard time pushing them deep. with an applicator, it was easy to insert all the way to where i could not feel. however with platex and ob i found they were easier to remove because when they soaked they opened all around. the tampax open sideways and i would feel the sides tagging me

        a nice old family friend lady of ours brought me like 400 different kinds brand, sizes tampons. i was 19 then and that would be my last time of buying tampons, i was almost set for life. until at 22 two years ago when i found out of cups and gave the rest to my friend.

        one day i was watching the trya show about periods. she went on about all the things women have used for periods throughout history. she mentioned the belts, rags, tampons, and now commercial disposable pads and tampons. something bothered me so i went online to search more and that’s how i come upon those cups. i was kind of angry at the misinformation so i bought the cup. at that time i was teaching my 22 year old friend how to use a tampon. it’s crazy because she had a baby the natural way but was scared of period and her own vagina. she had a little emergency where only tampons were available and lets just say it was a nightmare we ended up standing at public bathroom asking ladies for pads. i giving her my huge stash to practice on because she just didn’t know where to start. i think i will be directing ladies to your blog though now.
        just like urine menstrual is sterile. i did an experiment on my self to learn where the ‘fish’ smell and other unpleasant smell come from on women genitalia. i concluded that the smell was a mixture of urine, feces, and vaginal discharges and heat together for a period of about 8 hours. i also noted that the smell varied depending on what what present between urine, feces, and discharge. at that point i concluded that after BM the rectal should be washed with soap and water only and that after urinating one should splash plain water and one can last longer even in humid climates odorless. i tested my results on my boyfriend.

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