The Winding Road to Finding Yourself

I’d like to introduce a guest-blogger who expressed interest in contributing to the MiM blog. This will be her first and hopefully many more inspiring writings to come! You’ll probably find out she’s a much more professional writer than I, so perhaps this will help “balance” my blog a little with the content which you’ll find here. Her name is Alyssa and it’s a pleasure that she has chosen MiM to guest-blog at and without further ado, her first entry called “The Winding Road to Finding Yourself


One question that all people ask, no matter the background, culture, or social status is: What’s my purpose? However people often have a different perspective on what your purpose can mean. To some it may be their profession, and to others it may be  their role in family. In all cases, the arduous road to finding ones self is never clear, or spelled out for anyone.

Life can be broken down into many different stages based on time, place, activities, or anything really. The first stage, and often the most carefree is growing up as a child. For many, including myself the goal was always to wake up, and have as much fun as possible until the sun goes down. No worrying about things like bills, responsibilities, or having a successful career. Maybe we don’t realize it, but even with all the lack of responsibility we were already finding our path in life. This is  especially true for those who were not so lucky to have a carefree childhood. We all were being sculpted for the future in those early years. Sponging in all the information we could possibly learn at a tremendous rate. We got our morals from our parents, our education from that one teacher whose name we will always remember, and mostly importantly we were learning from our peers every day. Time flew by, and eventually led us to our next batch of decisions.

Being a teenager can be one of the most stressful and scary times in our lives. At  this time in our lives when we are constantly being influenced to make bad decisions. Far from the carefree life from just a few years ago. You might be asked to take your first sip of alcohol, smoke a cigarette, or even find yourself in an awkward moment with the opposite sex.  Friends you grew up with that are now in a different crowd seem to disappear. All of these hormones raging, and of course this is the time when our bodies are awkward, and acne sets in. Junior high, and high school are such a short time in our life, but somehow people seem to never grow on from that short 4-6 year period. Those of us who can make it out in tact staying true to ourselves, have a bright future.

Soon after high school, most of us will develop our opinions. Some of us go on to college, some join the work force, serve our country, ect. For most of us, we are probably doing some sort of work that we don’t want to do. Life can dry up really fast, and our dreams seem to fade away as we dive into the 9-5 schedule. The good news is, you can break away from this and find something inside yourself that has always wanted to come out. The best advice I can give someone is to keep perusing your dreams, and do not get comfortable with mediocrity. Get rid of that TV, get outside, travel just a little bit farther every day. I feel like my purpose in life is to get out and see as much as possible. Learn from others, and bridge gaps between closed minds. I understand everyone is a little bit different, and I know now thats exactly how it should be. Life wouldn’t be the same without change and differences.

Pursuing your goals is always a challenge. Don’t be afraid to conquer your dreams, and don’t give up. You only have one life, but you have a second chance every single day. Find your niche, find your path, and find happiness.

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