Women That Makes You Faint… Bubzbeauty & Jayesslee

I’ve just been bored at work after the meeting today (it was an ass-long meeting, 2.5 hours), so I’ve just been chasing down some videos to watch online. I also forgot to copy my music repository from my home-computer, so I don’t have much to listen to at work except for whatever I can get off the internet, notably Youtube, since I don’t exactly want to surf to illegal sites while on-work premises.

I try to avoid Youtube because I find once I watch one thing, it leads to 50,000 others and I also don’t like to subscribe too much to stuff because then it gives me “reasons” to hop onto Youtube, making hours disappear henceforth, therefore, I will only go there when I’m referred to by someone. However, there are 3 girls (although only 2 ‘groups’) who I can’t stand not-watching their stuff and they are Bubzbeauty and Jayesslee! I tend not to like being “fans” of people/groups, because I’m just not that type of person, but these 3 girls really appeal to me because of who they are and what they do… and the difference between them other than the outer-beauty, is the inner beauty which you feel through their genuineness and strive to make EVERYONE feel good about themselves.

JS – Mariah Carey – Hero (cover)

Romantic Soft Updo

You know, there’s a lot of guys who just love a nice pair of boobs or a nice firm bum – and that’s not to say that’s not something desirable, but what kills me the most on girls is that nice, GENUINE, sweet smile! Lindi, Janice and Sonia all have that killer-smile that makes you want to faint. Even though I know none of these girls in person and can’t attest to their personality, the personality that they surface to their fans show them as being compassionate, humble and holding much inner-beauty. There’s nothing that makes a person more UGLY than a bad personality, despite some peoples outer-appearance which they may have been blessed with. These 3 girls all show to their audience that even though they are popular and pretty, they don’t flaunt it as their only defining attribute and while they share their talent of doing makeup and singing in their beautiful voices, they empower those who listen to watch a “feel-good” feeling!

These girls have done charity and have reinforced to the community a positive spirit. Bubz often does lots of work on defining what inspires her, confidence and how to make one look beautiful. Many girls probably strive to look like Bubz, not only because she is outwardly beautiful, but also because she has that inner-heart of hers that radiate from a good role-model. She encourages guys and girls to look their best and not let their physical appearance be their “failure point” and assure us that we can be a great person, with or without natural-born physical beauty.

Jayesslee blesses their world with their beautiful words and amazing voice. While the do many covers, using other peoples lyrics, they sing with passion and with the intent of bringing joy through music. Rather than money being a core concentration of their talents, they share it with the world to enjoy. While it’s no doubt all good singer(s) want to make a career and earn money from it, they truly have brought me many hours of their songs repetition which touches the heart. These two beautiful Australian twins have not only taken the world with their voices and cuteness, but also through their angelic voices which God has blessed them with to share.

Beyond it all, all 3 of these girls have very striking talents and a face/body which men and women alike admire and adore. If I were a girl, I’d certainly love to look like one of these 3 as well (or a mixture of all 3, WOW, lol). Nevertheless, the reason why I even brought this topic up was not to point out that I’m infatuated with other girls other than bebe, BUT, I was coming to the point is that there’s something that bebe has in common with 3 of these girls… is that bebe has a dead gorgeous sweet smile  (when she wants to show it that is :lol:)… when I’ve seen that genuine, yet kind-of-shy smile from bebe, I thought it was heaven-on-earth. I love how sweet-sweet my bebe looks when she smiles, especially when there’s a bit of embarrassment tinge in it!!! I can’t rave enough about how awesome she is, haha, because she’s very much like these 3 girls with their smiles, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy and because you can feel they’re deeply genuine and not just one of those girls with a “nice” but “fake” smile!

Of course I can’t put up a picture of bebe and I and how sweet she looks when she has that beautiful smile on her face, but I can leave you with a picture of Lindi, Janice and Sonia 😀 Even with all 3 girls holding so much outer-beauty, they strive to make everyone in this world feel good about themselves and use their talents genuinely towards others and not to harm/hinder them by making “lesser” people feel bad about themselves!

Yummy girls eh? My bebe is my one-and-only yummy girl in my life 😀

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  1. Wowwee… u compare bebe to these girl’s smiles… u r totally in luv w/ bebe tht no other girl in this world is as perfect as her 😆

    I bet with a refresh closet n’ a bit of make-up, bebe culd look juz like these girls ^__^ All it tk is a bit of makeup magic, hehe… But clearly she doesn’t need nethg other than natural look to get u all fired up 😀

    • Bebe can look good if she wants to, lol… I just think she chooses not to 😆 My mom was just asking me the other day whether we started shopping for clothes together or whether bebe has ever taken me to buy panties/bras (because we walked by a La Senza when she asked that) – because that indicates a “very close relationship” to be buying such items. Since I buy that stuff with my girls, I don’t think that indicates anything other than comfort, versus being very close or something like that. I told my mom that we don’t do much clothing shopping because we have tastes that differ, heh, like I’d love for Bebe to wear some more trendy clothing with a BIT of revealing, but of course that’s not bebe’s style at all 😛 So rather than fight over it, I just let her dress whatever, haha… saves on the arguments. Everyone has preferences, I’d rather not force what I “think” she should wear and just let-her-be. I’m sure she may like me to dress a certain way too and just not be vocal about it, so we’ll just be happy that we’re both clothed instead 😀

      Yep, if I thought any other girl was more perfect than bebe, that’d be morally wrong and would violate my loyal fiber… haha.

  2. wow to the girl with the mini skirt! anyhow….. have you tried grooveshark? you might find some music you like there.

    • Hi Judy,

      Never heard of grooveshark, but I’ll look into it if I ever run out of music again, haha. I’m just wondering what kind of selection they offer, since I listen to a lot of non-English music!

      Maybe I overlooked another thing I think can make a girl’s look turn 180 degrees… one thing is the smile, another thing is HAIR, lol. A girl with a good hairdo can make up for lots of things 😛 My bebe has this beautiful hair that I love running my fingers through.

  3. Hey, saw smthg u might like so I ordered for u leh….

    But newayz, I hv’t heard frm u in days… like almost a week now n’ no contact, where r u? Can’t get u on MSN, text, fb.. newhere n I notice u hv’t updated MiM in a long time. U so busy w/ bebe tht u gt no time to answer me kekeke? 😛 Or wt happening?

    • Thanks.

      Not in the mood really much – too much anger right now I’m afraid I’ll topple and something will go horribly wrong if I let it happen… I have much self-control to do right now, but at the way bebe is pressing on me hard, if I do something it will be a permanent damage. I think bebe’s trying to test my patience with how far she can push me before my evil side takes effect. At the same time, I keep on telling myself to keep giving her chances before I act out, that she just needs to step back and perhaps she’ll redeem herself. Do I place too much positively in her that she’ll realize that this is a big decision she is making? I keep on telling myself if I keep giving her chances, she’ll make things right because I really don’t want to do something I know which will change things, forever. I’m still in a calm phase right now and I’m actually more partial to see what HER next actions are, whether she is still going to be smart about making mends or whether she wants to play the last card. I’m trying to hard to be nice right now, grit my teeth and simply pretend that she’ll be ready to step up to the plate again.

      I don’t have much happening right now other than planning… lots and lots of planning. I’m planning my next actions myself and now that she left the city again last night to go to her friends place, I have lots of considerations to be making in this time. Is it time that I show a bit of biting or should I still give her time to rescind what she previously said? I’m in deep hopes that she will tell me that what she said was out of built-up pressure and frustration, rather than out of lost hope… because the moment she loses hope and I have to act on it, then many many things and people will change.

      We still haven’t even gone through the summer together, we had lots of plans, places to visit, activities to do and even we had hopes that we’d be able to get away to maybe Niagara to spend overnight at a hotel. We were even weeks ago talking about tagging each other in pictures we took and suddenly, she decides to do something like this thinking it is the best decision… without realizing this decision she makes will affect more than just her and I. July and August we can celebrate, when we first met and when we first came together which she hasn’t even given it a chance to get to that yet. She tells me that it’s 2 years, but really, how dare she even bring that up because she spent about a year and a half running. That’s like spitting in my face and if she wants to play the rough game, then perhaps she needs to see how serious I really am about this…

      I’m giving her space she needs, time to talk to her friends who may enlighten her as to the reason why we believe in this relationship in the first place. I’m on high-alert right now and before I plan my next move, I want to see what she does with hers. Although obviously it’s not a one-time moment where she’s felt the stress of this and this is obviously a cause over-time, I cannot help but wonder the changes from “we can make this work” to just snapping after a very simple night together, especially when after that “talk” I have shown her respect, understanding and that I realize it is tough and she will need time to digest all of what she said… but to even think about changing that attitude around makes me float question marks over my head.

      Unfortunately decisions we make and consequences we have to endure in life sometimes are irreversible, I just want to make sure that it is her intent that her decision is what she truly believes in and will stand by, in which case, I will stand by whatever plans and actions I need to follow-through with. It is with also much praying that the decision she makes will be in everyone’s favour, one which will benefit our relationship and that her endurance is greater than her negativity. I think she never fathomed that her one word would have so much power in this world, but just a simple word from her will shape the world in ways she could not comprehend at this moment. I hope those words from her will echo with joy in my heart, versus the coldness that has amassed within me. I suppose only time will tell how this plays out and if I ever need to enact my plans. I have no intentions of leaving her right now and will still maintain an overall amiable demeanour, so let’s see whether she can salvage this and make me smile or whether her decision may be… don’t even want to think about the possibilities which are within me right now – I grimace myself. I’m not sure what I fear more, that I’d hurt myself, others or both? It’s also because I know what I’m capable of doing, with the type of person I am and the number/types of connections I have with people. I could obviously never personally act on anything myself, but I’m worried that with a slip-of-a-tongue I might mention something I didn’t want to mention to influential people.

      Pray for us (or more than just us), really.

      I try to tell bebe that she needs to have faith, rather than constantly doubting whether she’s made/making the right decision to be with me… because Buddha once said:

      There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.

      • Ohhhh boy, I dun like this when u say u r “planning” n’ u don’t reveal nethg abt it X_x it’s less scary when u actually say wt on ur mind n’ wt u r planning to do… the more silent u r, the more darkness tht I feel… ohdearohdear. B4 u do nethg nutty, juz dun forget tht u truly truly luv bebe n’ tht ur actions shld be reflective of ur luv for her AND her frds n’ family… if she feels so strongly she has to run away frm problems, then at least u kno she still has u on her heart, tht ur influence n’ luv for her CAN be felt. I kno altho u kno ppl who work in the Parliament of Malaysia, u shld nt exert tht kind of influence or use tht kind of contacts until bebe is reali being nasty to u… nt tht I’m saying wt she does is rite, but also nt to the point where u need to get others involved. I kno w/ ur temper and especially over vry important things like relationships rite now, u can feel vry pressured to act rashly, but if u keep calm, then perhaps bebe will be willing to salvage n’ mk amends b4 u end up doing smthg u can’t tk bk. I realize tht u wuld nvr do nethg urself since all her frds kno wt u look like, but even if u were to pay sm1, it will still live in ur conscience. Let bebe tk her time to “discover” herself n’ u, rather than trying to teach her a lesson.

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