Pet Names for the “Dirty Downstairs”

Has this been posted here already? I hope not! 😛

If you didn’t already know, “dirty downstairs” is a pet name coined by a sibling to refer to the vajayjay! lol

Here is an article I came across while Net-surfing, and since it’s related to menstruation – I re-posted it here! 🙂

Menstrual Brand Squeezes 25 Pet Names for Vagina Into New Song By Rebecca Cullers

  • June 22 2011

Who doesn’t love a good song about vaginas? Created by ad agency St. Luke’s for Mooncup (an insertable, reusable, silicon menstrual cup), this little ditty is intended to celebrate the various monikers of the mossy cottage, the little slit that somehow never seems to have as many glorious nicknames as its male counterpart. For posterity, Mooncup collected over 14,000 nicknames for the fluffy pink tutu, but only 25 made it into the song. It’s a fun way to encourage talk and pride surrounding what is, frankly, a slightly scary product. To put it bluntly, there’s a barrier to entry in this category of menstrual helpers. So, if you have a squish mitten that could do with a serenade, download the sheet music and show your pickle pouch some love.

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  1. Onli time tht it is ‘dirty’ down there is if sm1 is nt staying clean… shld nt actually b dirty there at all, tht so yucky! Dunno y ppl like referring to it as if it is a bad thg or mk it sound so negative tht it is dirty. Wt tht mk me think is sm1 who’s reali unhygienic, we as girls shld nt help portray our vaginas as a ‘dirty’ area unless it truly is DIRTY, ewwww.. Even when I’m hv’ing my period it’s nt dirty there, so definitely is nt ne time else xDD

  2. 😆 Juz realize this is nt posted by Prexus… aiya… Ur authors r actually posting smthg now, kekeke… such popular blog leh. I shld go to slp then since I clearly did nt pay attention until after I made the reply Zzzz…

    • You were up pretty late, especially since you still had to work the next day. Bad girl, BAD! 😆 And plus, shouldn’t the ‘difference’ in writing-style tipped you off that I wasn’t even the author of it? haha!

  3. Hi Amy,

    LOL it’s just a cute pet name, not implying that it’s in fact dirty in any way! 😀 It’s not a very popular pet name here yet, that’s why the sibling and I refer to it as such without sounding obscene xD

  4. LOL, you girls are funny and just have way too much thinking time on your hands, hah.

    If a vagina smells like fish, I’m running XD … because even a hygienic girl on her period doesn’t smell rancid 😛

    You are obscene PC… don’t try to act like you try to speak “without sounding obscene” 😆 You should just use the usual word “pussy”… sounds rather cute 😀

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