A real person, a lot like you

A nice little Youtube video that I saw on my Facebook news feed. This video didn’t touch me particularly because of what happens on MiM, because MiM is but only a small part of my life in terms of how much time I commit to it and such. However, something like this speaks to every aspect of human living.

For the most part, I say that a lot of people appreciate MiM and my positive/pro-menstruation attitude. Some people even share the same “interest” that I have in periods and female health. I do not ask that people share the same degree of interest or love in menstruation, however, we should certainly be open-minded to others because we are after all, individuals. However, not everyone who have visited this site has had nice things to say about it. Though I do not scream and rebuttal statements they have made towards me, it still hurts to know that someone feels the need to say these things. Shame on them, especially those who own period-sites themselves and have come here and complain about it. Though you may not share the exact love of periods as I do, YOU run your own period site, what right do you have to mock my interest in it? Shame… oh the shame for these people.

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