Seasons Greeting & Merry Christmas 2011

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone Seasons Greetings and/or Merry Christmas from the Men In Menstruation team.

For those of you who got or already have your period today, congratulations! I hope your period treats you well as it’s a beautiful gift to have over the holidays. If your partner starts her period today and you’re a menstrual fan like me, I’m sure that this is a better Christmas present than anything money can buy 🙂

If you’ve delayed getting gifts, consider buying some reusable feminine hygiene products this year or perhaps to vouch that in the new year 2012 that converting or at least trying a reusable menstrual protection is on your list of things to do!!

Have a safe one, everyone!

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Probably not a good idea for you to know anything about me....

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  1. happy new year 2012 now I hope I am not the only guy in the world that finds talking about periods to be, Good pellow talk I a mean its the piont in which a a girl blossoms in to a women I personaly don’t under stand why openess to talk about period should not be pellow talk last time I cheecked a lady needs understanding comforting and support and romace even then when they menstrate my hope for 2012 and prayer is that all ladies here on the site and all over the world have healthy periods espeshely littel girls who start
    cramps fatege and bloding are not a good way to sart the new year, also hopefuly I will not be the only one cheeckeing out the MENSTRATION CARTOONS at
    vary factual and amusing.please email me by comment also

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