Menstruation Through The Eyes of a Typical Male

This weekend, I had the opportunity to get in touch with many of my guy friends. Oddly enough, most of my girls live close to me and it’s only on holidays where I get to see my closer male friends who come back into town. Though we keep in-touch over messaging and phone, it still doesn’t replace that face-to-face contact. More to this, is that I wanted to run some things over discreetly with them, such that I also needed to be able to see their facial reactions and gauge changes in body posture and voice intonation. Now suffice to say, it’s not like I’m some psychology expert, but anyone who communicates regularly with people know that being able to see those factors enhances our ability to detect and sense otherwise undetectable things through other forms of communication.

Yay, I'm part of the 0.5% - lol!

This weekend, having 4 days off (today’s the last day, BOO) – my goal was to collect some ideas from the guy’s about their perceptions of menstruation, or rather, perhaps demystify some of the things guys think or say about menstruation or surrounding topics. Mind you, this isn’t a collection of every “view” of menstruation of all males, but only through contact with a few of my guy friends who “dared” to speak to me about such subjects. To be honest, when I gave them feedback on their statements, it was probably more detail than they were ever hoping for. However, having an opportunity for open dialogue is the start to end the taboo on menstruation, for males and females. If we can’t talk about it, then menstrual negativity is going to perpetuate for years to come. The following is a few of the dialogues I had between my various friends.

The Guys:

“Girls use tampons on their period”

Yes and no. Yes, some girls DO use tampons for their periods. However, ‘tampon’ is not an interchangeable word and only describes one, of the many forms of feminine hygiene products. A tampon is usually a cylindrical piece of cotton or other synthetic materials which is inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual flow. Other notable menstrual protection include disposable pads, cloth pads, menstrual cups, sea sponges, etc. Furthermore, there ARE also women who enjoy free-bleeding and as long as that works with their lifestyle and is considerate of sanitation to those around them, then that’s great!

The Guys:

“She’s angry, it must be that-time-of-month”

I have to say, that’s a pretty nasty statement to make and if you’ve tried that with a less-than-humoured girl, it might result in some kicks to the nuts. Though there are times that PMS may lead to irritability, anger or emotional state changes in a woman, it does not mean her period is around the corner. I believe in 2 things regarding this. 1) Women should not be able to use their period/PMS as an excuse for inappropriate behaviour, 2) Men should not use periods/PMS as a means of attacking a woman’s behaviour. With that said, there have been many articles written by men that essentially says, “PMS is not a valid excuse” and since that would otherwise ruin my point that it’s not coming from the viewpoint of a woman – you can reference an article written by a lady here concerning the topic: PMS is no excuse for acting like a bitch – we should recognize that hormonal fluctuations during a menstrual cycle may be a factor of sharply changing behaviour, but not allow it to justify disrespect. Hell, even if it really is PMS or menstrual temper I can almost guarantee you’d be better off not to point it out, unless you can do it in fashion without throwing oil in the fire.

The Guys:

“The only time that I like knowing she got her period is when I’m worried she’s pregnant”

Well, the sigh of relief may be for both parties I suppose in this case. Menstruation however, is something to love and appreciate. Though I know some of my girls have waited in angst for their period to arrive when they had some “oopsies” – as guys, we should consider that normal menstrual cycle means our partner’s body is functioning well (most of the time). What’s better than your loved ones being healthy? Also, while periods are known to wreak havoc, there are also women out there who experienced heightened libidos are really want their sex! Which leads me onto the next point…

The Guys:

“I hate when her period comes! Means no sex for a week”

Menstrual sex is a personal choice and between the involved participants. Not all girls reject sex during her period. In fact, there are many couples who enjoy menstrual sex. Menstrual sex can be pretty cool, think of all the free lube! As long as you are practicing safe-sex or your partner is healthy, menstrual sex doesn’t pose any significant risks. For those who may be less adventurous with penetrative sex, oral sex or just some sensual time together can just be as fulfilling. After all, they didn’t make sex toys for no reason 😛

The Guys:

“I’m always afraid she’s hurt”

It took me a while figuring this one out because I thought he was talking about cramps. But it turns out that for us guys, we associate “bleeding” (or blood) with pain or injury. True enough, if any part of my body began to bleed, I’d probably freak out. Menstruation though is a normal biological function, so “bleeding” for women isn’t necessarily a sign of injury or pain. Sexual stimulation in/around her vagina during this time isn’t going to hurt her unless she has other complexities. Even if she’s feeling some pain from cramps, a good ol’ orgasm can actually wisp that away pretty quickly!

The Guys:

“Menstrual blood is dangerous”

Menstrual blood is only as dangerous as normal blood contact would be. An otherwise healthy individual without transmittable diseases would not have any major dangers. However, certainly menstrual flow that is expelled from the body is still considered bio-hazardous and may contain bacteria or other forms of germs, but it probably won’t kill you or anything if you come in regular contact with it. If the blood is dried, that’s even a lesser concern as exposure to open air for a period of time already cause major bacterial forms to die. If you’re in a monogamous and know thoroughly the healthiness of your partner, the likelihood of dying in a fiery car crash is probably much higher than a deadly illness arriving from sexual contact from menstrual flow.

The Guys:

“I love being able to ejaculate in my girlfriend when she’s on her period because it’s safe”

I had to ask him what he meant by “safe” – he meant that he’s safe from getting his girlfriend knocked up. I had to break it to him that while conceiving while menstruating is low, it’s also not impossible as conceiving during menstruation has been known to happen. It is quite possible for sperm to stay alive within an optimal environment within the vagina, meaning that pregnancy can occur just before/after active menstruation. Also bleeding may potentially be mistaken as full out menses which may mean fertilization is still possible. If conceiving a child isn’t in your line of responsibilities at the moment (or never), then practicing safe-sex at ANY time is necessary.

The Guys:

“I don’t get it. How can she lose so much blood regularly without dying?”

With the number of pads and tampons that are used and the way they appear when they’re saturated, it may appear there’s a lot of blood loss. The reality is that the amount of menstrual flow per period is not that great (sans medical conditions). At an “upper estimate” of 9 tbsp of menstrual flow per period, it’s not exactly cause for concern of massive blood loss. According to my very quick research, the body begins to have adverse medical reaction at 15% of total blood loss. Given that the human body contains about 5 litres of blood, 9 tbsp is about 0.133 litres of blood – or about 2.66% per period. What is necessary to note is that during menstruation, “flow” that is lost is not entirely composed of blood alone. Barring any medical conditions, a normal menstrual cycle isn’t going to drain your girlfriend’s blood supply low!

The Guys:

“Does she have to change her tampon every time she pees?”

Nope, not unless she wants to or needs to. The urethra and vagina are two different holes (I’d be impressed if you could get your penis in her urethra) and furthermore, most girls usually will hold/tuck the string while peeing to avoid it getting wet. Others just simply let nature take its course and then using some toilet paper to mop up the tampon string dry in case it gets wet. Some girls just don’t care at all, because that’s what underwear is for anyway! It’s like magic to guys, but just with a bit of a tug, a girl can check whether her tampon needs to be changed. If it comes out easily, then it’s all saturated and needs to be changed. If there is resistance, then the tampon is still usable, with the exception that her: 1) period is over, 2) she wants to change products, or 3) her tampon has been in for/nearing 8 hours.

The Guys:

“She doesn’t talk to me about her period”

Let’s face it, most guys don’t really want to hear about girls periods, so therefore, girls have been programmed not to divulge anything about it. Right from Wikipedia sources, “Studies have shown nearly all girls in the USA believe that girls should not talk about menstruation with boys, and more than one-third of the girls did not believe that it was appropriate to discuss menstruation with their fathers. The basis of many conduct norms and communication about menstruation in western industrial societies is the belief that menstruation should remain hidden.” That’s not to say I’ve never met girls who’ve approached the topic of menstruation with me openly (without knowledge of my interest), but in general, I really have to be the one to broach on the topic and show that I’m “accepting” to converse about it before they come comfortable with speaking about it. Unless the girl is particularly open with her bodily functions or that the relationship has progressed to an intimate level, it’s likely you will have to be proactive and show her that she can speak to you about such ‘private’ matters. It might not even be that she doesn’t want you to know, but that menstruation is generally regarded with shame and is indecent to talk about, particularly with a male. If you two ever plan on moving forward with a successful relationship, talking about menstruation is probably to least of challenges.

The Guys:

“I’m so grossed out by periods”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Honestly, I find semen much more repulsive if anything. The menstrual cycle and the female anatomy is so beautiful. I can only hope to educate you about menstruation to help you change your mind about it, but I’m not going to try to turn a stone into gold.

The Guys:

“Why does she like to ask me to buy her pads/tampons?”

I don’t think most girls “like” asking you to buy it, in fact, most do it only when they really need to, like when they’re clumped over on the couch. Because pads/tampons are very personal choices, most women like to shop for it themselves. However, there are also guys I know who get it as part of their grocery list, but I don’t it’s a really ‘unique’ thing. She has every right to ask you if you guys are involved in a committed relationship and if she has ever bought anything for you in your life, then she can expect you to buy this for her. As long as she equips you with enough information to buy it, it should be fair game. For some women, it can be used as a ‘test’ to see if you’re man enough to do it or they don’t really think anything of it. You’re out getting those apples anyway, why not a box of tampons or a pack of pads?

The Guys:

“It’s amazing, how does she even keep track of how often to change or when it gets full?”

With pads it’s fairly simple, because a visual inspection will allow a girl to know whether her pad is getting full or not. Also, as pads get saturated, the pad will usually become heavier and there may be a damp feeling. With tampons, as I explained above, usually a quick “tug test” will already reveal whether changing is required. For most girls though, it’s just a matter of timed washroom breaks to do a check-up. Some girls may change ahead of time if they’re planning travel which does not give them accessibility to washrooms. I know with most of my girls, they opt to change later when they’re at home as they can get to a washroom any time. However, if they’re heading for a several hour road trip they change before they leave the house or double-up protection. Despite a girl being an expert on her body and diligent on her feminine hygiene needs, leaks may sometimes still happen and that’s ok. It’s like sneezing. Try as you might, but doesn’t stop it from coming out!

The Guys:

“Girls can’t swim on their periods”

Whether the girl ‘can’ swim is subjective on her own skill, not whether she has her period or not. However, if you’re talking about methods to control menstrual flow, they can opt to use internal forms of feminine hygiene, as pads would be out of the question. Feminine products worn within the vagina will offer a chance for the girl to swim while maintaining hygiene for herself and other swimmers. If a girl knows how to swim and doesn’t have debilitating menstrual pains, swimming is great exercise which may help alleviate cramps and maintain a healthy body overall. I do know however, that Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] usually frowns upon swimming while menstruating (because the body is considered ‘weak’ during that time).

The Guys:

“Girls get their period every 28 days”

This is something I admit that I was pretty ignorant about until I started learning about menstruation from female experiences and stories. To me, the “books” tell you that menstrual cycles are 28 days in length, however, that is not true for many women as bodies aren’t clockworks. Many of the girls I’ve dated before just happened to have a fairly regular cycle every month, but even tracking with bebe for the past 2 years I’ve known her, I can say for sure almost every month she has a different monthly cycle. While she’s perfectly healthy, it does come down to the fact that women do not always have exact 28-day cycles, but rather, vary between 21-35 days and whether or not a woman falls within a 28-day cycle doesn’t necessarily represent overall health. Because I happened to date girls who fell in the 26-29 day ranges, it was awkward for me to start tracking bebe’s to find that hers was much longer (lucky her, unlucky me… LOL). I know a few of my girls don’t really track at all and tell me they just “feel it” when it’s about to come! That’s really cool 🙂

The Guys:

“The washroom stinks when she’s on her period”

I suppose it’s something you really need to bring up with her. Dried menstrual flow does have an odour but is not easily detectable. I know girls who use “open” trash bins who visibly have wrapped tampons and pads in it and the smell is hardly obvious. Unless the girl has very rancid menstrual flow odour, it should not be very strong and only detectable if you plan on sticking your nose in the trash. What makes menstrual flow smell is actually when it comes in contact with open air and begins to fester bacteria. When the bacteria is trying living/decomposing the menstrual flow and pad, that is what emits the stench, not so much the actual flow itself. Proper sanitary practices should already be sufficient to stem the smell. I’ve been to my girl’s house before who hadn’t emptied the trash for 3 weeks and she had pads piled to the top and still the air was pretty clean. I’d broach lightly on the topic with her since it’s rather insulting to be told her menstrual flow smells, but rather, talk about maintaining welcoming environment for guests who use the bathroom as a softer approach.


It has definitely been a while since I’ve had the time to write this much! Hope this helps shed some light on what your typical (which I’m not) guys think about periods. I’m glad they offered me an opportunity to trade what I know about menstruation for their personal growth and also that I could share it with the world-at-large here. It’ll also help the girls see things through our eyes and that sometimes we just don’t know any better. Furthermore, I grew up in a conservative family meaning menstruation wasn’t talked about much. Lucky for me I didn’t run into a bunch of misinformation communicated to me from my peers, but certainly I can see why it happens when boys aren’t educated properly about menstruation. They begin to pick up things from their friends and see/hear negativity about periods from other sources. Best to teach them at an age-appropriate level so they develop respect for the female anatomy and a beautiful & natural bodily process!


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  1. Wow, why do you know all this stuff?
    Well written! 😉

    • Just learning through whatever sources I can! The human brain has an immense capacity for growth and information, so I try to make the best of it. Plus, having interest in it makes me that much more likely to pay attention and absorb the knowledge.

  2. Hey, another great post! I think it’s worth noting that mental disabilities can often change the way that a woman views their period as well. I’m autistic, and many of my autistic female friends and I routinely speak freely about periods together without even flinching or raising an eyebrow. The story of when they got their first period, the feminine hygiene supplies they prefer,

    My autistic friends and I view menstruation very differently due to our autism. Although many females I know with ASD want to conceal their periods like any other female, other females I know with ASD resent having to conceal their periods, preferring speaking freely about them instead. They feel more uncomfortable To us, it’s a fact of life no different than the stars in the sky, and we feel no discomfort talking about it. At the same time, sometimes their autism makes them unable to conceal their periods the way non-autistic females can, and it is much harder for them to manage their periods every month.

    Another issue that they talk about is how society, as they feel it, dictates who they should speak their periods about. Many of my female friends with ASD view non-autistic females to be very judgmental of them, and prefer to open up to males. They have told me that they actually PREFER talking to me, a male with autism about their period problems than other females, since they feel that those males don’t judge me as much in life.

    (Note: ASD is an acronym often used to describe Autism–it stands for “Autism Spectrum Disorders.”)

    • Thanks for your input. I don’t know any friends who have ASD or at least I’m not aware of it. To have your opinion here is a great gift for those who deal with ASD in their lives directly through themselves or through another family/friend. I can only imagine the gratefulness your female friends have towards you to be able to share something so intimate and which is generally frowned upon by society!

    • This is very interesting, thank you, Jimmy! I have an ASD myself, and sometimes I feel that certain issues that “should” feel disgusting, aren’t to me, they are just exciting! Like how much I bleed and what it looks like – now that I have a menstrual cup and can measure it and study it closely! I used to feel very embarrased about periods, but that was because I always worried about leakage, and hated the feeling of using a diaper. The cup has ended all of that, and now I can’t stop talking about it…! I am not sure if my ASD has made me more unable to conceal my periods, or the fact that women don’t talk freely about periods and my ASD has made me more isolated, is the reason why I think I maybe have had more problems in that respect… I don’t know. But I have noticed that the cup is a lot more fool-proof and easy to handle than pads and tampons. And once it’s in place, it won’t leak, and I can’t feel it. Contrary to both pads and tampons.

      And of course, Prexus, what an amazingly well-informed and well written essay! I am deeply impressed by your intimate knowledge of women and your ability to express that knowledge in a pedagogical and positive manner!

      • Thanks Julia. I’m so happy when I see reader-to-reader discussion and feedback about my blog! I hope to continue to positively reinforce menstruation and hope that periods will be an ‘accepted’ subject in society – as common as talking about what’s for dinner.

  3. Nicely written 🙂

    It’s true that a lot of guys don’t know much about periods, even in my family, our mother was very open about stuff like this, my dad not as much. We are 2 girls and a boy, he is the youngest. My mom always talked to us girls about it so we’d be prepared when it happened. But I guess that my brother was either not there or not listening, because I still remember him asking me if women used pads to pee on, and he was like 12.

    Just want to add that even though PMS is obviously no excuse to being disrespectful, and though I know not all women get it the same way, I, as probably do some other women, have some really messed up random anger surges like at least twice a year at that time. I seriously do not advise anyone to even look at me on those days cause I cannot control how angry I am, it’s actually scary cause I want to calm down and am conscious that I have no reason to be that upset, all I can do is wait until it goes away, but have never killed anyone, yet lol. Most that happened was bust my car right side mirror accidentally cause I was driving on “angry mode” or scream at my dad for being a nag. I usually apologize when it’s over at least >.< and am training myself to warn people around me when I feel like that and stay away from the car.
    Also, even though I have some hormonal issues that give me debilitating cramps, I don't like it when I don't have my period. I feel like something is wrong, it's not natural and start freaking out about going menopausal even though I'm only 32.

    Anyway.. enough about period talk lol

    Thank you for sharing your view with us and with your male friends 😉

  4. I don’t think men are half as grossed out by periods as we girls, or society thinks, I openly discuss my period with my guy friends and they actually seem to like that I trust them with something that is typically “between women only”. Great article 🙂

  5. Great article! Interesting read. I’ve always been curious what guys think about periods. This addressed all aspects of this topic. Thanks for writing!

  6. Wow, that pretty much sums it up 😜

  7. I asked a guy to deacribe the other day what getting kicked in the balls feels like, he said ‘it’s this deep a horrible seeded pain… You feel it in your stomach too, but it’s mainly in your balls, most of the time you feel like you are going to throw up or faint from the pain’ ….. Errrrrrm I know I can’t speak on behalf of all chicks but hell…. That’s every month for me… I take some painkillers, harden the fuck up
    Fellas, Atleast your pain doesn’t last for 2 days (again this is my and my friends experiences, other women may and will differ)

    Oh also, can I please marry this man?

  8. Hello, wow this is a very in depth article indeed! As I read your blog and various responses from men regarding the female monthly experience, I am assured to know that men are increasingly empathetic and respectful towards women for all that they go through. (We girls are strong women, man!)

    There needs to be more ways that a man can do to help. Action is the logical next step after understanding – and how can men help out with his girlfriend’s/wife’s period needs? Running down to the store to get some pads/tampons, easing her when she doesn’t feel too well…getting her some goodies and treats to cheer her up just when she gets more easily irritable…these gestures would really be sweet and touching, not to mention a great way to communicate understanding and love towards her :’)

    These are just examples I can think off from the top of my head, oh yes, there is a period curated store in Singapore called, which is pretty good/useful for the guys too. (:

  9. I don’t know if you still read comments from this article, but I would like to tell you one more aspect of periods. There is a condition called PMDD. It is premenstrual dysphoric disorder. It is an extreme version of PMS. I knew someone with it. She would try to kill herself, throw things, make wholes in the walls! It is not something that can not be controlled. I’m thinking the person that has angry spells might have it.

  10. Hey man I was always told to go to the store to buy her pads/tampons. It sucks. My bro told me about Madame Ladybug its a real life saver and I am the hero in her eyes. Its a period subscription box for women i bought it for her and she started to cry.

  11. Wow I wish my boyfriend was as mature as you at this topic.

    I’ve always been fairly open with partners about my period since its something that comes up every single month and rather than making up some story for why we can’t get busy I’d just rather be honest and say “it’s not that i don’t want to but its that time again.”
    My current boyfriend though is definitely curious as I’ve had him ask me a few questions on his own accord and I’ve always honestly willingly answered but sometimes when the question requires a somewhat dirty answer he goes back to school boy mentality with a “uhh gross” haha.
    Ofcourse I still love him the same I just wish he’d kinda realize its gross to us too but just something we gotta deal with so the grossness gets old at some point and we just accept sh!t happens.

  12. So you say women shouldn’t use PMS as an excuse to be a jerk? That’s backwards. It is men who use PMS as an excuse to be dismissive of women’s feelings and emotional reactions. If they blame her anger on PMS, then they don’t have to acknowledge it. I’ve had guys do and say horrible things to me and when I reacted justifiably angry, they dismissed my reactions as being induced by PMS. Meanwhile if a man gets angry, we all take notice because it must be for a valid reason..

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