Man Wearing a Maxi Pad for a Week: The Max-Pax Experiment by Sam Jordan

So through some random internet searching, I bumped into a funny article posted up by a guy who was “challenged” to know what it feels like to wear a pad. This person wasn’t approaching this from a fetish point of view, but rather, a lady had made a statement to him about, “there needs to be a rule that says you can’t make a maxi pad or tampon joke unless you’ve actually had to wear them.” The author of the comedy article was written by Sam Jordan. He took up this unsaid challenge, to wear a pad for a week so that he could talk the talk and walk the walk.

Since I don’t know about the re-posting/copyright surrounding the article, I chose not to copy & paste it here (even with due credit of course). Feel free to read the article located at this link:

There is nothing terribly graphic in the whole article and it was done in a humourous tone rather than a true “research” standpoint. Even I found it pretty amusing, without casting judgement of course (oh shit, who am I to cast judgment of all people right?!)

I did get a kick at how he “took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to install a maxi pad” because it doesn’t seem like a very difficult contraption. Ya sure, I know I probably have some extended experience with feminine hygiene products, but I must say it isn’t all that complex given the lack of opportunity to go wrong… unpack, peel stickies, attach to garment and at most – lock down the wings. Onto page two of his article, it was interesting to note that he used boxer-briefs for his pad-wearing week… I suppose that’d work if using the wings weren’t required. Then he mentioned that, “within seconds of wearing feminine protection, I was thinking like a woman and worrying about how my butt looked.” and I always wonder how true that is because most of my girls don’t seem to worry about that. Even for my girls who wear thick pads, unless you’re wearing skin-tight pants, the likelihood of a pad showing through is low. However, the brave soul he is I suppose he’d have a right to question that and worry.

Finally, onto the last page, he describes some of the activities he goes through during the week with a pad on (I hope he changed regularly… if he didn’t – that would be REALLY uncomfortable…) and the restrictive feeling he had. He closed off with on the final night wearing the pad over his eyes for a good night’s rest! I’d be interested in knowing whether he only wore the pad actively during the day, or whether he even wore it at night. All in all, I have to admit this guy sure as hell is brave for daring to wear a pad for a week AND also talk about it online.

I’d recommend reading the article for more details and to view his funny pictures. I got a kick out of an article comment which dared him to try tampons for a week. That made my jaw drop, haha! 😆

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  1. I guess he is now entitled to make maxi pad jokes lol.

  2. I believe Only the openminded male should educate themselves and do exactly like this man did. I for one am also doing this to see how the process goes, I for one have talked to many females on this subject in the period spanning off and on for about 30 years. They would talk about this type of personal hygiene , and later I would ask questions.

    • Do you think you will be writing about it? I’m sure many of my readers here will be quite interested in your experience!

      • Yes indeed, well for one it does not take 30 minutes much less 10 minutes to place the pad in the right position. Second, you have to adjust the pad throughout the day as your activities play out; when you are a female you are “parinoid” about someone seeing the pad through her cloths, but most of all leaking through the side of the pad. Which us men never have to be concerned about. When sleeping with a pad on you wake up and notice that things have moved around down there; if this happens to the female, she will have to remove all bed covers, panties, and or sleep pants/ spandex and wash them . We have to realize that when a female goes through this cycle it IS more COMPLEX than we realize. With that said, you add the cramps, the bloating, the insecurity of what they ‘think” they look like and you can have a big mess IF you do not treat them with the LOVE and RESPECT that we all deserve.

  3. So what’s the difference between a Maxi Pad and a Incontinent pad? I need to wear Incontinent pads all the time or even the panties that women wear.

    • why u need to use tat??

      • to know that “real” feeling of what females go through. Females wear men’s underware, whats the big deal, I for one am secure in my masculinity.

    • I also do not do it out of a fetish, I am glad there are more open minded men out there.

    • Maxi pads are generally used for absorbing menstrual flow.
      Incontinent pads can be used for absorbing urine and fecal matter.

      While both types of pads can absorb anything, pads are designed in such a way to “target” certain types of liquid/matter. Since urine and menstrual fluid have a different consistency, different absorbing material is used for the respective type of pads.

  4. well, nt a big deal as I also use it regulary…

  5. I can’t see why he would thats curousity for you

  6. I am a male, and I love to wear maxi-pads, panty-liners & even tampons! In fact, you’ll never find me WITHOUT my pads & tampons! It started as a “fetish” of sorts, but I soon realized I really enjoyed the feeling – not so much the physical feeling of the pads between my legs, or the tampons in my rectum, but the whole glorius feeling of femininity they provide! By the way, you should know – I’m STRICTLY hetero! I don’t find men sexually attractive at all – I just enjoy experiencing my own tender, sensitive, feminine side. I truly believe there are two types of men – those who love feminine hygiene products, and those who’ve never tried them!

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  8. tony chatfield

    i’ve been using them for years after someone i was at school with wanted to see me wear theirs before i came in it . i personally love the feelings it gives

  9. i am going to take on this challenge starting now. First one is on.

    • Yes indeed, i emplore you to do so, at least for a week. You will realize the ‘paranoia’, the “having to hide the pad from others sight” (bulging through your undergarment). And so on.

  10. anyone else gonna take it up

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  12. I love wearing a Maxie pad in my satin vs panties

  13. I like wearing a Maxie pad in satin panties it help keep my cox from sticking to my panties

  14. Had an ex make me try wearing them, found out I really like the always extra absorbant overnight pads now I sleep with one on most nights.

  15. i Love wearing womens maxi pads espesially always overnight with wings fresh feels great om my penis and helps me with a small incontince problem.i wear them everyday and enjoy the comfort and feeling.i also like a tampom lubed up in my rectum every now and then the feeling is very pleasureable.

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