Abuse of power?

Watch the video below =P


The reason why (As a girl myself, generally speaking) a girl yells “I’m on my period!” is NOT BS. Guys may think so, but guys don’t experience the horrible cramps some girls suffer every month, some so bad all we wana do is lie down in bed and sleep the week away.
If the cramps are not bad enough, we also have heat-flash and sweat at inappropriate times non-stop, some of us get accompanying migraine, constipation and bloatiness as well. Its like having an unjustified fever for an illness that happens like clockwork every month without fail, that no medicine can cure.
I myself wouldn’t demand for favours (like the “girl” in the video), but I would appreciate if I were allowed to rest away the excruciating (Not dramatizing) pain away in peace.

Also, we get horrible mood swings. I do know guys who say “So what PMS? You’re a girl, you learn to live and cope with it! Don’t blame bitchiness on PMS! It’s not a valid excuse!”

One: If we girls can cope with your “manly” traits (For example, picking up gaming or watching football) – you can sure as heck cope with our PMS. PMS is a “feminine” thing, just like football is a “guy” thing.

Two: If a generally nice girl turns bitchy – think! Why would she do that? Something you said/did? Or PMS? Pray its the latter, because if it is the first – it means the guy is a jerk. =P (See, PMS is an excuse for guys as well! teehee!)

Three: You think you can CONTROL mood swings. Unfortunately, we can’t control hormones, unless we ingest drugs. Don’t want to mess our body for your (future) children, would you? What if every woman begin to take hormone pills at the moment of puberty? Can you imagine the potential deformed children that might result?

You (the male reader, duh lol) think moods are something we women have to live with, so we ought to learn to control it. What if we don’t even know the trigger?

Four: It is common knowledge that an injured animal is an aggressive one. Pain makes animals, heck, even humans – go haywire. Imagine getting stabbed with the kitchen knife just above your reproductive organs, say – once every three minutes, for at least 12 hours a day (Well, that’s for me, the other 12 are spent sleeping away the pain.).

That’s how bad some cramps can get. Would you be smiling and all-round-pleasant if you are stabbed in the lower abs non-stop for a few days? Get used to the pain, you say? Where is that kitchen knife? Freely knife yourself now, and wait three minutes, then knife yourself again in the same area. Wait three minutes, knife again, repeat for at least one day.

You’d pass out within a few stabs.

Still think periods are BS?

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LLB graduate. Devil's advocate. Also full-time mercenary. Everyone who I do not love, nothing is free.

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  1. Jean ( wildcat fan)

    Telling a woman that she needs to get control of her moods during her private cycle business, is like telling, you men to get control of your erection urges when their penises are full blown hard. Sounds kind of graphic doesn’t this. Well this is the same way that females feel when males jump over our private boundaries and private female spaces.

    Now, how the heck would you males like it if we women and girls told you all to stop your bitching and crabbiness and moodiness because you cannot get relief for your penis, you know the times when you all need to have relations so badly. remember those times? Maybe it is about time that females tread into men’s private penis and sperm and erection spaces like males do while thinking they can do this.

  2. There should be a law against males getting into females’ business
    . I hereby declare ” I hate men who nosey into females private business” day.

    Males need to concern themselves with whether they have evacuated in the bed or in their pants, whether their penises are two short and skinny, whether their nuts are hairy and stinky, and leave female business alone. Go away all males. We do not want you in our business. Go away !!

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