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Looking at my search results on how people arrived in my page, thought I’d post up a page dedicated to the items that I’ve experimented with. My experimentation/experience tactics are varied¹, between personal, help of girl-friends, girlfriend or any female of reputation who I could trust with assisting me and will give me accurate information. I’m not going to “rate” any of the items since I think that’s completely TMI and I’ll let you guys/girls figure out what works best for you on your own. This is just going to be a compilation of feminine hygiene products I’ve had experiences¹ with. I tried to think of a way to sort them but I gave up… maybe when I’m feeling less lazy I’ll try to do in a specific order, but now I just did it by however their sites had them in order. They are also not listed in order of preference either, whichever bookmark I went to first. The ones with the * besides them are those that are not widely distributed in Canada. Most notably are the names  of international ones might be a bit off because I’ve had to translate them from Chinese or whatnot. I’ve included in this list both maxi pads and tampons for the sake of fairness 😛

Addition (Jan 27, 2011): I decided to highlight in red for ones I have most recently tested. If you want to know more, look for the reviews or give me a shout!


Always Ultra Thin Slender with Flexi-Wings
Always Ultra Thin Regular
Always Ultra Thin Regular with Flexi-Wings
Always Maxi Regular
Always Maxi Regular Leakguard with Odor Lock
Always Maxi Regular with Flexi-Wings
Always Ultra Thin Long Super
Always Ultra Thin Long Super with Flexi-Wings
Always Maxi Long Super
Always Maxi Long Super with Flexi-Wings
Always Maxi Long Super Fresh with Flexi-Wings
Always Ultra Thin Overnight with Flexi-Wings
Always Maxi Overnight
Always Maxi Overnight with Flexi-Wings
Always Maxi Overnight Fresh with Flexi-Wings
Always Ultra Thin Maximum Protection with Flexi-Wings
Always Maxi Maximum Protection with Flexi-Wings
Always Infinity Heavy
Always Infinity Overnight
Always Classic with Wings
Always Extra Heavy Overnight with Wings

Kotex (高潔絲)

Kotex Ultra Thin Regular with Wings
Kotex Regular
Kotex Ultra Thin Regular
Kotex Regular with Wings
Kotex Ultra Thin Regular with Wings
Kotex Ultra Thin Long with Wings
Kotex Long Super
Kotex Ultra Thin Long
Kotex Ultra Thin Long with Wings
Kotex Ultra Thin Overnight with Wings
Kotex Overnight Maxi
Kotex Overnight Maxi with Wings
Kotex Ultra Thin Overnight with Wings
Kotex Lightdays® Regular
Kotex Lightdays® Long
高潔絲 Kotex Ultra Thin 2-in-1 Dual Cover Regular with Wings 21cm*
高潔絲 Kotex White Slim Extra Long With Wings 32cm*
高潔絲 Kotex White Slim Long With Wings 28cm*
高潔絲 Kotex White Ultra Thin Extra Long with Wings 32cm*
高潔絲 Kotex White Slim Extra-Extra Long with Wings 41cm*
高潔絲 Kotex Natural Touch Slim With Wings 28cm*
U by Kotex AllNighter Overnight Pads with Wings
U by Kotex Cleanwear Heavy Flow Pads with Wings
U by Kotex Click Regular Tampons
Kotex Natural Balance Overnight Maxi
Kotex Natural Balance Regular

Stayfree (蝶安護)

Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular With Wings
Stayfree Ultra Thin Long Super
Stayfree Ultra Thin Long Super With Wings
Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight With Wings
Stayfree Maxi Regular Without Wings
Stayfree Maxi Regular With Wings
Stayfree Maxi Super Without Wings
Stayfree Maxi Super With Wings
Stayfree Thermo-Control Maxi Super With Wings
Stayfree Thermo-Control Maxi Regular With Wings
Stayfree Beltless Sanitary Napkins Without Wings*


O.B. Regular
O.B. Ultra


Playtex Gentle Glide Super (Scented)
Playtex Sport Regular (Unscented)
Playtex Sport Super (Unscented)


Buenas Noches Wingout Wings (Scented)*


Tampax Original Lites
Tampax Original Slender
Tampax Original Regular
Tampax Pearl Lites
Tampax Pearl Regular
Tampax Pearl Super
Tampax Compak Pearl Regular
Tampax Compak Pearl Super

Whisper (護舒寶)

護舒寶 Whisper Instant Clean Slim Wing Day Use*
護舒寶 Whisper Instant Clean Slim Wing Night Use*
護舒寶 Whisper Superior Soft Instant Clean Ultra Wing Overnight Use With Wings*
護舒寶 Whisper Instant Clean Slim Wing Overnight Use*

Laurier (樂而雅)

樂而雅 Laurier Superguard Long With Wings 34cm*
樂而雅 Laurier Superguard Overnight With Wings 30cm*
樂而雅 Laurier Superguard Overnight With Wings 40cm*
樂而雅 Laurier F Night With Wings 40cm*


Libresse Extra Long 32cm Night Maxi with Wings*
Libresse Day Maxi with Wings*


Incognito Invisible Contact Super Long Ultra Thin with Comfort Tabs
Incognito Maxinight Shaped with Elastic Sides
Incognito Maxi Optimum


Equate With Flexi-Wings Maxi
Equate Super Absorbent Core Regular Heavy Maxi


Truly Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings

Sofy (蘇菲)

ソフィ Sofy Unicharm BODY FIT 35cm Comfort Night*
ソフィ Sofy Unicharm SOFT BODY FIT 29cm Super Night Guard*

  1. Hi Prexus,

    I am surprised about your experiences with these items. I live in Canada just like you and I am wondering how you get brands that are not sold here? I moved here from China 2 years ago and I have been used to the sanitary napkins in China. When I arrived, I brought some with me but I have ran out. Is there a place I can get these? Do you buy them local or do you import them?

    I hope I can find some I am used to because I do not like the ones here.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Tess,

      It is likely you will have a tough time acquiring these items or even if you can, it will be VERY expensive. Most of these items I have experimented with was when I was vacationing in Hong Kong. The place that I know of that have these items readily available (and at a decent cost) is if you happen to live in Vancouver, B.C because of the high saturation of Asian populace/supermarkets there that they can afford to import these items and sell them at a reasonable price.

      There’s a host of online sites that you can buy these items, but the shipping costs is amazingly high. I always wanted to explore a few that I have not gotten the chance to but while buying a pack is cheap, the shipping came to 4-5 times that amount. However, if you are REALLY keen on using products you had in China, then you are welcome to check out the sites. If you send me your email address, I can forward those links to you.

      Yes, I totally understand what you mean about the differences of FH products in Canada versus in Asia, the comfort level and absorbency is so much better. I hope you will find what you need here or unfortunately have to get used to what we have in Canada!

      – K

  2. Well, what do we have here. A list of brands I’ve never heard of. 🙂 We do have Kotex an Whisper but with not as many options, I think. We do have Modess which I use most of the time. And I can’t help noticing that you have Kotex as one of your favorite brands when I would choose Modess over Kotex.
    I never thought that buying sanitary napkins would be a big deal in Canada, when here we all take it for granted. Modess runs around Php30-40 for 8 pads and that’s quite cheap.

    • “Always” is the equivalent of Whisper… they are made by the same company and under the same “global” entity – just marketed under a different brand. If you’ve ever opened up a whisper pad, you are pretty much looking at the “Always” ones we get here 😛 Even the lock-in core is the same, haha.

      There were some Modess being sold on eBay, but the price of 2 packs was almost the equivalent of the shipping – didn’t seem very economical, haha. Maybe one day I’ll visit the Philippines or Thailand where they sell Modess more widely. Given that there’s a lackage of tampons in your area, you will probably not have heard of Tampax, Playtex or O.B. since those are the “large players” of tampon distribution in North America. Saba is under the Libresse and Libra line of products, but only found in Central America/Caribbean area…. the only reason why I even know about them is because my friend brought some back for me when she went home to Costa Rica the past summer. You might actually like them, they are scented with chrysanthemum flower smell! Equate is a “generic” brand, so it is not unusual you haven’t heard of them.

      It’s hard for me to say much about Modess because I’ve never had my hands on one… I’ve only read about them through articles or online resources, so it could very well be that Modess is better than Kotex. I think I’m more particular to liking Kotex sold in the Hong Kong (or nearby regions), more than here in North America. The ones sold here are very plain and boring. The ones I find in HK are very ingenuous, for both features, curves, absorbency, comfort, etc. The variety is much greater as well, if you go to some HK online shopping sites, just sanitary napkins alone hold up 4-5 pages of advertisement. I know that “4-5” pages is relative only to how many they display a page, but for sure, more than here.

      Buying sanitary napkins isn’t a “big deal” I just make it a big deal, lol! But nevertheless, I know that they sell these things much cheaper in Asian regions… I just did a conversion of php30-40 and that’s outrageous! Even though our packages are usually larger like 16-20, 30’s or some jumbo packs even 90-100 costs more. Then again, if you’re like me and hunt for bargains, I guess it is possible to get it that cheap. I find that probably because of space contraints in housing or shelving, pads/tampons sold in Asia come in fewer quantities. I think I’d rather them come in fewer quantities so that there can be variation. My ex always used the same one throughout her ENTIRE period because she’d buy those jumbo packs and didn’t want to buy more… I found it inefficient because flow varies during the cycle and to use the same “brand/type” seemed illogical, because you should adjust your choices to the flow, since the flow is unlikely to adjust to your protection, LOL.

      I should ponder moving to the Philippines… hahaha. Maybe for my birthday, you can send me a present 😀

  3. You are doing a great job there.. Keep it up!! It helped me learn- that atleast one other- than me is also beating the drums to make all of us take note about something that is so much a part of our regular lives..

    I’ll write you an email and lets take it further up..


  4. HI!

    I have read your blog in the past but i am wanting to contact you. Its pretty awesome what you are doing…I would like to see if you have heard anything about cloth mama pads. I found a lovely lady on etsy that does a great job.

    Check her out and email me sometime.

    • Hi Karol,

      Thank you for your information and for dropping in/contributing!

      I have seen a variety of reusable/cloth/silicon mentrual products around the net, many which are home-made and demonstrated as how people can make their own rather than purchasing. I have not seen this particular individual’s site and I’m reviewing it as I type this. There are so many home/SoHo type businesses who make these pads that it’s hard for me to include everyone – not that everyone enjoys being listed on my site anyways. I love the idea of reusable and environmentally-friendly methods of sanitary protection and I often feel guilty partaking in testing our NON-reusable feminine hygiene products – I’m not a “solution to the problem” unfortunately.

      Many of the women I talk to are very against the idea of reusable because they’re uncomfortable with having to deal/see their own menstrual flow – that’s why the good ol’ “rip off and throw” or “pull it, drop it in the toilet” works for them. One of my girls uses her Divacup regularly and one has tried and diverted back to using disposables. It’s hard to “sell” the idea of such products, especially those of cultures who have been accustomed to being “shy with their body” Most of my girls who don’t use tampons don’t want to “put something up there” or “have their fingers near their vagina” with the exception of regular bathing. It is unfortunate the discomfort they have with their bodies and menstruation – but all I can do is slowly help change their minds and can’t “force them” to accept their body/menstrual hygiene.

      I will continue to look forward to posting more reviews/thoughts/ideas about reusable products and I’m considering in the future to look into Lunapads or some of the home-made and “off-brand” cloth pads!

      Hope you return often! Cheers.

  5. Please include LOVEMOON

    • I’ll have to find a place to buy it at a reasonable price before I can test it and add it to the list 🙂

      • Check the TW store by the BBT place in Chase Plaza lor..

        • Crap, didn’t get a chance to read this message otherwise I would’ve dropped by there with bebe today since we were out near there!

          Ah well… I have 2 more of your messages I haven’t responded to yet, but I’m totally exhausted from all the driving (over 200km’s today…) – which if it wasn’t because bebe is so great to me, I would not even have the patience/energy to do it. You know driving in Toronto for me is absolutely abhorrent and literally SCARES me, haha… so I’m toughed it out today (but got rewarded very well :P) and I’m alive! But … now I’m feeling like I’m ready to Zzzz for 10 hours straight. Will catch the other messages later ya?

        • Ooooo she finally gt u to go out on a wkday to ‘sauga or u had to do smthg?

        • We had to go out to Toronto (didn’t I tell you?) to gather some info about her courses.

          I left work half-way through and just picked her up and we went out. It was nice to be able to see her on a weekday, although if we spaced it out it would’ve been better in terms of not having her get tired of me since she’s saying how “much time” we have (2 non-full days… lol) seen each other during this week. I mean I can appreciate the fact that’s already much more than she normally does, but doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be progressively spending more time together, especially because she’s not staying local it’s already a struggle as it is. Maybe she hasn’t driven from town out to ‘sauga much, but if she did that all the time, maybe she’d understand it isn’t an “easy drive” if I constantly have to do that to see her. She’ll argue that then that’s why she doesn’t want to always ask me to go out, but that’s not really the point, the point is just if she rotated between weeks here and there, it’d be much easier and makes me feel better that she’s at least “around.”

          But still, I know it’ll be a lot of work for me to get some “equitable” treatment between spending time with her friends versus me, even though I know she keeps on reiterating the part about how close they are, like family, etc. which is not really their fault, but once they all have more of a solid family life, then maybe bebe will find more time for me since they can’t spend it with them all the time. I hope more of them get married soon, LOL… at least then will they have their “own family” and not have as much time to take my bebe away from me 😦 I’m so jealous of them… and probably envious that bebe would rather spend more time out there than with me, BLAH.

          But, I gotta say… she really did make Monday “extra special” for me… so.. I just gotta suck it up and be a man!!

        • Wow lor… she shld appreciate the fact ur work let u drive her arnd like tht 😛 Most workplace wouldn’t even let u leave the building, let alone disappear for the day, kakaka. Tht y u got to remind her tht u want to keep such a gd job, even tho it might be farther than where u two might want to live… so hv to mebe live smwhere in between – close enuf to her frds but also she needs to consider where u work so tht u can keep such a gd job. When she starts driving more, I’m sure she’ll understand how hard it is to travel bk n’ forth daily if ur going to work so far. Dun b like yur boss where u drive like 60km to work every day 😐 will be so tiring… so better hope she 理解 tht 😀

        • Well ya, that’ll probably come as she travels more regularly and understands the pain of it. I mean right now, her primary travel is still either me, her friends or by public transit, don’t think she’s using her car regularly enough HERE yet to know the distances and traffic conditions here. I mean if she ends up working in “core” areas like TO downtown or whatever, then the place we’d live I’d make sure that it’s by the GO train or whatever… maybe Burlington – Oakville area, at least that’s a DECENT drive for me. Even a few of my coworkers who do live in Burlington still say it’s a bit rough of a drive, but at least if we’re by a train station, bebe can get to work easily – I can drop off/pickup when need be, unless she drives to the station and parks it herself.

          Alas, this is still well into the future and to think about it now is more of “logical planning” than realistic planning. I know she has a major preference for Mississauga and OTHER THAN the whole workplace traveling issue, I really wouldn’t mind moving out there at all. Well I guess when we do live together, we’ll just have to make compromises. Also, by then perhaps her friends will be busier with their “own” lives and bebe won’t attach onto them so often (and she’d have her own schedule too), so maybe she won’t love being out there as much. Right now, it’s still a freedom schedule for her and even for her friends to do whatever, whenever… but as they begin to mold into a more “mature adult” life – they won’t have time to stay with each other so often and then living just 25 minutes away won’t be so bad. At least if we live ‘in the middle’ – I can bear the drive, she can get to work and also we’re close enough to our friends on both ends.

          We’ll find out what happens in the future 😛

  6. LOVEMOON by the way is the most amazing sanitary napkin in the market today. It reduces discomfort and pain during menstruation, eliminates foul odor and highly absorbent. It is simply wonderful technology.

  7. Please let us know if you will be testing and evaluating menstrual cup products. Lunette would love to participate!

  8. how great it was to find your site. i am a menstrual educator working mostly with wom(b)en, but my dream is to work with men and wom(b)en. i spell womben this way because the b is silent and the womb is the womben part. seems like the real spelling to me.
    you put the men in menstruation for me. thank you soooo much.
    as for tampons and pads-the disposable ones have chemicals and only support big multinational corporations. there are great alternatives like the luna pad that you mention. sea sponges are way better than tampons for your health. diva cups are also reusable. menstrual blood is great fertilizer for houseplants too.
    thanks again for your site prexus, and your part in freeing menstruation from taboo.

    • Hi Allisone,

      Thanks for your feedback. You sound like you have a very exciting job/hobby with menstrual education!

      On this site, I am working to promote disposal products and reusable products fairly. I do note to myself that clearly, my display of promotion of disposal products still reign heavily on this site and I hope to change it. Of course, in order for me to provide more anecdotal experiences with reusable products, I have to be willing able to find participants I know who are willing to try these reusable products and provide me with feedback. It is hard, as many of my girls still continue to use disposables, despite my best efforts. Of course it is not in my place to force them to change what they use and I can only use time and education to help them change their minds.

      I agree with reusables are almost great for any circumstance. I can think of a few where disposables come in handy and have “pros” over reusables. I look forward to be able to buy some Lunapads in the future to test them out whenever I can find a good sale and find one of my girls who is willing to help me test them out!

      If you have any future things you’d like to share about your menstrual education, I’d be happy to hear and share!!

  9. you are awesome, and an example of equanimity. thanks for not trying to change any womben (or men), but being willing to take the time to educate folks.

  10. I’m confused, but tell me why this blog has men in its title? Do we have an article about the female perception of ercet penises, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emissions??

    “Put the word lady in ejaculation”

  11. If I want to have the thickest and longest maxipad in US, what do you recomend?

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