How/Why I Became Interested in Menstruation

So I’ve received quite a few emails asking me to explain how I got myself involved in menstruation and why of all people, your average male be interested or so knowledgeable (hey, I didn’t assign that description to myself!) on this topic. To really answer this inquiry, I have to condense the bigger story into one that I’d feel comfortable enough to share with the “public domain”… some details may be missing, but that’s unnecessary since only my ex’s and girlfriend/wife ever get to know something like that 😛

So it all started when I was very young. I’m an only child, so my source of “female information” was very thin… mind you, I also grew up in a very conservative family, so information when it came to bodily function was strictly on a need-to-know basis. Because my dad did shift work, I was often stuck with my mom when it came to going to the mall or any public place and doing so, also meant I’d be dragged everywhere, including the washroom. I remember keenly wondering why my mom needed a diaper, I thought those were for kids and even I grew out of them! I asked and the answer I got was very simple, “It is a lady-thing.” and that was it, there was no further discussion. I became very curious, after all, that’s what a 4-year old mind does. Over the course of a year, I regularly slipped questions to my mom, seeking further information, but menstruation was not a conversation to be brought up and I got very little additional information, regardless of my persistent inquiry.

When I was 5, I finally bugged my parents to get me a new bike. With that bike, I traveled to the local library and there began my keen interested in the female body and menstruation. Mind you at the time, this was not a case of horniness since hormones were not into play yet, it is a mix of curiosity and deep interest of wanting to know more. Whenever I was not out riding bikes, playing sports or involved in school stuff, I’d scurry away to the local library and read books on the female body. At that time, girls still had a “ewww, cooties” factor to me, but it was the marvels of the female body over the male body that made me want to learn all about it. Mind you the books I were reading were not your simplistic  “kids version” but the ones found in the adult section upstairs. I was embarrassed and would often sit in the “quiet corner” where I’d learn all about it. I would never dare check-out one of these books in case my mom ever caught me with them or reviewed my “borrow slip”. By 6, I could easily identify all the notable parts of the female reproductive anatomy and their functions. I did not ignore the male body, I was quite knowledgeable on that as well for that age, but I did not find the male body as spectacular, intricate and beautiful as the female one.

From the library and countless hours of research, I was well-versed in the female body, including my particular interest of why “Mommy needed a diaper.” Over my years of “growing up” I became interested in the process of menstruation and finally figured out what pads were all about. I had always known the existence of tampons, but being in a household where those were not used, I never fully grasped the concept of it. One time when my aunt came to visit, I think she left a box of tampons with my mom because those were never present before. Being keen to see what a tampon looked like, I opened one up. Unlike pads which could be discretely “put back together” – tampons once opened would ‘never be the same’. Once I finished studying it (lol) – I threw it away. My mom was always aware of my interest towards her feminine hygiene products, but never has caught me red-handed. I do remember her one time asking me if I knew what happened to the “sticks in the box” because there were, “5 here yesterday, but only 4 today.” Since there was no concrete evidence, all she could do really was just to ask. With no other females present in the house, it was fairly obvious who the culprit was. I lied, saying that it felt from the drawer, I didn’t know what it was and threw it in the garbage.

Fast forward to my teen years where not only did I know more than the average male when it came to health class, but also for male and female anatomy. Nevertheless, my interest in menstruation grew because MY hormones finally decided to kick in and I became more “aware” of girls. Ah, how I love women, lol (or well I guess “woman” now since I’ve found the girl of my dreams). Throughout elementary school, girls were still very hush-hush about periods and us guys would often snoop around or try to listen in onto conversations. Just like a typical child, the more something is withheld from us, the MORE we want to know! My interest in menstruation soon became a passion, something that I found men were horribly ignorant of and would “rather not know.” I found beauty in menstruation and the items that surrounded it. Any time a girl offered up information to me, I’d gladly listen and without turning red or cringing up immediately. In time, I developed a menstrual fetish, but not because of the fact “I like blood” (because I really don’t) – but because it is naturally associated with the female body and just because I always found FH products to be rather “cool”. Hey, I’m a bit messed up, but you’re reading this, aren’t you? LOL.

I will of course never know the feeling of menstruation or have to deal with it personally, but being so involved with it, I really couldn’t “claim to be a know-it-all” until I actually could say whether a product worked or not. Whenever I got the chance, I would experiment with different items to see which one held up the best. Some girl-friends would come to me asking whether I would recommend a particular product. Sometimes my advice would be good, sometimes, bad – haha – after all, I lack the vagina and period to really give them an accurate answer 😛

I used to be ashamed of my interest in the female body and menstruation. Through discussions with many of my female-friends, including those who I’ve had relationships with, I’ve found that many of them are open to my interest. Not only do they enjoy the refreshing idea of chatting with a guy about it, but also the fact they’re willing to provide me with detailed information which helps expand my knowledge. Many of my girl-friends often show great appreciation that a guy is willing to learn so much about them. Although my current dream girl isn’t as appreciative of my knowledge towards this, she has shown a minor acceptance to it. Sometimes I wonder if I regret telling her because it might have caused problems for us. Let me tell you guys, hide everything from girls, LOL – the less they know about you, the better! What had broken down my shame was that it was instilled upon me by a very valued girl-friend of mine who expressed how lucky she’d be to have a guy who understood her body like the way I do (not towards “her” but the female body in general) and the compassion I show to girls when they’re not feeling their best due to mother nature kicking in. That very small complement she gave me turned me around completely and I feel proud to be able to know my future girlfriend/wife inside-out!

  1. minxysmusings

    Wow! Really interesting. I am amazed that at the age of 5 (!!!) you were able to go to the library (alone?) and “research” about menstruation and the femaale anatomy. You truly are amazing and one of a kind!

    I hope your girlfriend/wife (which is it?) appricates how lucky she is. I’d give anything for my hubby to not run a mile for 5 days every month…won’t hardly even touch me during that time of the month! I always though I was gross…now I am not so sure!

  2. I had the exact same curiosity when I was six. Im glad Im not the only one. Im in no way gay or bi-sexual. I saw pads when I when I was six and wondered what they were for. I asked what they were for and my mother laughed and said one day you will find out and its not for boys. Curiosity took over and I would sneak pads from under the bath sink and wear them. This went on for years and I still wear them to this day. My wife knows about it but rather not see me doing it and which I totally understand! I admire you for making this site and look forward to future posts!


  4. Hi guys, thanks for sharing your stories on how you became interested in menstruation! I think it’s usually confused that guys who are “in” to menstruation are gay, bisexual or otherwise not heterosexual. I think the exact point of liking menstruation is that the fact it’s associated with the beauty of the female body – and that’s just more to love!

    I can understand your wife’s point of view as well. Certainly, it would be awkward for her to see you in her products – or in any “feminine hygiene” product to begin with. Nevertheless, the fact she lets you fulfill your fantasies while you two are (presumably) married is an excellent sign of her openness and willingness to let you pursue your own sexual interests. I know as menstrual lovers, we all hope that our own partners will embrace our curiousity, but even if they don’t, just the mere acceptance of it and willingness to let us do what we do without harm to them is already a very admirable thing!

    I doubt my girlfriend would like to see me with my testing methods either, so I neither share or let her see what I do until/if she ever feels ready 🙂 or interested in asking, lol.

    Thanks for dropping by and hope that you will all return and comment more often as your input is greatly valued on this blog, particularly on the topic of the subject!

    • I’m pretty sure she ok w/ it if she brings u stuff… lol, otherwise she wuld nt. I thought that was soooo sweet-sweet, she reali has u on her mind ^__^ She’s sllowwlllyy fallling in llovee wiithhh uuu 😆

      • Seriously, it was SOOOOO sweet. I know that when I took the bag from her, I acted really dry and unexcited and nonchalant.. but really, I was super excited and my heart totally melted, LOL. Err well I guess that’s probably why I had no reaction, ‘cuz I melted 😆 She did ask me what I wanted and that was already warm, let alone bring quite a bit. I did give her some in return 😀 although those are probably bigger than she’s used to, lol, but have to try everything! Also, she gave me the brands/types I like most 😐 How she figured that out is beyond me, haha. Guess our hearts really are connected XD gahahaha.

        I don’t want her slowly falling in love with me, I want her to quickly fall in love with me… and stay with me forever and ever and ever and ever…

        Something inspiring which I once heard from my mom…


  5. Not only are you a gentleman for being so loving to your girlfriend, you even take the time to learn about our female bodies to make us feel good and to ensure the well-being of her! That is INCREDIBLE, wow. I echo the statement of the first poster, the fact you could understand the concepts of menstruation at such a young age. What a genius. I recall that I barely understood about my period even when I got it during my teens!

    I remember flipping open books at that age, scratch-and-sniffing the smelly stuff, playing with the pop-up pages and pushing those toys in the books that made noise, lol, not exactly learning about anatomy!

    Thank you for taking the time to open the doors about periods, I’m sure many women in the world are grateful to you for that.

    – Ashlene

    • Hehe, well I hope bebe appreciates that I know about her body. She seems to be ok with my interests on it, so that makes me happy as it stands. I don’t think she’ll ever “like” or “embrace” what I do, but as long as she acknowledges it and allows me my freewill with it, then that’s already good enough. If she does at some point want to embrace my interest as well, so much the better!

      Everyone learns about periods at different rates and to various degrees. Some people just like to “know enough to get by” while others like to “know the whole story”… whichever works 🙂

  6. VERY EXCITED to meet another guy who is interested in periods! Had a fantastic time reading through your many menstrual-entries. Keep up the great work! You are doing great to spread the word about menstruation to the many clueless males and period-loving females… there is a lot to appreciate for sure.

    I hope your girlfriend knows how lucky she is to have a guy who not only “accepts” her period, but embraces it as part of her beautiful body 🙂


    • Heh, there’s more of us “period lovers” out there than we realize I guess 😛 Nice to meet you, hopefully you drop in more often! I hope you’re an avid reader even if you don’t comment much here 🙂 Thank you for your words of encouragement too, it means a lot when I struggle to upkeep the site. I’m sure bebe appreciates my love for menstruation, just she can’t express that right now and is shy to let me know so much intimate details about her body. One day I’ll be privileged to more information and be happy she’s willing to share!

  7. ronald de boer

    i´m a male, and i started to show curiousity into mentstrual pads and lingerie i found some packed wich a woman left behind some 6 years ago
    so i took them with me
    well i used them in panties and later got hold of maxi size menstrual pads, it does feel nice.
    i prefer the maxi size because i can feel it when i use them.
    so i do buy them myself even i do not know what the people think if i buy them,
    i like woman and i think it is good to have knowledge of menstruation for a men
    but i do like to experiende more regarding to this subject, when i will meet my girl friend, and i´m eager to learn more when the time does come

    • Hi Ronald,

      The likelihood is that when people see males buying maxi pads or any form of feminine hygiene, they tend not to think it’s yourself 😛 – which gives you a bit of leverage and comfort, haha. Unless the cashier or whatever is aware that there are guys out there who enjoy a feminine hygiene fetish, they’ll just probably assume you get it for your girlfriend, wife or whatever. Also, even if they did think you were buying them for yourself, unless you happen to know the person, you wouldn’t be likely to see them again or with any repercussion.

      When you meet a girlfriend, I’d definitely suggest you go light around your subject-interests until she grows very comfortable with you. I’d have to say many women wouldn’t be too “pleasing” with your interests, so acting in due diligence is recommended. After all, this is an intimate interest for you, so of course you have a right to “keep it a secret” until the relationship develops, unless an opportunity arises where you know your girlfriend shares the same positivity about menstruation or can ‘accept’ or ‘tolerate’ your panties/pads interest. There are some women who “prefers just to be blind to it” – meaning, even though they may know you have such interests, they’d rather not know what you do or when you do it, so that’s also a factor to consider. Lucky for me, all my ex’s have happily “participated” in my interests and some have even gone so far as to encourage me and provide any information I ask, so I haven’t ran into any girl I’ve been with who didn’t “want to know” what I was up to.

      • trust me….ur not a woman so you cant exactly speak for us. No disrepect here but most women i know would we enlightened to know that for once a non-sexist man has empathy for our monthly visitor! hehe we dont want to “blind it” as you say….but we just dont feel comfortable talking about it when people think of you as gros.

  8. You have got to be one of the smartest humans ever

    • Heh, because I researched about periods? I’m definitely not as smart as I’d like to be and having an interest in “one” of the millions of topics/subject-matters in the world doesn’t make me all too brilliant 😦 HAHA… in fact, most would call that one-track minded, lol.

  9. Hi, i first got interested in menstruation when i was about 13, always wondering why girls at school would grab something from there bag an rush to the toilet. My first real encounter was with a girlfriend, we both lost our virginity to each other and was going out for about a year, about 4 months into relationship we was getting a bit “frisky” lol, but she stopped me an said “im on” i explained that i didnt mind an that i was very interested in menstruation/periods, so we got it on. I have totally loved periods since then, an love giving pleasure to my wife when she is on, including oral. She knows that i like sex when she is on but as of yet i havent told her bout my fascination with periods/menstruation. although i have managed to get her to allow me to remove her tampon an insert new one for her when its required, something which i very much enjoy 🙂

    Thanks for reading my little contribution

    • hmm.. saw this comment and was reminded of a guy whom was like you. while he was oral at it once he stopped and said, oh some little blood got on the sheets. he run to the bathroom, got some tissue wiped it and continued like it was nothing. he later helped me put on my cup. why can’t all guys be like this?

  10. Thx judy, my feelings are, its only blood it will clean later so dont worry about it, an my wife has never complained about my attitude towards her period, an im not complaining either 🙂 but it will be a very sad day when her periods stop all together because of the menopause 😦

    • Menopause is definitely sad for period-enthusiasts like us, however, it’s just a natural process of life, just like menarche itself. What begins must also come to an end unfortunately. While I joked with bebe that I will be sad when she hits menopause, I also think that I would’ve had a good 20-30 menstruating years with her and that more importantly, I love her and not JUST her period. I will only continue to love her more each day, regardless of whether she has her period or not. Nevertheless, if I’m still interested in periods then, the internet is always a vast land to keep-up with periods and feminine hygiene products. Bebe has never complained about my interest in her period, although she’s had to take time to learn to be open with me about it, but in the end, even if she chose never to tell me anything about her period, I can definitely say that I would still be with her and love her no less than she deserves!

  11. Hi Andy & Judy,

    Thanks for your discussion and contribution to MiM, it is greatly appreciated and it’s very nice to see reader-to-reader contact, since I tend to be the one “hosting” conversations here.

    It’s always great to find women who appreciate the finer side of men who are interested in menstruation. While there’s probably a point where interests crosses over to a fetish, I think it’s at least a fetish where it hurts no-one and where the female may even benefit from the guy’s love of menstruation. Sure, some things might be unsightly or repulsive, but I think to each their own. Surely, some women have pretty funky fetishes of their own. I think it’s ok when the fetish doesn’t involve harm to another person (unless they WANT to be harmed) and that it’s carried out in a manner in which it does not negatively impact a relationship. Of course one person should not be judging another, since we are entitled to love certain things that turn us on or which we feel passionate about!

  12. My college girlfriend and first wife used the belt. Neat, I liked it. Does the job without underwear and if there is a little bulge in the pants, Great!Judy Blume was right!

  13. I got my period this morning and was bored so I started googling and found this… I hear you say about Women who love their periods… they actually exist? XD Though what I do love is how you are so enthusiastic about it and the fact that you’ve made the effort to make this site, just reading helped me feel better. Dude… YOU ROCK! lol

    • Hi RubiiRose,

      There certainly are women who love their periods that exist! I definitely know what you mean though. So did you mean you “got” your period this morning as in this is your first time or that it has arrived for this month? If this is your first period, I hope the information found here helps you learn more about your period, but if it’s not, I’m glad you enjoy the site anyway!

      It’s great to know there are people who enjoy this site. With every site, there will be lovers and there will be haters, so it’s a warm feeling for me to receive recognition for my work. The great thing about this blog is that there’s so much more than just me being the owner, but that so many of my girls contribute to the information presented here and my close female friends who give me much of my inspiration and anecdotal information.

      I hope you will visit this site often and feel free to comment as it will help improve the site!

  14. OK. I must say it is wonderful that you are so interested and involved in periods. But I’m here to tell you, they ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL. Being a man, you cannot understand this, but I’m here to straighten you out on the subject. I happen to have terribly LONG (2-4 weeks), extremely PAINFUL (giving birth 2-3 days EVERY MONTH!) and NASTY [unexpected HUGE blood clot drops (sometimes the diameter of a grapefruit) that flow right past a super plus tampon and overnight pad combination and continue down my leg at random times and places, soiling my clothes, forcing me to stay at home or causing troubling embarrassment] periods. My life revolves around my period and my period is ruining my life! Of course this is all due to a medical condition, but nonetheless, it is MY period reality and it is HELL! Believe me, I am very grateful that you honor periods the way you do and that you provide this site for everyone. I have learned something about men that I didn’t know. But please recognize the fact that ALL periods are not the sweet female wonder you make them out to be. MINE IS A NIGHTMARE!! I cannot wait until menopause.

    • Hi Goldy,

      Periods are definitely different for every woman and I do understand that periods are not a comfortable thing for every woman. With that said, I also understand there are women out there who love their periods and who consider it an integral (positive) part of their lives as well. It’s unfortunate that you have such bad experiences with menstruation when it comes to the pain and when the flow becomes unmanageable.

      I’ve heard about both coins when it comes to menopause. Some women have that drive towards the “end of bleeding” and when they get there, all of a sudden that convenience of not having to deal with menstruating every month seems to cause emptiness. For those who have medical conditions, that may of course be very different and almost serve as a “cure” for all the problems they’ve had with their cycle.

      Luckily for me, only 2-3 girls I have been with or happen to be close with to discuss periods about have “devastating” periods. Most of my girls will be from maybe a day of two of manageable cramps/heavy flow. For my Bebe, she has a fairly “light” flow in comparison to some of my other girls as she changes her pad only about 4 times a day even on her “heavy” days day 1-2 and tapers off very quickly the next few days. She also has a very long cycle which reduces the number of periods she’ll have in her lifetime (unless that changes in the future of course).

      I know for some, reading a site which spouts menstrual positivity might be hard when they have a tough time with their own periods. Certainly I don’t discount the fact periods may be inconvenient and painful for some, but not all. What the site is trying to do is of course help guys earn a bit of understanding about periods, help girls see how men view it and while not saying that “periods are the most wonderful thing in the world and that women should love it” – but at least to love their own body and recognizing periods are an essential part of life that if we’re going to have it anyway, might as well try to view it positively.

      Thanks for your input!

      • I generally do not mind my period…kinda like how it makes me frisky 😉 infact when i am late i get a bit sad, hormones!

  15. Lady TabbyCat

    I think it is cool you are so accepting! A lot if guys I know immediatly shy away from this subject…:( Even my brother who is very intelligent and all around nice guys just happens to get a headache or his iPad is ine desprite need of attention whenever menstruation is brought up (sigh). I am very young so I just started this year but I think it makes life interesting! Even though it can be a tad troublesome. Which brand do you think us better Always or Kotex for someone who is young and slender? I hope you continue to post stuff here so people can learn. Especially boys! 🙂

    • Hi TabbyCat,

      Thanks for your reply, it’s nice to know that my readers enjoy the blog! Menstruation can be an embarrassing subject for guys and girls. I think for most guys, as they age or become more involved in females (whether romantically or as close-friends), it becomes more comfortable to approach such subjects. He is lucky to have a sister like you who is willing to speak about it because alas, I didn’t have any female siblings who I could engage in such conversations with. I think society sends signals to guys that periods are a very uniquely (which then of course it is) female thing, BUT, that does not mean guys should not know/learn about it. Many guys are programmed when growing up to “stay out of period business” and through our older generations, women have also perpetuated the idea that any guy should not need to know about “her business”… certainly that mentality is carried on today particularly in certain cultures, religions or living regions.

      It may also be because him discussing with you (as a younger) sister about your period may be uncomfortable – perhaps discussing periods with his girlfriend or other female friends may be easier for him. Once you learn how to manage your period properly, it becomes fairly easy (or so I hear… lol). Unless you run into medical conditions or the occasional stress-induced delays, it’s a natural thing almost like learning how to balance yourself when you take your first steps. Having to take some extra time out of the day to change your feminine hygiene product can be intrusive, but really, it’s only an additional 20-30 seconds and within a course of 24 hours it really isn’t a lot of time (even if you change 5-6 times a day).

      Both Always and Kotex have a product designed for light flows/smaller bodies.

      – Always Slender Ultra Thin
      – U by Kotex Tween

      Both of those have wings. I feel the UbK Tween ones are superior to the Always one. Even given the size of the tween pad, it’s intended to absorb some heavier flow whereas the Always slender one does not. A few of my girls use the Always slender as more of a pantiliner than a pad. On the other hand, the girls will actually use the UbK Tween pads even during the active part of their periods. Most of my girls are always past their tween/teen stages, so if they’re still using the size of the pad and it still absorbs well, it must make a good point about the product! Through my own testing, I would agree that the Kotex Tween pads are better too than the slender. The slender I have found also makes a lot more noise when moving about, which may make you a bit self-conscious.

      Hope you find this information useful and please do come back often and comment as your input is what makes this blog complete!

  16. tony chatfield

    if my mother had ever found out i knew anything about periods she would have gone mad at me for sure, she was always of the opinion men needed to know nothing about it. instead i found out through girls i was at school with and this was when belted varieties were still prevalent though press on ones were just starting out. my school girl friend was on her flow when we lost our virginity to each other, i touched her pad eventually held it enjoyed her scent on it and the feel and have been a huge fan ever since. i could not learn how to change a pad and eventually a tampon fast enough and have enjoyed period sex with ladies when ever possible. no lady should be to shy to share it nor made to feel dirty cos far from it, SHE IS SEXY . i love to see pad bulges in panties and a string between the legs . being allowed to help change them is very special too .
    hope to be able to chat with other guys into this on here BUT also some ladies too as i love to read about their period histories

  17. As a female, I agree with Goldy. I don’t like periods either. They are painful. When I was a kid (like 13 or 14), they would hurt so much that my face would get all sweaty and I’d go white. Sometimes I’d vomit. I was frequently anemic. So no, don’t like them very much. 😦 But what I do like? You seem so sweet and accepting and kind. That makes me smile. Also, just a question – but are you interested just in periods, or say, also in alternative treatments that deal with making them not so bothersome? Like a list of possible treatments that could make them less painful? 🙂 (TONS of females would check out an article like that ;-))

  18. tony chatfield

    Well Goldy if your pain / cramps come as part of a heavy flow you could do worse than change your type of sanitary product. As a pharmacy tech nician I would always recommend pads for heavy flow. Even a small diaper if it helps but never a tampon. Cramps can be caused by the extra amount of blood in that part of your body stretching it a bit so use of a pad allows a much better flow hence the pain stops quicker. Tampons once full unless you suffer a leak absorb no more once full until its changed so pain and discomfort last longer.

  19. I am currently making a very un-pc short film about this very topic! This will probably interest you – I’ve made a 90seconds teaser that’s well worth watching 🙂

  20. Hey there,
    this page is soo cool, good for you for doing it. Women need some males out there who dont think we are gros! I think what you are doing is great but i’d like to say that when writing articles that it is disrepectful to call us WOMEN ”girls”. We are not girls if we regularly experience periods….you would not like being called a boy right? you prefer man correct? Well women have pride too…..we are women, not girls. Again great page…just consider this in the future 🙂

  21. I was very much the same way , I learned everything about the human female anatomy through encyclopaedias and a little through porn literature and pictorial magazines etc . Buying my own sanitary towels and pads for myself was one of the most thrilling experiences ever!!

    • Sanitary Towels the looped variety (especially the one with the blue line at the back ) rather than the tabbed version has been the platinum standard of the sanitary towels . The pads being the adhesive type !!

  22. My name is Crystal, and yes, I am one of those who love periods and believe that every possible opportunity should be taken to make them more pleasant. I am a young woman and have had both painless and extremely painful periods, but am recovering from the pain and hoping for better, painless periods throughout the years.

    I don’t know your name but thank you for taking an interest in the feminine functions.

    Here’s one woman who helped me on the journey to healing:

    Thanks so much for allowing me to comment!

  23. Great read. Interesting story

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