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Welcome to the Media Center!

This area will be dedicated to the posting of multimedia. Unfortunately, the free version of WordPress only allows embedding of Youtube, Google and Dailymotion videos, so you might find links instead to places to watch the video (I will try to include a screenshot).

Some of the videos I may post may be in different languages, so you’re welcome to ignore them if you wish. If you happen to understand that particular language and would like to provide a translation, please feel free to email me! Credits will be given of course to the provider of the translation.

If you have any contributions, again, feel free to email me. I have not considered the details about how to handle all the videos since there’ll be quite a few. I have considered embedding the ones that I feel are “preferred” and simply having links to ones that are not as good for embedding. I want to of course keep the “best of the best” readily available but not exclude ones that are still worthy of posting.

The main thing about this page is just to enjoy your viewing experience, so without further ado, please pick the category from the navigation drop-down! 😀

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