Kotex – 高潔絲

Cantonese to English Translation:

Theresa Fu and a bunch of her girlfriends discussing how they are beginning to act/look more and more like each other. Another girl speaks up and replies “Of course, because we live, play and do everything together… and we even get our periods at the same time as each other!” Theresa says that at night they like to use (Kotex) Whites because they’re longer, wider and the absorbency is very good and no matter how they toss and turn, they don’t have to worry (about leaks).

E-Mail me if you can provide a translation:

What an ass – like seriously… poor girl >_<

E-Mail me if you can provide a translation:

Cantonese to English Translation:

The girl in turquoise says that she wants a house this white too. As she runs over the the bird that is saying “How are you?” (in Mandarin), she realizes that with the house is so white, she says to her friends that, “But I’m on, you know…” (as in, on her period). Her friend sitting on the edge of the couch says, “Oh, you’re worried about sitting down and standing up? But with this you can!” As the girl in turqoise drops on the couch, she says, “This really works!”

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