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  1. Hey, I just did a little testing on the three brands I have right now. Kotex ultra thin , long, always infinity regular flow, and stayfree ultra thin, regular with wings,(new ultra soft cottony dry cover. )

    I tested the kotex and stayfree side-by side. I was shocked to realize my favorite kotex was wet, and the moisture came back to the surface when you touched it. (even with the kotex being longer…it didn’t absorb more!

    I became curious when the stayfree thicker and I cut it open to see what was happening in there. There’s gel! Who knew? I thought no one used gel anymore after Always used it,and then took it off the market.

    I then cut open the kotex which(by the way when squeezed…the moisture pours right out. )only had a tiny tiny amount of this gel and two layers of gauze.

    I was totally weirded out with how much the stayfree absorbed, and wanted to see how the infinity pad stacked up.

    Both side by side, same moisture. Both did well. (I heard a crackling noise and the moisture was sucked down in the infinity. Pretty cool.)

    I did a second round and the infinity just couldn’t keep up. Leaked and squished out badly. Stayfree was dry, but had more then doubled in size. When picked up and squeezed, nothing came out. I am amazed. It’s squishy from the gel but no moisture came out. (a bit misshapen though. )

    I guess I just never realized the differences between brands. I have such a light flow that I pretty much never use a pad to full capacity. Kotex is good enough for a light flow, but if I ever go off birth control I’d be using Stayfree for sure. (I have a really heavy flow when not.)

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