Always Infinity Maxi Pads

by TheClassyWoman

Always Infinity is a new product so I wanted to try it out. They are maxi pads that have powerful absorbency. I have now tried both the regular flow and the heavy flow. I normally just use tampons but at night need something so I bought them for that. They turned out to work so well that I started using them during the day too! They have little holes that really hold a lot and keep it away from you so you always feel fresh and dry. They are a bit pricier than other pads but I think they are worth it.

They are packaged in cardboard which I like for recycling, instead of plastic and then they use minmal plastic for each pad itself.

I think their products have always been leading edge in women’s personal care items and this is no exception. These are by far the best ones I’ve tried and the most leak-free which is ultimately what we want. They apparently absorb 10x their weight but feel very light. They stay in place really well, no shifting, bunching. They also feel very soft. Whereas many have a little plastic mesh overlay, these are all cotton/paper. The wings are really wide and the back of the pad is the widest area, which makes sense.

I didn’t try the lites but they offer them too.

I give them a 10 for their innovation/comfort/leak-proof.

Source: Excerpt Owner

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